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Introducing the best hotels in Mashhad in 2023

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Every year, the city of Mashhad receives thousands of travelers who need to stay in hotels or other accommodations established in this city. Introducing the best hotels in Mashhad from the point of view of travelers will help you to choose the best possible accommodation for your several-day trip to Mashhad.

By the best hotels in Mashhad, we mean not only the most expensive and luxurious hotels in this city but there are also many three-star and four-star hotels that provide acceptable services and good service. So in this article from Eligasht, we introduce the best hotels in Mashhad in terms of travelers for any budget so that you can make a better and more reasonable choice.

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Introducing the best hotels in Mashhad

Introducing the best hotels in Mashhad from the point of view of travelers is different according to the budget they have for choosing a hotel. Therefore, we have followed the introduction of the best five-star hotels in Mashhad, the introduction of the best four-star hotels in Mashhad, and the introduction of the best three-star hotels in Mashhad, which are more economical.

The best five-star hotels in Mashhad

There are so many five-star hotels in Mashhad that it is not possible to introduce them all in one short article. The staff and managers of these hotels try to provide valuable services to the passengers and guests of Mashhad because they are in a competitive position and satisfying the guests means increasing profits and attracting more guests. Fortunately, this competitive atmosphere has made the way of service in most hotels to be done well. In the following, we introduce some examples of the best five-star hotels in Mashhad from the point of view of travelers.

Five-star Golden Palace Hotel in Mashhad

This hotel is known as the most luxurious hotel in this city. If you are not worried about the cost of your stay in Mashhad, you can choose this option as the most luxurious hotel in Mashhad. This hotel is even known as the largest and most luxurious hotel in the country, and in addition to being in a good location to the shrine, it also provides guests with many wonderful facilities.

Address of Mashhad Golden Palace Hotel: Imam Reza St., Basij Square

Almas 2 five-star hotel in Mashhad

Almas 2 Hotel in Mashhad is another luxury hotel in this city, where staying is expensive. those who have managed to book rooms in this hotel are satisfied with the service, beautiful and different interior decoration, and very good facilities. If you want to spend a few golden nights in Mashhad and, in addition to visiting Imam Reza’s shrine, stay in a small town with an Iranian-Islamic facade that is near the shrine, we recommend Almas 2 five-star hotel. Yes! You got it right. The five-star Almas 2 hotel is so luxurious and large that it has earned the title of the small city next to the shrine.

Address of Almas 2 Hotel Mashhad: Imam Reza St., corner of Imam Reza20

Five-star and international Qasr Mashhad hotel

In this part of the introduction of the best hotels in Mashhad, we will introduce another five-star hotel in this city, which is called Qasr Hotel. This hotel has a long history of welcoming guests from Mashhad and is an international hotel that is very famous for its excellent services and the special grandeur used in its design. The important thing about Qasr Hotel is that its rooms have different designs; For example, some rooms are designed in a modern way and others are in Qajar style.

You can choose your favorite room according to your taste. This hotel also has all the special and desirable facilities of a five-star hotel. If you are not traveling to Mashhad by car and want to access public services, we suggest this option.

Address of Mashhad Palace International Hotel: Imam Reza St., between 16 and 14 Imam Reza

The best four-star hotels in Mashhad

Staying in five-star hotels is beyond the reach of many travelers, and most of those who travel to the holy city of Mashhad prefer to stay in four-star hotels. For this reason, in this section of the article, it is necessary to introduce cheaper hotels, i.e. four-star hotels. In most cases, these hotels have the same facilities as five-star hotels, with the difference that they are not as luxurious as these hotels and do not offer a magnificent design. Therefore, it seems to be a suitable option for those who do not intend to pay a lot of money to stay in a hotel.

Four-star Javad Hotel in Mashhad

One of the most popular four-star hotels in Mashhad is this option, which is named after the son of Imam Reza (AS). Although we have introduced Javad Hotel as one of the cheaper hotels compared to five-star hotels in Mashhad, however, the cost of staying in this hotel is higher than the average cost of staying in other Mashhad hotels.

This hotel has designed and listed various rooms. It is interesting to know that it is not far from the shrine, and it is one of the closest hotels in Mashhad to the sacred shrine of Imam Reza. Also, the hotel management claims that it offers the same facilities as five-star hotels and that it has satisfied the guests well.

Another positive feature of this hotel is its proximity to shopping centers such as Reza Bazaar. Also, the distance of this hotel is very close to the terminal and the railway. 4-star Javad Mashhad hotel with 8 floors and 105 rooms has a great position among hotels.

Address of Javad Hotel Mashhad: Imam Reza St., corner of Imam Reza 3


Almas four-star hotel in Mashhad

If you don’t have the financial ability to stay at Almas 2 Hotel, you can stay at Almas 4 Hotel, which is a four-star hotel, and although it does not have the luxurious design of its second branch, it is still one of the best four-star hotels in Mashhad and offers good facilities to the guests. Although this hotel is a four-star hotel, it has several coffee shops with different styles and has also established several restaurants, each of which has a different menu and different tastes.

Address of Almas Hotel Mashhad: Imam Reza St., between Imam Reza 4 and 6

Four-star Meraat hotel in Mashhad

Among the four-star hotels in Mashhad, Meraat Hotel has a more reasonable price and is more similar to four-star hotels in other Iranian cities in terms of cost. If you want to stay in a four-star hotel with good facilities and reasonable prices, Meraat Mashhad Hotel is a good and ideal option. The rooms of this hotel are very clean and tidy from the point of view of travelers, and the hotel’s coffee shop is also a favorite of most guests with a traditional texture. It also has two types of modern and traditional restaurants that offer good menus. Staying at Meraat Hotel is accompanied by other facilities required by Mashhad travelers, but it does not have a luxurious texture, and at the same time, it provides you with the conditions of a favorable stay.

Address of Meraat Hotel Mashhad: Basij Square, end of Bahar 3, right side, Farhang 12, Imam Reza 19

The best three-star hotels in Mashhad

In the previous topic, we mentioned that the cost of staying in four-star hotels is usually higher than the average cost of other hotels in Mashhad. Therefore, you may want to lower the cost of your travel and stay in Mashhad. Many three-star hotels in Mashhad provide good and acceptable services to guests. In the following of this article, we will introduce some examples of the best hotels in Mashhad that have three stars and are more economical.

Hatra Mashhad three-star hotel

Hatra Hotel is considered one of the cheapest hotels in Mashhad, which offers excellent services from the users’ point of view due to its low price. The cleanliness and orderliness of the rooms are one of the most important features expressed by most of the guests about this hotel. By removing many unnecessary items and using a modern design, the management of Hatra Hotel has tried to make the space of the rooms and lobbies look open and provide the conditions for your stay in a three-star hotel in the best possible way. If you intend to stay in one of the cheapest hotels in Mashhad with good facilities, we recommend the three-star Hatra Hotel.

Address of Hatra Hotel Mashhad: Imam Reza St., Danesh Gharbi St., corner of Sarshur37

Three-star Atlas Hotel Mashhad

Atlas Hotel is another three-star hotel in Mashhad, which has been able to satisfy many guests in terms of price and facilities. This hotel has a simple and modern design that makes your stay for a few nights very good and pleasant. The design of the rooms in Atlas Hotel are not much different from each other, therefore there is no significant difference in price between the most expensive and the cheapest hotel room. The cost of staying at Atlas Hotel is slightly higher than at Hatra Hotel, but this difference is not significant enough.

Address of Atlas Hotel Mashhad: Beit ol-Moqadas Square

Three-star Tabarok Mashhad Hotel

If you take a look at the photos of the Tabarok Hotel in Mashhad, you will be surprised why such a hotel is in the category of three-star hotels. Considering that the number of stars of a hotel depends on the type of services and special services, the reason can be asked in this issue. If you want to stay in a luxury hotel, which is similar to five-star hotels in terms of design, but in terms of additional facilities, it has a lower level and has a more reasonable price compared to five-star hotels, we recommend Tabarok Mashhad Hotel. By removing some unnecessary facilities and focusing on increasing the design quality and luxury of the hotel, the hotel has been able to provide the possibility of staying in a luxury hotel for guests who have an average budget.

Address of Tabarok Hotel Mashhad: Imam Reza St 12., Hanai 12, Rajabzadeh 1

Hotels near the shrine in Mashhad

Another popular search among the guests of the shrine of the Imam and the travelers of Razavi Khorasan is the hotels near the shrine in Mashhad, which offer a wonderful view from the golden dome of the shrine. Many hotels with different costs have been established near the shrine of Imam Reza, including the five-star Qasr al-ziafat Hotel in Mashhad, the five-star Medina Al-Reza Hotel, the five-star Darvishi Hotel, the four-star Javad Hotel, Almas hotels, four-star Atrak Hotel and three-star Razavieh Mashhad hotel.


Mashhad is considered one of the best cities in Iran for tourism. Cultural and natural attractions on the one hand and visiting the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza on the other hand have made it the best option for travel. Therefore, when you travel to Mashhad, you are faced with countless hotels. On the other hand, there are many good hotels in Mashhad. This issue has made it difficult for you to choose the best option among different hotels. As a result, choosing a suitable hotel and booking it is a very difficult task. This issue is very important especially when you want to travel to this city for the first time. For this reason in this article from Eligasht, we reviewed the best hotels in Mashhad city in the year 2023. If you have the experience of staying in one of these hotels, you can share your opinion with us.


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