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Introducing the best hostels in Iran in different cities

by Parastoo Sahebi
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best hostels in Iran

Choosing the right place to stay is one of the most important parts of any trip. Some travelers choose rooms or suites in hotels, ecotourism lodges and inns for their stay, these places are familiar to us. But some people prefer to stay in hostels while traveling to save money. In this article from Eligasht, we want to provide you with complete information about best hostels in Iran.

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Hostel Haratij Tehran

Haratij Hostel in Tehran is one of the biggest and most attractive hostels in Iran, Tehran. This Hostel is an old building that has been renovated, and the rooms include dormitories, wooden huts, private rooms and heritage rooms. The dormitory beds of this Hostel have curtains, special reading lights, USB sockets and electrical outlets, and the private rooms have excellent design and facilities. It is interesting to know that the founders of this Hostel are professional tourists and have tried to implement their experiences of hostels in Haratij Hostel.

This Hostel in Tehran has very good access to the city’s main centers and the metro, and travelers can easily access all kinds of restaurants and cafes. Haratij Hostel has a 24-hour reception service; travelers can visit this complex whenever needed. Also, this attractive Hostel provides a very safe environment and guests can explore the public space of the Hostel and outside the Hostel without any worries about their belongings.

Address of Haratij Hostel Tehran: Address: No. 22, Safi Alishah St., Baharestan Square, Kamal Al Mulk St., in front of the south door of the Ministry of Guidance, Tehran.

Contact number: 982133988739

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Hostel Haratij Tehran

Kozhin Hostel, Tehran

If you are looking for an extremely attractive place to stay between hostels in Iran, Kozhin Hostel is the ideal choice. This Hostel is located on one of the busiest streets in Tehran, Karimkhan Street, and is known by the name seeyouiniran among tourists. The architecture of the Kozhin Hostel building dates back to the Pahlavi era and revives the atmosphere of the past for the guests. This Hostel has been able to attract tourists’ satisfaction due to its excellent services.

It is interesting to know that Hostel also has a public cafe, which is very cozy and lovely. Also, in addition to welcoming foreign guests, this Hostel has become an attractive place for holding cultural events. The facilities and advantages of this Hostel include a restaurant, coffee shop, free Wi-Fi internet in the rooms and lobby, dorm and private rooms, free laundry, friendly staff, a friendly atmosphere and convenient access.

Address of Kozhin Hostel Tehran: No. 2, Vahdati Manesh dead end, Karimkhan St., Kheradmand South, Tehran

Contact number: 02188832266

Hostel Kargadan, Tehran

Hostel Kargadan is one of the best hostels in Iran. It is a 70-year-old residence established by an architect brother and sister in an old renovated building. This Hostel is located in one of the best and liveliest streets in Tehran, Karimkhan Zand. The building of the Kargadan hostel in Tehran belongs to Hooshang Sihoun’s students and welcomes its guests on 2 floors and 6 rooms. The 4 rooms of this Hostel named, Aftab, Noor, Konj and Denj have free breakfast and travelers will be comfortable in this regard. Also, the two rooms Mah (for women) and Mehr (for men) are shared, and the breakfast cost is calculated separately for passengers. A lively environment, convenient access to the city center, daily change of sheets, daily disinfection, laundry service (at a separate cost) and reasonable price are the advantages of Kargadan Hostel.

Address of Tehran Rhino Hostel: No. 15, 3rd alley, Senai St., Karim Khan St., Tehran

Contact number: 02188347760

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Hostel Kargadan, Tehran

Hostel Bibi, Tehran

If you are looking for a good hostel in Iran, Bibi Hostel is undoubtedly one of the best accommodations you can choose. This newly established Hostel’s beautiful and old building is located in Enghelab Square, and its eye-catching and attractive architecture provides a lovely atmosphere to the guests. The rooms of this Hostel have single or double beds and toilets, kitchen, hall and bathroom can be shared. Also, all the rooms of Bibi Hostel are light-filled and its beautiful furnishings are selected and arranged with great taste. Equipped kitchen, good access to important city centers and metro stations and BRT, reasonable price and a very clean and friendly atmosphere are the advantages of this Hostel as one of the best hostels in Iran.

Address of Bibi Hostel Tehran: Elkhebal St., Ramsar St

Ivan Hostel, Tehran

Ivan Hostel was launched in 2018. This Hostel is located on Fatemi Street in Tehran and due to its good geographical location, it has good access to important centers and the city center. This attractive Hostel has 3 floors and 10 accommodation units and its experienced staff is ready to welcome you in a lovely atmosphere. From the rooms of Ivan Hostel, you can choose two and three-person VIP rooms named Laleh, Torang and Termeh, shared three-bed rooms named Saru and Setareh, five-bed room named Fereshte, a Dorm room or eight-person shared ladies room named Khursheed.

In general, the goal of this Hostel as one of the best hostels in Iran is to create a pleasant and attractive atmosphere for travelers. Also, the coffee shop space of this complex is a suitable place for holding friendly meetings and business meetings, and resident and non-resident guests can experience pleasant moments in an intimate atmosphere.

Address of Ivan Tehran Hostel: No. 70, Rad Afzon Alley, Pirouze Street, Fatemi Square, Tehran

Ivan Hostel, Tehran

Heritage Hostel, Isfahan

Heritage is one of the famous hostels in Iran, which started its work in Tehran, but in a short time, it was extended to Isfahan. The great reception of the passengers made this happen. Of course, this group is trying to build other Heritage branches in other cities like Shiraz.

Among the attractions of this Hostel, we mention its young and motivated staff. Perhaps the existence of these young people has caused the game consoles to open to this Hostel, which of course is very attractive for travelers. The Tehran branch of this Hostel is very close to the Tehran Grand Bazaar and the National Museum of Iran. Isfahan Heritage Hostel also has access to Abbasi Jame Mosque and Naqsh Jahan Square.

Address in Isfahan: Neshat St., No. 9, Alley 24

Ragrug Hostel, Isfahan

Ragrug is one of the most famous hostels in Iran, which started its activity in 2017. Among the charms of this Hostel, we mention its green roof, which has been the starting point of many friendships in this Hostel. This residence is located near Naqsh Jahan. Therefore, you can definitely guess that it is close to tourist places such as Chaharbagh, Ali Qapu Mansion and Si o seh Bridge.

Of course, Ragrug is not the only Hostel in Isfahan, but it has a special charm among the residents of this city. The existence of a laundry is one of the other advantages of choosing this Hostel for travelers, which of course can be considered the winning card of Rargrug among other hostels in Isfahan.

Address of Ragrug Hostel: No. 245, Parvin Etesami St., Sabahi St., Sepideh Kashani Crossroads, Isfahan

Ragrug Hostel, Isfahan

Khaneh Sabz, Kashan

Khaneh Sabz dormitory is located in one of the most famous hostels in Iran. Backpackers and travelers who want to experience the traditional Iranian lifestyle will find this place an ideal place to stay. Friendly staff welcomes guests. The Hostel has a shared kitchen and 2 shared bathrooms. The courtyard is a great place to socialize and chat with other guests. Guests staying at Green House Kashan enjoy convenient access to historic sites, including the tomb of Abbas the Great and the Al Yassin House. To taste the real taste of the Iranian lifestyle, book your stay at Kashan Green House Hostel.

Kooshk Honar, Kashan

Located in a nearly 200-year-old traditional building, Kooshk Honar is one of the best hostels in Iran and an affordable place to stay and enjoy sightseeing in Kashan. All rooms are clean, comfortable and simply decorated. Types of rooms include private rooms and dormitories. The rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with high-speed internet. The staff speak fluent English and are knowledgeable about the area. The Hostel opens onto a beautiful courtyard decorated with flowers and a beautiful miniature pool. The coffee shop provides free coffee to guests.

Kooshk Honar, Kashan

Friendly Hostel, Shiraz

Shiraz Friendly Hostel is a wonderful place to spend a beautiful night in the city of Shiraz. It is also rated as one of the best places to stay in Shiraz by TripAdvisor. The nearby Rahmat Highway provides access to the city center where you can go sightseeing. Hammam Vakil, Bazaar Vakil, Haram Chirag, Karim Khan Citadel and Nasirul Molk Mosque are among the sights that are worth visiting.

As one of the best hostels in Iran, Shiraz Friendly Hostel provides facilities such as covered parking and kitchen. No matter what time you arrive in the city, Friendly Hostel offers 24-hour reception service. The hotel also offers laundry, room service and luggage storage. Guests can also enjoy a complimentary breakfast each morning.

Silk Road Hostel, Yazd

The Silk Road Hostel has become one of the most popular traditional hostels in Iran. One of the reasons for its popularity is the convenient location of this property in the historical center of Yazd. This Hostel is located near Jaame Mosque, one of the most popular sightseeing places in the city.

No hostel is complete without a beautiful hangout and Silk Hostel is no exception. The courtyard of the Hostel has traditional Persian seating where guests can relax, unwind and socialize with other guests and locals. All 9 rooms are clean and equipped with refrigerator, toilet, hot water bath, central heating and air conditioning with remote control.

Silk Road Hostel, Yazd

The best hostels in Hormuz

Iranian hostels are not limited to big cities, you can find attractive hostels in the south of the country as well. Sabura, Kalbtoune and Mader Hasan are among the best hostels in the popular Hormuz Island. These hostels are often traditional; Therefore, they provide enough opportunity for travelers to get to know the native culture of this region. Of course, the number of hostels in this area is increasing daily; Therefore, over time, your choice will not be limited to these hostels we have mentioned.

Hostel in the north of Iran

In the northern region of Iran, most of the hostels have a native shape and image; Maybe this is the reason why hostels in this logic are more attractive than modern hostels in Tehran. Of course, these residences are known as ecotourism in Iran, but their nature is just like hostels.

These buildings are usually located in the heart of mountains and forests in the north of the country; Therefore, it is far away from modernity and inspires travelers with the feeling of being in the heart of nature; Especially since many of these houses are also wooden. This atmosphere has caused you to find a lot of peace in the heart of hostels in the north of Iran; A peace of nature that we rarely see in big cities.

Final words

In this article we tried to check the best hostels in Iran. With its rich history, Iran, is home to a number of beautiful hostels. From hostels with luxurious accommodations to simple, quaint hostels, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a quiet, intimate hostel to spend your holiday at or a bustling hostel that will put you in the thick of the city’s hustle and bustle, there is a hostel here to suit your needs. There are hostels in Irab in every price range that offer comfortable accommodations and modern amenities. If you are looking for a budget-friendly hostel, be sure to check out the options in the downtown area.

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