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The Most Beautiful Cities in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Where is the most beautiful city in Iran? This question may have been asked by many Iranians and international tourists alike. But answering this question will be a very difficult task as each of Iran’s cities come with its own unique beauty, and staying and visiting each one of them has the potential to turn into an amazingly pleasant trip.

Indeed, Iran is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You can drive from Mount Damavand to the Maranjab desert in only two hours or go from a crowded city like Tehran to a green and dense forest with an hour’s drive.

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Most Beautiful Cities in Iran – The North

If you are planning to travel to the most beautiful cities of Iran, you should consider whether you are looking for the most beautiful places in the forests and greenery or are you looking for a memorable and special experience in the desert areas of Iran? If you are interested in greenery and forests, we suggest that you travel to the forested and green areas located in the North of Iran for the spring and summer seasons. In fact, these areas are at their peak beauty in spring or summer, or even early autumn.

There are many forest areas in Iran, some of which are still pristine and untouched, while in others, many recreational facilities have been built. Tourists and visitors can travel to any of these areas based on their preferences. In the following, we will examine some of the most beautiful cities in Iran located in the north of the country.


Hot and cold water springs, waterfalls, forests, and natural scenic caves all exist in Ramsar. The indescribable beauty of this city has given it the nickname ‘the bride of Iranian cities’. Ramsar cable car starts its beautiful journey from the shores of the Caspian Sea and extends to the heights of the forests in Ramsar. Javaher Deh village is another attraction of Ramsar, which is highly recommended If you visit Ramsar. The distance between Javaher Deh village and Ramsar city is about 27 km.


The city of Fuman should definitely be included in the list of the most beautiful cities in Iran. The city offers spectacular and eye-catching views of natural areas and is very popular among many tourists. Fuman, located in the north of Iran is truly a heavenly land with many tourist attractions. From Fuman you can also travel to the beautiful and scenic city of Masuleh by driving 36 kilometers on a beautiful road.


Among the green and beautiful cities located in the north of Iran is the city of Savadkuh. If you are looking for a green and secluded space to relax, a trip to Savadkuh can be one of the best options for you. SavadKuh has beautiful and impressive natural scenes, which, along with its temperate weather, turn into one of the best areas for traveling in Iran during summers and springs. You can also visit the spectacular Alasht village near Savad Kouh.


Forest or sea? Which one are you a fan of? Do you like the tempting calmness of the seashore or the lushness and mystery of the forests? What a difficult choice! It. Well, it is better to go to Mahmudabad. Mahmudabad is a city that gives you both the sea and allows you to take a walk in the heart of the forest as well.

Every year, tens of thousands of tourists visit Mahmudabad to relax for a few days from the pressures of everyday life.  This city is located in Mazandaran province and near the Caspian Sea. The best time to travel to Mahmudabad is early spring and late summer. Of course, the beauties of this region are not really dependent on the month and year, nor are they affected by the weather!

Besides the unique beach, Mahmudabad also offers forest parks, local markets, luxury shopping centers, etc. to tourists. To all these things, add its proximity to Tehran (less than 3 hours and 30 minutes away).

Most beautiful Cities of Iran – History in Deserts

Most international tourists are more attracted to the desert cities of Iran where there are many cultural and historical attractions to visit. One of the most impressive beauties in the deserts of Iran is the starry skies at nights. In this section of the guide, we will be focusing on the most beautiful desert cities of Iran.



The city of Yazd can rightfully claim the title of the most beautiful city in Iran, this city is considered one of the most historical and spectacular cities of the country as well as the world, which comes with beautiful deserts and spectacular starry nights. Rig Zarin is one of the most beautiful and popular desert tourist attractions in Iran, which is located in this city and offers tourists a dreamy and spectacular view of the desert and the sky at nights.



The city of Kerman comes with desert and scenic areas and hosts many historical and ancient monuments, making it one of the most beautiful cities in Iran to visit. Lut desert (A UNESCO world heritage site) is the most famous Iranian desert in the world which is located near the city of Kerman. You can visit this beautiful and spectacular desert by traveling to this city and walk on its soft floating sand watching the starry skies at nights.


Many tourists who have traveled to Iran recognize the city of Shiraz as one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. The city of Shiraz has a unique Iranian architecture and a very good climate. Its historical and ancient sights are also among the top tourist attractions of the city of Shiraz. Although many cities in Iran offer fantastic tourist attractions, most of the international tourists who travel to Iran choose Shiraz as the most beautiful city in Iran.



When a city is known as ‘The City of Flowers and Rosewater’, it speaks for itself and no further explanation may be required! Kashan, this beautiful and historical city, has all the necessary features to be included in the list of the most beautiful cities in Iran.

If you want to see the peak of Kashan’s beauty, travel to this city in May, which is the season of rosewater. Kashan always has something in store for its guests. Parts of Kashan have a desert climate and in other places, the region is completely mountainous and green!

Kashan’s 7,500-year history leaves nothing to be said. In addition to all these things, we must add that this beautiful city is also known as one of the major carpet capitals of the world.

The atmosphere of Kashan is completely traditional. Historical houses, street architecture, ancient works, and buildings, all prove that we are dealing with one of the oldest cities in the world.

Now imagine that in these alleys of traditional vendors, the aroma of all kinds of fragrant flowers greeting you; Isn’t it wonderful?

Fin Garden, Boroujerdi Garden, Tabatabai House, Traditional Market, Abbasian House, Amiri House, Soltanieh School, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath, etc. are other tourist attractions you can find in Kashan.

Most beautiful Cities of Iran – Due South

The provinces of Hormozgan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Fars, Bushehr, and Khuzestan are among the southern provinces of Iran.

In this section of the guide, we will be focusing on the most beautiful cities of Iran which are located in the southern regions of the country. We have taken the liberty of including the islands of Kish and Qeshm among the cities of the South of Iran.


Abadan is the beating heart of Iran’s oil industry and even its scorching sun serves to complete the puzzle of beauty and charm that is Abadan. But what has made Abadan famous the most is the warmth and hospitality of its people. In fact, A humidity of above 90% in many months of the year, without the warm welcome of the hosts, will be hard to tolerate for many travelers.

If you want to experience staying in southern Iran, be sure to visit beautiful Abadan in winter with that wonderful weather and of course next to one of the biggest oil refineries in the world!

One of the unique charms of traveling to Abadan is walking in the fishmongers’ market with all kinds of fish on display. If you want to engrave a lasting image of Abadan in your mind, make sure to spend an evening walking along the banks of the Arvand river. That’s when you realize that the sunsets you’ve seen before are nothing compared to what your eyes will be feasting on in Abadan,


The name Ahvaz has become synonymous with the Karun river, starry nights, samosa, and warmth and hospitality. Ahvaz is the paradise of southern Iran! Imagine watching the starry sky of Ahvaz on a summer night on the bridges built on the Karun River, and at the same time, having a bite at a hot samosa and enjoying yourself!

Ahvaz is the second hottest city in Iran and its temperature during summers reaches 50 degrees Celsius on average! But even this hot and humid weather is somehow in harmony with the cultural and natural structure of this city.

If we consider the Karun River as the symbol of Ahvaz city; The white bridge will undoubtedly be the symbol of Karun.  If you are in the mood for southern food, especially falafel and samosas, you should visit Naderi Street, one of the oldest streets in Ahvaz, and have a blast.

Qeshm Island

It is impossible to visit all the tourist attractions and sights of the largest island of Iran in a matter of few days. Therefore, it is better to handpick a few and save the rest for the next trips!

Although today Qeshm is known more as a luxury island, nature has also gifted Qeshm with all its artful hand. Castles, gorges, valleys, big and small islands, and even forests! You can see everything in Qeshm. It would actually be a pity if you travel to this island just to see the luxury markets.

Traveling to Qeshm, you can visit Naz and Hangam islands. These two wonderful places are less than 25 kilometers away from Qeshm and are easily accessible to travelers and tourists. You can also go visit the Nemakdan cave 90 meters away from Qeshm! An endless world of salt gathered inside a cave.

Qeshm Island

Kish Island

There is no doubt that Kish is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. These days, most people go to this island in order to take advantage of Kish’s quality entertainment and services. But we assure you that many other tourist attractions are also waiting for you on this island.

Most of all, the clear beaches of Kish Island will definitely catch your eye. There are eight first-class beaches that can easily compete with their European counterparts.

Dolphin Park, Portuguese Valley, Harireh Ancient City, Mirmahna Beach Park, Marjan Beach, Birds Garden, and Kariz Underground City, are only a number of the attractions that Kish Island has to offer.

Water sports are also rife in Kish Island which is something you see much less of in other places in Iran. This island of Kish truly shines like a diamond in the vastness of the Persian Gulf.


Most Beautiful Cities – For Longer Stays

Taking into account multiple factors, the United Nations has ranked Tabriz in the first place. Tabriz has taken first place as the most beautiful city in Iran for both living and traveling. A city with mosques, squares, parks, clean weather, a thriving market, and great local food that is perfect for living. Many European tourists also like this city because of its cool climate.

After Tabriz, the 5 most beautiful cities in Iran to live in are Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Qom, and Urmia. It has been said that the standard of living in these Iranian cities is higher than others in the country.


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