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The most delicious local dishes of Isfahan for tourists

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Isfahan, known as half of the world, has many unique attractions such as mosques, bridges, and historical gardens. This city is one of the most famous tourist cities in Iran and many tourists choose Isfahan as their travel destination every year. But among the historical attractions, the local dishes of Isfahan also double the pleasure of traveling to this city with their special aroma and greed. In this article from Eligasht, we introduce the most delicious local dishes of Isfahan.

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Biryani, one of the most famous local dishes of Isfahan

Biryani is one of the most famous local dishes of Isfahan. This delicious dish is made from fresh sheep meat, and there is hardly anyone who does not try the taste of Biryani during a trip to Isfahan. Ingredients such as onion, meat, oil, dry mint, cinnamon, curd and saffron are used to prepare this delicious dish. In Isfahan, this dish is served with some boiled and minced white liver, meat broth, curd, basil, cool buttermilk, and Sangak bread. Biryani is a fatty, rich and nourishing food. When traveling to Isfahan, you should visit the traditional restaurants of the city to eat this delicious food.

Kebab Mashti or Zardak Kebab

Kebab Mashti or Kebab Zardak is one of the best local dishes of Isfahan. In the preparation of this dish, ingredients such as minced meat, juice, chickpea flour, carrot or yolk, onion, vinegar and aromatic spices are used. To prepare this dish, first, minced meat is mixed with turmeric and onion and kneaded. Then, fry the ingredients in oil.

Yakhmeh Torsh, one of the most nutritious local dishes of Isfahan

Yakhmeh Torsh is one of the most nutritious local dishes of Isfahan, which has a memorable taste. Contrary to its name, this delicious dish has a sweet taste and is usually cooked in autumn and winter. Yakhmeh Torsh is very nutritious because fruits such as plums, and apricots are used in its preparation. Yakhmeh Torsh is also useful for eliminating anemia, increasing energy, relieving stress and improving brain function. Of course, in addition to fruits, other ingredients such as rice, sugar and mutton are among the basic ingredients of Yakhmeh Torsh. We suggest you eat this dish with a little Sangak bread and enjoy its taste.

Halim Bademjan is one of the most popular local dishes of Isfahan

Halim Bademjan is one of the most popular local dishes of Isfahan, which is prepared in different ways. Eating this delicious food especially in the winter season and with fresh bread is a good idea. This dish is the flagship of Isfahan’s traditional dishes, and in the past, it was served as a meal for the assembly. The basic ingredients of Haleem Bademjan include meat, grated garlic, hot mint, fried eggplant, curd, fried onion and saffron. White beans and lentils are also sometimes used in preparing this dish. Tourists can enjoy the best Halim Bademjan in the traditional taverns of Isfahan.


Kaleh Joosh is full of calcium and protein

Kaleh Joosh is a food full of calcium and protein, which, despite its simplicity, has a very delicious and delicious taste. Although this dish is one of the local foods of Isfahan, it is also prepared in other provinces of Iran. It is believed that the Qashqai people around Isfahan were the first to prepare and eat this food. The main ingredient of Kale Joosh is curd, which gives this dish a special taste along with other ingredients such as walnuts, flour, minced meat, onions, dry mint and water. Of course, the use of minced meat is optional and depends on the taste of the cook. Also, people who like the taste of garlic can use it in boiled garlic. This dish is eaten with fresh bread and other seasonings. Kaleh Joosh is served in most canteens and restaurants around Naqsh-e Jahan Square and in terms of sales, it has a very close competition with Halim Bademjan.

KooKoo Ghandi, a popular food for fans of sweet flavors

Another one of the best local dishes of Isfahan is Kookoo Ghandi, which is prepared less nowadays than in the past. Sugary cocoa is a popular food for fans of sweet flavors, and ingredients such as eggs, potatoes, sugar, rose water, saffron and lemon essence are used in its preparation. If you like the sweet taste of food, we suggest you try this traditional food during your trip to Isfahan.

Ash-e Sumaq, one of the best local dishes of Isfahan

Ash-e Sumaq is one of the best local dishes of Isfahan, which, apart from its good taste, is also very nutritious. This delicious dish is mostly cooked in the winter season and has a permanent place on the table of the residents of Isfahan. Ash-e Sumaq has a sour and different taste, and every person will definitely become a fan of this dish after eating it once. The basic ingredients of this dish include minced meat, shredded rice or rice flour, dry sumac, vegetables and onions.

Gheymeh Rizeh, the favorite food of Isfahani people

Gheymeh Rizeh is a popular food in Isfahan. This dish is usually prepared for lunch and is similar to the famous Persian gheymeh, in which liquid paste and hot onions are used. Gheymeh Rizeh is known as one of the most delicious local dishes of Isfahan. Ingredients such as minced mutton, tomatoes, chickpea flour, grated and fried onions, oil and dry mint are used in the preparation of this dish. Also, if tomato paste is used instead of tomato slices, this dish gets a better color. If you are interested in trying gheymeh rizeh on your trip to Isfahan, it is better to visit the old areas and around the lower part of Isfahan City.

Shole Beryan with Zireh

Shole Beryan with Zireh is one of the most delicious local dishes of Isfahan, and we suggest you try it once. This dish is very easy to prepare and its basic ingredients only include mutton, rice, onion and black cumin. In general, cumin is a popular spice among Iranians, and especially its use in Sholeh Beryan gives this dish a special taste. If you want to eat this food, visit traditional canteens during your trip to Isfahan.

Yakhni Lobia or bean meat,

Yakhni Lobia or bean meat is similar to halim and is considered one of the most popular local dishes in Isfahan. Ingredients such as white beans, mutton, rice, onion, parsley, leek, fenugreek and spices are used to prepare this dish. People of Isfahan usually cook this food in copper dishes and eat it together with bread. Isfahanis have several other local dishes similar to bean meat, which everyone prepares according to their taste.

Ash-e Shoorba, a popular food in Isfahan

Ash-e Shoorba is a popular food all over Iran. As one of the local dishes of Isfahan, this dish is slightly different from other soups of Iran and it uses minced meat dumplings. Ash-e shoorba with its delicious taste and pleasant aroma is served in most of the old cafeterias of Isfahan.

Esfahani Tas kebab

Tas Kebab is a delicious dish that can be found on most Iranian tables and has an Isfahan origin. Of course, if you look for the recipe for this dish, you will come across many different recipes. However, eating this delicious food in Isfahan City has a different taste and it can be a delicious meal that you can find in most restaurants in Isfahan.

Khoresht-e Mast

Khoresht-e Mast is not a stew to be served with pilaf, but rather as a dessert and served cold. At first glance, yogurt stew is very similar to yellow shell, but don’t be fooled by its appearance, because the composition of its ingredients has nothing to do with yellow shell.

This painstaking dish is made from meat, saffron, condensed yogurt, sugar, salt, and rose water and cooked and left in the refrigerator for several hours to have a more established taste. Don’t miss this meal on your trip to Isfahan, you will definitely regret it.


Mash and Ghomri rice

mash and Ghomri rice are prepared from the combination of mung beans and moong cabbage together with rice, and this simple combination has become one of the most delicious and tasty local dishes of Isfahan.

In the preparation of this dish, mung beans are cooked separately, meat and onion are fried separately, and grated lunar cabbage and green vegetables are added to it. Finally, these ingredients are added to the rice in layers so that the rice is cooked and ready to eat.

Beh Polo

Beh polo is one of those popular and delicious dishes that you can easily find in any restaurant. To prepare this dish, the people of Isfahani first cut the quince into slices and separately prepared a tasty combination of onion, minced meat, and spices, and put these ingredients in layers with drained rice until the rice is cooked. Now one of the most delicious traditional dishes of Isfahan is ready to serve.

Dough and Gooshfil an interesting Isfahani delicacy

Gooshfil is a delicious sweet that can be found abundantly in sweet shops during the month of Ramadan, along with zoolbia. To prepare it, they use yogurt, eggs, saffron, flour and ground cardamom. After frying the Gooshfil in a lot of oil, they put it in thick syrup. Isfahanis eat this sweet together with thick local Dough and believe that these two cold and warm are complementary. Of course, in addition to gooshfil, they also try baklava with Dough. If you go to Isfahan, be sure to try this interesting combination.

Final words

One of the most attractive parts of any trip is tasting the different foods that are cooked in that city. If you are a traveler and have traveled to different cities, you will definitely confirm that the types of food in each city are completely different. Just as the dialects and customs and local music and local dress of each city are different from other cities. Of course, this difference and variety was more in the past and in the current period, the differences are much less compared to the previous decades. Perhaps the reason for this formation and reduction of differences in cities is the creation of close connections between people living in cities.

In this article, we introduced some of the most famous and delicious local dishes of Isfahan. Most of these dishes are served in traditional restaurants and canteens of Isfahan, and tourists interested in the taste of local dishes can easily try them. In general, one of the most attractive parts of traveling to any city is tasting the traditional food of that city. We suggest that you do not miss the pleasure of eating the local dishes of this city during your trip to Isfahan.

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