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Where to Stay in Dubai – Best Areas and Hotels

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Each region of Dubai is suitable for a certain group of tourists offering various tourist attractions and entertainment. If you want to learn about the best areas in Dubai to book a hotel, stay tuned to the end of this article.

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1) Marina Area & Jumeirah Beaches

Jumeirah and Dubai Marina are actually the most modern areas of Dubai. You can find all of Dubai’s first-class resorts and buildings in the Jumeirah area and Dubai’s skyscrapers and canals in the Marina.

Due to the beauty and facilities available in Jumeirah and Marina beaches and the similarity that this area has with the lifestyle of European people, many European tourists consider these two areas to be the best areas to in Dubai to book a hotel room.

In general, if you are traveling to Dubai for leisure, Marina and Jumeirah are the best areas to stay. You can enjoy the beautiful and relaxing beaches, restaurants, and amazing skyscrapers by staying in this area. Marina and Jumeirah areas also offer very good access to Dubai subway.

If you are traveling to Dubai with the intention of shopping, this area may not be the best place to stay however even though the Mall of the Emirates is located seven kilometers from this area. Also, the Marina and Jumeirah areas are the most expensive and luxurious places to stay in Dubai. So, if you are traveling on a budget, you may not be able to afford the hotels in this area. Jumeirah and Marina are also far from Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Old Dubai, and Deira.

Best Hotels in Marina and Jumeirah Area

2)   Al Barsha Area

Despite the existence of the Mall of Emirates (Emirates Mall) and its ski resort, Al-Barsha area is not really an attractive area for many tourists. On the other hand, Al Barsha area offers very good access to the subway and is close to the Marina area and Downtown Dubai. As a result, you can reduce the cost of traveling in Dubai by staying in this area.

There are also various local Arabic, Pakistani and Indian shops and restaurants in this area. Therefore, if you don’t know exactly which area to stay in during your trip to Dubai, Al Barsha can one a great place to book a hotel room due to its relative proximity to Dubai’s tourist attractions and low costs.

Al Barsha area is close to the Mall of the Emirates (the second largest mall in the UAE) and Dubai Ski Resort. On the other hand, this area is significantly cheaper than the Marina and Downtown Dubai areas and offers very good access to Dubai subway. For this reason, even if plan to stay in Dubai for a long time or buy property, Al Barsha can be a great choice.

Best Hotels in Al Barsha Area

3)  Downtown Dubai

The Downtown area shows you the same image of Dubai that you have seen in the media and is considered one of the best areas to stay in Dubai for many tourists. Downtown Dubai, with its tall skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa, the most luxurious shopping malls, lovely boulevards, and first-class restaurants, is one of the main reasons for Dubai’s fame and popularity around the world.

Whether you want to go to the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, shop in the world’s largest shopping mall or watch the musical fountains of this city, you need to go Downtown.

Downtown Dubai is also one of the most expensive areas of the city, but the availability of affordable hotels has made it possible for any tourist to stay in this area. If you want to experience Dubai fully, the Downtown area is one of the best areas to book a hotel.

If you want to be close to the most important attractions of Dubai or the Dubai Mall or have access to the best restaurants and the most luxurious shopping centers in the city, this is definitely the best area to stay in Dubai. If you want to travel on a budget or be close to the Marina and Jumeirah beaches, however, this may not be the place for you to stay in Dubai.

Best Hotels in Downtown Dubai


4)   Bur Dubai Area

The Bur Dubai area is actually the heart of the old city of Dubai. With its narrow streets, local markets, and traditional architecture, Bur Dubai is the true soul of Dubai, a place that has been a residential area for centuries. Most of the residents of the Bur Dubai area are Indians that work in the city.

If you want to have an affordable stay in Dubai, Bur Dubai is one of the best areas to book a hotel. If you are interested in Indian food, you can find the most authentic Indian restaurants in Bur Dubai. In addition, if you plan to move to Dubai, Bur Dubai is one of the best areas to buy property because of its reasonable prices.

If you want to eat in luxury restaurants, this area is not suitable for your stay. The restaurants in this area offer more of a local atmosphere. Additionally, the Bur Dubai area is not really close to the major attractions of this city.

Best Hotels in Bur Dubai

5)   Deira Area

Due to its age and history, Deira is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Dubai. For those who want to travel at a low cost, Deira is one of the places to stay in Dubai. Deira resembles Bur Dubai but is a bit more modern. The largest traditional market of Dubai is located in the Deira area. It is considered a commercial area and actually, the first commercial area of Dubai was created in Deira.

The streets and shops of Deira look normal and not super posh and modern, and like the Bur Dubai region, most of its residents are Indians. In recent years, the UAE government has been renovating and modernizing this area. For this reason, if you are thinking of investing in Dubai, Deira is one of the best places to buy property.

If you want to travel to Dubai on the cheap and also be close to Dubai airport, Deira area is very suitable for your stay. This area is also considered a very good alternative to the Bur Dubai area because its buildings are much more modern than what you will find in Bur Dubai.

You have to keep in mind that being close to Dubai airport means being far from everything else in the city, including the beach and Dubai’s major sights and attractions. On the other hand, this area offers good access to the subway where you can easily reach different parts of the city.

Best Hotels in Deira

6)   Palm Jumeirah Area

Palm Jumeirah is one of the best areas in Dubai. Palm Dubai is actually an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree, which is connected to the city of Dubai.  If you are really looking for a luxury trip or are just interested in staying in Palm Island, this area is considered the best place to stay in Dubai.

There is no option for economic travel on the Palm Island of Dubai. Also, this island is far from other parts of the city and does not offer good access to public transportation. For this reason, the Palm Jumeirah area may be an attractive area for a few-day trip.

Best Hotels in Palm Jumeirah


Best Area in Dubai for sightseeing: Bur Dubai

Sightseeing and visiting tourist attractions is an important part of any travel plan. Therefore, it is better to stay in a central area that has good access to transportation to be able to visit the attractions at a lower cost. Bur Dubai, as an old region, offers many attractions of its own, including the old market. You can go to Dubai Creek on board the traditional boats and east at floating restaurants.

Also, historical neighborhoods such as Al-Fahidi and Al-Seef are located in this area. Subway lines in this area help you easily go to different parts of the city.

Dubai’s Best Nightlife Area: Marina

For those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of lively nights, Marina, with its many restaurants and cafes is one of the best areas to stay in Dubai.

Best Area in Dubai for Food & Restaurants: Jumeirah Beach

Dubai’s best restaurants in luxury hotels and resorts with colorful menus and high prices that have won various awards are located on Jumeirah Beach. There are several Thai, Indian, and Japanese restaurants in the area for those who want to try Eastern cuisine.

Dubai’s Best Area for Families: Jumeirah Beach Resort

Jumeirah is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Dubai, but it is not only famous for its skyscrapers and luxury restaurants. Jumeirah has many attractions for families as well. Most Jumeirah Beach hotels offer facilities such as water park, children’s pool, children’s club, and playground.

Best Area in Dubai to Enjoy the Beach: Jumeirah Beach Resort

The coastline of Jumeirah provides the locals and tourists with many beaches for relaxation and recreational activities. White sands and clear water are available for you to enjoy on the beach, but you will have to watch out for the tides. Jumeirah beach is ideal for eating out and entertainment.

Best Area in Dubai to Visit Historical Sites: Al Fahidi

Al Fahidi is the oldest area of Dubai. Although it has been renovated, it still holds its historical charms. alleys after alleys where no car has the right to travel and the wind towers and adobe buildings have given the area a special beauty. In this area, you can visit old galleries, museums, guesthouses, and cafes in Dubai.

Best Area of Dubai for shopping Malls: Downtown

Emiratis love shopping. Many tourists choose Dubai for their trip with the purpose of shopping as well. In addition to traditional markets, Dubai is full of modern shopping malls with cinemas, arcades, and food courts, which you can mainly find Downtown. The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall, is located Downtown, offering an ice-skating rink, an aquarium, and even a real dinosaur skeleton. So, if you travel to this city to shop up and down, Downtown is one of the best areas of Dubai to book a hotel.

Best Area in Dubai for Proximity to Public Transport: Deira

Among the different areas of Dubai, Deira is very ideal in terms of access to transportation. In addition to the metro and taxi, it has good access to boats and water taxis that transport people from both sides of the Dubai Creek. Are you planning to work and study in Dubai? Deira is one of the best areas in Dubai for buying property and long-term residences with easy access and reasonable prices.

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