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Imam Khomeini Airport

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Imam Khomeini Airport is located southwest of Tehran, in the administrative and political area of ​​Ray city. This Airport which is the main hub of international flights in Iran covers an area of more than 14,000 hectares of the capital city making it the largest air transport complex in Iran that hosts hundreds of international flights per week.

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Imam Khomeini Airport Contact Information

  • Website: https://www.ikac.ir/en
  • Imam Khomeini Airport: +9821-5100111, +985100114, +985100118
  • Flight Information: +98096330
  • Parking Lot: +9821-51007199

History of Imam Khomeini Airport

The proposal to build Imam Khomeini Airport dates back to before the Islamic revolution in 1967. When the ICAO proposed to build an airport to make the most of Iran’s transit potential between the continents of Europe and Asia. The plan was approved by the Iranian government in 1972 under the name of Ariyamehr Airport.

Five years later, Iranian and American companies started building the airport until the revolution brought the process to a halt. This hiatus lasted until 1995, the year when several Iranian companies and a French company resumed the construction of the airport. Finally, in 1383, the first phase of this Airport was opened to the public.

Terminals Imam Khomeini Airport

There are three major terminals at Airport. Terminal 1 is the first active terminal of the airport, which handles more than 6 million passengers and 120 thousand tons of cargo annually.

The second active terminal is called Salam Terminal and has the capacity to serve 5 million passengers per year. The terminal was supposed to be operational in June 2016, but financial problems delayed its opening until June 2019.

Terminal 3 (Iranshahr Terminal) is in the study stage and its construction is the responsibility of a Dutch company. It is estimated that the capacity of this terminal will reach 20 million passengers per year, and when it opens, Terminal 1 will be used only for domestic flights.

Imam Khomeini Airport Services & facilities

Imam Khomeini Airport has many facilities to host international flight passengers. Some of these facilities are also provided in other airports of the country, but others are specific to this Airport. Below is a list of some of these facilities.

CIP Lounge

This well-equipped service hall, which is built in 7 thousand square meters and has three floors, is considered the most equipped CIP in the country. Passengers entering and leaving Imam Khomeini Airport who want to rest before or after their flights can use this lounge and the facilities available in it.

Drinking free coffee or shopping for caviar, pistachio, leather, perfume, and dry fruit while connected to free Wi-Fi are among the facilities available in this luxury hall. In addition, well-equipped suites are provided for travelers who want to have a short stay.

Restaurants & Coffee Shops

In Airport, there are many restaurants, fast food places, and coffee shops that serve you all kinds of food, snacks, cakes, and sweets as well as tasty drinks.


Duty-Free Shopping

If you did not find the chance to shop before your trip or if you forgot something, you can probably get what you need at Airport shops. There are many stores in Imam Khomeini Airport that offer various goods. In these stores, all kinds of luxury goods and brands are sold.


At this Airport, there is a five-star hotel called Rexan and a four-star hotel called Remis, which have been operating since 2016. These hotels were built by the French hotel group Accor on 7 floors. The amenities of these hotels include private bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, and free toiletries.

Airport hotels are quite suitable for travelers who need to spend some time in Iran in the middle of their trip until the time of their next flight arrives. These hotels offer short-term stays of 3, 5, and 10 hours as well.


• Multi-story parking with a capacity of 1800 cars on two floors for short-term stops to see off or welcome passengers.

• Parking lot No. 2 with a capacity of 840 cars for the parking of impounded cars or for use during peak travel times.

• Parking lot No. 3 and 4 with a capacity of 10,000 cars, which are intended for round-the-clock stops.

• Parking No. 5 with a capacity of 1200 cars, which is intended for visitors to the customs office or use during rush hours when there is a shortage of parking spaces.

Emergency Services

Airport medical checkups, providing services to emergency patients, sending patients to the hospital, and handling injuries in the airport area are some of the services carried out by the emergency medical center of Imam Khomeini Airport.

Postal & Cargo Services

Airport postal and cargo services gave been established to send parcels and cargo inside and outside the country. The consignments accepted in these offices will be sent to the Sorting and Exchange Center and will be distributed to designated destinations.

Bank & Exchange

There are several banks and bureaux de change in this Airport. These banks and offices can be seen both in the entrance and exit hall. In addition, there are ATMs in the airport area as well.

Visa Department

The Visa department deals with granting tourists and people who intend to travel to Iran for administrative, commercial, or business purposes airport visas. This is done through the visa department of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is located at the airport.

Customs Department

The customs department makes decisions regarding goods and foreign currency, as well as animals accompanying passengers.

Quarantine Unit

The personnel in this unit are responsible for guiding and informing travelers about specific infectious diseases. In case any suspicious case is observed, sampling and preventive measures will be taken accordingly.

Accessing Imam Khomeini Airport


One of the most common means of transportation to and from Imam Khomeini Airport is by taxi. If you are coming from the airport, you can reach any destination easily taking taxis that are ready to pick up passengers at the airport. But if you want to go from Tehran or another city to the airport you can simply use online mobility service providers that operate in major cities of the country.

Public Transportation

If you are going to Imam Khomeini Airport from Tehran, you can also take the subway to the airport. The subway is especially useful at times when traffic is heavy. Since getting to the airport on time matters, you can take the subway to escape the heavy traffic. To get to this Airport by subway, you must take line 8 of the Tehran Metro.

You can also use a bus to reach this Airport. The bus sets off from Mehrabad Airport, opposite Terminal 4. These buses also stop at Azadi Square and Imam Khomeini Shrine on the way to Imam Khomeini Airport.

Imam Khomeini Airport Domestic Airlines

iran internatinal Airport was built for international flights. Therefore, all international flights in the country are made from this airport while domestic flights are made from Mehrabad airport. However, domestic airlines that have flights to international destinations operate at Imam Khomeini Airport as well. These airlines include Iran Air, Mahan Airlines, Kish Air, Asman Airlines, Zagros Airlines, Caspian Airlines, Qeshm Air, Meraj Airlines, Ata Airlines, Qeshm Airlines, and Taban Airlines.

Imam Khomeini Airport International Airlines

The number of international airlines at Airport is not small. These airlines operate daily flights at Imam Khomeini International Airport, the most important of which are Turkish Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Austrian Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, etc.

Final Word about Imam Khomeini Airport

Imam Khomeini International Airport is located in the southwest of the capital and is designed as an alternative to Mehrabad Airport for international flights to and from Iran. This airport hosts more than 40 airlines with 700 flights per week to 30 different countries. To view detailed information about Imam Khomeini Airport arrivals and Departures, check Imam Khomeini Airport flight status

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