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Exploring Iran’s Majestic Peaks: A Guide to the Most beautiful mountains in Iran

mountains in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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mountains in Iran

Iran is a country with a diverse geography, and its mountain ranges are among the most spectacular natural attractions of the country. the most beautiful mountains in Iran not only offer breathtaking views but also provide opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and skiing. Among the numerous mountain ranges in Iran, some stand out for their unique features, height, and natural beauty. In this article from Eligasht, we will introduce you to some of the most beautiful mountains in Iran, including their location, altitude, and notable features. Whether you are a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or just curious about the natural wonders of Iran, these mountains are worth exploring.


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Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand, located in Tehran, is a symbol of Iran. This mountain is one of the volcanic mountains in northern Iran and with its height of 5610 meters, it is recognized as the roof of Iran. On a sunny day, parts of cities such as Tehran, Varamin, and Qom can easily be seen from this mountain.

The estimated age of Mount Damavand, which is one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran, dates back to 38,500 years. This mountain is located in the south of the Caspian Sea and is part of the Alborz mountain range. One of the positive features of this mountain is the presence of hot springs called Esk, Vaneh, and Larijan, which can be used as therapeutic water to treat various diseases.

If you are interested in mountaineering, the best time to climb Mount Damavand is during the warm season, which is July and August, to avoid the snow and cold weather of the winter season. The easiest routes to reach the summit of Mount Damavand are located in the northeastern, western, and southern parts of it. Along the way to the summit of Mount Damavand, there are ice waterfalls that are unique in the world, so you can enjoy swimming in them on a summer afternoon.

This beautiful and majestic mountain was registered in the National Heritage of Iran in 2008 and July 13th is named National Damavand Day. Mount Damavand is known as one of the highest volcanic peaks in the Middle East. However, its activity is currently semi-active. One of the wonders of this mountain is its mouth, which has a diameter of 400 meters and is covered with frozen water.


Mount Sabalan

There is no doubt that one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran is Sabalan. Sabalan is a sacred mountain that has great value and importance among the locals, especially in the province of Ardabil. Sabalan, also known as Savalan in Turkish, is the third highest peak in Iran, located in the Ardabil province. This semi-active volcano is situated between Ardabil and Meshkinshahr, 25 kilometers southeast of Meshkinshahr and 35 kilometers west of Ardabil.

Sabalan has three famous peaks, the largest of which is Sultan Savalan, and the other two peaks are called Heram and Kasra. The eagle-shaped rock located to the east of the summit is considered the symbol of Sabalan. This rock eagle is located on the west side of Sultan Savalan Peak.

Apart from the symbol of Mount Sabalan, it is said in ancient writings that this mountain was the place of worship and mission of Zoroaster, the prophet. Some people believe that the tomb of Zoroaster is located next to the lake on the Sabalan peak.

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One of the attractions of Mount Sabalan is the lake on top of the peak, not only because of the possibility of the existence of Zoroaster’s tomb but also because of its natural beauty. Those who reach the summit of Sabalan are faced with a beautiful lake that is about 25 meters lower than the edges of the volcanic cone. It seems as if the volcanic cone is like a mother that has embraced the lake in her arms. The water of this lake is replenished by snowfall and it is frozen in most years.

Another attraction of this mountain is the high amount of snowfall, which has made it a popular skiing destination, with the Alvars Ski Resort located on its slopes. If you are not interested in skiing, you can enjoy the hot spring water from the Sabalan hot spring. Mount Sabalan is registered as a national natural heritage site in Iran.

mountains in Iran


ZardKuh Bakhtiari, with a maximum height of over 4200 meters, is the second-highest mountain in the Zagros after Mount Dena. This mountain is located near Kuh-Rang in the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces in Iran and it is one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran. The ZardKuh Bakhtiari mountain range extends from the southwestern part of Iran to the northeastern part of Khuzestan. This mountain range is one of the richest natural water resources in Iran, and the two most abundant rivers in the country (Karun and Zayandeh-Rood) originate from its slopes.

Among its beautiful and famous peaks are Shah Shahidan, Zardeh, Dozardeh, Haft Tanan, and Kolunchin. Among them, the Kolunchin Peak, with a height of 4221 meters, is the highest in the ZardKuh Bakhtiari range. Also, the Shah Shahidan Peak has a height of 4150 meters.


Taftan Mountain

Taftan is another one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran, which has several peaks and is classified as a semi-active volcanic mountain. The mountain continuously emits sulfur steam from its three volcanic openings, which can produce a toxic substance if it comes into contact with water. The best time to climb Taftan’s peaks is from April to early May, as the scorching heat of summer, strong winds, and icy conditions in autumn and winter make the route unsuitable for mountaineering. There are four routes to climb Toufan: the shelter on the western front, the village of Tarehshab from the eastern side, the tourist village of Tamin in the north, and the two-way of Sanganeh and the village of Khenjek in the northeast, with the western front being the best route.

One of the most beautiful features of Taftan Mountain is the existence of three lakes on its southern slope, called the “Cold Lake”. Two of these lakes are salty, and the other is freshwater. Generally, the water in all seasons is extremely cold. The approximate altitude of Cold Lake is 2600 meters, and it reaches its minimum level during the rainy season.

mountains in Iran

Oshtoran Kuh

Oshtoran Kuh is another beautiful mountain in Iran in the Zagros mountain range, which is located in the middle of Zagros in the Lorestan province, between the cities of Doroud and Aligudarz. this mountain and its surrounding areas, especially the Gahar Lake, are among the most beautiful and important natural attractions in Lorestan province.

This area was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its diverse animal species, such as bears, wolves, foxes, wild goats, and various local plant species, including Pistachio, and local flowers.


Sahand and Jām Peaks

The two peaks of Sahand and Jām are one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran and are famous as the bride of Iran’s mountains due to their extraordinary beauty. Sahand Mountain, with an altitude of 3710 meters, is located south of the city of Tabriz and north of Maragheh. The large Lake Urmia covers the entire western part of this peak. Jām Peak, with an altitude of 3570 meters, is located near Sahand. The peaks of Kamal, Sultan, Demirli, Aghdagh, Motaledaghi, Shirdaghi, Harem-daghi, Gyrodaghi, Atashan, and Darvish are all part of the Sahand Mountains.

The route to climb Sahand Peak passes through fields of flowers, meadows, villages, and gardens, which make the journey even more beautiful. In the past, it was thought that the important volcano of Azar Goshnasp (one of Iran’s three permanent volcanoes) was located on the route to climb Sahand Peak, but no evidence of the volcano was found during scientific exploration.


Alam Kuh

One of the most beautiful mountains in Iran is located in the north of the country, in the Mazandaran province. Due to its difficult routes, Alam Kuhvis one of the mountains that fewer people choose for mountaineering. Therefore, if you intend to climb this beautiful mountain, it is better to have skills in rock climbing and wall climbing techniques. The height of the peaks of this tall mountain reaches 4850 meters, making it the second-highest mountain in Iran after Damavand. Its location is in the Takht-e Suleiman region and south of the Mazandaran Sea, more precisely in the Kelar Dasht area of Mazandaran.

The main reason that makes this mountain important is the presence of the most challenging wall climbing and rock climbing routes, which are mostly located on the northern slope of Alam Mountain.

mountains in Iran

Mount Dena

There is no place like the Zagros mountains except for Mount Dena, which borders three provinces: Isfahan, Chaharmahal, and Bakhtiari, and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad. Dena is the tallest and certainly, the largest limestone formation in the Zagros mountain range, and its lush path and pleasant weather are a popular destination for hikers.

The peak of Mount Dena is 4448 meters high. This mountain range has 49 peaks, and Qash-Mastan or Bijan 3 is the tallest among them. Other important peaks in this mountain range include Morgol, Qazal Qala, and Bijan 2, or the Sky Tower. Gol-e Farhad is also the shortest peak in the Dena mountain range, with an altitude of 4040 meters.

The nearest city to Mount Dena is the city of Sisakht, which is the center of Dena County. Some parts of the Dena mountain range have been declared protected areas, starting from the north of Sisakht. Hunting is prohibited in this area, and even entry requires a permit.


Martian Mountains of Chabahar

the mountains of Chabahar are one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran. The reason for its name is its resemblance to the mountains of the planet Mars. These mountains are short and come in white and brown colors. Few mountains in the world have a landscape similar to the Mountains of Chabahar.

If you are interested in mountaineering, be sure to include a visit to this beautiful mountain in your itinerary. However, we recommend that you have complete rock climbing equipment to avoid any problems on the way to this mountain. The sky of this mountain is very beautiful at night, so you can stay there overnight to enjoy seeing the stars in the area and the illuminated sky.



Tochal is one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran, located at an altitude of 3962 meters overlooking the city of Tehran. This mountain is one of Tehran’s most important tourist attractions due to its facilities, such as a cable car with three main lines, ski lifts, and chairlifts.

The most important and famous shelters on the climbing route to this peak include Kolak Chal, Shirpala, Panj Chal, the fifth station of the cable car, and Espid-Kamar.

mountains in Iran

Final words

Iran is a country with four seasons and is full of wonders. The tallest peaks of Iran and countless tourist attractions exist from north to south in this vast country, where tourists can enjoy its beautiful and pristine nature and visit the most beautiful mountains in Iran. If you also intend to travel to one of Iran’s most attractive peaks, it is better to choose the best place for your stay according to your desired mountain range. You can enter the Eligasht website to find out about the hotels near your desired location and make a reservation online.


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