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Introduction to Shiraz International Airport

Shiraz International Airport

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Shiraz International Airport

Are you familiar with Shiraz International Airport? Shiraz is the capital city of Fars Province, located in southwestern Iran. It is considered one of Iran’s major cities and is home to numerous attractions, attracting a large number of Iranian and international tourists each year. Given the influx of visitors to Shiraz, it is natural that there is significant traffic at its international airport. If you plan to travel to Shiraz, the city of knowledge and literature in Iran, it is helpful to have some information about Shiraz International Airport. So, stay with Eligasht until the end of this article to access this information.


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Getting to Know Shiraz International Airport

The old airport was the first airport built in Shiraz in 1929. However, due to its small runway size, it was decided to construct a new airport in the city, which is now known as Shahid Dastgheib Airport or Shiraz International Airport. Today, the old Shiraz airport is also used as a resting place for travelers.

Shahid Dastgheib Shiraz International Airport was constructed in 1961 and became operational after five years. Initially, it had a capacity of only 4 million passengers, but over the years, with development plans implemented, its capacity reached 10 million passengers.

Shiraz International Airport is considered the second-largest military-civilian airport in Iran in terms of advanced facilities, following Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran.

According to recent statistics released from the airport in recent years, there are approximately 10 international flights and 120 domestic flights operated daily, which is undoubtedly a significant number.

Shiraz International Airport

Shiraz International Airport for Domestic and International Flights

Shiraz International Airport currently has two runways and two terminals for domestic and international flights. The airport’s flight runways are equipped with modern and advanced facilities, allowing for various flights to take place. It is recognized as the second-largest air traffic control center in Iran.

An important point to note about Shiraz International Airport is that it offers airport tourist visas for citizens of some countries. Travelers can obtain a two-week tourist visa upon arrival at Shiraz Airport in the shortest possible time. However, please be aware that citizens of the United States, Canada, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Somalia, and Britain are currently unable to obtain this visa.

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Active Domestic and International Airlines

The list of active domestic and international airlines at Shiraz International Airport is quite extensive, as it is considered one of the most advanced and modern airports in Iran.

Some of the domestic airlines operating flights through this airport include Sepehran, Aseman, Mahan Air, Qeshm, Kish Air, Iran Air, Iran Air Tours, Taban, Zagros, Iran Oil, Caspian, and Meraj. Foreign airlines such as Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Kish Airlines, Flydubai, and Turkish Airlines also provide services at this airport.

In general, this airport has 13 different flight routes, including both domestic and international flights. Domestic flight routes include Mehrabad (Tehran), Hashemi Nejad (Mashhad), Shahid Beheshti (Isfahan), Ahvaz, Ayatollah Jami (Abadan), Kermanshah, Bushehr, Bandar Lengeh, Lar, Lamerd, Bandar Abbas, Kish, Qeshm, and Sirri.

Most international flights from this airport are to countries in the Persian Gulf region. Destinations include Syria, Oman, Armenia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai-Abu Dhabi), Bahrain, Kuwait, and Turkey.

Shiraz International Airport

Terminal Facilities

As mentioned earlier, like other major airports in Iran, Shiraz International Airport has separate domestic and international terminals. Each of these terminals offers a range of facilities for domestic and international flights.

The domestic terminal at Shiraz International Airport covers an area of 16,000 square meters and is located in the central part of the airport. To reach the domestic terminal, you need to go directly towards it after passing through the entrance gate. Facilities in the domestic terminal include ATMs from various banks (Eghtesad Novin, Ansar, Bank Melli, and Bank Shahr), a restaurant, a café, and a buffet.

The international terminal at Shiraz International Airport covers an area of 21,000 square meters and is used for international and Hajj flights. The international terminal also offers facilities such as ATMs, a restaurant, and a café.


Facilities at Shiraz International Airport

As mentioned, Shiraz International Airport is among the well-known airports in Iran and offers numerous facilities. Here are further details about the facilities at Shiraz International Airport:

VIP Lounge: If you have a layover or need to wait for your next flight for an extended period, you can take advantage of the VIP Lounge services at the airport. You’ll have access to free internet, a restaurant, and other amenities.

Dedicated Parking: If you’re traveling with your own vehicle, you can park it in the airport’s designated parking area and leave it there until your return from the trip, ensuring its security.

Hotel: If you’re looking for accommodation and don’t have time to go into the city and make a hotel reservation, you can use the hotel located at the airport for your stay.

Restaurants and Cafés: Both the domestic and international terminals have restaurants and cafés that offer a variety of traditional and fast food options.

Commercial Stalls: You can find various souvenirs from Shiraz at these stalls. So, if you haven’t had the chance to buy souvenirs during your trip, you can purchase them from these stalls.

Currency Exchange: You can use the currency exchange services within Shiraz International Airport to convert foreign currencies to Iranian Rials and vice versa.

ATMs: Since there are ATMs from various banks at the airport, you can take care of all your banking needs before your trip.

Special Services for People with Disabilities: One of the best features of this airport is the provision of services such as wheelchairs, designated pathways, and more for people with disabilities.

Shiraz International Airport

Access Routes to Shiraz International Airport

As the access routes to Shiraz International Airport are easy, as it is located outside the city, you can utilize various public transportation options such as taxis, buses, and the metro.

The current location of the airport is at Dastgheib Square, at the end of Shahcheraghi Boulevard. If you’re using a personal vehicle, you need to first head towards the Shiraz-Bandar Abbas Highway and, upon reaching Gole Sorkh Square, enter Dr. Shahcheraghi Street.

If you choose to use the metro, you should use Line 1 and exit the metro at Shahid Dastgheib Station.


Final words

In conclusion, considering the various flight routes available from Shiraz International Airport and the high-quality facilities provided to passengers, air travel is one of the best ways to reach this city. this Airport serves as a modern and efficient travel hub, catering to the needs of both domestic and international travelers. You can purchase tickets and book hotels in Shiraz through the Eligasht website or app.



1- How far is Shiraz Airport from the city center?

Shiraz Airport is located approximately 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) southwest of the city center. The travel time from the city center to the airport can vary depending on traffic conditions, but it generally takes around 15-20 minutes by car.


2- Are there any transportation options available from Shiraz Airport to the city?

Yes, there are several transportation options available from Shiraz Airport to the city center. Taxis are readily available outside the airport terminals, and they provide a convenient and direct mode of transportation. Additionally, there are also car rental services available at the airport for those who prefer to drive themselves.


3- Are there any accommodation options near Shiraz Airport?

Yes, there are several accommodation options located near Shiraz Airport. Some hotels offer shuttle services to and from the airport for the convenience of their guests. Whether you’re looking for luxury hotels, mid-range options, or budget-friendly accommodations, you can find suitable choices near the airport to meet your needs.

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