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Where to Stay in Istanbul – 6 Best Areas

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Where is the best area in Istanbul to stay and book a hotel? If you are planning to travel to this city, you definitely want to choose the best area of Istanbul to stay in so that your trip will be even more enjoyable. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and the cultural and historical center of this country. In fact, Istanbul, having a rich history, is the most famous city in Turkey, which is divided into two European and Asian parts by the Bosporus Strait.
If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, you need to look for a place to stay. But before choosing your accommodation, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the best neighborhoods in Istanbul for hotel reservations and choose the best option based on your needs. In this guide, we will be focusing on the best areas of Istanbul to book a hotel.

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Where Is the Best Area in Istanbul to Stay?

Those who travel to Istanbul for the first time or intend to stay permanently or for a long time in this city may have to spend a lot of time looking for the best area to stay in Istanbul. This guide is based on the experiences of travelers who have traveled to this city many times and are familiar with all the different areas of Istanbul. In this post, we will get to know about the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to stay in and book a hotel.

1) Sultan Ahmed Area – One of the Best Areas in Istanbul

Sultanahmet area is the most famous area of Istanbul to stay in. This neighborhood is considered the historical and cultural heart of Istanbul and the best area of Istanbul for lovers of cultural and historical attractions as many of the most important sights of Istanbul are located in the Sultanahmet area.
If you are traveling to Istanbul for the first time and want to visit its most iconic tourist attractions such as Hagia Sophia Museum and Mosque, the Blue Mosque, Top Kapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, etc., be sure to stay in one of the hotels in Sultanahmet area. Sultan Ahmed area is also close to Istanbul Grand Bazaar and Spice Market. Therefore, by staying in this neighborhood, in addition to having easy access to the tourist attractions of Istanbul, there will also be many shops, restaurants, and cafes around you.
Sultan Ahmed area is not a suitable area for those who like night entertainment as and after sunset, it sinks into peace and silence. Of course, this silence is one of the advantages of staying in the Sultan Ahmed neighborhood for those who are looking for peace and quiet.

Best Hotels in Sultanahmet Area
The best area of Istanbul to stay is where you have good access to several important tourist attractions. There are many hotels to stay in the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul.

Best Luxury Hotels in Sultanahmet Area
• White House Hotel Istanbul
• Golden Istanbul Royal Hotel
• Hotel Amira Istanbul

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Sultanahmet Area
• Celine Hotel
• Kalyon Hotel Istanbul

Affordable Hotels in Sultanahmet Area
• Basileus Hotel
• Otantik Guesthouse

2) Grand Bazaar Area – Kapali Carsi

Surely you have already heard about Istanbul Grand Bazaar – one of the oldest markets in the world In addition to being one of the major tourist attractions of this city – Istanbul Grand Bazaar is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit during your trip to Istanbul, with a variety of shops to buy Turkish sweets, tea, clothes, souvenirs, and sellers who are ready to bargain with you.
Therefore, if you are traveling to Istanbul for shopping, we suggest you stay in this area of Istanbul. In addition, the Grand Bazaar area is also considered the best area to live in Istanbul and is a good place to learn about the daily lives of Turkish people.

Best Hotels in Grand Bazaar Area
In the Grand Bazaar area of Istanbul, there are many hotels to accommodate any type of traveler. Among the best hotels in the Grand Bazaar area of Istanbul, the following can be mentioned.

Best Luxury Hotels in Grand Bazaar Area
• Antik Hotel
• Euro Design Hotel
• Sura Design Hotel & Suites

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Grand Bazaar Area
• Kent Hotel
• Istanbul Primero Hotel

Affordable Hotels in Grand Bazaar Area
• Art City
• Istanbul Dedem
• Element Suites

3) Galata Area – One of the Best Neighborhoods in Istanbul to Stay

If you have been browsing the Internet, asking where to get a hotel in Istanbul, You have definitely come across the name Beyoglu. Beyoglu is actually a very large area in Istanbul, which includes smaller areas such as Galata, Karakoy, and Taksim. In the following, we will examine these areas separately as each of them is large enough to be talked about separately.
Galata is an area of Istanbul where you can walk through cobbled streets and enjoy seeing beautiful buildings and nightlife. The most important highlight of this neighborhood is the Galata Tower. Galata is also one of the best areas in Istanbul to buy an apartment.
All kinds of restaurants and all kinds of shops, including souvenir shops, juice shops, and many others can be found around the Galata Tower in Istanbul. In addition, it is only a few minutes’ walk from the Galata neighborhood to the famous Taksim Street and Galata Bridge. You are almost guaranteed to have fun if you choose to stay in this area of Istanbul.

Best Hotels in Galata Area
You can find the best hotels in Istanbul in the Galata area of this city. Among the best hotels in the Galata area of Istanbul, the following can be mentioned:

Best Luxury Hotels in Galata Area
• Hotel DeCamondo
• Pera Palace

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Galata Area
• Mansion Gorki
• Art Nouveau Pera

Affordable Hotels in Galata Area
• Mesto Galata Istanbul


4) Karakoy – best Area in Asian Part of Istanbul

The Karakoy area of Istanbul is also located in the neighborhood of Beyoglu and is one of the most attractive areas to book a hotel room in Istanbul. This area is full of cafes, outdoor terraces, and small shops. Karakoy was once considered one of the most important ports in Istanbul, an area that is right next to Istanbul’s Golden Horn. From this port, you can board a ship and travel to the Asian area of Istanbul.
Also, there are many Turkish and international restaurants in this area that are ready to serve you all kinds of food. If you are traveling on a budget and want your trip to Istanbul to be as affordable as possible, Karakoy is one of the best areas to stay in. You can find the cheapest Istanbul hotels and accommodations in the Karakoy area.
Of course, you need not worry if what you are looking for are luxury hotels or mid-range ones in the Karakoy area either. You can find all kinds of hotels in this area. If you choose to stay in Karakoy during your stay in Istanbul, don’t forget to pay a visit Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

Best Hotels in Karakoy Area

If you end up choosing Karakoy as the best area of Istanbul for your stay, we suggest you stay in one of the following hotels:

Best Luxury Hotels in Karakoy Area
• The House Vault Karakoy
• The Wings Hotel

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Karakoy Area
• Ada Karakoy
• Royal Tophane

Affordable Hotels in Karakoy Area
• Paradise Hotel
• Portus House

5) Taksim Area of Istanbul

This area is considered to be one of the best areas of Istanbul for those who love luxury and expensive trips. Of course, this does not mean that despite the presence of famous chain hotels such as Hayat Hotel or Hilton Hotel in the Taksim area of Istanbul, those who travel with a lower budget cannot stay in this area.
Another major attraction in Istanbul’s Taksim area is Istiklal Avenue, which is generally known as the busiest and most lively street in Istanbul.
One of the best features of the Taksim area of Istanbul is its quick and easy access to other areas of the city. It is also considered the best villa area in Istanbul. By staying in Taksim Istanbul to see the attractions of Istanbul, you can easily get to the Sultan Ahmed neighborhood by tram and public transportation.

Best Hotels in Taksim Area

If like many other tourists, you want to stay in the Taksim area during your trip to Istanbul, we suggest you stay in one of the following hotels:

Best Luxury Hotels in Taksim Area
• Point Hotel Taksim
• Titanic City Taksim

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Taksim Area
• Peradays Hotel
• Sometimes Hotel

Affordable Hotels in Taksim Area
• T-Square Residence


6) Besiktas and Sisli Areas of Istanbul

The Besiktas district is part of a larger district called Sisli in Istanbul, which is close to the Bosporus Strait. So, you can enjoy walking by the water while having delicious street juice.
In addition, to visit the Dolmabahce Palace in the Asian part of Istanbul, you can board a ferry in Besiktas and get there quickly. There are all kinds of restaurants, street food stalls, cafes, and even a fish market in this area. In short, you will not feel tired by walking in the small streets of Besiktas and trying the various foods and sweets of the area.

Best Hotels in Besiktas Area

In addition to what was mentioned before, Besiktas is very well known for having numerous famous luxury hotels. On your trip to Istanbul, if you decide to stay in this neighborhood, we suggest you try one of the following hotels:

Best Luxury Hotels in Besiktas Area
• Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus
• W Istanbul hotel
• Divan Istanbul Hotel

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Besiktas Area
• Mercure Istanbul City Bosporus Hotel
• Manna Boutique Hotel

Affordable hotels in Besiktas Area
• Linden Houses Istanbul
• Hot Budget Ortakoy

Best Apartment Hotels in Istanbul

looking for an apartment hotel to stay in Istanbul can be one of the best options for tourists visiting this beautiful city in Turkey. Fortunately, Istanbul is one of those cities where you can find all kinds of hotels and apartments. In the following, we will focus on the best hotel apartments in Istanbul.

Best Luxury Hotel Apartments in Istanbul
• Q Hotel and Suites
• Front of SEA View Apartments Sultanahmet

Best Mid-Range Hotel Apartments in Istanbul
• Penthouse Istanbul
• Medusa Home

Affordable hotel apartments in Istanbul
• Beyazit Palace Hotel

Final Word
In this guide, we focused on some of the best places to stay in Istanbul and the hotels and accommodations available in these areas. we assure you that if you choose from among the hotels and areas that we went through in this post, you will not regret your trip to the magnificent city of Istanbul.

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