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Introducing the ultra-luxury hotel “Atlantis The Royal Dubai” and its controversial opening!

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Atlantis The Royal Dubai is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, whose impressive architecture attracts every passer-by at first. This five-star luxury hotel is located on Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai, and its unique and eternal view overlooks the Persian Gulf and this area’s beautiful nature. The opening of Atlantis Hotel in January 2023 was held in a luxurious and special ceremony with the presence of distinguished guests from all over the world.

Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel has an ideal atmosphere for a luxurious and memorable stay in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with its experienced staff and various amenities provided for its guests.

Dubai is one of the most important cities in the UAE in terms of business, tourism, and entertainment, which also has many tourist attractions, which has led to the opening of many luxury and five-star hotels in this tourist city to welcome travelers.

The design of the exterior and interior of this hotel is a masterpiece combining the architecture of historical buildings and classical architecture, which makes this hotel unique from other accommodation units in Dubai.

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Introducing Atlantis The Royal Dubai

Atlantis Royal Hotel is an architectural masterpiece in every sense, which is located on the crescent of Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai. This luxurious five-star hotel is built on a land of 87,000 square meters on 43 floors. The variety of rooms in this hotel is large for travelers to stay in, and each accommodation unit of this hotel is designed with exceptional facilities and features to meet the needs of travelers in Dubai on different days of the year.

This hotel has a great variety of entertainment facilities and welfare services, and the guests of it can have happy and have fun from the early hours of the morning until late at night.

The hotel’s entertainment facilities are not specific to any particular age, and from children to adults, everyone can use the facilities of this complex without restrictions. Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel passengers do not need to leave the hotel to swim in the sea or sunbathe on the beach. The hotel’s private beach has unique chairs and wooden umbrellas to spend a fun day by the waters of the Persian Gulf and take beautiful photos of the Beachside.

Introducing Atlantis The Royal Dubai

Comfort services of Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel

The reception of passengers at Atlantis The Royal Dubai hotel is done 24 hours a day. When guests enter this hotel in Dubai at any hour of the day, the matters related to their reception are handled in the shortest possible time by this hotel’s skilled and professional personnel.

The experienced staff of this hotel is fluent in English, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, and Russian, and you can easily communicate with them and express your wishes in any of these languages.

The amenities of Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel are very diverse. The passengers of this hotel have access to facilities such as outdoor swimming pools, a beach club, 17 restaurants, cafes, the largest water park in the Middle East, a private beach, private cinema, a currency exchange, a meeting hall, and Conferences and sports halls are accessible during the stay.

In this hotel, spa and massage services are provided in an attractive environment, and the passengers of Atlantis Hotel can use this engaging environment to relieve everyday fatigue and renew energy for a fee.

For the guests’ well-being, laundry services are provided for travelers who want to wash and iron their clothes for a fee so that the guests can receive their clean and well-groomed clothes as soon as possible. During their stay, the passengers of this hotel can take a walk in the garden area and take memorable photos with their fellow travelers.

Water facilities of Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel

Due to Dubai’s hot and humid climate, most travelers tend to use the facilities and water activities when traveling to this city in the UAE. The management and executive staff of the luxurious Atlantis The Royal Dubai hotel have paid attention to this issue and have installed various recreational facilities for the guests in this five-star hotel so that passengers do not need to leave the hotel for fun and entertainment.

Facilities such as beach chairs, umbrellas, and showers are provided on the beach for the well-being of the guests of Atlantis The Royal Dubai. The outdoor swimming pools of this modern hotel are another part of the entertainment attractions of the Atlantis Hotel. Travelers can go to the outdoor swimming pool of this hotel on the roof to watch the Persian Gulf while swimming and spend adorable moments.

Recreational and sports facilities of Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel

This hotel has several well-equipped gyms for travelers who continue their sports program during the trip so guests can take care of their fitness during the journey.

At Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel, various recreational facilities are provided for different tastes, including beach volleyball, hand football, table tennis, bicycle rental, tennis court, and diving equipment. They have specially prepared an attractive and happy space for children so that while parents are having fun, their children can have fun in a safe and fun environment.


The restaurants of Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel

Suppose you are interested in tasting new flavors while traveling. In that case, the restaurants of Atlantis and The Royal Dubai Hotel are the best places to enjoy delicious and unique dishes in a luxurious atmosphere. In the large and luxurious Atlantis Dubai hotel, 17 restaurants with various styles and menus are designed so that the guests of this hotel have a comfortable choice for dining.

The international restaurants of this hotel are managed by eight of the most famous and best chefs in the world, and the taste of the food in this hotel’s restaurants is genuinely exceptional.

The restaurants of this hotel host the culinary geniuses of the world, such as “Ariana Bandi” the Iranian chef, and “Gaston Acurio” the Peruvian chef, the famous Japanese restaurant Nobu also has a special space in this hotel.

In the menu of the restaurants of Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel, a variety of Arabic, Mediterranean, Italian and international dishes are included for different tastes so that guests can order their favorite food according to their taste and enjoy an attractive atmosphere with a beautiful view. Several restaurants of this hotel are located in the open air, and their menu serves a variety of seafood. You must have a reservation in advance to eat at this restaurant.

The hotel’s coffee shop is also located on the ground floor. Hotel guests can enjoy various hot and cold drinks in this cafe’s cozy and luxurious environment. they can also use the breakfast buffet during their stay.

Room facilities of Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel

In Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel, a luxurious space with modern facilities, has been designed for guests to relax. the rooms and suites of this hotel are very suitable for a dream stay in two-person or family trips. Atlantis Royal Hotel has 795 rooms and 231 suites furnished and equipped with kitchens to serve the travelers of Dubai city in the four seasons of the year with the best and latest facilities.

The facilities of Atlantis The Royal Dubai hotel rooms are different from each other all the rooms of this hotel are designed in a modern style. The arrangement is made with luxury appliances so that the precious guests of Atlantis Hotel feel a pleasant feeling of relaxation in the accommodation units of this five-star hotel.

Most rooms are equipped with a balcony so guests can enjoy the sea view or the green area of this luxurious complex while relaxing in their rooms.

Also, among the other facilities available in the rooms of this hotel, we can mention TV, towel, toilet, hair dryer, internet, and safety deposit box. In addition to access to a private pool, guests who book the suites or luxurious penthouses of Atlantis Hotel also enjoy special services such as a personal waiter and a private kitchen during their stay.


Location of Atlantis Royal Dubai Hotel

Dubai is one of the most modern and beautiful cities in the world. Located in the Middle East region on the Persian Gulf, this beautiful city welcomes many travelers every year. This has led to the opening of new luxury hotels in this city every year. The city of Dubai has many recreational and tourist attractions that travelers can visit the city’s attractions in addition to benefiting from all the services provided at Atlantis, The Royal Dubai Hotel.

Palm Jumeirah beach is located a few steps away from this hotel, and travelers can visit this exclusive beach to watch the sea during their stay. One of the largest shopping malls in Dubai is located 15 minutes from this hotel, and you can quickly go to this large complex to buy souvenirs by taxi.

The location of Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel is such that the passengers of this hotel are about 35 km away from the airport and can reach their flight on time with the hotel’s special transfer.

Frequently asked questions of Atlantis Royal Dubai Hotel

1. In which area of this city is Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel located?

This five-star hotel is located precisely on the crescent of Palm Jumeirah Island, next to the beach of this city.

2. How far is Atlantis Royal Dubai Hotel from the airport of this city?

Passengers can travel the 35 km distance between this hotel and Dubai International Airport with the special shuttle of Atlantis, The Royal Dubai Hotel.

3. How many restaurants does Atlantis Royal Dubai Hotel have?

Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel has 17 restaurants to serve its passengers various Arabic and international dishes, managed by the best chefs.

4. Does Atlantis Royal Dubai Hotel have a private beach?

Yes, this hotel has a private beach for its guests.

5. Does Atlantis Royal Dubai Hotel have a pool?

Yes, this hotel is equipped with several outdoor pools and other water facilities, such as a steam sauna, some suites of this hotel also have private pools.

Final words

Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel is one of the newest and most luxurious five-star hotels in Dubai, which took about 14 years to build. The remarkable architecture of this hotel is one of the main reasons for its appeal. This hotel was opened in January 2023, and its opening ceremony was held with the presence of many prominent figures in the world. In this way, the hotel’s name would be famous from the very first days of its operation.

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