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10 0f The best hotels in Tabriz

hotels in Tabriz

by Parastoo Sahebi
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You can find the best hotels in Tabriz easily due to its special tourist location. From luxury and 5-star hotels to ordinary and cheap hotels. The facilities and services offered by these hotels are different and tourists with any level of budget and taste can find the hotel they want. the best hotels in Tabriz are the hotels that have the most points compared to others in terms of amenities, customer service, food variety, etc. In this article from Eligasht, we will introduce you to 10 of the best hotels in Tabriz. So follow the article until the end.

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1.Kaya Laleh Park Tabriz Hotel, the best hotel according to travelers


According to travelers, the best hotel in Tabriz is Kaya Park Hotel. It has the most suitable cost among the prices of the best hotels in Tabriz and provides good services. Kaya Laleh Park Hotel not only has the largest number of rooms (220 rooms); Rather, a swimming pool with beautiful fountains and a green park have decorated the entrance of the hotel. This new hotel was established in 1395 and has 8 elevators. The design of the rooms is very warm and classic and have good lighting. The location of Laleh Park shopping center next to the hotel has provided a good location for shopping.


The address of the Kaya Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz: Pasdaran St., above Fahmideh Square, next to Laleh Park Business Center.

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2.Pars El Goli Hotel is one of the best hotels in Tabriz


In the list of the best hotels in Tabriz, the Pars El Goli Hotel may take the first place. A 5-star hotel with all facilities, which is located in the middle of a park and a tall square. If you ask, which is the best hotel in Tabriz and what facilities does it have?  it is better to get acquainted with Pars El Goli Hotel and all its features. El Goli Hotel is one of the Pars hotels in Iran, which has a unique and special location in Tabriz.

The 17-story building of the hotel is located next to the park and most of its 180 rooms show you the view of the resort and El Goli Lake. You can see all the features and facilities of 5-star hotels here. From swimming pools and saunas to large halls for conferences and weddings.


Address of Pars El Goli Hotel: El Goli Blvd., the special road for the hotel inside El Goli Park, Tabriz

hotels in Tabriz

3.Shahriar International Hotel with modern accommodation facilities


Are the recreational facilities in the hotel your first priority? Shahriar Tabriz International Hotel will be the first name in your list of the best hotels in Tabriz. In this 10-floor hotel, there are all modern entertainment and comfort facilities. From the clean and large indoor pool to 3 saunas and jacuzzis, along with a steam room that will take away the fatigue of the trip. The restaurant with a buffet that is decorated every day will provide you with a luxurious stay and you will feel the comfort and well-being in the rooms.

The conference halls of this hotel are chosen to hold the best events. At the same time, you will have easy access to the exhibition, Tabriz Grand Bazaar and the airport. All these facilities make Shahriar International Hotel a suitable place for business guests.


Address of Shahriar International Hotel in Tabriz: at the beginning of El Goli Road, after Kabuli Bridge


4. Esteghlal Hotel in Tabriz in the most historical area of the city


Do you like walking in the old and expensive neighborhoods of Tabriz? Choose your room at Esteghlal Hotel Tabriz. Esteghlal Apartment Hotel is located in the old neighborhood of Sorkhab. Most of the sights of Tabriz are located around you. The historical houses of Tabriz are close to Esteghlal Hotel. Apart from these, the open and green space of the hotel and its open-air restaurant is a great place to have a meal. The satisfaction of the guests with the services provided in this 4-star hotel has been high and very good. Order the hotel’s free and varied breakfast and then go see the attractions of Tabriz city. This hotel is very suitable for visiting Tabriz attractions.


The address of Esteghlal Hotel Tabriz for a reservation: go to Sheshgolan St., Shahriar St., in front of the cultural complex of Maqbar Ol-Shoara.

hotels in Tabriz

5.Gostaresh Hotel is one of the tallest buildings in Tabriz


About 50 years ago, it was built by foreign engineers and today it has become one of the best hotels in Tabriz. You will have 150 rooms with excellent facilities in 4-star hotels to choose from; Do you like the top view of Tabriz from the 13th floor or the large size of the room? The features of the room and its facilities can put the name of the Gostaresh Hotel at the top of the list of the best 4-star hotels in Tabriz. The satisfaction of guests with the facilities and services of Tabriz Gostaresh Hotel is very high and it has the following facilities:

  • Large conference hall for conferences
  • 3 restaurants for breakfast and other meals
  • Clean and large swimming pool and jacuzzi
  • Coffee shop with a cozy and calm environment
  • Luxurious and modern wedding hall


Address of the hotel: located at Abarsan intersection in Tabriz


6. Azadi Hotel in Tabriz with free cinema tickets


To book the best hotels in Tabriz, if you are looking for a hotel that has excellent access to all attractions, choose Azadi Hotel. Tourists who book a room in this hotel can watch daily Iranian movies for free in the hotel cinema. BRT buses have a station near the hotel that allows access to all parts of the city. You can even get a taxi service from the hotel to the scenic village of Kandovan. In its four-floor building, there are 43 rooms with different types of beds for two to four people. This three-star hotel is decorated with beautiful paintings of Iran, which is very attractive to tourists.


Address of Azadi Hotel Tabriz: Imam Khomeini St., between Bagh-e Golestan and Shariati Crossroads

hotels in Tabriz

 7. Jahangardi Hotel in Tabriz.


How did kings and princes feel when they walked in their parks in the past? In El Goli Park in Tabriz, you will find one of the best hotels in Tabriz. You will definitely find the answer to this question by booking a room at Jahangardi Tabriz Hotel. Jahangardi Tabriz Hotel is located in the famous park of this city and next to El Goli Lake. It is enough to open the window of your room so that the clean and pleasant air of the park enters your room. One of the attractions of this hotel is staying in nomadic tents.

Although it has 2 double suites, the idea of staying overnight in seasonal tents by the pool of such a hotel has a different atmosphere. Please note that these tents are only used on cold and snowy days. All the facilities needed for accommodation and camping are placed inside these red canvas tents.


Address of Jahangardi Hotel in Tabriz: southeast side of the pool inside El Goli Park, in front of the main parking lot


8. Tabriz International Hotel, one of the best luxury hotels in Tabriz


To travelers who enter the cold city of Tabriz, we recommend the 4-star international hotel of Tabriz. The 4-star Tabriz International Hotel has a hall and a restaurant even in the open air. It has good access to the needs of travelers and whenever you want, you can leave the hotel for walking and exploring in Tabriz. Just go out of the Tabriz International Hotel building to enter one of the most famous streets of this city. To buy Tabriz souvenirs, go to Javaher Center or Nasim Passage next to the hotel.

The Grand Bazaar of Tabriz is also accessible by taxi. The guests of all 132 rooms of the hotel have free Wi-Fi internet and many other facilities.


Address: Imam Khomeini St., next to Nasim Passage and Panahi Alley

hotels in Tabriz

9. Sahand Hotel, one of the cheapest hotel in Tabriz


Among the best hotels in Tabriz, we have come to a top 2-star hotel. Until 2005, Sahand Hotel was called Gilan New Apartment Hotel, which changed its name after the renovation. This is one of the best hotel apartments in Tabriz. Sahand Hotel in Tabriz has been able to provide 28 different rooms in a 3-floor building. Therefore, on most dates, you will find an empty room for Tabriz’s hotel reservation at Sahand Hotel. if you are worried about the rooms being filled, act early. Because the 5-minute distance to the city center has made this Tabriz hotel popular. Online booking is the fastest and most convenient way to choose a room you can do it from the Eligasht website.

Sahand Hotel has one-bed, two-bed, three-bed and four-bed rooms that you can choose from. The more beds in a room, the cheaper the room price at Sahand Hotel Tabriz. Arabic-speaking and English-speaking guests will easily stay in this hotel.

From here, you only have a 5-minute walk to the sights of Tabriz, such as the Alisha Citadel and the Municipal Museum Palace. To reach the famous market of Tabriz and Blue Mosque, you need to take a taxi for 2.5 kilometers. The bus stop is also located near the entrance of the hotel.

Address of Sahand Hotel, Tabriz: Imam Street, Tabriz, between Ferdowsi and Taleghani Streets, in front of Mosli’s main door, Sahand Hotel


10. Caspian Hotel near Tabriz attractions


If your purpose for traveling to Tabriz is to visit the sights of Tabriz, Caspian Hotel is a good option. This 4-story hotel provides a comfortable stay by offering 20 rooms and the facilities of a three-star hotel. The staff at the reception desk are pleasant and kind and do all the work related to your reception and hospitality. Attractions such as the Maqbar Ol-Shoara and the Qajar Museum are located close to you. You only have a 10-minute walk to Maqbar Ol-Shaara Park. Tabriz’s travel guide gives you more information about the city’s sights.

The rooms have comfortable beds for passengers to rest, and the maximum capacity of the rooms is for three people. Like other 3-star hotels in Iran, there is a swimming pool inside the hotel, but you can go to the gym near the hotel. The Caspian Hotel Tabriz restaurant has the most delicious dishes in this city on its menu.

Address: Shahid Beheshti Street or Old Mansour Street in Tabriz, after Mansour Bridge, in front of the teacher’s house, No. 3, you can find Caspian Hotel

hotels in Tabriz

Final words

One of the things that make a trip memorable is the comfort you have in your hotel. Among the best hotels in Tabriz, you can find luxury and 5-star hotels to budget and medium hotels. In this article from Eligasht, we made a list of the best hotels in Tabriz and got some information about each one so that you can easily choose from them before visiting Tabriz city.

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