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14 of the best cafes in Tehran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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The best cafes in Tehran are something that comes to your mind after a long and tiring tour in a busy city like Tehran. What better place than a beautiful and pleasant environment that is sometimes located in a beautiful garden where you can hear music playing in it. So, if cafe-hopping is one of your hobbies and interests, take advantage of this article from Eligasht because 14 of the best cafes in Tehran have been introduced and reviewed below, and you can choose the Cafe you want using this complete list.

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1. Tasty Room Cafe – the best cafes in Tehran

Tasty room Cafe has two branches in the north of Tehran, one is in Zafaranieh, and the other is in Shahrak Gharb. The design of Tasty Room Cafe is pale pink, and the design and harmony of colors will relax you from the moment you enter. In this Cafe, all items are pink and white. If you want a place full of peace, you can choose Tasty Room Café, considered one of the most luxurious cafes in Tehran.

Address: Branch 1: Shahrak Gharb, Iranzamin St., next to Ebn Sina Cultural Center

Branch 2: Zaafaraniyeh, Moghadas Ardabili, Berlian Mall

Instagram ID: https://www.instagram.com/tastyroom.ir/

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Tasty Room Cafe - eli gasht

2.Gol Rezaiye Cafe – the best cafes in Tehran

Gol Rezaiye Cafe is one of the oldest and best cafes in Tehran. An important point in this Cafe is that you must reserve your seat before going there, otherwise, you will not be able to enter the Cafe. This Cafe, which is known as the hangout of great artists such as Forough Farrokhzad and Sadegh Hedayat, makes people interested in going to Gol Rezaiye Cafe. The heyday of this Cafe was in the 40s and 50s, as one of the first cafes in Tehran, it has been renovated with the same interior that belongs to the previous decades and welcomes many people throughout the day.

Address: Si Tir St. – Above Abgine Museum

Phone: 02166707290

3.Cafe Lamiz

It is one of the most important cafes in Tehran, many of its branches do not have a large space, but its coffee products, cakes, and unique drinks have made many employees and students drink in it. Tehran has about 16 branches, most of which are in the north of Tehran. Its central branches are in Valiasr intersection, Fatemi square, etc. coffee Lamiz is known to everyone else, and drinking a coffee product will relieve your tiredness.

Valiasr Crossroad: Northeast side of Valiasr Crossroad, No. 1435 Phone: 66462205 Normal days: 7:00 to 23:30 Closed days: 8:00 to

22:30 Fatemi: Jihad (Fatemi) square, north side, next to Leon Passage, No. 18, phone: 88967443, normal days: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, closed days: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Instagram: lamizcoffee


4.Masoudieh Cafe

Masoudieh Cafe is located in Masoudieh Mansion, and besides the Cafe, you can also see one of Tehran’s tourist attractions. One of the important reasons to go to this Cafe is its delicious breakfast. Masoudieh Cafe is one of the best cafes in Tehran, but remember to reserve your seat before going there so you can get started.

Address: Baharestan, Mustafa Khomeini St., Amir Kabir St., Mellat St., above the metro station, Masoudiyeh Mansion

Phone: 02133992013

5.Sam Cafe

Sam Cafe is one of the brands of cafes in Tehran that has branches in several areas of Tehran. This Cafe is located in the north streets of Tehran in Darband, Shariati, Fereshte St., in the Vanak neighborhood of Qadami St. Sam Cafe Senai on Karimkhan St. and Sam Cafe Argo on Ferdowsi St. are among the branches in the city center. Each of the mentioned cafes has its design. They can have reservations, snacks, drinks, and electronic payment. All the drinks are brought with a beautiful special design and everything is very neat and clean.

Sam Cafe Darband: Darband St., corner of Yaghma Alley, No. 1, Formahar Building, ground floor 26854061, working hours 08:00 to 23:00

Sam Cafe Qaitarieh: Shariati St., Saba Blvd., Fatemiyeh St., corner of Mehr Haftam (Guderzai) 40224638 working hours 07:00 to 23:00

Sam Cafe Fereshte: Fereshte, Sam Center, first floor 22653842 working hours 08:00 to

Sam Cafe Sanai: Karimkhan St., Sanai St., No. 19, 88305602, working hours 07:30 to 23:00

Website: https://www.samcoffeeroasters.com/fa/

: https://www.instagram.com/samcoffeeroasters/

Sam Cafe - eli gasht



6.Diamond Cafe

One of the busiest cafes in Tehran is the Diamond Cafe on Nejatullahi Street, a hangout for Tehran’s youth and has been hosting many guests in an old house for about ten years. Diamond Cafe is from an old two-story house with a covered space and a large yard. If you want to sit in this Cafe, remember to book it in advance because it is very busy. Today, this place has become a place to hang out with friends and relatives with drinks and delicious food. This Cafe is famous for its fast service and very pleasant staff.

Address: Diamond Cafe, at the bottom of Nejatullahi St. (Villa), Falahpour St., no

33 working hours: 8 am to 12 pm

Instagram ID: cafediamond

7.Roshan mansion

If you want a cultural place to immerse yourself in the beautiful books of Iranian and world literature, Eligasht recommends Roshanan Mansion Cafe. Here you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, stories, and literary poems. Roshanan Mansion is one of the cafes of Tehran city in Iran’s literary and cultural field.

Address: Nouri St., North Salimi St., Andarzgo Blvd., Tehran

Working hours: 8 to 10 pm

Instagram ID: https://www.instagram.com/roshanan_mansion/

8.Yas Godo Cafe – the best cafes in Tehran

If you are looking for a very beautiful and spacious cafe in the center of Tehran, Yas Godo Cafe on Nejatullahi Street is one of the best cafes in Tehran. This Cafe has written in its introduction on its Instagram page, “We at Godo Kitchen are looking to take care of the food culture of the area.” This Cafe is designed with traditional elements of Iran. It is one of the old houses in Tehran and it is a place to relax.

This Cafe has both an outdoor environment and an indoor environment, which you can choose according to your choice, your food is served in copper or zinc containers, and all the equipment is designed with the utmost elegance and beauty in an old style. If you want to feel the old atmosphere of Tehran, go to Yas Godo Cafe, one of the busiest cafes in Tehran.

Address: Tehran St. Revolution Kh. Nejatullahi Mohammadi Street, Gol Yas dead end

Contact number: 02188942573

Instagram ID

: https://www.instagram.com/godo.yas/

Yas Godo Cafe

9. Viona Plaza Cafe – the best cafes in Tehran

This Cafe is located in the Zafaranieh area of Tehran and is one of the best coffee shops in Tehran. The services of this Cafe are of high quality. Its environment is quite cozy, so it is very popular among young people. If we express the best point of this Cafe, it is the delicious breakfasts at reasonable prices.

Address: Valiasr St. – Zafaranieh St. – Asif Street – Zafaranieh Plaza Commercial Complex – 2nd floor

10. Shemroon Cafe

Shemroon Cafe, which derives its name from one of the old neighborhoods in the north of Tehran, has three branches, and today it is one of the cafes in Tehran. It has branches in Bamland, Megamal Ekbatan and Shahrak Gharb. From Bamland, you can see the city of Tehran, which has a very beautiful environment at night. The Megamall branch is very luxurious and has unique decorations in the interior.

In this branch, wall paintings are designed according to ancient symbols. It has Abbasid tulip lamps and reminds you of luxurious Qajar palaces. Shemroon Cafe is one of the cafes in Tehran, which has a very large space and is a good choice for experiencing Iranian cuisine along with delicious drinks.

Bamland branch from 8 am to 12 pm

Ekbatan branch: 9 am to 12, Shahrak Gharb branch: 9 am to


: http://cafeshemroon.com/

Instagram ID

: https://www.instagram.com/cafeshemroon/

11. Cavali Restaurant Cafe

Well, if you want to go to a luxurious cafe for family dates, you can choose Cavali Cafe. This luxury restaurant is located in Saadat Abad area in Tehran. The architecture of the building of this Cafe reminds a person of European and luxurious architecture. You will be comfortable parking your car because this Cafe has a dedicated parking lot for its guests. Cavali building consists of two floors, which provides a warm and friendly atmosphere on the first floor. The second floor, which is called “VIP,” is suitable for receiving official appointments. Don’t worry about the quality of the food because this Cafe has been called one of the best cafes in Tehran.

Address: Farahzad North, No. 25, Cavali International Restaurant

Phone: 22114976

Cavalli - eli gasht

12. Graph Cafe – the best cafes in Tehran

It is one of the oldest cafes in the ASP building, a hangout for many young people. The quality of the menu of this Cafe is the same as the first day it was opened. The environment of the Cafe is very beautiful and pleasant. Be sure to go to Cafe Graf.

Address: Sheikh Bahai, ASP complex

Phone: 8804884

13. Vartan Cafe

Well, the name of this Cafe will definitely remind you of Armenians, which is true, because this Cafe was built for the house of Vartan Hvansian, an architect of Armenian descent. This building is still remembered today in Imam Khomeini and Sepeh Streets and is one of the first-class mysteries of the era of It has been Pahlavi. This Cafe is a cozy place to read a book in Vartan Hvansian’s house. vartan Cafe also has a greenhouse, gallery, and art shop. If you are into art, go to this Cafe and remember the taste of art and literature in your mind, along with a delicious drink.

Address: Palestine Square, West Taleghani, No. 514

Phone: 021-66962914

Working hours: every day from 8 to 22

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vartanbookcafe/

14. Radio City Tehran – the best cafes in Tehran

Radio City Zafaranieh in the Bamik commercial complex is another cafe in Tehran with a luxurious environment and a hangout for young people in the north of Tehran. This Cafe has both an outdoor place and a very beautiful interior. This Cafe is very famous among young people today, and its food and drinks are also famous. Radio City is the name of an old cinema in Tehran, which is no longer in Tehran.

Radio City Restaurant Cafe, Bamik Commercial Complex, Zafaranieh, Serah Asif Street

Contact number: 22179245

Instagram ID:


radiocity - eligasht


Frequently asked questions

     Which cafes in the capital are the best for breakfast?

To experience the pleasure of a hearty breakfast, visit Shemroon Cafe in Elahie, Kobaba Cafe in Jordan, Vcafe on Palestine Street, Mahtab Cafe in Kurdistan Highway, Roberto Cafe located in Pasdaran, Sam Cafe located in Fereshte.

     Which are the coziest cafes in Tehran?

If you are looking for a cozy environment for a friendly conversation or to relax, visit Diamond Cafe located on Enghelab Street, Naderi Cafe located on Jumhori Street, Vikolo Cafe located on Elahia,


It doesn’t matter where you are in this city, cafes in Tehran are everywhere like spring flowers. The right to choose is yours, and you only need to get to know the best of them. So in this article from Eligasht, we introduced you to the best cafes in Tehran in every corner of the city.

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