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Discover the Historical Inscriptions in the Haft Tanan Museum Garden

Haft Tanan Museum Garden

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Haft Tanan Museum Garden

Haft Tanan Museum Garden, also known as Bagh-e Tekiye Haft Tanan, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Shiraz. This museum garden is located in the northern part of Hafez Mausoleum. It is one of the oldest historical sites in the city of Shiraz, with its extraordinary charm. Haft Tanan Museum Garden dates back to the pre-Zand dynasty era and has remained intact since that time. During the Zand dynasty, it was expanded and an edifice was constructed inside it during the reign of Karim Khan. In this article from Eligasht, we will delve into the beauty and significance of this museum garden, its historical background, the artifacts it houses, and why it is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the wonders of Shiraz.

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The name ” Haft Tanan museum Garden “

Haft Tanan Museum Garden is situated at the foothills of the Chehel Maqam Mountain, where seven mystics are peacefully laid to rest.

Haft Tanan Museum Garden has gained nationwide fame due to its grandeur and significance, which led to its naming. This museum garden is associated with the seven tombs of mystics and dignitaries from the Zand dynasty period. Karim Khan Zand placed a large stone on each grave without any inscriptions.

Haft Tanan Museum Garden

Attractions of Haft Tanan Museum Garden

The Haft Tanan Museum Garden is a visual treat for architecture enthusiasts. The garden features traditional Persian-style buildings with intricate tilework, exquisite arches, and beautifully carved wooden doors and windows. The attention to detail in the design and construction of these structures is awe-inspiring and transports visitors to a bygone era.


Exhibits and Artifacts

The museum houses a diverse collection of artifacts that offer insights into the cultural and historical significance of Shiraz. Visitors can explore various rooms and galleries that showcase traditional clothing, jewelry, calligraphy, paintings, manuscripts, and musical instruments. Each artifact tells a story and highlights the artistic and intellectual achievements of the region throughout history.


The Garden Oasis

One of the highlights of the Haft Tanan Museum Garden is its lush green garden, adorned with vibrant flowers, tall trees, and serene water features. The garden provides a peaceful escape from the bustling city, allowing visitors to relax, stroll along the pathways, and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is an ideal spot for picnics, photography, or simply finding solace in the tranquility of the surroundings.

One of the delightful sights in Haft Tanan Museum Garden is a hall with a ceiling supported by two large columns. On the upper arches of this hall, five rooms are painted and showcased. These beautiful paintings, full of wonder and creativity, belong to the Zand dynasty era. In the center of the mansion’s courtyard, you will see a large and beautiful pool that used to be filled with water from the Roknabad spring. Roknabad is one of the old neighborhoods in Shiraz.

On both sides of the courtyard, you will find the royal chambers, with a width of 5.5 meters and an area of 28 square meters. The height of these chambers is about 12 meters, making them one of the most unique wonders. Alongside the royal chambers, several earring-shaped rooms have been built. The value of these rooms lies in their connection to the royal chambers, as during the hours when guests are present, these earring-shaped spaces are connected to the main garden.

Haft Tanan Museum Garden

Cultural and Artistic Events

The Haft Tanan Museum Garden also hosts various cultural and artistic events throughout the year. From music and poetry recitals to art exhibitions and traditional performances, these events offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural scene of Shiraz. Attending one of these events is a fantastic opportunity to witness the local talent and experience the artistic traditions of the region.

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Ancient Artifacts

Haft Tanan Museum Garden, under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran, is officially known as the Stone Museum. The Stone Museum in Shiraz preserves valuable historical inscriptions and ancient stones. These inscriptions and stones in Haft Tanan Museum Garden have a long history.

The inscriptions in the Stone Museum are engraved with various styles of calligraphy, including Nastaliq, Kufic, Thuluth, Naskh, and signatures. In the ancient museum of Haft Tanan, you will not only see inscriptions on stones and plaques, but you will also witness stone coffins from pre-Islamic times, as well as other stones from Pasargadae, Persepolis, and Zinat al-Molk House, which date back to the Sassanian to Qajar periods.


The Mysteriousness of Haft Tanan Museum Garden

The beauty in the arrangement of the graves of great mystics in Bagh-e Museye Haft Tanan holds a hidden secret. When you visit the graves, you will see that six graves are placed parallel to each other, while one grave is located separately and alone at the bottom of the other six graves.

Haft Tanan Museum Garden

The main location of the graves in Haft Tanan Museum Garden is in the courtyard of the garden, in a beautiful place filled with leafy trees and a serene atmosphere, situated in front of the mansion. One of the views in this mansion is the presence of visionary and mystical paintings inside the mansion. One particular painting depicts an elder Dervish with a long beard, adorned with a spiritual expression and wearing a white hat placed on his head, holding a ceremonial sword in one hand. All the patterns and images on the doors and walls of the mansion carry a symbolic story of the ancestors combined with artistic mystery. You will discover and unravel it within the depths of the images.

Another beauty of this place is the painting depicting the story of Prophet Abraham sacrificing his son, Prophet Ishmael, in the presence of the divine presence. The beautifully engraved images on the walls of the mansion’s garden are so captivating that we cannot easily pass by their description. Once again, we will be amazed by the depicted paintings, this time witnessing the story of Sheikh San’an and the girl Tarsa. In the image, Sheikh San’an is surrounded by his disciples.

In the final engraved image on the mansion’s walls, the presence of Shah Abbas Safavi is portrayed, as wearing the attire of the dervishes. This tradition of wearing dervish attire by the nobles signifies their connection to the people.

Haft Tanan Museum Garden is a sacred place with a rich history. When you visit the beautiful and memorable city of Shiraz, we highly recommend you pay a visit to the Haft Tanan Museum Garden. This ancient and historical garden carries the echoes of the Zand dynasty and combines Iranian architecture and ancient styles to bring forth a unique and special beauty.

Haft Tanan Museum Garden holds a special place among dervishes and mystics, as it embodies the ancient practice of worship by the dervishes. It is worth mentioning that from ancient times until today, the residents of Shiraz have visited this sacred place to perform the Rain Prayer and seek divine mercy.


Karim Khan Zand’s respect for Haft Tanan Museum Garden

Karim Khan Zand held a special respect for the mystics and dignitaries of his time. Although there are no inscriptions on the tombstones, which is due to the mystics’ anonymity, he placed an inscription.

As mentioned before, the Haft Tanan Museum Garden has been listed as a national heritage site since 1310. In 1336 and 1337, it was restored and renovated by an artistic and talented individual named Mohammad Bagher Jahanimiri.

The magnificent mansion covers an area of 3,388 square meters, with 988 square meters dedicated to the building itself. In this museum garden, they have created two paths for visitors to explore the mansion and its interior. Walking along these paths, and enjoying the pleasant stroll with friends and family will create unforgettable memories. The walking paths are paved, ensuring your safety, and allowing you to reach your desired destination comfortably. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the memorable moments, as the turquoise-colored pond in front of your eyes will beckon you to record your own memories on its margins.

Haft Tanan Museum Garden

Best Time to Visit

The Haft Tanan Museum Garden is open year-round, but the best time to visit is during the spring and autumn seasons when the weather is pleasant and the garden is in full bloom. The vibrant colors of the flowers and the mild temperatures create a magical atmosphere that enhances the overall experience.


Getting to the Haft Tanan Museum Garden

Don’t worry about finding your way to the Seven Tombs Garden Museum, as you have several options. You can either drive there using your vehicle or take the metro and bus. Both options will easily take you to your destination.

  • If you choose the bus option, the special bus line will take you to Hafiz Tanan Boulevard. After passing through that area, you need to get off at the mosque station and walk a short distance to reach your destination, where you can enjoy the fascinating and beautiful sights.
  • If you choose the metro option, you should first go to Velayat Metro Station, and from there, the Seven Tombs Garden Museum is about 3 kilometers away.
  • If you prefer, you can walk the remaining distance with your friends or family members. Alternatively, if you are tired from your journey to Shiraz, you can easily take a taxi for the 3-kilometer distance to the Haft Tanan Museum Garden and avoid walking.

It is worth mentioning that the garden museum is open daily from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, ready to welcome you, travelers and tourists.


Final words

Haft Tanan Museum Garden in Shiraz is a place of deep historical and cultural significance. It is a serene and enchanting destination that offers a glimpse into the rich heritage and spiritual traditions of Iran. With its beautiful architecture, tranquil gardens, and sacred tombs, Haft Tanan Museum Garden captivates visitors with its unique blend of mysticism and artistry. The seven anonymous tombs hold a sense of mystery and reverence, attracting dervishes and devotees who seek solace and divine connection.

Haft Tanan Museum Garden


1- What is the significance of the Seven Tombs in Haft Tanan Garden Museum?

The Seven Tombs hold great religious and historical significance. They are believed to be the resting places of anonymous mystics and dervishes. The site is considered sacred, and visitors often come to seek spiritual connection and blessings.

2- Can visitors explore the interior of the mansion?

Yes, visitors have the opportunity to explore the interior of the mansion. There are designated paths that allow you to wander through the mansion’s rooms and experience its architectural beauty and historical charm.

3- What are the visiting hours and days?

Haft Tanan Garden Museum is open daily from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM. Visitors can explore the museum garden and its attractions during these hours. It’s recommended to check for any temporary closures or changes in operating hours before planning your visit.

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