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Top-Rated Best Hotels in Kish for an Unforgettable Experience

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Top-Rated Best Hotels in Kish

Finding the best hotels in Kish has always been easy for travelers because tourism infrastructure and hotels on the island have progressed significantly over the past two decades. You can easily book the best five-star, four-star, and three-star hotels for yourself on your trip to Kish. In this article, Eligasht introduces the best hotels in Kish to help you easily identify and book hotels for yourself if you plan to travel to Kish.

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Kish five-star hotels:

If you want luxury and quality hotels, Kish five-star hotels are a great option, which are also among the best hotels in Kish. There are about ten luxury five-star hotels in Kish that you can easily book and we reviewed the most famous ones.

1- Toranj Hotel Kish

One of the best hotels in Kish is Toranj, where you can experience a dreamy stay. Toranj Kish is the only hotel that has a part of it built on the sea floor and has glass rooms where you can see the sea floor. The private beach of Toranj Hotel is pleasant and calm for every traveler. It is good to know that the sea floor units are the most expensive rooms. The other units of the Hotel accommodation are on the beach and facing the sea, where you can see the view of the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf. This hotel has various types of double and twin rooms, as well as full-board rooms. Toranj Hotel has facilities such as a pool, jacuzzi, sauna, spa, two large restaurants, and luxurious cafes. In Toranj Hotel Kish, you have the opportunity to walk by the beach at any time.


2-Dariush Hotel

One of the best hotels in Kish is Hotel Dariush. This hotel is built based on the architecture of the Achaemenid era, and it is interesting to note that its design is inspired by the architectural plans of the Apadana Palace and the private palace of Cyrus in Pasargadae. When you enter Hotel Dariush, all the entrance furnishings and decorations are adorned with Achaemenid architectural designs. For this reason, Hotel Dariush Kish is considered a unique five-star hotel on the island of Kish. If you want a different experience and get familiar with Iran’s glorious historical past, the Eligasht tourism team recommends Hotel Dariush Kish to you. This hotel has two large and luxurious restaurants, two large and luxurious cafes, a pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, and a spa. The hotel offers various types of rooms, including twin, double, and full-board, and is equipped with all the necessary amenities for comfort and hygiene.

Dariush Hotel

3- Miraj Kish Hotel

Miraj Kish Hotel is another one of the best hotels in Kish. The architectural structure of this hotel is modern and impressive, and its building is in the form of a pyramid, which is noticeable from afar for tourists. Inside the hotel, calm blue and white colors are used, which gives a sense of tranquility to the guests. The cafe and restaurant of Miraj Kish Hotel are considered one of the best restaurants and cafes on the island. Some of the hotel’s accommodation units face the sea, which are the most expensive units in the complex.

This large five-star hotel in Kish also offers double, twin, and full-board rooms. The Cabana units are the most expensive and famous accommodation units in Miraj Kish Hotel. All rooms are equipped with hygiene and welfare services and are considered one of the most elegant and clean hotels in Iran. The hotel’s most important amenities include a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, billiards room, exclusive green space, and conference hall. Miraj Kish Hotel has easy access to the beach and the Persian Gulf Sea.

4-Marina Kish Hotel

Marina Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kish, with unique architecture. The hotel has a cross-shaped architectural plan that is noteworthy in contemporary architecture. Marina Hotel is also one of the largest hotels in Kish, with good access to Coral Beach where you can enjoy water sports such as diving and flyboarding. The Marina accommodation units are divided into two categories; some have a sea view and others face the hotel’s gardens and green spaces. If you need a calm, pleasant, and clean environment to relax, Marina Kish Hotel is a good choice for you.

The hotel’s facilities include a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, spa salon, beach food court, gym, and tennis court, making it an ideal choice for athletes. The hotel’s restaurant and café are among the best on Kish Island, where you can experience a variety of seafood dishes.

5-Parmis Kish Hotel

Parmis Kish Hotel is another one of the best hotels in Kish, located on Coral Beach. The hotel has a unique architectural design with a white and blue color scheme. This large complex has a seven-story building with around 168 luxurious rooms and suites. Parmis Hotel does not have a private beach and is not located by the sea. If you want a hotel with a sea view, you should choose other five-star hotels in Kish. The hotel’s special services and facilities include a large and beautiful restaurant, conference, and meeting rooms, parking, a shopping center, taxi service, and a luxurious café. The hotel is also close to the Pearl Shopping Center and the Pardis Kish Center, making it a good choice for those who enjoy shopping and visiting malls.

6-Panorama Kish Hotel

Panorama Kish Hotel is another one of the best hotels in Kish and is considered a five-star hotel. This hotel was opened in 2019 and it’s worth noting that it is one of the newest hotels on the island. The hotel has 15 floors and from the fourth floor onwards, you can enjoy a sea view. The interior design of the hotel, including the lobby, rooms, cafe, and restaurant, has one of the most beautiful and luxurious interior design decorations. The hotel has two large restaurants.

The rooms in this hotel include Twin, Panorama Lux Double, Double and Single, and Triple Rooms. All accommodation units are equipped with sanitary facilities and amenities, a writing desk, a dressing table, cooling and heating system. The hotel also has a cafe, restaurant, pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, spa, and airport transfer.

7-International Kish Hotel

Another five-star hotel in Kish is the International Kish Hotel. This hotel opened in 2017 and quickly gained tourist satisfaction. The International Kish Hotel has 13 floors and has about 342 accommodation units. The hotel’s accommodation units on the upper floors have a sea view. The rooms in this hotel include Single, Twin, Island Double, Sea View Double, and Sea View Triple. The hotel is located near Kish’s recreational pier and has good access to water sports and a two-wheeled racing track.

Additionally, this hotel is close to the large Maryam Shopping Center and is a suitable option for those interested in shopping. This large accommodation complex is also one of the best hotels in Kish, which has received good ratings from travelers due to its cleanliness, regular reservation system, and high-end facilities. The special amenities of the International Kish Hotel include a pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, restaurant, and cafe.

8-Shayan Kish Hotel

Shayan Kish Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Kish, built 50 years ago, and was one of the first modern hotels on the island. Due to its long history and quality of services to travelers, this hotel has also been ranked among the best hotels in Kish. Shayan Kish Hotel has a private beach and half of its rooms face the sea. For those who want to enjoy the sea view and walk on the beach, Shayan Kish Hotel is one of the best options for accommodation. The largest recreational pier in Kish is also located near this hotel, and within a short distance, you can take advantage of the recreational facilities of the pier.

Shayan Kish Hotel is also close to the Kish cycling track which is a major advantage for cycling enthusiasts. The hotel is equipped with a billiard hall, outdoor pool, traditional tea house, airport transfer, and car rental. One advantage of this hotel is that children under 5 years old can stay for free, which is a suitable option for many travelers who are looking to reduce their costs.


Best 4-Star Hotels in Kish

4-star hotels are generally more affordable than 5-star hotels, but they still offer good quality services and are often preferred by travelers. In Kish Island, there are 4-star hotels with such high standards that they can even rival 5-star hotels, making them a great option for accommodation. In the following, we will introduce the best 4-star hotels in Kish to you.

1. Aramis Plus Hotel – Best hotels in Kish

Aramis Plus Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kish. The hotel is a four-story building with 64 accommodations and is known for its proximity to the beach and sea view. The hotel has a calm and pleasant atmosphere facing the sea. The hotel rooms include double and twin rooms, single rooms, and king-size rooms, so you can choose according to your preferences. Aramis Plus Hotel has amenities such as room service, a traditional tea house, a café, a restaurant, green space, airport transfer, and laundry.

2. Lilium Kish Hotel – Best hotels in Kish

Lilium Kish Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Kish. The hotel opened in 2019 and is one of the newest hotels on the island. The hotel is an eight-story building with 154 rooms, some of which have a sea view. It is also close to the beach, so you can enjoy the sound of the calm waves. Lilium Kish Hotel is also located near major shopping centers, making it a great option for shopping enthusiasts. The hotel has amenities such as parking, a restaurant, a shopping center, a traditional tea house, green space, laundry, a mini-bar service in each room, an air conditioning and heating system, and a large and beautifully decorated lobby.

3.Flamingo Hotel Kish – Best hotels in Kish

One of the most unique buildings on Kish Island belongs to the Flamingo Hotel. The building’s design is based on a dolphin and has one of the most unique designs. The exterior of the building is yellow and white. The reason for the hotel’s name being Flamingo is not clear, but its architectural plan is designed based on a dolphin. Flamingo Hotel Kish is one of the best hotels in Kish and is not far from being a 5-star hotel. It is also one of the largest hotels in Kish, with an area of ​​approximately 24,000 square meters. The hotel is located near the large Kish recreational pier and has good access to shopping centers such as Zeytoon, Morvadid, Venus, and Maryam. The hotel’s special amenities include a café, spacious green space, a large traditional tea house, and parking.

4.Eram Kish Hotel – Best hotels in Kish

If you want to watch the sunset and the sea from your hotel room, Eram Kish Hotel is one of the best options to choose from. All rooms in the hotel are built facing the sea, making it a popular choice for many travelers. The Eram Hotel building is designed in the shape of a pyramid and is one of the unique contemporary architectural structures. The hotel has nine floors and approximately 243 rooms and suites. Some of the special amenities of the hotel include a luxurious restaurant, conference hall, library, medical services, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, sports field, children’s playground, large green space, and tennis court. Eram Kish Hotel is also one of the best hotels in Kish and has received good ratings from guests.

Best 3-star hotels in Kish

Many Kish Island travelers prefer to spend their money on various water and non-water recreational activities on the island rather than allocating a large portion of their budget to accommodation. In this case, we must consider the hotel’s amenities based on its price when choosing 2 or 3-star hotels, and we cannot compare their amenities with 5-star hotels. In the following, we have gone to the best 3-star hotels in Kish, where you can experience memorable and economical accommodations.

1.Jame Jam Kish Hotel

This hotel is located about one kilometer from the beach and the Persian Gulf and if you like walking, you will only be 15 minutes away from the recreational pier. One of the positive points that travelers have expressed satisfaction with is the reasonable price for the amenities and services provided at Jam-e Jam Kish Hotel. The hotel was renovated in 2020, and you can book rooms with two, three, or four beds along with amenities such as room service and café.

2.Aramesh Kish Hotel

If you want easy and fast access to the beach, shopping centers, recreational places, and restaurants in Kish, Aramesh Hotel can be a good choice for you on your trip to Kish. This hotel is also classified as a 3-star hotel in Kish, and the cost of staying there is relatively reasonable. In addition to its good location and access to many points on the island, room service, green space, internet, and an Iranian restaurant are also available.

3.Sunrise Kish Hotel

Sunrise Hotel is located in front of one of the best shopping centers in Kish. For this reason, it is also very close to recreational centers and the beach. Room service, internet, dining room, and green space are some of the amenities provided for the guests of Sunrise Kish Hotel. You can book rooms and suites for two to four people at a good price and have a memorable stay on Kish Island.

Final words

In this article, Eligasht introduced a list of the best hotels in Kish for the traveler, to easily choose the best accommodation among 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star hotels. If you plan to travel to Kish, you can easily book your desired hotel through Eligasht’s reservation system. The rental price of each room is updated daily through the booking system, and you can easily find out from the Rooms section.

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