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Travel Guide to Chabahar: A Must-Visit Destination in the Middle East

Travel Guide to Chabahar

by Parastoo Sahebi
22 minutes read
travel guide to Chabahar

When it comes to traveling to southern Iran, most people think of the islands of Kish or Qeshm. Fewer people may have heard of Chabahar and its unique natural attractions. The pristine and eye-catching sights of Chabahar are among the important reasons that many nature lovers and tourists plan an exciting and peaceful trip to this region. To introduce Chabahar more, we have prepared a travel guide to Chabahar for you in Eligasht Tourism magazine. We hope that by reading this article, you will start planning an exciting and relaxing trip to Chabahar.


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Where is Chabahar?

The first question we need to answer in the travel guide to Chabahar is where Chabahar is located. Chabahar is the southernmost city in Sistan and Baluchestan province, located in southeastern Iran on the shores of the Oman Sea. Due to its connection via the Oman Sea to the Indian Ocean, Chabahar is the only oceanic port in Iran, which gives it a special position in the country. This port is bordered on the north by Nikshahr County, on the west by Hormozgan Province, and the east by Pakistan. Gwadar port is considered the zero border point in the easternmost point of Chabahar. This city has a mild and spring-like climate.

Interestingly, due to this desirable climate, the name of this county is “Chabahar” or “Chaharbahar.” The area of ​​Chabahar County is approximately 9,739 square kilometers, and its elevation above sea level is reported to be 7 meters. Chabahar has about 130 kilometers of land border and about 115 kilometers of sea border in the Oman Sea.


How to get to Chabahar?

Now, given the location of Chabahar, we need to examine how to get to Chabahar. According to the travel guide to Chabahar, this county is 1,800 kilometers away from Tehran. If you travel from Tehran to Chabahar by land, you will spend 19 hours, and if you travel by air, you will be on the way for 1 hour and 30 minutes. There are four ways to travel from Tehran to Chabahar, each with its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Air travel
  • Rail travel
  • Land travel by bus
  • Land travel by car

 travel guide to Chabahar

Given the distance of this port from most cities in the country, air travel is the best option. Land and rail travel, while taking more time, have their advantages. In addition to the above solutions, you can purchase different tours from Eligasht to reach Chabahar at very reasonable prices and with various conditions and enjoy your trip to Chabahar without any worries.

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Air Travel to Chabahar

The most common way to travel to Chabahar is to buy a Chabahar flight ticket. Air travel is the best choice for people who do not have a good middle ground for a long land trip. According to the travel guide to Chabahar, you can fly to Chabahar from Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Kerman, Kish, Zahedan, and Dubai by plane.

Near the city of Chabahar in Konarak County, Chabahar Airport has been built. The airport is approximately a 45-minute drive from the city of Chabahar. It should be noted that the price of plane tickets varies depending on the class of travel and airline. Moreover, most flights from Tehran to Chabahar are indirect and stop at Zahedan or Bandar Abbas airports. Direct flights from Tehran to Chabahar take one hour and 45 minutes, while indirect flights take up to three and a half hours. Iranian airlines such as Iran Air, Zagros, Meraaj, Caspian, and Sepehran cover Chabahar flights. Interestingly, the Tehran-Chabahar flight is the farthest domestic flight in Iran.


Weather conditions and the best time to travel to Chabahar:

In this section of the Chabahar travel guide, we examine the weather conditions and the best time to travel to Chabahar. The best time to travel and the appropriate season to travel according to the destination’s weather conditions are one of the most important factors that you should have full knowledge about before any trip. Chabahar has a mild and spring-like climate all year round. Chabahar is famous for having the best coastal area in the country and the most moderate weather in the south of the country. Interestingly, the temperature of this city does not exceed 31 degrees Celsius in any month of the year.

The average temperature of this city is 31 degrees Celsius in the hottest time of the year, from early July to August, and about 19 degrees Celsius from December to early February, which is the coldest time of the year. Despite this information, the best time to travel to Chabahar in terms of weather conditions starts from early November and continues until mid-April.


Traveling to Chabahar in Spring

According to the Chabahar travel guide, Chabahar has a moderate climate in all seasons, but we intend to review each season separately. We’ll start with traveling to Chabahar in the spring.

In the early days of the Persian month of Farvardin and during the Nowruz holidays, Chabahar, like other cities in the country, is crowded with travelers. During these holidays, malls and shopping centers offer special discounts to travelers so that more tourists can visit this exceptional city during this time. But in the other two months of the spring, the conditions are different. If the tranquility of tourist attractions during your trip is important to you and you don’t have a problem with humid weather, May is a suitable time to travel to Chabahar. The humidity gradually increases from early May, and therefore, the number of travelers to this city decreases. The increase in humidity continues until early summer, and the minimum relative humidity in Chabahar reaches about 60%.

 travel guide to Chabahar

Traveling to Chabahar in Summer

In this section of the Chabahar travel guide, we intend to focus on traveling to Chabahar in the summer. Seasonal winds begin to blow in Chabahar from the beginning of summer with the onset of heat, and they continue until the end of September. These winds prevent the weather in Chabahar from becoming excessively hot during the summer and hot months of the year. According to tourism statistics, the number of travelers to Chabahar decreases significantly during the three summer months due to hot and humid weather. However, the festivals held in this city during the summer attract many audiences.

The Monsoon Festival, which is held from late Tir month to mid-Shahrivar, is one of the most famous festivals in Chabahar. Children and adults’ joy wars, family rallies, camel racing competitions, local food and handicrafts exhibitions, a seafood festival, traditional Baluchi music performances, and a Sistani wood dance carnival are among the Monsoon Festival’s entertainments.


Traveling to Chabahar in Autumn

According to the Chabahar travel guide, this city is one of the cities and ports that can be visited in any season. In the autumn, the weather in this city becomes slightly colder, and it is better to have several warm clothes with you when traveling to Chabahar in the autumn. In most seasons, especially in the spring, Chabahar Port becomes very crowded, but with the opening of schools in the autumn, the city becomes quieter, and there is no sign of overcrowding on the beach because most travelers have returned to their city.

So, if you want to travel to Chabahar in a quieter time and the weather is also more favorable, we recommend choosing the autumn season for your trip to Chabahar. It is worth mentioning that the best way to reach Chabahar in the autumn is by plane because the price of plane tickets and the cost of recreational tours in this season significantly decreases.


Travel to Chabahar in winter

In the travel guide to Chabahar, the winter season is one of the best times to visit. Among the most pristine and peaceful destinations you can choose for the winter season are the islands on the Persian Gulf coast. On these islands, you can walk alongside the most beautiful beaches in Iran and experience a different kind of winter trip in their mild warmth. If you’re looking for moderate weather, the best time to visit Chabahar is in February and March.

The proximity of Chabahar and Konarak to the sea and oceanic waters has caused the temperature in this region to be between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius in the winter. During this time, hotel prices are lower than during the Persian New Year holidays, and the influx of tourists to this city has not yet begun. If you want to go hiking in Chabahar, we recommend visiting in February and March, as the mild weather during this time is very desirable for nature lovers.


Where are the good hotels in Chabahar for accommodation?

The next question we want to answer in the travel guide to Chabahar is where the good hotels in Chabahar are for accommodation. Choosing a suitable hotel and having comfortable accommodation has a direct and significant impact on the quality of your trip. Equipped hotels with reasonable prices are available for tourists who want to visit this land of attractions in any season.

Although the number and variety of the best hotels in Chabahar are not as much as other Persian Gulf coast islands like Kish and Qeshm, quality accommodations and hotels are ready to welcome tourists in Chabahar. LIPAR Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Chabahar. This 5-star hotel provides guests with many facilities, including a television, a bathroom with a bathtub, a traditional tea house, a restaurant, a cafe, a safety deposit box, air conditioning, parking, laundry, internet, a minibar, and special services for disabled guests.

 travel guide to Chabahar

Where are the best restaurants in Chabahar?

One of the most important things to consider when traveling to Chabahar is finding good restaurants and food. That’s why we’ve decided to review the best restaurants in Chabahar in our travel guide. To find high-quality restaurants in Chabahar that serve delicious food, you should gather enough information about the names of local dishes and the locations that offer local food before your trip. The easiest way to find the best kind of food in this city is to choose a suitable hotel.


By staying at famous hotels in Chabahar, you can easily order local Southern food from the hotel restaurant and enjoy it in a calm and clean environment. Laleh Chabahar Hotel and Lipar Chabahar Hotel are two famous hotels in this city that have a good reputation for their quality food. Moreover, if you enjoy eating at a local restaurant that is not too expensive, we recommend visiting Baluch Restaurant. High-quality local Chabahar foods are cooked in this restaurant.


Local restaurants

Local restaurants in Chabahar reveal secrets about the culture of local people in that region. According to the travel guide to Chabahar, during your colorful trip to this city, you should have a meal in one of the local restaurants in Chabahar to become more familiar with the warm-blooded southern people’s customs and culinary culture of Chabahar.


Additionally, if you are a seafood lover, you should know that Chabahar is your paradise because various types of fish and shrimp are used in many of the foods in this region. Bam Chabahar Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Chabahar that is engaged in cooking and offering various seafood dishes, various shrimp, and fish with unique and high-quality flavors. Live music performances, warm and friendly staff, free Wi-Fi, high price range, tea and hookah service, and parking are among the other well-known services of this restaurant in Chabahar.


Tehran Restaurant, Barasan Restaurant, Khalij Restaurant, and Dehli Darbar Restaurant are other reputable local restaurants in Chabahar.

Many of us have an infinite interest in fast food, and we enjoy eating this type of food anywhere. For fast food lovers in Chabahar, there are many suggestions available to them so that these people can experience the ultimate pleasure of traveling to Chabahar. According to the travel guide to Chabahar, fast food restaurants in Chabahar have suitable quality and serve various pizzas and burgers with the best quality ingredients to their guests. Fast food Lipar Chabahar Hotel is one of the famous restaurants in Chabahar where you can order various fast foods such as sandwiches, fried chicken, pizza, and burgers and enjoy them. Also, in this restaurant, you can sit and enjoy the view of the Oman Sea while having your meal. Wikoland fast food is another restaurant that has many fans among tourists and residents in Chabahar.

Inchilada fast food, Hot Pizza, Mahtab Pizza, and Iranwich are other reputable fast-food restaurants in Chabahar.

What are the transportation methods in Chabahar?

After arriving in Chabahar, you will face new challenges. The first challenge is choosing a mode of transportation in the city. So in this section of the travel guide to Chabahar, we will examine how transportation methods in Chabahar work.


According to the travel guide to Chabahar, using taxis is the most cost-effective and best way to travel around this mysterious city. Nowadays, you can find taxis everywhere in Chabahar, and their prices are also reasonable. In recent years, a large number of taxis have entered this city to make it easier for tourists to move around. Even online taxis such as Snapp have become active in Chabahar.

Although the service of these apps is new to Chabahar, it has quickly become popular, and residents also use these facilities today. It is also interesting to know that it is common in this city for tourists to talk to local taxis and ask drivers to come after them for a certain amount and show them the cities. In this way, in addition to helping local people earn income, tourists can visit the sights and tourist attractions of Chabahar with peace of mind.

Car Rental:

According to the travel guide to Chabahar, car rental is another option for tourists to travel around. In many cases, this method is more cost-effective and convenient than using public transport. It should be noted that Chabahar is a free port, and traders and the wealthy travel to this city a lot, which is why luxury car rentals are very popular in this city. Tourists can also rent luxury cars at reasonable prices during their stay in this beautiful city and enjoy driving. We recommend that people who plan to travel to Chabahar as a group rent a car with a driver for transportation in the city. By doing so, transportation costs are significantly reduced. Remember that paying for fuel is the responsibility of the person who rented the car.

 travel guide to Chabahar

What are the attractions to see in Chabahar?

Chabahar has many natural and historical attractions that you cannot find anywhere else in the country. where you can find a pink lake or where boiling fountains are located right next to the beach. In addition to these, the unique historical heritage of this city testifies to the ups and downs of Chabahar’s history. In general, Chabahar’s attractions can be divided into three categories, which we intend to examine separately:


1. Chabahar’s Natural Attractions:

Chabahar County has a special geographical location and a unique climate that attracts many Iranian and foreign tourists every year. Chabahar’s natural attractions are very diverse and pristine, to the point that every tourist is amazed by seeing them. According to the travel guide to Chabahar, Lipar Lake is one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions of Chabahar, known as Pink Lake. It is interesting to know that there are only 4 pink lakes in the world, one of which is located in Chabahar. The beauty of this lake is not limited to its pink color, but also to the birds such as flamingos, cormorants, ducks, eagles, and peacocks that multiply its beauty.

Miniature Mountains or Martian Mountains, Harra Forest of Chabahar, Tang-e Gol-e Foshan, Triple Caves of Tis, Gouater Port, and Gando Protected Area are among the other famous natural attractions of Chabahar, according to the travel guide.


2. Chabahar’s Historical Attractions:

In addition to visiting the natural attractions of this region, traveling to Chabahar provides an excellent opportunity to explore its historical attractions. According to the travel guide to Chabahar, Chabahar has a rich and eventful history due to its easy accessibility for traders and travelers from ancient times, and it has many historical attractions that may not be possible to visit all in the first trip. The Gen Cemetery is one of the most famous and eerie tourist destinations in Chabahar. The cemetery of the Tis village is famous as the Gen Sent Cemetery or Jin Sang Cemetery. The cemetery is made up of large, nameless tombstones that belong, according to popular beliefs, to supernatural creatures.

The Tis Jame Mosque, Dezak Jame Mosque, Pirouz Gat Castle, and Chabahar Telegraph Office are among Chabahar’s most famous historical attractions.

3. Chabahar’s Most Beautiful Beaches:

One of Chabahar’s other unique attractions is its picturesque beaches. According to the travel guide to Chabahar, Chabahar’s beaches stretch from the border of Hormozgan province to the border of Pakistan. Each section of these beaches has its own unique and attractive tourist destinations, including rocky, sandy, coral, and even floating forests on the water.

Shab Taab Beach is one of Chabahar’s most beautiful beaches, famous worldwide. This beach is named after a unique phenomenon that creates exceptional landscapes at night. Strange blue lights glow on the shore, and they eliminate the darkness of the night. The reason for these blue and shiny lights is the presence of phytoplankton in the water of this area, which appears on the beach only in certain periods.

Makran Beach, Tis Beach, Gouater Beach, Turtle Beach, and Darak Beach are other beautiful beaches of Chabahar.


Customs and Traditions of the People of Chabahar

Chabahar is one of the few cities in Iran where its people have preserved their traditional fabric and indigenous culture. In this section of the travel guide to Chabahar, we will look into the customs and traditions of the people of Chabahar.

Many national and religious celebrations and festivals are held in Chabahar. Religious festivals are among the religious celebrations that the people of Chabahar have a great interest in. Since the people of Chabahar are Sunni Muslims they celebrate Eid Ghorban for three consecutive days. During this festival, the people of Chabahar visit each other, similar to the Persian New Year.

Nowruz and Henna tattooing are other famous customs and traditions in Chabahar.


What is the language of the people of Chabahar?

One of the challenges of traveling to any city is speaking the language of the locals, so it is essential to know the language of the people of Chabahar before traveling there. According to the travel guide to Chabahar, the common language in Sistan and Baluchestan province is Balochi. Interestingly, the Balochi language is close to the Pahlavi language and early Sassanian Pahlavi. Due to difficult traffic conditions in the past centuries and a lack of mixing with other languages and dialects of other ethnic groups, this language has not undergone many changes.

Based on the etymology of words and the history of the use of common phrases in Persian, the Balochi language can be divided into two main parts: northern or border Balochi, which is mostly used in the regions of Zahedan, Khash, and Sistan, and southern Balochi, which is common in Iranshahr, Saravan, Sarbaz, and Chabahar. The people of Chabahar speak Balochi dialects, including Jidgali, Kanarakhi, Taysi, Dashtiari, and Bahokalati.


Emergency Contact Numbers when traveling to Chabahar

As recommended by the travel guide to Chabahar, it is essential to have important and necessary numbers of this beautiful city before traveling there so that you can contact them without wasting time if necessary. We have gathered the necessary contact numbers for you below to assist you in having a safer trip to Chabahar.

Chabahar County Governorate: 3530300-054

Chabahar Municipality: 35320004-054

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Chabahar County: 3535051-054

Public Relations of Chabahar Municipality: 137-054

Azad Free Zone Fire Department: 125-353144444

Azad Free Zone Chabahar Police Station: 35312209-054

Executive Headquarters of Azad Free Zone Travel Services: 35312323 and 35312244-054

Public Relations of Azad Free Zone Chabahar: 35312357-35312230-054

Head of Tourism Unit: 09159456900

National Tourism Information System: 09669

Flight Information: 199

Azad Free Zone Traffic Control: 35312269-054

Chabahar Pearl Laboratory: 05435320969

Daryaie Hospital: 05435386167

Konarak Hospital: 05435384674

Sina Clinic in Chabahar: 05432221917

Travel Dos and Don’ts for Chabahar

In the final section of the travel guide to Chabahar, we provide you with the dos and don’ts of traveling to Chabahar. Every city has its unwritten laws that locals prefer tourists to be aware of and respect. In Chabahar, several important rules are prevalent among the locals. For example, removing sand and gravel from the city is one of the things you should not do in Chabahar. Additionally, it is recommended that you bring a water bottle and food with you when visiting natural areas in Chabahar, as there are no shops in these places.

One of the most important things you should do in this area is to respect cleanliness in nature. Chabahar’s nature is very special and valuable, so never leave garbage and plastic in these areas. Also, before entering the beaches and forests of Chabahar, check your route to make sure it is active so that you do not get lost on your way.


Conclusion of travel guide to Chabahar

It doesn’t matter what season it is, choosing Chabahar as a travel destination is a smart and correct decision. Chabahar has unique recreational and sightseeing places that are world-famous, and you can also buy various household products and valuable handicrafts from this port city at an affordable price. In the article Travel Guide to Chabahar by Eligasht, we tried to collect all the important points that you need to know before traveling to Chabahar and make them available to you. If you are interested in booking Chabahar tour tickets, visit the travel section on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Travel Guide to Chabahar

1. When is the Monsoon Festival in Chabahar held?

The Monsoon Tourism Festival is held from August 15th to August 20th. If we consider a one or two-day historical shift, this festival is held in the second half of August every year.


2. When is the least busy time to travel to Chabahar?

Late spring, early summer, fall, and winter are the least busy times to travel to Chabahar.


3. What is the distance from Tehran to Chabahar?

The distance from Tehran to Chabahar is about 1800 kilometers, and it takes about 20 hours to travel this distance by car.


4. What is the best local restaurant in Chabahar?

Baluch Restaurant is one of the most famous local restaurants in Chabahar.


5. What are the popular beaches in Chabahar?

Shab Taab Beach, Makran Beaches, Tis Beach, Gwadar Beach or Turtle Beach, and Darak Beach are among the famous beaches in Chabahar among tourists.


6. What souvenirs can be bought from Chabahar?

Local foods and handicrafts of the Chabahar people are common souvenirs of this city.


7. What is the most famous pastry in Chabahar?

The lando pastry is known as the most famous traditional pastry of Chabahar port.


8. Where is the most famous traditional market in Chabahar?

Dakkeh market is the most famous traditional market in Chabahar, which is located near Imam Khomeini Boulevard.


9. Where should we go for bulk shopping in Chabahar?

Salehiyar Bazaar in Chabahar is one of the most popular wholesale centers in Chabahar.


10. What language do the locals of Chabahar speak?

The people of Chabahar speak the Balochi language.


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