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10 Cheapest Places to Fly from London in 2023

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Are you looking for the cheapest places to fly from London on a return ticket for under 35 pounds? If you are not super choosy about the destination, there are actually prices so cheap that they will surprise you. These are the cheapest place you can go from London Gatwick Airport.

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1- cheapest places to fly from London: Poland

You can find Return flights from London to Warsaw in Poland starting at only 16 pounds. Warsaw is the capital of Poland and has a population of 2 million. It is also one of the largest cities in Poland. Warsaw is one of the cities that was severely damaged in the outbreaks of World War II and was subjected to ground and air attacks by Adolf Hitler in 1944, and 95% of the city was razed to the ground.

Warsaw means belonging to Varaz or the Slavs. Warsaw has many attractions that are highly recommended to every traveler and tourist. This European city has been continuously inhabited since the 9th century and has remained one of the most important and influential European cities since the 14th and 15th centuries.

2- cheapest places to fly from London: France

For just 17 pounds fly from London to France. France is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world, delighting every visitor with spectacular architecture, delicious food, chic beach resorts, legendary castles, magnificent churches, and beautiful and romantic villages.

The Eiffel Tower is known as the most famous attraction of this beautiful country, which is at the top of the list of tourists. Many people also include the Louvre Museum with its masterpieces and the Palace of Versailles, especially the Champs-Elysées in their program.

3- cheapest places to fly from London: Denmark

You can visit Denmark for only 14 pounds. The sights of Denmark have a special attraction for tourists with their unique beauty. From Denmark’s countless museums that bring centuries of history to life for tourists, to its colorful houses and its alleys and streets, they have all joined hands to double the charm of this country.


4- cheapest places to fly from London: Ireland

Fly from London to Dublin for only 17 pounds. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is one of the small European cities located between Howth village in the north and Dalkey region in the south. This city has an important river called River Liffey, which divides the city into two parts.  There are many bridges on the north-south side of the city, the most famous of which is the O’Connell Bridge.

Before independence, Dublin was once the second city of the British Empire. Unique architecture and spectacular parks are the legacies left from that time. The capital of Ireland has famous figures of literature such as Samuel Beckett, William Butler Yeats, and James Joyce, that’s why this city became the world city of literature in 2010 by UNESCO. You can easily visit the city center on foot and you can use the city’s efficient transportation system to go to other parts.

5- cheapest places to fly from London: Italy

Visit Italy for just 18 pounds. Rome is one of the most symbolic places in the world, which is a combination of history and beauty and is considered one of the must-see places in Italy. Apart from being the capital of Italy, this city is known as one of the symbols of architecture. Due to the history of urban development that goes back three thousand years ago, the historical center of Rome is registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This city consists of warm colors and historical architectural styles.

There are about nine hundred churches in this city that date back to the early Christian, medieval, renaissance, and modern periods. Another thing you need to take in is the beauty of this city at sunrise and sunset, which creates a very beautiful landscape as the combination of colors takes on a warmer hue.


6- cheapest places to fly from London: Spain

All it takes is 19 pounds to fly from London to Spain. The city of Barcelona may attract people because of its Mediterranean climate and its extraordinary architecture. Tourists may also travel to Spain for Madrid’s lively nightlife and top-notch museums. However, a casual trip to these cities can never introduce you to the depth of the country where 17 distinct cultures exist in the autonomous regions. To get to know the ancient country of Spain, its different cuisines and refreshing streets, you have to leave these two big cities.

7- cheapest places to fly from London: Greece

Fly to Greece with as little as 30 pounds. The beauties and sights of Greece need no introduction. Greek gods have designed their country with absolute perfection. There are many places of interest in Greece that make traveling to it exciting. The beautiful scenery that will enchant you, delicious food and drinks, and local people who will amaze you with their stories and local culture; Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find something to see or do when visiting Greece

8- cheapest places to fly from London: Croatia

With only 23 pounds you can travel to Croatian from London. Historical cities and pristine nature are only part of Croatia’s tourist attractions. Zagreb, the vibrant capital of Croatia, is one of Croatia’s top attractions, with a collection of the best museums, galleries, restaurants, and shopping centers. And all this is next to beautiful beaches and centuries-old harbors filled with Venetian stone buildings with sandy beaches that allow you to enjoy activities such as diving, water skiing, and surfing.


9- cheapest places to fly from London: Germany

You only need 20 pounds to fly from London to Berlin. Berlin, the capital of Germany, is the center of politics, culture, media, and science in this European country. Although it was proposed for the first time in the 13th century to make Berlin the capital of the country, it was delayed until 1871. Berlin offers a mix of new and classic architecture, dynamic entertainment, shopping, and a wide range of sports and cultural institutions.

10- cheapest places to fly from London: Hungary

Return flights from London to Hungary only cost 34 pounds. Eastern European countries have many surprises and are popular tourist destinations due to their cheap travel costs. Budapest, the capital and largest city of Hungary, is a paradise for adventurers, and its historical attractions, wonderful natural phenomena, and magnificent palaces and buildings have made this city a popular destination.

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