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21 of the tourist attractions of Yazd, Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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tourist attractions of Yazd

tourist attractions of Yazd are places that every tourist should visit. The city of Yazd shines like a precious jewel in the heart of the Iranian desert. When you step into this beautiful and historical city, you will come across different types of natural, cultural, historical and religious attractions and you will enjoy seeing windmills, houses, narrow alleys, magnificent and turquoise mosques and old castles. In this article from Eligasht, we are going to introduce you to 21 of the best tourist attractions of Yazd City. so stay with us!

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1. Jameh Mosque of Yazd – tourist attractions of Yazd

Jameh Mosque of Yazd is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Yazd City. This magnificent building with a long and high porch, two naves, a large rectangular courtyard, a dome and a pillar was built in 3 different Azari, Ilkhani and Timurid periods. The minarets of Yazd Jameh Mosque are the tallest in Iran and you can see them anywhere in Yazd City. This mosque was registered in the list of national works of Iran in 1313 and is considered one of the most visited buildings in Yazd City. Yazd Jameh Mosque is full of beautiful decorations and carvings and turquoise colored tiles and tourists can enjoy seeing its beauty for hours.

2. Amir Chakhmaq, complex

The Amir Chakhmaq Complex of Yazd was built in the 9th century by the then-ruler of Yazd (Jalaluddin Amir Chakhmaq – Timurid period) and the mosque of this complex was registered as one of the tourist attractions of Yazd in 1330 AD. The famous palm tree of Yazd is located in a corner of the Takiye yard of the Amir Chakhmaq complex, and this complex with its bazaar, reservoir, square, Takiye and mosque is a good place for photography. Also, there are many restaurants and shops around this complex, and tourists can have a delicious meal or buy their favorite souvenirs from the nearby shops after visiting the Amir Chakhmaq complex.

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Amir Chakhmaq, complex

3. The fire temple of Zoroastrians or Varharam

The Zoroastrian fire temple or Varharam is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Yazd city, whose sacred fire is 1500 years old. This fire temple was built in the first Pahlavi period and its special architecture is inspired by Persepolis and the Persian fire temple in India.

4. Dowlat Abad Garden – tourist attractions of Yazd 

Dowlat Abad Garden, with its tall windmills, beautiful mansion and hall, a pond full of water and green and sturdy trees, is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions of Yazd City. This beautiful building was built in the Afsharian period and was completed in the Zandiyeh period. The different parts of Dowlat Abad Garden include Sardar Mansion, Hashti Building, Behesht Ayin Mansion, Tehrani Mansion, Hall of Mirrors, Nasser Bagh and Ab Anbar.

Dowlat Abad Garden - eligasht

5. Lariha house

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Yazd, which is located in the Fahadan neighborhood and near the tomb of twelve Imams and Iskander prison, is the historical house of Lariha. Yazd has many historical houses that belong to merchants and famous people of the Qajar period and are a reminder of the architectural splendor of that era. The Lariha house belongs to one of these famous people who came to Yazd from Fars more than 270 years ago. Until the end of Reza Shah’s reign, this house was still a noble house, but later it was abandoned. After this building was Nematullahi Monastery for some time, the cultural heritage of Yazd bought it and restored it. Now the doors of this historical house are open to the people as a symbol of the magnificent Qajar architecture.

According to the architecture of other Qajar houses, the rooms of this building are arranged around the main courtyard. In the middle of the yard, there is a large water pond with colorful flowers. Delicate stucco, stained glass, sash windows, mirror works and paintings take away the hearts of tourists. In order to make your visit to this royal Qajar building complete and complete, don’t forget to visit the different parts of Lariha’s house, including the porch and wind tower, the cellar, the middle courtyard and the third courtyard.

6. Iskandar Prison – tourist attractions of Yazd

Iskandar Prison or Ziaiyeh School is one of the best tourist attractions of Yazd City, which is of great interest to tourists and enthusiasts in terms of the history of art and architecture. This building dates back to the 7th and 8th centuries and only raw clay was used in its construction.

7. The historical context of Yazd

The historical context of Yazd with an area of about 700 hectares is among the oldest and most untouched residential contexts in Iran. This area contains all kinds of old houses, narrow adobe alleys and Sabbats, and as one of the main tourist attractions of Yazd city, it welcomes a large number of tourists. Most of the buildings and places of interest and attractions of Yazd city such as Shesh Badgir Reservoir, Jameh Mosque of Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq Square, Bazaar, Ilkhani Houses, Chaharmenar Mosque, Kuche Bandan, Dowlat Abad Garden and Shamsuddin Mausoleum are located in this area.

The historical context of Yazd

8. Yazd Art House

Yazd Art House is one of the historical houses of Yazd city. This beautiful building is located near Lariha house and Iskandar prison, and today it has become a cultural complex for young people. Among the different parts of Yazd Art House, we can mention the cafe, craft shops and art exhibitions.

9. tower of silence – tourist attractions of Yazd

The Silent Tower is actually the crypt belonging to the dead Zoroastrians. According to the old belief, they put their dead in these towers as food for birds and animals, and they left the remaining bones in the space of the towers to return to nature. To see the Silent Tower of Yazd, you need to go 15 kilometers southeast of the city.

10. Zarch aqueduct (Zarch garden aqueduct)

Zarch Aqueduct or Zarch garden aqueduct is one of the oldest and longest aqueducts in the world with an age of more than 1000 years. The length of this aqueduct is 71 km and it has 2,115 wells. Fortunately, in 2016, the Zarch aqueduct was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

11. Six wind catchers

As its name suggests, the six-wind catcher has 6 windbreaks and is built in an octagonal shape. This attraction of Yazd city dates back to the Qajar era and its special architecture attracts the attention of tourists.

Six wind catchers

12. Khan complex of Yazd – tourist attractions of Yazd

Khan complex of Yazd is among the tourist attractions of Yazd city, which includes Khan bath, Khan bazaar, Khan square and Khan school. This complex was built during the Qajar era. Khan bath of Yazd is now used as a canteen with a change of use. Khan Bazaar of Yazd is the longest bazaar in Yazd with a length of 274 meters and a height of 4-6 meters. The available evidence shows the gradual construction of different parts of the Khan Bazaar of Yazd.

13. Abol Maali Bath, Yazd

Abol Maali bath, Yazd is one of the tourist attractions of Yazd city, which today has been turned into a restaurant. This bath was active until 40 years ago and was used by the people of Yazd city. Bricks, plaster, sand and saroj are used in the construction of the Abol Maali bath, and its various parts include the entrance area, vestibule, staircase, hot and cold water basins, rest room, treasury, king’s house and warm house.

14. Yazd Mirror and Lighting Museum

The Yazd Mirror and Light Museum, also known as the Mirror Palace Museum, was built during the first Pahlavi era. The museum building is designed in the form of a pavilion in the middle of the garden and has a large yard, a swimming pool, rooms decorated with plasterwork and mirrors, nesting corridors and a pond. In addition to the beauty of the architecture of the building itself, the valuable works in this museum are also special objects such as weapons, coins, locks, stamps, calligraphy collections, and examples of Lorestan bronzes.

15. Ashkazar water mill – tourist attractions of Yazd

Ashkazar water mill is a device that the residents of Yazd used to turn wheat and other grains into flour. This water mill is one of the largest mills in Iran and was built in the Safavid period.

16. Minaret of Kharanagh

The minaret of Jinban Kharanagh is an all-clay building that was built in the Sassanid period. This Jinban minaret has 3 floors and is located in the Kharanag Grand Mosque of Yazd.

17. Abarkoh cedar

Another one of the tourist attractions of Yazd city is AbarKoh. This cedar is one of the oldest living creatures in the world and its trunk circumference is 11.5 meters and its height is approximately 25 to 28 meters. According to the opinion of a Russian scientist named Alexandrov, the age of Abarkoh cedar reaches more than 4 thousand years. It is interesting to know that Hamdullah Mostofi wrote about this cedar in his book Nozhat al-Qulob: “There is a cedar there that has a great reputation in the world.” Also, some legends attribute the planting of Abar Kouh cedar to the son of Noah or Zoroaster.

Sightseeing places around Yazd

18. Zainuddin Caravanserai

Zain al-Din Caravanserai, which is one of the best tourist attractions of Yazd, was built by order of Shah Abbas and dates back 400 years ago. Clay bricks have been used in the construction of this two-story caravanserai. In 2006, UNESCO awarded this historical work an award for the best restored building.

Zainuddin Caravanserai

19. Zoroastrian crypt – tourist attractions of Yazd

You have probably also heard that in Zoroastrianism, they don’t bury their bodies, but move them to the Silent Tower so that the body becomes food for the birds. Then the bones are moved into the well. The zoroastrian crypt is one of the tourist attractions of Yazd and its surroundings. This crypt has three separate sections for the bodies of women, men and children. In the middle of the crypt, there is a big well where the bones are moved.

20. Meybod clay refrigerator

In the past, when today’s facilities did not exist, people had to build natural glaciers to store food and produce ice. Therefore, at a distance of 50 km from Yazd, the Meybod clay refrigerator was built for the production and storage of ice (probably during the Safavid period). This refrigerator is made of clay and mud. Because it is the best insulation to prevent the entry of heat and the exit of cold. This refrigerator has three main parts, namely the ice tank, the ice production basin and the shading wall. If you are interested in the tourist attractions of Yazd, you can visit this refrigerator.

Meybod clay refrigerator

21. Caracal desert

Due to the location of Yazd in a hot and dry region, many deserts can be seen in this region. Many people are indeed very interested in nature and forests, but the beauty of the desert should not be neglected. For this reason, various desert tours are implemented in Yazd and tourists welcome them. One of the most famous deserts in Yazd is the Caracal Desert. Camel riding, motorcycle riding, photography, stargazing, etc., are all desert entertainments.

Final words about the tourist attractions of Yazd city

in this article, we tried to introduce some of the most famous tourist attractions of Yazd. When you step into this city, you will see traces of the past in every corner. In the surrounding cities of Yazd province, there are also very important historical works that are worth seeing. Also, when visiting some tourist attractions in Yazd province, you will come across people who advertise desert trekking tours. If you wish, you can participate in these tours and experience a memorable trip.

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