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Summer Destinations in Iran: Discovering Iran’s Attractions in the hot season

by Parastoo Sahebi
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The most beautiful city in Iran

Summer destinations in Iran are the best options for tourists and nature lovers who want to visit Iran during summer. Although there are many cool cities in Iran, many people do not have complete information about them and cannot properly choose their desired destination for a cool and pleasant summer vacation. To become more familiar with the best Summer destinations in Iran and choose your travel destination more easily, stay with the Eligasht travel guide for more information. Eligasht guarantees the best prices for airplane tickets, train tickets, and hotel reservations in all parts of the world.

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1- Firuzkuh, Tehran

In addition to the northern and western cities of Iran, Tehran can also be one of the best Summer destinations in Iran. Firuzkuh, which is one of the cities in Tehran province, is among the cool cities of Iran in the summer and hosts many travelers in the summer. Additionally, it is an excellent destination for Tehranis who do not have the opportunity for multi-day trips and want to access a cool and pleasant area for a few hours in the summer season. It is good to know that the average temperature in Firuzkuh is about 8 degrees Celsius throughout the year, and there is also a mineral water spring located there, which is one of the tourist attractions of this area. Tang-e Vashi is another attraction of Firuzkuh, and you can visit its sights in addition to enjoying the cool weather of this area.

2- Alasht in Mazandaran, the best place in the north in the summer

Another area that you can travel to in the summer is undoubtedly Mazandaran. In Mazandaran province, there is an area called Alasht. This area is full of beautiful nature and waterfalls. One of these waterfalls is called Narm Waterfall, which is located in Cheraat village, 35 kilometers southwest of Alasht.

3- Masouleh, the coolest city in the north in the summer

Undoubtedly, the beautiful and historic village of Masouleh is one of the best Summer destinations in Iran, many people visit during their trip to northern Iran and enjoy its pleasant weather and pristine nature. Masouleh village in Gilan is endowed with beautiful and spectacular architecture, and its vast mountains and plains have shown a picturesque image. Masouleh is cool and mountainous in the summers, and sometimes foggy, providing an enjoyable experience for tourists. Also, on a trip to this village, you can see the historical attractions located in this area and experience memorable moments by the Lahr waterfall spring.

4- Jahan Nama in Gorgan

One of the best Summer destinations in Iran, located in the northern region, is the Jahan Nama area in Gorgan province. Jahan Nama village has unique landscapes and views due to its natural location, special climate, and also its location in the Jahan Nama protected area. The excellent natural heights and landscapes that exist in this area have surprising freshness and beauty in the first three seasons of the year and catch the attention of most travelers and nature enthusiasts. Jahan Nama village is located at the foot of Jahan Nama mountain, which is 3,086 meters above sea level, and this means that walking in Jahan Nama is like walking on the roof of Golestan.

5-Birjand, Khorasan

Another area in Iran that is considered one of the best Summer destinations in Iran summer is Birjand County in North Khorasan. This city has many historical and natural tourist attractions, and the best time to visit these attractions is in the spring and summer.

6-Tabriz, one of the coolest cities in Iran

East Azerbaijan, especially the city of Tabriz, is always considered a gem among the cool cities in Iran during the summer, which attracts many travelers during the hot seasons of the year. Kandovan is the name of a village in the heart of Tabriz, which is also one of the three rocky villages in the world and welcomes travelers with excellent and pleasant climates. If you plan to travel to this city, we recommend visiting the historical and natural attractions of this area, which have great historical value, and enjoying your trip twice as much.

The Kandovan village of Tabriz is one of the villages of the Sahand district and is also part of the central part of the city of Osku. In the Kandovan village, you will see rocky houses made of gypsum, lime, and bricks, but they still have facilities such as a living room, kitchen, and water and electricity piping system. Due to the high diameter of the walls, which reaches about 2 meters, they keep the interior warm in winter and cool in summer.

7-Ardabil, the best place to travel in summer

Another city in northwestern Iran is Ardabil, which is famous for its cool and enjoyable weather. It is good to know that the average annual temperature in Ardabil is about 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, and in many cases, we witness heavy rainfall in this city. Ardabil is formed by lush and beautiful vegetation and is one of the best Summer destinations in Iran. We recommend visiting the Hazelnut Forest and the unique and extraordinary landscapes during your trip to this city. Also, many amenities have been provided for tourists in this city, and you can stay at quality hotels in the area, including Sabalan Hotel and Mehdi Hotel, during your trip.

8-Urmia, one of the best Summer destinations in Iran

Urmia is also considered one of the best Summer destinations in Iran, located in the northwest region of the country. This beautiful and touristy city is located in West Azerbaijan and is counted among the cool cities of Iran in the summer. Urmia has a mountainous climate and many plains in the south and east, which has made it attractive to tourists both in terms of weather and visually. Urmia is formed by five regions named Silvana, Anzal, Souma-ye Baradost, Nazlu, and the central part. When traveling to this city, you should not miss visiting the Urmia Lake, which is located between the two provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan.

9-Hamedan province

In addition to being one of the historic and civilized cities of Iran, Hamedan is also one of the Summer destinations in Iran and welcomes guests in the hot season alongside its beautiful nature. As you know, Hamedan has many tourist attractions, and its most popular one is the Alisadr Cave, which attracts many tourists every year. On the other hand, there are many recreational and tourist complexes, such as the Ganjnameh Complex, located in the Ganjnameh Square of this city, where you can enjoy their facilities while visiting historical sites.

10- Shahrekord city

One of the cities that we mention in the list of the best Summer destinations in Iran is undoubtedly Shahrekord. Shahrekord can be ranked first in the list of cool cities in Iran in the summer because it is known as the roof of Iran and has a population of about 190,000 people in general. Shahrekord is the highest city in Iran and has an average temperature of about 11.5 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The location of Shahrekord is in the northern part of the Zagros mountain range, which provides an ideal atmosphere for summer trips. During the summer season, this city has a cool and mild climate that you can enjoy, while during the winter season, the weather in this city is very cold and snowy.

If you are interested in visiting this city, it is good to know that suitable hotels are located in Shahrekord that have good facilities and services, such as Kuhrang Hotel and Parsian Azadi Hotel.


Filband village is located in Mazandaran province. Filband is one of the coolest and greatest Summer destinations in Iran, located in the southern regions of Babol. If you want to witness the phenomenon of the ocean of clouds, this area can be a suitable option for you. The height of this beautiful highland is about 2700 meters above sea level, so it is not surprising to be above the clouds. Due to the very high altitude of this area, winters are very cold, and for almost 7 months of the year, all of Filband is covered with snow.

To access Filband Highland, you have to take the Haraz Road. After driving about 100 kilometers on this beautiful and winding road, you will reach the Filband (or Sangchal) village branch, which will lead you to this village. Even in the summer, don’t forget to bring warm clothes on your trip to Filband.

12- Masal

Masal is one of the Summer destinations in Iran, and its pristine highlands have recently gained many fans among nature lovers. The most famous highland in the Masal region is Olesbelangah Highland, where you can enjoy the phenomenon of the ocean of clouds and beautiful green landscapes. Don’t worry about your accommodations or amenities on your trip to Masal, as there are houses and cottages for rent in this area, as well as well-equipped hotels that cater to guests in this region. Don’t forget to experience the local food in the local restaurants in this area.

To travel to this beautiful city, you can buy a train ticket to Rasht and then take a bus terminal in Rasht to reach Masal. Also, to reach Olesbelangah, first reach the city of Masal. Inside this small city, many signs will guide you toward the beautiful forest and highlands of Masal.

13- Sarein

Sarein City is another famous tourist destination in Ardabil, which is famous for its hot springs and cool climate in the summer. Sarein’s hot springs have a global reputation and attract thousands of domestic and foreign visitors every year for relaxation or treatment. In Sarein, there are hot springs, historical buildings, and stunning nature, each of which can create pleasant memories for you in the summer.

14- Zanjan

Zanjan is one of the northwestern cities of Iran located on the Tehran-Tabriz freeway. If you plan to travel to the northwestern regions of the country, you will inevitably pass through Zanjan. Zanjan can also be considered one of the best Summer destinations in Iran. There are many valuable historical sites within the city such as the Saltmen Museum, Rokhshad Bathhouse, Zanjan Bazaar (the longest covered bazaar in the country), and more. Additionally, the UNESCO world heritage site of Soltaniyeh Dome is located approximately 40 kilometers from Zanjan in the small city of Soltaniyeh.

15- Tabriz city

Tabriz is one of the largest cities in the country and is known as one of the Summer destinations in Iran. Like other northwestern cities of Iran, Tabriz has moderate and relatively cool weather in the summer. The coolness of Tabriz is evident by the fact that none of the houses in this city have air conditioning channels. On your trip to Tabriz, you can visit countless tourist attractions such as the Blue Mosque, Azerbaijan Museum, Shahriar Museum, Tabriz Bazaar, and more.

16- Damavand

You might initially think that the city of Damavand is located at the foot of Mount Damavand, but that’s not the case. Damavand is a lush and very pleasant area that many tourists visit solely because of its unique weather in the summer. The distance between Damavand and Tehran is very short and about two hours drive, which is why this area has been known as a recreational area and a summer resort for the people of the capital for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Destinations in Iran

Which cities in Iran are cool in the summer?

The best cities in Iran for summer travel are:

– Shahr-e Kord

– Kandovan Tabriz

– Urmia

– Ardabil

– Firuzkuh

– Masouleh Gilan

– Hamedan

What is the best destination for summer, which city?

Shahr-e Kord, also known as the rooftop of Tehran, is the coolest city in Iran, with an average temperature of 11.5 degrees Celsius throughout the year. It is considered the coolest city for summer travel.

Which area is the coolest in Tehran?

Firuzkuh is relatively close to Tehran and has an average temperature of about 8 degrees Celsius throughout the year.


Summer destinations in Iran offer a diverse range, from the mountains to the sea, and from historic cities to beach resorts. No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find something to enjoy in Iran during the summer months. You can also use the guides available on the Eligasht website to obtain sufficient information about various cities in Iran so that you can choose the best destinations for your trip.

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