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10 of the most luxurious hotels in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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the most luxurious hotels in Iran are among the top accommodation centers and serve Iranian and foreign tourists all year round. Iran’s hotels and accommodation centers are extremely diverse. From ecotourism and local accommodations to the most luxurious hotels, they are all used by travelers with their different services.

For people who are interested in luxury facilities, there is nothing more enjoyable for them than to have an all-inclusive stay in an expensive hotel during their trip. In this article from Eligasht, we will introduce you to 10 of the most luxurious hotels in Iran.

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1. Toranj Kish Hotel

Kish has many beauties in its heart. It is not strange that one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran is located on this beautiful island. Toranj Kish Hotel has all the stars in the hotel sky and is considered one of the most expensive hotels in Iran. Toranj Hotel is also the first marine hotel in the country, which is located northwest of the island. It is better to familiarize yourself with the facilities of this hotel:

Torang has two coastal and marine phases. In the sea part of the hotel, suites with glass windows are waiting for you to watch marine plants and aquatic animals. In the beach phase, there is a traditional coffee shop, or rather, a beach bar with wooden beds, which gives you the aroma of Iranian tea. Of course, this cafe has a variety of other drinks in addition to a beach restaurant that serves lunch and dinner buffets.

You should know that the flat suites, a royal bedroom, and a VIP bedroom of Toranj Hotel have been put together with a special arrangement to show off the original Iranian design of Boteh Jegheh. A wooden pier is used to connect all parts of the hotel. the beautiful lobby of the hotel with its luxurious lighting and decoration provides an excellent space for your gathering together. Toranj Hotel has other facilities, such as a golf cafe, Taj restaurant, Khurshid restaurant, photography, rental cars, game room with billiard table, tourism counter, and emergency room.

Address: Jahan Street Jask Square, Kish Island Iran

Toranj Kish Hotel

2.  Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran. It is a stylish hotel located in the northwest of Tehran, with the most advanced technologies and unique architecture. The name of this hotel is taken from the peak of a mountain called Espinas in the north of Iran, and it means settling in summer areas.

Due to its special geographical location, Espinas Hotel offers its guests a unique view of Tehran. This hotel has 20 floors with 400 luxury rooms and suites, all of which have excellent interior design and is equipped with all modern amenities. Guests also can enjoy the presence of stylish restaurants of different nationalities, including French, Thai, Mediterranean, and traditional Iranian restaurants in this complex.

Other facilities of the hotel include a shopping center, several gyms, a massage parlor, and a very beautiful swimming pool.

Address: Tehran, Saadat Abad, Behroud Square, Abedi St., 33 St., No. 21


3.Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

According to many historians, Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan is one of the oldest hotels in the world. More than 300 years have passed since the construction of this hotel, its main building was an old caravanserai owned by the mother of Shah Hossein Safavi (the last Safavid king).

The unique architecture of the hotel is a masterpiece of art and architecture of the Safavid era, which has made Abbasi Hotel one of the largest and most luxurious hotels in Iran and Isfahan. The hotel building is so stunning that it was recognized as the most beautiful hotel in the Middle East in 2017 according to CNN. The hotel has 224 rooms and suites, all of which are built according to international standards, the rooms are located around the yard and its turquoise pool, and each room has its own special and unique architecture.

The presence of a stylish and very luxurious restaurant on the roof of the hotel is one of the other attractions of this residence, which offers a beautiful view of the historical city of Isfahan to its guests. The architecture of the hotel is so interesting and creative that wherever you are there is a special view for you to enjoy.

The hotel building is built in the middle of the historical context of Isfahan and near historical masterpieces such as Naqsh Jahan Square and Si O Se Pol, and every year it hosts different tourists from all over the world.

Address: Isfahan- Chaharbagh Abbasi St.- Amadgah St

4.  Kaya Laleh Park Hotel Tabriz

Kaya Laleh Park luxury hotel in Tabriz is one of the Kaya chain hotels in Turkey, which started about three decades ago. So this hotel is a Turkish hotel. Laleh Park Hotel became famous shortly after its start and attracted tourists to stay and shop. Kaya Hotel is one of those hotels that also has a shopping center and 126 stores of the world’s most prestigious brands operating in it.

At Kaya Laleh Park Hotel, you can enjoy the best products of the day like an Air conditioning system, mini bar, safe, etc. Kaya Laleh Park is among the most luxurious hotels in Iran. Kaya Hotel’s sauna and health center with sauna, Turkish bath, massage, etc. can also be used for those who are not looking for just accommodation. Laleh Park has popular recreational facilities such as gyms for pilates and yoga.

In this hotel, you can book a variety of single, double, junior, and executive suites and four-person connecting rooms according to your taste and needs. The lowest price of a room in this hotel for a one-night stay is about 1 million 950 thousand tomans and the highest price belongs to the Royal Suite with a price of 9 million 500 thousand tomans. (last update in October 1401)

Address: Tabriz, Pasdaran highway, Lalehpark Hotel

5. Sorinet Maryam Hotel Kish

Sorinet Maryam Luxury Hotel, which belongs to Sorinet Hotels Group, is a four-star hotel located on Kish Island. The suites of Maryam Hotel have a lot of space and in addition to the standard facilities, they also have a separate bedroom and living room and provide a comfortable and luxurious stay for the guests. This hotel, which is famous for its first-class breakfast buffet as well as its special location in the city, focuses on providing quality services to its guests by relying on online reviews of its customers. With all of its facilities, Sorinet Maryam hotel is among the most luxurious hotels in Iran.

Address: Amir Kabir Sq., Kish Island Iran

6. Dariush Grand Hotel Kish

Spend a few nights in Persepolis on Kish Island! Dariush Grand Hotel has tried to be a smaller version of Persepolis on Kish Island. The designers of Dariush Grand Hotel have used all their efforts to preserve ancient Persian architecture and display its beauty in the facade of the hotel. This is how this hotel has become a real symbol of the ancient culture and history of Great Iran. This 5-star luxury hotel in Kish Island is the place of residence for those who love the proud history of Iran.

By staying at Dariush Hotel, you will be welcomed with many services and facilities in one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran. In addition, you can easily visit the attractions of this island. The Greek Ship, Harireh Ancient City, Kariz Underground City, Kish Dolphin Park, and more are all just a few minutes away from the hotel.

Address: Kish Island, Dariush Square, Dariush Grand Hotel, Kish


7. Shiraz Grand Hotel

If you want to have a luxurious and pleasant stay in the land of Cyrus, the city of ancient Iranian heritage and civilization, Shiraz Grand Hotel is the best option as one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran. The ship-shaped facade of this beautiful hotel attracts the attention of every viewer upon entering Shiraz and passing through the Koran Gate.

Shiraz Grand Hotel has the best facilities and services, such as luxurious and well-equipped international restaurants, the best entertainment centers, and unique water activities. It is interesting to know that Iran’s largest revolving restaurant was built in this hotel. All the rooms of the hotel are very luxurious, equipped, and comfortable, the proximity of this hotel to the Koran Gate, and Shiraz Gardens, as well as historical monuments and entertainment places, are other advantages of this hotel.

Address: Shiraz- Koran Gate

8. Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz

Considering that Shiraz is one of the important destinations for tourists, this 5-star hotel is a suitable option for tourists. Zandiyeh Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran and has lots of facilities. This building is located in one of the historical parts of the city, near Karimkhan Citadel, and its construction dates back to the 18th century. The hotel is also a combination of traditional Iranian architecture and modern art and has restaurants that offer the best traditional local cuisine.

In this hotel, you can enjoy its recreational facilities such as a traditional Iranian bath, health club, swimming pool, handicraft gallery, and travel agency. In addition, if you wish to hold conferences, lectures, or important meetings, you can hold them with the highest standards and modern equipment in the conference halls of the Zandiyeh Hotel.

One of the important advantages of Zandiyeh Hotel is that this luxury hotel is near Shiraz International Airport. Therefore, you will not waste a lot of time in traffic to get to the hotel and back. Other nearby attractions include Shapouri House, Sarai Moshir, Eram Bagh, Vakil Bath, Hafez Mausoleum, Afif Abad Bagh, etc.

Address: Hejrat Street, Shiraz 71364 Iran

Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz

9. Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

Although Azadi Parsian Hotel is an old hotel, it has been renovated under the supervision of Swiss, Italian, and Chinese experts. On all 25 floors of this five-star hotel, you can see some of the best and most luxurious interior decoration of royal, duplex, and presidential suites; The beautiful view of the rooms; The luxury and international restaurants of Orchid, Biche and Saro; Business center; Sports halls and ceremonies.

It may be interesting to know that Azadi Parsian Hotel is the first green and environmentally friendly hotel in Iran, which is equipped with an integrated energy-saving system and optimal water consumption warning. With all of these facilities, Parsian Azadi is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran.

Address: Yadegar-e-Emam Intersection Chamran Highway, Tehran 11369 Iran

10. Esteghlal HotelTehran

Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran is the oldest 5-star hotel in Iran, which was opened in 1341. The name of this hotel was Hilton Hotel in the past. This luxury hotel consists of 2 east and west towers. Esteghlal Hotel has 15 floors and 9 rooms, which satisfy every taste and meet the expectations of every guest in the best way. This hotel became famous when the movie Ganj Qaroon was filmed there and it is until now one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran.

Address: Crossroad of Chamran Highway and Valiasr Street, Parkway Crossroad, Tehran 11369 Iran


Final words

Staying in a luxury hotel with the best facilities increases the quality of travel and brings you more satisfaction. In this article, we have introduced the most luxurious hotels in Iran so that you can make a better choice when traveling. In addition to the cases mentioned, hotels such as Shaygan Kish Hotel, Mashhad Golden Palace Hotel, etc. are among the other luxury hotels in this country that will make you a memorable trip.

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