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Traveling to Tabriz, a city with a deep history and rich culture

Travel Guide to Tabriz

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Travel Guide to Tabriz

If you intend to visit Tabriz with all its cultural and historical attractions, this travel guide to Tabriz helps you not to miss any of the beautiful and fascinating features of the city. Tabriz is the capital of West Azerbaijan and the home of the Azerbaijani-speaking people. In 2018, it was recognized as the tourism capital of Iran. This old and beautiful city in western Iran attracts domestic and foreign tourists every year. Tabriz has pleasant and cool weather in the summer, making it the best time to travel to this city. In this travel guide from Eligasht, we introduce you to the details and tips for traveling to Tabriz.


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Tabriz Travel Guide

Tabriz has a history of over 3500 years and is considered the third-largest city in Iran and the largest city in the west of the country. Alongside its artistic, economic, and industrial advancements, Tabriz has a rich historical background that has enabled it to remain strong and resilient despite all the ups and downs it has experienced.

As a travel guide to Tabriz, it should be noted that this city is located in West Azerbaijan and is bounded by the Paki Chin and Unban Ali mountains to the north, the Baba Baghi and Gavazni mountains to the northeast, the Payan Strait to the east, and the Samand mountain range to the south. It is a mountainous city surrounded by high and mighty mountains, where you can see numerous historical and natural attractions during your trip.


Geographical Location of Tabriz

In this section of the travel guide to Tabriz, we aim to familiarize you with the geographical location of Tabriz. Tabriz is located at the end of the Tabriz Plain and in the west of East Azerbaijan province. This city is surrounded by high mountains on three sides and by flat and salty lands on the fourth side, which is the Aji Chay River, also known as the Talkheh-Rud. Tabriz looks like a large ditch or plateau among the mountains.

This city, which is the largest economic center in the northwest region of Iran, has a variable elevation from sea level, ranging from 1348 meters in the Marand intersection to 1561 meters in the Zaferanieh neighborhood. The general slope of the Tabriz lands is towards the center and then towards the west. The population of Tabriz is over 1.5 million people.

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Travel Guide to Tabriz

Travel Routes to Tabriz

If you plan to travel to Tabriz, join us in this section of the travel guide to Tabriz to become more familiar with the travel routes to Tabriz by land and air. You can visit Tabriz by private car, bus, airplane, and train. However, it should be noted that the road to this city is mountainous and tiring. Therefore, it is better to use the airplane, which takes only one hour from Tehran. But if you want to go by bus or private car, you have to pass through Tehran and pass through the cities of Karaj, Qazvin, Zanjan, Miyaneh, and Bastam Abad to reach Tabriz.

You can also see the city of Tabriz by train. But you should know that the train passes through the stations of Karaj, Abiak, Qazvin, Takht-e-Soleiman, Khorramdarreh, Sultanieh, Zanjan, Hashtrood, Maragheh, Bonab, Ajabshir, and finally arrives in Tabriz. On a land trip by car, you have 630 kilometers and 7 hours. By train, you have 750 kilometers and more than 10 hours. If a new route to Tabriz is opened, this route will be 130 kilometers shorter. The flying time to Tabriz from Tehran is about 45 minutes.

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Necessary city information for traveling to Tabriz

Tabriz code


Distance from Tehran

631 kilometers

Flying time (from Tehran)

45 minutes

Travel time by train

More than 10 hours

Travel time by car

More than 7 hours


Best Season to Travel and Tabriz Weather

In this section of the Tabriz travel guide, we intend to familiarize you with the weather of this city so that you can choose the best time to travel to Tabriz. Tabriz has a mountainous and dry climate. Summers are cool and dry, and winters are cold and snowy. Usually, the temperature in this city on the hottest days is between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, and on the coldest days, it is between minus 10 to 5 degrees Celsius.

Summer nights in Tabriz are cool, and this causes many tourists and travelers to come to Tabriz during this season. You can see the city of Tabriz from the spring to the end of summer in terms of weather, especially in the month of August, which has very good and pleasant weather. But in the summer, Tabriz is crowded and expensive. In autumn and spring, when the weather gets cooler, the number of travelers and prices decrease.

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Introduction to Tabriz Railway Station and its access

In this section of the travel guide to Tabriz, we will introduce you to the city’s railway station. Tabriz Railway Station is one of the oldest railway stations in the country, which started operating in 1916. The station became active with the connection of the Tabriz-Jolfa line, which is 149 kilometers long. Then, in 1958, the Tabriz-Tehran line, which is 748 kilometers long, was also added to it. The initial design of the building was by the French architect Fernand Pouillon, and the new building was designed by Heydar Ghiai.

This building was registered as a national monument at the end of 2016. The station has unique features, such as international transportation of goods to Turkey and Europe via the Tabriz-Razi line, international transportation of goods to Nakhchivan via the Tabriz-Jolfa line, and the Tabriz-Jolfa electric line, which is the only electric railway line in Iran. This station is the largest and most important railway station in the Azerbaijan region. Below are some of the busiest routes from this station:


Tehran to Tabriz route:

Travel time: 13 hours

Number of intermediate stops: 8 stops

Route stops: Tehran – Karaj – Hashtgerd – Qazvin – Takestan – Zanjan – Miyaneh – Kharakhan – Maragheh – Tabriz


Mashhad to Tabriz route

Travel time: 24 hours

Number of intermediate stops: 10 stops

Route stops: Mashhad – Neyshabur – Shahroud – Semnan – Tehran – Karaj – Hashtgerd – Qazvin – Zanjan – Miyaneh – Maragheh – Tabriz

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Tabriz to Jolfa route

Travel time: 3 hours and 45 minutes

Number of intermediate stops: 1 stop

Route stops: Tabriz – Marand – Jolfa

Address: Tabriz, Railway Square, Railway Station, Azerbaijan Railways Head Office


Tabriz Bus Terminals

In the following section of the travel guide to Tabriz, it is better to become familiar with Tabriz bus terminals to introduce you to all the ways to get to Tabriz in a way. Tabriz has two important bus terminals: Central and Northwest.

Tabriz Central Bus Terminal: If you want to travel to other cities in Iran, you can use the central terminal of Tabriz. This terminal is located near the Olympic Village and the Tehran-Tabriz highway. Its exact location is in Abu Reyhan Square and Manzarieh Street.

Tabriz Northwest Bus Terminal: If you want to travel to the northern cities of the provinces of Azerbaijan, you can use the northwest terminal of Tabriz. This terminal is located west of Tabriz and near Azerbaijan Square and Tabriz International Airport. Its exact address is on Pasdaran Highway and Azerbaijan Square.


Introduction to the best attractions and sights of Tabriz

Undoubtedly, one of the best times to visit any city is to visit its tourist attractions. In this section of the travel guide to Tabriz, we intend to introduce you to the best attractions and sights of Tabriz. Stay with us.


Tabriz City Hall Palace and Museum

The Clock Square is one of the famous landmarks of Tabriz. In this square, there is the Tabriz City Hall Palace and Museum. This building is called the Clock Tower Building due to the clock tower located in it. The Clock Tower was built in 1935, and its square has been the main square of Tabriz since 1945.


Tabriz Carpet Bazaar

If you are traveling to Tabriz, you should know that the Tabriz carpet is one of the famous and rooted symbols of this city that is known worldwide. The Tabriz Carpet Bazaar is a traditional market that is made up of various parts such as caravanserais, alleys, markets, corridors, and passages, and it is very interesting to visit.

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Kandovan Rocky Village and Ali Shah Citadel

Continuing the travel guide to Tabriz, we arrive at the village of Kandovan. Kandovan is an ancient rocky village in Tabriz that should not be missed in the travel guide to Tabriz. This village is 3,000 years old and shows different and interesting houses in the heart of the mountain. These types of houses are very rare and can only be seen in three places in the world, one of which is Kandovan in Tabriz. This village has fresh and delicious water that is beneficial to the kidneys. You can easily go to this village from the city of Osku.

Ali Shah Citadel is the name of a historical building in Tabriz that was built in the eighth century AH by Taj al-Din Ali Shah, the minister of the Ilkhanate. This building was very large and magnificent, but now only its wall remains. This wall is 30 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 26 meters high, and it is still a witness to the culture and art of Tabriz.


Shahgoli Tabriz and the Constitutional House

This recreational area has a large natural pool that was built during the Aq Qoyunlu period. The depth of this pool is 12 meters, and its surroundings have beautiful nature that has its own color and smell in every season. This recreational area is suitable for sightseeing, walking, and breathing.

You can also go to the old Raasteh neighborhood of Tabriz, where there is a historical Qajar building. This building was the headquarters of the Constitutional Movement when the National Consultative Assembly was closed by the government. For this reason, this building is called the Constitutional House. This house has been open as a museum since 1996, and it displays various objects such as constitutional carpets, pistols, and personal belongings of constitutional leaders.


Arasbaran Forest

If you travel to Tabriz, don’t miss the beautiful Arasbaran Forest, which is located in a lush and temperate region. This forest, which is sometimes known by other names such as Arasbaran or Qara Dagh, is full of diverse plant and animal species. The Arasbaran Forest is formed by green and rainy mountains, and their rainfall is unique.


Introduction to Attractions around Tabriz

In the travel guide to Tabriz, we intend to introduce you to the attractions around Tabriz as well. After a few days of touring the city and visiting its attractions, you can also consider short trips outside the city and visit waterfalls and pristine environments. Join us for more information.

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Skandar Waterfall in Tabriz

Skandar Waterfall in Tabriz is an incredibly beautiful and spectacular natural attraction located in the nearby mountains of Tabriz. This waterfall with its mesmerizing beauty captivates the eyes of anyone who sees it. In warm seasons, this waterfall is a lively and abundant cascade of water, but in cold seasons, it turns into ice and takes on a different face. It’s as if the snow queen has frozen the waterfall with her magic. In winter, this waterfall is a suitable place for ice climbers.


Asiab Kharabe Waterfall in Tabriz

Asiab Kharabe Waterfall in Tabriz is a very beautiful and spectacular natural attraction located in Jolfa. This waterfall, with a height of 15 meters, springs from a fountain of sweet water. With its falling water, the waterfall creates a lush and mesmerizing landscape. Even the rocks around the waterfall are covered with fresh and green grass. To reach this waterfall, you must go through a difficult and winding path, but when you reach the waterfall, all fatigue will be forgotten. Just keep in mind that the weather in this area is very cold in winter, and the waterfall may freeze. It’s better to see this place in spring and summer.


The distance from Tabriz to the Iranian-Turkish border

Bazargan border is one of the suitable points for going to Turkey by land. This border, which is the common border between Iran and Turkey, is 290 kilometers away from Tabriz, and to reach it, you have to pass through the cities of Sufian, Marand, and Maku. The Tabriz-Bazargan road is a good and comfortable road for land travel to Turkey. This road is a highway near Marand, and driving on it is easy. At the end of the main road, the city of Bazargan is the location of the border, from where you can exit the country.


Best hotels in Tabriz from luxury to economy

Undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of the travel guide to Tabriz is introducing the hotels and accommodations of Tabriz. Join us in this article from Eligasht Tourism Magazine to introduce you to some of the luxury and economical hotels in Tabriz.


Laleh Tabriz Hotel

the Hotel is a beautiful and unique hotel located 40 kilometers from Tabriz and with a stone architecture suitable for Tabriz’s mountainous and foothill climate, a Tabriz attraction.this Hotel has 40 stone rooms equipped with Jacuzzi and modern amenities. This hotel has facilities such as a lobby, cafe, restaurant, laundry, traditional travel agency, conference hall, safe deposit box, internet in the lobby, and taxi service.

Phone number: +98 41 3322 4951-7

Website: www.lalehhotels.com

Address: Tabriz – Esco – Kandovan Historical Village


Behboud Hotel Apartment

Behboud Hotel Apartment in Tabriz is a good option for those who want to stay in this city and enjoy independent living. In this hotel apartment, you can easily take care of your work and affairs. You can also use the hotel’s restaurant and cafe, which is open 24 hours a day. This hotel apartment has facilities such as an electric kettle, furniture, and bathroom facilities in the suites. In addition, this hotel apartment is close to some of Tabriz’s recreational and historical attractions, such as Tabriz Constitutional House, Shahrivar Palace, Golestan Garden, and Tabriz Bazaar.

Phone number: +98 41 3557 6648

Website: www.behboudhotel.com

Address: Tabriz – Southern Artesh Street – Above North Garden Intersection – Corner of Shahid Beheshti Clinic – Shoar Alley, No. 9

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Gostaresh Tabriz Hotel

Gostaresh Tabriz Hotel is a hotel with an excellent location for visiting the attractions of Tabriz City and using public transportation. This hotel is located next to restaurants serving Iranian, international, and fast food. The hotel also has recreational and sports facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, and gym for travelers. This hotel also offers other amenities such as parking, free internet, cafe, laundry, taxi, shop, and travel agency services to guests.

Phone number: +98 41 3332 5450

Website: gostareshhotel.com

Address: Tabriz – Abresan Square – Gostaresh Tabriz Hotel


Public transportation in Tabriz

Tabriz is a large and populous city that needs a comprehensive transportation system for its citizens and tourists. In Tabriz, you can use taxis and buses as public transportation. The Tabriz Metro is also another option that is currently under construction.


The most delicious local foods in Tabriz

In the continuation of the travel guide to Tabriz, it’s time to introduce a delicious section, which is introducing local Tabriz foods. If you are traveling to Tabriz, be sure to enjoy the delicious local foods of this city. These foods are part of Tabriz’s attractions that will surprise you. Tabriz meatballs are a familiar name that is served with various soups such as tomato, noodle, yogurt, or Dizi. Carrot stew, green bean kuku, stuffed grape leaves, and Bonab kebab are also among the delicious foods of Tabriz. Breakfast or evening snacks with Liqvan cheese, and Sahand honey, will also be an unforgettable experience for you.


Best restaurants in Tabriz

Introducing restaurants is one of the most important parts of the travel guide to Tabriz. Join us to get more acquainted with some of the best restaurants in Tabriz.


Shahriyar Traditional Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the Nobar Bath, which is a historical attraction of Tabriz and hosts customers. The staff of this restaurant, dressed in Azerbaijani traditional costumes, serve Iranian food to guests. This restaurant is located on Imam Khomeini Street, near the Tabriz Mosque.

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Gazmakh Restaurant

Gazmakh in Tabriz is one of the restaurants that have both traditional and fast food. this name means the bottom of the pot, and the delicious foods of this restaurant are served at the bottom of the pot. This restaurant is located at the end of Shariati Street, near Valiasr Square, within ten meters of Moghadam.


Introduction to Tabriz’s edible souvenirs and handicrafts

Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting parts of the travel guide to Tabriz is introducing its edible souvenirs and handicrafts. Tabriz is a major city in northwest Iran, known for its delicious foods and handicrafts. Tabriz’s souvenirs include dairy products, sweets, and nuts that are famous in Iran and around the world. Qorabieh, Baghlava, Nuql, Aris, Baslogh, Halva-e-Bazarak, Nan-e-Roghan, Pich Angoshti, Choortme-Tabrizi, Reshteh-khatai, and Tabrizi cheese are among Tabriz’s edible souvenirs. Tabriz handicrafts are also beautiful and diverse, and travelers and tourists buy them for their friends and families. Tabriz carpets, rug tapestries, Tabriz leather shoes, silverware, batik (block print), Sumak (a type of rug), and Tabriz stone carving are among Tabriz’s handicrafts.


Tabriz’s famous bazaars and shopping centers

Exploring bazaars and shopping centers is one of the most exciting things to do during any trip. Join us to introduce Tabriz’s famous bazaars and shopping centers in the continuation of the travel guide to Tabriz.


Pardis Shopping Center

Pardis Shopping Center is a chic and modern shopping center in Tabriz, located in the Sangar Tappeh area. This complex opened in 2010 and has 155 commercial units on three floors. Most of the units in this complex offer various clothing items. There are two elevators and four escalators for moving between floors in this complex. Also, this complex has three entrances from three directions, and you can enter from the nearest one. If you are looking for stylish and beautiful clothes in Tabriz, Pardis Shopping Center is an excellent choice for you.

Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Phone number: +98 4135533186

Address: Pardis Shopping Center, Sangar Tappeh, Tabriz


Tabriz Historic Bazaar

Tabriz Bazaar is a large and historic covered bazaar that has existed since the late Zand and Qajar eras. This bazaar is one of Tabriz’s historic landmarks, which is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Around 5,000 shops offer various goods in this bazaar. Also, historic caravanserais, mosques, and schools can be seen in this bazaar. If you like to see old and traditional bazaars and enjoy historical textures, be sure to visit the Tabriz Historic Bazaar.

Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Day off: Fridays

Address: Tabriz, Jomhuri Street, Tabriz Bazaar

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Interesting Ceremonies and Festivals in Tabriz

In this travel guide to Tabriz, we intend to introduce you to some interesting ceremonies and festivals in Tabriz.


“Bairam Payi Ceremony in Tabriz”

In this travel guide to Tabriz, we intend to introduce you to the Bairam Payi ceremony. Bairam Payi is a ceremony in which mothers congratulate their newlywed daughters on the holiday and give them gifts. In this ceremony, mothers cook delicious foods for their daughters, such as chicken and rice, vegetable kuku, they nesar, stew with potatoes, smoked fish, and many others. In addition to food, mothers also select other gifts for their daughters, such as flowered tents, upholstery fabric, and many others. They put these gifts in copper boxes called “Bairam Payi” and give them to their newlywed daughters.


“Azeri Dance”

this Dance is one of the most important traditional ceremonies of the people of Tabriz. this Dance is a traditional and cultural ritual of the people of Tabriz, which has special philosophies. This dance is one of the most active dances in the world and includes several different types. Some of these dances include Sari Gelin Dance, Awari Dance, Anabi Dance, and many others.


“Takamgardani Ceremony”

Takamgardani is a traditional ceremony in Tabriz, which is held to celebrate the beginning of spring. In this ceremony, a puppet with traditional clothing, a woolen puppet, and a goat with a bell around its neck are turned around in the city, notifying the people of spring. This puppet is called “Takam Chi.” He makes people happy with puppetry, storytelling, and dancing.


A Brief History of Tabriz

In addition to our travel guide to Tabriz, it is also useful to take a look at the history of this ancient city. Tabriz is an ancient city in Iran, with many historical artifacts found in the area. Its history dates back more than 2,500 years. Tabriz has played an important role in resistance and politics throughout history and was the capital of the princes during the Qajar era. It was also located on the route between Iran and Europe and was a prosperous city. Tabriz is now one of the important cities in Iran.

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Tabriz is a historical city known by various names in books and historical documents. This city existed during the Parthian and Sassanian periods but was not particularly important at the beginning of the Islamic era. Tabriz flourished during the Rawadid dynasty and the Azd tribe and became a great territory during the Ilkhanids. Tabriz has faced many events in the past centuries, such as foreign occupations and devastating earthquakes. This city has also played an important role in the history of Iran, such as being the capital during the Agh-Qoyunlu, Qara-Qoyunlu, and Safavid eras, and the beginning of the Constitutional Revolution.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Travel Guide to Tabriz

 1- What is the best season to travel to Tabriz?

The best time to travel to Tabriz is in the spring and summer when the weather is not too cold, unless you plan to go skiing.


2- What is the distance between Tehran and Tabriz?

The distance between Tehran and Tabriz by car is about 7 hours, and by train, it takes more than 10 hours. Also, a 45-minute flight is waiting for you.


3- What are the most important tourist attractions in Tabriz?

The Blue Mosque, Il Goli, the Mausoleum of Poets, more than 80 historical houses, Tabriz parks, Quri Qaleh Lake, Sahand Mountain, Mount Aladaghlar, and many others are the best places to visit in Tabriz.

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