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The 9 Best Hotels in Yazd, Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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The historical city of Yazd has very valuable monuments and attractions. When tourists travel to this city, they look for the best hotels in Yazd for a memorable stay. The first adobe city and the second historical city in the world is considered one of the main tourist destinations in Iran due to its historical context and unique architecture. Therefore, Yazd hotels are very good at providing services to tourists of variety and quality. Eligasht in this article tried to examine the 9 best hotels in Yazd, Iran from various aspects. If you also plan to travel to Yazd and stay in this beautiful city, stay with us.

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1. Daad Hotel

one of the best hotels in Yazd is the 4-star Daad Hotel. Daad Hotel is located in a historical building in the center of the city. In 1307, a complex was built as a garage and guest house by a person named Haj Abdul Khaliq Dad. Later, due to its beautiful and unique architecture, it was renovated by its descendants. Finally, in 2006, it started its activity as a 4-star hotel.

The architecture and pleasant atmosphere of Daad Yazd Hotel provide a memorable stay for travelers with the use of special services. Daad Yazd Hotel has 4 floors and 88 rooms with one, two, and three beds, connecting rooms with four beds, a honeymoon, and a royal suite. The rooms have a traditional design and complete amenities. Good accessibility of Yazd Daad Hotel to historical and scenic places such as the Water Museum, Shesh Badgiri Reservoir, Kuwaiti Market, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Dolat Abad Garden, and Amir Chakhmaq Collection has made it known as one of the best hotels in Yazd.

Daad Hotel Yazd has a peaceful and pleasant environment and facilities such as a traditional restaurant serving a variety of delicious Iranian and foreign dishes, an outdoor coffee shop on the roof of the hotel with a view of the city of Yazd, an indoor pool, a sauna, and a jacuzzi, a massage parlor, and sports complex.

Address of Daad Hotel, Yazd: Shahid Beheshti Square, 10th Farvardin St.

Daad hotel

2. Parsian Safaiyeh hotel

It can be said that the Parsian Safaiyeh hotel is one of the best hotels in Yazd and the only five-star hotel in this city. Parsian Safaiyeh hotel consists of two parts, Bagh Hotel and New Hotel, this hotel is located near Abu Dhar Square and Timsar Fallahi Street, on the 9th sub street of Mulla Sadra. The new part of this hotel is a pure work of combining modern and traditional architecture with unique characteristics, which was built in 2006 at the entrance of the complex and has 3 floors, 105 rooms, suites, a reception office, and a lobby. The old part of this hotel is located 5 minutes away from the new hotel, which is also called Bagh Hotel. Bagh Hotel started its operation in 1335 and its last renovation was done in 1392. The old hotel or Bagh Hotel has 46 villas, which has welcomed Yazd travelers for years with its traditional structure.

This hotel has facilities such as a gym, coffee shop, internet cafe, conference hall, outdoor restaurant, traditional restaurant, shopping center, green space, laundry, taxi service, wireless internet, private parking, library, hairdresser, medical services, outdoor pool, and restaurant. fast food and ATMs have attracted the satisfaction of travelers.

3. Fahadan Hotel, Yazd

About 200 years ago, during the Qajar era, Khaneh Fahadan Hotel was built in the traditional adobe texture of Yazd. This hotel is now operating under the Mehr hotel chain. Due to the huge area of this hotel and its historical beauty, it has been the consulate office of countries like Germany and France for a long time. Fahadan Hotel, Yazd is the first museum hotel in Iran, which has 29 accommodation rooms with a capacity of 70 beds. The hotel building consists of three main courtyards, Narenjestan and Kolah Ferangi mansion, three beautiful wind towers, a large hall, a well, a beautiful and active mirage, a vestibule, a door, and a large roof overlooking the historical fabric of Yazd. With all of these facilities, we can without a doubt say that fahadan is one of the best hotels in Yazd.

Among the facilities of the four-star Fahadan hotel, we can mention wireless internet, an internet cafe, a lobby, medical services, taxi service, a beautiful area, travel agency services, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and free parking.

Address: Yazd, Imam Khomeini St., Fahadan neighborhood, in front of Iskander Prison

4.  Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel in Yazd, which is located on the outskirts of the historical city of Yazd, is one of the best hotels in Yazd and is also known as the first garden hotel in Iran. This garden was built in the late Qajar period. It was bought by a private company in 1379 and turned into a hotel with the help of the Yazd Cultural Heritage Organization.

Moshir al-Mamalek hotel has a pleasant atmosphere and original and traditional Iranian architecture. Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel is also considered a tourist attraction, which has been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran. The four-star Moshir Al-Mamalek hotel has single, double, triple, four-bed, connecting, and suite rooms. The rooms with high dome-shaped ceilings and traditional arrangements on both sides of the garden. This hotel has convenient access to Yazd tourist attractions such as Amir Chakhmaq Square, Water Museum, Dolat Abad Garden, and Khan Bazaar. In addition, the rooms and suites of the hotel are equipped with modern and luxurious facilities.

These facilities and advantages have made Bagh Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel one of the best hotels in Yazd.

Address: Enghelab St., Moshir Blvd.

5. Malek Al-Tajjar Hotel

Malek Al-Tajjar Historic Hotel is another one of the best hotels in Yazd, which has a traditional and old building. The building of Malek Al Tjar Hotel was built 120 years ago. But with renovations and new designs, it has become a stylish hotel. In addition to these facilities and modern equipment, the privileges of this 4-star hotel have been added.

The paintings that you see in Malek Al-Tajjar Hotel are very similar in style to the paintings of the Narenjestan mansion in Qavam, Shiraz. The traditional restaurant and coffee house of Malek Al-Tajjar Hotel also welcome you with a variety of authentic Iranian foods and drinks.

Address of Antique Hotel Malek Al-Tajjar, Yazd: Qiyam St., Bazarche Panjeh Ali.

6.Mehr traditional hotel

Mehr Traditional Hotel of Yazd has passed three valuable historical periods from Safavid to Qajar and is the only recipient of the UNESCO World Organization award in Iran. This four-star hotel has been beautifully renovated by observing the principles of architecture and preserving its old texture. The rooms of this hotel have paintings and mirrors, and also have a blue pool, colored glass, wooden doors, and a traditional Iranian fine art hall.

This traditional hotel is located in the center of the city and is close to the market and historical monuments such as Amir Chakhmaq Square, Water Museum, Traditional Market, Jame Mosque, Iskandar Prison, and Panjah Ali Bazaar. It should be noted that by staying in this hotel, you can use the special carriage for hotel guests. So we can easily put this hotel among the best hotels in Yazd city.

Address: Labe Khandaq Alley, Yazd Iran.

7. Rose Traditional Hotel

Rose traditional Hotel is one of the 3-star and historical hotels in the city of Yazd. This hotel is an old house that was built about 250 years ago during the Qajar era by a man named “Sheikh Mahdi Arab”. Like other historical houses in Yazd, clay and mud were used in the construction of this building.

The hotel has 11 rooms with a capacity of 35 beds. Upon entering this building, you feel that you have entered an old and cozy house. The green and clean yard with a large pond in the middle and beds arranged in the yard creates an intimate atmosphere and reminds you of old movie houses. The outdoor restaurant of the hotel, which serves a variety of traditional and tasty Iranian dishes, is one of the other attractions of this hotel. As one of the best hotels in Yazd, This hotel is located in a part of the city that makes it easier for you to access the traditional and historical context of the city and its sightseeing and entertainment places. Rose traditional Hotel is also a short distance from Shahid Sadouqi Airport and Yazd Railway Station, and it is also located a few steps from Yazd Jame Kabir Mosque.

Address: Farhang Alley, off Imam Khomeini Street Behehsti Square, Yazd Iran.

8. New Arg Hotel

New Arg Hotel in Yazd with 4 stars is one of the best hotels in Yazd and was opened in 2011. The different halls of Yazd Arg Hotel with different and diverse layouts are the spokesperson for the special beauty of this modern and magnificent hotel. The New Arg Hotel in Yazd has a cozy and peaceful environment and is away from the noise of the city. By reserving one of its 64 rooms or 4 VIP suites, you can experience peace and a good night’s sleep.

One of the advantages of staying and booking at Arg Yazd Hotel is that it is close to the tourist attractions of Yazd, such as the historical crypt of Yazd, Azadegan Safaiyeh Park, etc., and they are easily accessible.

Address: Shahidan Ashraf Blvd, Yazd Iran.

9. Fazeli Hotel, Yazd

Fazeli Hotel, Yazd, is a traditional 3-star hotel in the historical context of Yazd, which is nearly 800 meters wide. This hotel dates back to the Safavid and Qajar periods. Khaneh Fazeli Yazd was renovated in 1392 and opened as a hotel in 1395. Fazeli Hotel, one of the best hotels in Yazd, has opposite doors and windows and 2 small and large wind deflectors on the roof, which overlooks the beautiful facade of Yazd Jame Mosque and the historical context of Yazd city. The purity of nature of Fazeli Hotel Yazd is provided by a water pond with rose and pink flower gardens in the middle of the building, which gives soul and life to this house.

Address: Imam Street Jame Mosque Street, Vaght o Saat Square, Yazd Iran.

Final words

The city of Yazd has very valuable monuments and attractions. In this article from Eli Gasht, we have compiled a list of the best hotels in Yazd along with complete information so that you don’t have to worry about accommodation when you travel to Yazd.

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