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What are the most beautiful cities in Iran?

by Parastoo Sahebi
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The most beautiful city in Iran

What are the most beautiful cities in Iran? This question may have been asked by many Iranians or tourists. But the main point is that answering this question will be a difficult task, because each of Iran’s cities has its unique beauty and its climate, and the experience of staying and visiting each of them can be one of the most special experiences in life. Some cities of Iran are in their best and most flourishing state in different seasons of the year, which are mostly visited in those seasons. In this article, we intend to get to know the best and most beautiful cities in Iran; Stay with Eligasht so that you can make your travel plan from today and experience a pleasant trip to Iran.

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The most beautiful city in Iran; Introducing the greenest cities

If you are planning to travel to the most beautiful cities in Iran, you should consider whether you are looking for the most beautiful places in the forest and green spaces or are you looking for a memorable and special experience in the desert areas of Iran. If you are interested in green spaces and experiencing a sense of freshness in these spaces, we suggest that you postpone your trip to the forested and green areas of Iran to the spring and summer seasons. These areas are at the peak of their beauty in spring and summer, and even in early autumn, due to the golden leaves and cool weather, they can be considered the best choice for a memorable trip.

There are many forest areas in Iran, some of which are very pristine and untouched, and in others, many recreational and welfare facilities have been considered, and tourists and visitors can travel to any of these areas based on their preferences. In the following, we will examine some of the most popular and beautiful cities in Iran that are rich in natural areas.

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1. Ramsar

Hot and cold water springs, waterfalls, forests and nature centers and scenic caves all exist in Ramsar city with indescribable beauty, this city has made it the bride of Iran’s cities and one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. many amenities in this city are available, among which we can mention the big Ramsar cable car, whose route starts from the shores of the Caspian Sea and extends to the heights of the forests of this city. Javaherdeh village is one of the attractions of Ramsar, which is very recommended.

 2. Fuman

The city of Fuman should be included in the list of the most beautiful cities in Iran because this city is very spectacular and eye-catching in terms of natural areas and is very popular among many tourists. This city is located in the north of Iran and it is truly a heavenly land with many tourist attractions. There are many amenities in this city, and by visiting it, you can travel to the beautiful and scenic city of Masuleh by spending 36 kilometers and enjoying its beauty.

3. Savadkooh

if you are looking for a green and secluded space, a trip to Savadkooh can be considered one of the best places for you. Savadkooh of Mazandaran has a beautiful and very impressive nature, which, along with its mild and good weather, is known as one of the best areas for traveling in summer and spring. Mazandaran is always at the top of the list of the most beautiful cities in Iran, and you can also visit Alasht village in this city by visiting Savadkooh.

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The most beautiful historical and desert cities of Iran

Most of the foreign tourists are more attracted to the desert cities of Iran and therefore these cities are very popular. Usually, traveling to the desert cities of Iran requires proper facilities, and one of the most important beauties in the desert is the starry nights that attract many interested people to see it. In the following, stay with Eligasht to get to know some of the most beautiful desert cities in Iran.

1. Isfahan

Isfahan, nicknamed “Half of the World”, is one of the most important and beautiful cities in Iran. This big city attracts many foreign visitors to our country every year and surprises them with its unique sights! It is the sixth-largest province of the country and one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the country. This city is located 420 km from the capital and with 1.6 million people, it is one of the most populated cities in Iran.

Many historical monuments in this city are interesting for people to visit. Among the most attractive places in Isfahan, we can mentio

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