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Lakes in Iran: A Dreamy Destination for Spring Travel

Lakes in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Lakes in Iran

The lakes in Iran play a significant role in the country’s ecosystem. These lakes hold great value for our country, and many animal species thrive thanks to these lakes. However, besides their environmental importance, they have also become one of the best and most attractive tourist attractions in the country. Throughout the year, many domestic and international tourists travel to various cities in Iran to see the country’s lakes. If you are an environmental enthusiast and would like to visit one of Iran’s lakes on your next trip, don’t miss the continuation of this article from Eligasht Magazine. We intend to introduce you to 7 of the most beautiful lakes in Iran.


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Lake Urmia, A Saltwater Marvel

One of the most famous lakes in Iran is Lake Urmia, also known as Lake Orumieh. Located in the northwest of the country, this vast saltwater lake is known for its mesmerizing turquoise hue and scenic surroundings. Lake Urmia is one of the largest saltwater lakes in the world and is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It attracts visitors with its unique ecosystem, including diverse bird species, salt islands, and therapeutic mud baths. However, it’s important to note that Lake Urmia has faced environmental challenges in recent years, including water level decline and salinity increase.

Address: Iran, West Azerbaijan Province, Urmia County, Darya Road.


Lake Zarivar, A Tranquil Oasis

Nestled in the Zagros Mountains in western Iran, Lake Zarivar is a hidden gem that offers tranquility and natural beauty. Surrounded by lush greenery and mountains, this freshwater lake is known for its crystal-clear waters and peaceful atmosphere. Visitors can engage in various activities such as boating, fishing, and picnicking while enjoying the stunning vistas. Lake Zarivar is also surrounded by charming villages, adding to the allure of the area.

Address: Iran, Kurdistan Province, three kilometers west of Marivan.

Lakes in Iran

Mamraz Lake, one of the lakes in Iran in Nowshahr

Mamraz Lake, also known as Molla Kola Lake, is one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran located in the city of Nowshahr. Its primary name is Mamraz Lake, but because it is in the Molla Kola area, it is also called Molla Kola Lake. One of the most beautiful and astonishing natural phenomena of this lake is the presence of dried tree roots. When the water level of the lake decreases, the dry roots of these trees become visible, creating a beautiful and sometimes eerie landscape. Due to the presence of these roots in this lake, it is also called the Lake of Spirits.

Mamraz Lake is one of the most pristine lakes in Iran. Unlike many lakes in Iran that are filled with amenities, restaurants, and cafes, no shops or restaurants can be found around this Lake. To enter this lake, you have to pass through the guardian’s gate. During rainy seasons when the land becomes very muddy, access to this lake is only possible with off-road vehicles. Mamraz Lake or the Lake of Spirits is one of the best and most scenic untouched lakes in Iran for nature lovers.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran Province, Nowshahr, Salahedin Kola Village, Mamraz or Ghosts Lake.

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Parishan Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran

Next, we have one of the lakes in Iran that has various names, and locally it is called Parehshoon Lake. This lake is registered in the Ramsar Convention and is recognized as an international wetland. After being registered in the Ramsar Convention, Parishann Kazeroon wetland was included in the list of protected lakes in Iran. During rainy seasons, the lake fills with water, creating a beautiful landscape. However, during drier seasons, the water evaporates, and the lake takes on a marshy appearance.

If you’re looking for unspoiled nature and enjoying the sound of birds, Lake Parishan in Kazeroon can be the best choice for you. The water of Lake Parishan is freshwater, and various species of fish and aquatic animals live in this lake. Wild migratory birds also come to Lake Parishan during the wet seasons, providing a beautiful spectacle for travelers. If you visit Lake Parishan during the bird migration season, you can enjoy the sight of flocks of birds flying together and their beautiful sounds. Some other names for Lake Parishan are Mor, Kazeroon, Yun, Moz, Toz, and Parisham. Although the water of this lake is freshwater, it is not recommended to drink it.

Address: 15 kilometers east of Kazeroon city, Iran

Lakes in Iran

Lake Hoz-e Soltan

Situated in the Qom Province, Lake Hoz-e Soltan is a vast salt lake that stretches across the desert landscape. Its high salt concentration gives the lake a mesmerizing white appearance, especially during dry seasons when the water evaporates and leaves behind salt formations. The lake is a popular destination for salt extraction and is known for its unique salt crystals. Visitors can witness the salt extraction process and explore the otherworldly surroundings.

Address: Iran, Qom Province, 40 kilometers north of Qom City, on the outskirts of the Persian Gulf Highway.


Anzali Lagoon: A Haven for Wildlife

Anzali Lagoon, located in Gilan Province near the Caspian Sea, is a significant coastal wetland and a designated Ramsar site. This brackish water lagoon is a haven for various bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The lagoon’s marshy areas, reed beds, and islands provide a rich ecosystem that supports a diverse range of flora and fauna. Visitors can take boat tours, observe migratory birds, and explore the surrounding wetlands.

Address: Iran, Gilan, 55 kilometers north of Rasht City


Lake Lar Dam, a habitat for beautiful birds

Lake Lar Dam is one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran with a perfectly balanced climate. Its moderate climate and suitable geographical conditions have made it one of the best places for various bird species to live. In addition to beautiful and wild birds in this lake, many wild animals such as bears, deer, and wolves can be found in its surroundings. Therefore, it is recommended not to stay and camp near this lake.

Lake Lar Dam, in addition to various animal species, also hosts many plant species. Hundreds of plant species can be observed in this lake and its surrounding area. Many of the plants that grow in this region are medicinal plants. However, individuals who are not familiar with plant species should not use the plants in this area under any circumstances. This is because, besides medicinal plants, toxic plants such as hallucinogenic and poisonous mushrooms can also be found in this area. In general, if you want to see animal species in nature, do not miss a visit to Lake Lar Dam.

Address: Lake Lar, Amol County, Rineh Road, Lar Dam Lake, Iran

Lakes in Iran

Lake Gohar, one of the most amazing lakes in Iran

Lake Gohar is considered one of the most beautiful and pristine natural areas in Iran, located in Lorestan Province. If you want to travel to a relatively secluded place and enjoy nature, Lake Gohar can be the best choice for you. It is not possible to drive to the edge of this lake; you have to park your car in a designated area and walk for about 30 minutes to 40 minutes to reach the lake.

The water of Lake Gohar is very clean and beautiful, and many animal species live in it. Around the lake, you can also see a lush and beautiful vegetation cover. One of the most beautiful plant covers around Lake Gohar is the wild tulips and poppies. The water of Lake Gohar is so clear and clean that in some areas, you can observe the movement of fish and other aquatic creatures very well. If you are traveling to western Iran and Lorestan Province, do not miss visiting this gem of Zagros in Oshtoran Kooh.

Address: Oshtoran Kooh, between Dorud, Aligudarz, and Azna, Lorestan, Iran


Lake Zarrineh, one of Iran’s freshwater lakes

Lake Zarrineh is one of the lakes in Iran that has been registered on the National Heritage List. This wetland is considered a sanctuary for various animal species. The water of Zarrineh Lake, located in Kurdistan, Iran, is not supplied by any river. It only fills with water from the melting snow on the mountains during the warmer seasons of the year. The water of this beautiful lake completely freezes in the colder seasons of the year. However, if you visit this lake during the warmer seasons, its water is so clear and beautiful that you can observe the movement of fish and plant species in the water.

Among the recreational activities available in addition to enjoying nature in this lake, fishing can be mentioned. There are also many hotels, restaurants, and cafes around the lake. If you are looking for a completely pristine and secluded place, Lake Zariwar or Zaribar may not be suitable for you. However, if you prefer to enjoy other recreational facilities alongside nature sightseeing, this beautiful lake and wetland can be the best choice for your trip.

Address: Iran, Kurdistan, 3 kilometers west of Marivan

Lakes in Iran

Lake Miansheh, one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran, in Sari

Lake Miansheh is one of the most beautiful and greenest lakes in Iran, located in Mazandaran Province. Its original name is Miansheh, but it is also referred to as Chort Lake because it is located in Chort Village. If you visit this lake in late spring and early summer when the water level is lower, you can see the tree roots that have emerged from the water. Many fish and animal species live in this lake, which has led to the popularity of fishing in this area. Due to the high number of tourists visiting Mazandaran and Sari Province, Chort Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Iran. If you plan to travel to Sari, do not miss a visit to this lake.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran Province, Sari County, Chahardangeh District, Kiasar-Sari Road, 10 kilometers from Chort Village


The beautiful Shourmast Lake in Pol Sefid

Shourmast Lake is a beautiful natural lake near the capital city. The atmosphere of this lake is such that it is often covered in fog throughout most of the year, creating a very beautiful scenery. If you live in Tehran, you can take a day trip to this lake and enjoy its beauty. But even if you’re not a resident of Tehran or Pol Sefid, there’s no need to worry because one of the amenities around this lake is the rental of forest cabins. By staying in these forest cabins, you can create a very beautiful and unique memory for yourself and your family. It should be noted that the fish and aquatic life in this lake are not abundant, and fishing is prohibited in this area. However, you can use the bike trails and boating facilities of this lake for recreation.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran, Pol Sefid, southwest of Savadkuh, near Shourmast Village

Lakes in Iran

Final words

In this article, we have explored 7 of the most beautiful lakes in Iran. The pristine and mesmerizing nature of these lakes is such that you feel like you’ve stepped into paradise. All of Iran’s lakes can offer the best travel experience for nature lovers. Visiting the majority of the lakes mentioned in this article is completely free. If you plan to go fishing at one of Iran’s lakes, make sure to first verify the fishing possibilities in that area. If you have had the experience of traveling to one of these lakes or other lakes in Iran, you can share your experiences with us in the comments section. We appreciate your presence with us until the end of this article.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Which are the most pristine lakes in Iran?

Among the most pristine and secluded lakes in Iran, we can mention Lake Gohar and Lake Mamraz. For more information about these lakes, refer to this article.


2- Which lake is located near Tehran?

Shourmast Lake is located in Pol Sefid, near the capital city, and is only 200 meters away from Tehran. If you are looking for a lake near Tehran, don’t miss a visit to Shourmast Lake.


3- How many lakes does Iran have?

Iran has over 20 lakes, some of which are colorful lakes that change their colors to pink, orange, and red at certain times of the year.

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