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Best iranian boutique hotels

10 hotels with special architecture - Best iranian boutique hotels, Residences that will surprise you

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Iran best boutique hotels


Traveling to countries with rich histories is always an ideal option. Because you can see several thousand years of history in a short trip. Iran is one of the most historical countries in the world, and many tourists from all over the world travel to it every year. One of the best ways to enjoy Iran’s rich history is to stay in Iran’s boutique hotels.Many boutique hotels in Iran have differences in terms of architecture and services. Choosing Best iranian boutique hotels is a bit difficult. Therefore, in this article, we will get to know the top 10 boutique hotels in Iran.

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What is a boutique hotel?

Most of the tourists who choose countries like Iran as their travel destination want to get to know the architecture, history, and lifestyle of the people of this destination country. Boutique hotels are the best option for getting to know the history and culture of a country.

Boutique hotels are a group of hotels that have a special and distinctive architecture and design. These hotels try to attract travelers and tourists with the type of decoration and arrangement they have. The main purpose of building these types of hotels is to show the beauty of boutique hotels to tourists. That is, a boutique hotel is so beautiful and spectacular in terms of art, architecture and decoration that it becomes a tourist attraction. The interior designs of boutique hotels are usually luxurious and modern and are done with the best quality.

Best iranian boutique hotels, From Darb-E Shazdeh to Qasr-e Monshi

In recent years, the conditions of tourist accommodation in Iran have improved a lot. Many buildings of Zandiyeh, Safaviyeh and Qajar eras in Iran have been converted into boutique hotels and tourists can experience a very different stay in them. Unlike many tourist destinations such as Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bali, in Iran you will experience a very peaceful stay in royal buildings. Buildings that belonged to kings or royal families in the past. Among Iran’s best boutique hotels, Lale Kandavan Hotel, Dad Hotel in Yazd, and Khalo Mirza Boutique Hotel can be considered the best boutique hotels in Iran. In the following, we will get to know the 10 best boutique hotels in Iran.

Lale Kandavan Hotel near Tabriz

Staying in one of the most beautiful and famous hotels in the world must be attractive to you. The 5-star Lale Kandavan Hotel in Tabriz is the third rock hotel in the world that was built in the heart of the mountain. Undoubtedly, the strange and beautiful architecture of this hotel will amaze you. Every year, 10 thousand people go to Tabriz to visit Kandavan Hotel. This amazing hotel is part of Laleh Hotels Group, which was established in 2006.

The first construction project of Kandavan Hotel lasted for ten years, and the result is 10 very beautiful rock rooms, which are known as Karane. The second phase of the construction of Kandavan Hotel was also completed in the summer of 2013. In this project, 6 more banks were added to the number of hotel rooms.

Dad Hotel in Yazd; One of the best boutique hotels in Iran

The city of Yazd is a city of stories. Every alley holds thousands of memories and every building has its own story. which is not without pleasure to hear. The narration of Dad Hotel is also audible. Dad Hotel is a 90-year-old relic, located in the historical center of the 3000-year-old city of Yazd, in the heart of the old city. A freight company that was built in the early years of the 20th century (1928) in the historical center of Yazd.

The owner of this company, the late “Haj Abdul Khaliq Dad”, built this building with the use of hospitality and transportation of goods and continued to work until 1993. In 2001, exactly 8 years after the closure of the company, the children and descendants of Haj Abdul Khaliq restored and renovated the building.

Of course, they took it while preserving the historical identity, and in 2006, the result was a classic Iranian-Yazdi hotel that combines tradition and modernity. Now, after 30 years, the garage has turned into a 4-star hotel and has all the modern facilities of the best hotels in the world. Dad Hotel is in the vicinity of the most famous historical monuments of Yazd. Among them are the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Jame Mosque, Water Museum, Iskander Prison, Amir

Darb-E Shazdeh Boutique Hotel in Shiraz

If you want to stay in Shiraz hotels and you want to experience different moments in a traditional atmosphere, don’t miss booking Darb Shazdeh boutique hotel in Shiraz. This newly opened hotel was created in the heart of a Qajar house, which can be liked by different people, especially foreign tourists. Upon entering the hotel, you will see a small and green garden that adds to the charm of the boutique hotel.

You can stay in rooms with Qajar architecture that are decorated with a combination of modern and traditional art so that each of the rooms of this hotel is designed with mirrored decorations to give tourists a beautiful effect of Iranian houses. slow 8 rooms with advanced facilities in double, triple and quadruple capacities for the comfort of our dear guests. Among the other features of the boutique hotel that are available to hotel guests is Wi-Fi internet, so that wherever you step into this hotel, you will have full access to the internet.

You can also go to the hotel’s small cafe and drink hot and cold drinks to spend a pleasant leisure time. To reach Darb Shazdeh Boutique Hotel in Shiraz, you need to reach the Zand area of ​​Shiraz, which is located in the heart of this country and in the old city. In addition to a unique stay in this beautiful traditional hotel, you can also visit Shiraz sightseeing places such as Karmikhan Citadel, which is located near the boutique hotel.

Saraye Ameriha in Kashan ؛Say Hello to Zandiye era

The historical house of the Amirs in Kashan is one of the largest historical houses in the city of Kashan, which dates back to the Zandiyeh period, which, of course, was enlarged again during the Qajar period and other parts were added to it. The area of this house, which is located in the Sultan Mir Ahmad neighborhood of Kashan, is seven thousand square meters with extensive infrastructure, and there are 85 rooms in total. This house also has several courtyards, the oldest of which is the outer and inner courtyard.

Regarding the architecture of the historic houses of the Amirs in Kashan, it should be said that Iranian architecture was used. Both the outer and inner parts are decorated with very beautiful stucco and detailed carvings and other Iranian decorations. The Ameri house has several courtyards, in all of which the principle of symmetry is observed, and the wind deflector used in it is the tallest among the rest of the Kashan houses.

Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel

Ghasr Manshi Hotel is one of the traditional residences of Isfahan city, which is located on Neshat Street of this city and is highly sought after due to its proximity to Naqsh Jahan Square. The construction of this historical building dates back to the end of the Safavid period and the beginning of the Qajar period, which after the renovation has become a luxury hotel for travelers and tourists. This historic hotel, which has many fans, is decorated with 20 rooms and different capacities, with completely traditional architecture and interior and exterior decoration, which dazzles the eyes of every viewer at the very first glance.

The boutique architecture of Qasr Menshi Hotel in Isfahan is in the form of a garden pit, which is unique for areas with hot, dry and desert climates. The interesting thing about this boutique hotel is that the building has a private courtyard on each floor.


Moshir al-Mamalek; A garden in paradise

For a long time, living in desert cities has been a challenging issue for residents, and the need for spaces for refreshment and freshness has been one of the important factors that have led to the creation of large and beautiful gardens in the desert. One of these examples is the Moshir al-Mamalek Garden of Yazd, which was formed on the edge of the old city and in the northwest of the city, and is easily accessible to all parts of the city through the surrounding streets. Among the features of this hotel, we can mention the beautiful garden area, beautiful fountains, old and towering trees, ponds, flowing streams, two red and blue African parrots and authentic Iranian architecture.

Khaloo Mirza; One of the best boutique hotels in Iran

Khalo Mirza boutique hotel is located in Aqda city of Yazd province, which dates back to the Ilkhanid period and provides a traditional atmosphere for guests to stay. This old house has 10 rooms, 5 of which have separate toilets and 5 other rooms have shared toilets and bathrooms. It can accommodate 30 tourists. The building of this residence is very beautiful and pleasant, which is made of straw and clay. Courtyard of this eco-tourism has a very pleasant atmosphere with a small pond in the middle and beds for tourists to relax.

The remarkable thing about this ecotourism is the different colors of its rooms, each of which has its color and adds to the beauty of this house. This residence is equipped with facilities and services such as open parking, language-proficient staff, internet, a tour guide, and a shared bathroom and toilet. The cooling and heating systems of the rooms are water and gas coolers, gas heaters and seats.

Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel

Nizamieh boutique hotel is a five-star luxury hotel and is considered one of Tehran’s hotels. This hotel has 5 rooms and its most important facilities include a coffee shop, internet, room service, English speaking staff and honeymoon suite. The 100-year-old hotel building, located in the heart of Tehran, was considered the residence of one of the most famous and noble Iranian families, and has witnessed unique historical events over time. Hotel units include accommodation units, waiting rooms and dining rooms, which radiate beauty and intimacy. The units are equipped with a private bathroom and bedroom.

Bekhradi’s Boutique Hotel; Iranian hospitality experience

If old houses with turquoise-colored ponds and wooden windows with colored glass are attractive to you, we suggest you choose a stay at the Bekhardi traditional hotel for your trip to the city of turquoise-colored domes, beautiful Isfahan. This traditional house is one of the first residences in Isfahan, which has been converted into a hotel after renovation. By staying in this hotel, you can go deep into the stories of grandmothers and experience a different experience in a house left from the past with modern and equipped facilities. Join the history and become a guest of a house with a traditional and heartwarming atmosphere in the Sanbulistan neighborhood of Isfahan.

Bekhardi traditional hotel serves the travelers of Isfahan city with 4 rooms and a capacity of 17 people. You can count on the traditional hotel of Bakhrid to hold friendly or official meetings for up to 25 people. The beautiful and traditional courtyard of this hotel is used as a cafeteria in the summers, where you can have memorable nights.

Hanna Boutique Hotel in Tehran

Boutique Hotel Hana is a view of contemporary Tehran; With many layers that have were added to it 90 years ago. This collection offers you an experience of different layers of life in Tehran. A unique experience of being in the heart of a busy and chaotic city. A contemporary experience of art, architecture, design and hospitality of the modern man of Tehran.

Hana Hotel Boutique is the first product of the urban regeneration project of Bagh Irani Architecture Company. The building was purchased by this company in 2016. The renovation process of the building took two years and after its completion, Hana Boutique Hotel started its work in the winter of 2018. This complex has 7 rooms and side spaces including a restaurant, platform and pop-up.

Best iranian boutique hotels, The choice is yours

In this article, we got acquainted with Iran’s best boutique hotels. Hotels with modern and traditional architecture can provide you with a very pleasant stay. Choosing among Best iranian boutique hotels depends on your taste. Because the cost of staying in these boutique hotels is relatively low, and you just have to choose one of them according to your taste to stay in the historical country of Iran. In the end, the choice is yours!


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