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Complete Travel Guide to Dubai 2023

by Parastoo Sahebi
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a travel guide to Dubai is a must for every person who wants to visit this modern city. Dubai is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world and every year many tourists travel to this city to see its creative and unique attractions. In this colorful gem of the Middle East, you will see people from different cultures and visit attractions that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

This is a city where tradition and modernity together have created an attractive place. You can stay in luxury and expensive hotels and go to shopping centers that are among the most luxurious centers in the world, at the same time you can see old houses and traditional museums in the historical parts of the city. Stay with Eligasht’s travel guide to Dubai to get to know this spectacular city better.

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The geographical location of Dubai

Dubai is the largest city in the UAE and is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. This city reaches Sharjah from the northeast, Abu Dhabi from the south, and the Sultanate of Oman from the southeast. The area of this Arab city is about 4,114 square kilometers, and according to the census conducted in 2018, 3,010,261 people live in this city.

Essential information about Dubai city

Official language: Arabic

Dirham Currency

Electricity: 220 V and 50 Hz

Country code: +971

Emergency numbers:

Police (emergencies): 999

Police (non-emergencies): 901

Ambulance: 998

Fire department: 997

Coast Guard: 996

Weather in Dubai

As a Travel Guide to Dubai, we should say that Dubai has a tropical desert climate. Summers are extremely hot and humid and the average daytime temperature is around 41 degrees Celsius and at night around 30 degrees Celsius. Winters are hot and short and the average daytime temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius and 14 degrees Celsius at night. Most of the days of the year are sunny and the amount of rain has increased in recent decades and is about 150 mm annually, which mostly occurs from December to March.


The best time to travel to Dubai

The best weather conditions for travel are available from December to March. You should always expect hot weather in Dubai, but the weather becomes milder in autumn and winter, and many tourists travel to Dubai in these two seasons.

In this Travel Guide to Dubai, we suggest you concern about your health if you have to travel to Dubai in the summer because temperature rising to nearly 60 degrees Celsius, strong sunlight, and sandstorms are some of the things that may cause you trouble.

Travel guide to Dubai:  Security in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most tourist-friendly Arab cities and the crime rate in this city is very low, so you can easily plan your trip to this city. One of the reasons for Dubai’s high security is the multi-national citizens of this city, as a result, if they commit a crime, they will be immediately deported from the UAE.

The cost of staying in Dubai

there are as many hotels as you want in this city, from the tallest and most luxurious hotels to affordable hotels with good facilities. Therefore, there is no need to worry about staying in the hotels in this city. In the following of our travel guide to Dubai, we will discuss some suitable hotels for staying in this Arabian city.

Where to Stay in Dubai – Best Areas and Hotels

Travel guide to Dubai: Suggested hotels in Dubai

  •     Burj Al Arab Hotel

Our recommended hotel in the travel guide to Dubai is Burj Al Arab, which is a very familiar name. Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel in the Middle East, which is 321 meters high. Burj Al Arab is the only 7-star hotel in the world that has the most luxurious suites possible for staying. The smallest hotel suite is 169 square meters and the largest is 780 square meters. Seven floors of this beautiful hotel under the sea are considered an aquarium.

Phone number: 97143017777

Website: www.jumeirah.com

Address: Burj Al Arab Heliport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  •      Atlantis Hotel

Dubai is a city that has tried to provide the best hotels with the most unique facilities to attract tourists. Atlantis Hotel is undoubtedly one of the largest and most luxurious 5-star hotels in Dubai and the Middle East. In this beautiful hotel, there is an underwater aquarium, a dolphin pool, and a large water park, which, among other facilities, make people dream to stay in this hotel.

Phone number: 0097144260000

Website: www.atlantisthepalm.com

Address: Crescent Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  •      Ibis Deira City Center Hotel

As Travel Guide to Dubai, we should add Ibis Deira 2-star hotel as another suitable option for accommodation, which, due to its good facilities, has lower costs than the previous two hotels. This hotel has 365 rooms, all of which are furnished and equipped with air conditioning, wireless internet, LCD, and satellite TV. The facilities in this hotel include car rental, currency exchange, newspaper, restaurant, as well as special services for the disabled, etc.

Phone number: 0097147028000

Address: 21 30 St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The cost of food in Dubai

The food culture in the UAE is a combination of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Of course, you can find all kinds of international and fast food in this country. Due to the living conditions in the desert areas, the traditional diet of this country is mostly based on meat, grains, and dairy products. In some areas, vegetables are also easily grown and used in the diet. The most used meat is prepared from chicken, chicken, and goat.

In the Travel Guide to Dubai we have listed the food costs in Dubai based on Numbeo’s official site:

  • You have to pay 30 dirhams for a meal in a cheap restaurant.
  • You have to pay 195 dirhams for a meal for two in an average restaurant.
  • The price of McDonald’s menus in Dubai is almost cheaper and is 25 dirhams.
  • To save on food costs, try to buy food from street food stores. Hummus is also the cheapest food you can eat in Dubai.

Transportation in Dubai

The transportation system in Dubai includes buses, water buses, taxis, subways, and monorails. Driverless monorails connect Jumeirah Island to Dubai Marina. These monorails have only two stations and cover the entire route in 5 minutes. In the Travel Guide to Dubai, we suggest you get a null Card electronic ticket from the metro ticket offices before you use public transportation in this city.

In general, there are 4 types of null cards, red null cards, gold null cards, silver null cards, and blue null cards, each of which has different costs according to the facilities they offer.

The cost of a single ticket is 5 dirhams

The cost of the monthly ticket is 250 dirhams

The cost of a taxi when you sit in it is 12 dirhams and 2 dirhams are added to the amount for every kilometer. If you want a taxi to wait for you, you have to pay 30 dirhams.

The cost of a liter of gasoline in this city is 2 dirhams

Travel guide to Dubai: Important tourist attractions

Burj Khalifa

It is one of the main symbols of the city of Dubai, and with a height of 828 meters, it is considered the tallest building in the world. This building is so famous that few tourists go to Dubai and do not see this tower up close. This tower, which was built in 2010, has a platform on the 124th floor where you can see a dreamy view of Dubai.

Address: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai Aquarium

This aquarium is located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, where you enter a giant tunnel and watch colorful marine animals. About 33 thousand fish and other creatures live in this beautiful aquarium; From inside the Dubai Mall, you can see the overview of this aquarium without paying anything.

Address: Ground & Level 2, The Dubai Mall – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai ski resort

In the following Travel Guide to Dubai, We can add Dubai ski resort as one of the tourist places of Dubai. This indoor ski rink is located in the Mall of the Emirates. On this track, you can experience the cold and icy weather in Dubai and even see the beautiful penguins up close.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

 Dubai Fountain

As a Travel Guide to Dubai, we should add that Dubai is a city that breaks the norms of the world. There is a fountain in this city, which is one of the largest musical fountains in the world and is one of the free tourist attractions of this city. The water dance show of this fountain starts at 6 pm and continues until 11 pm. Two other shows are also performed during the day; 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. (1:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Fridays). The songs and music accompanying the show vary from contemporary pop to classical.

Jumeirah Mosque

In the design of this mosque, Islamic architecture has been used masterfully. You can visit this beautiful mosque every day of the week except Fridays.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeira 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

 Wild Wadi Water Park

Due to the constant heat of Dubai, water parks are one of the most popular attractions in Dubai. The fact that this park is on Jumeirah Beach and next to Burj Al Arab has made more people go there than other water parks. Right when you enter this park, you will see an 18-meter waterfall, which gives the news of an exciting tour of this water park.

Address: Jumeirah St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

 Dubai Mall

In the Travel Guide to Dubai, we should add that the Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the world, located in the city of Dubai. This shopping center is one of the huge Burj Khalifa projects in Dubai.

There are nearly 1,200 branches of the world’s most famous brands in this large shopping center, and you can buy everything you need for yourself. It is necessary to say that in 2010 this shopping center won the title of the best shopping center in the world.

Dos and don’ts in Dubai

In the following of Travel Guide to Dubai, we added some of the dos and don’ts in Dubai.

  • In Dubai, if you want to have a pleasant trip, do not count on walking because the distances are long and the weather is hot.
  • In the historical district of Dubai, you can visit museums such as the camel museum, the coffee museum, the horse museum, the coin museum, etc.
  • Note that you should strictly avoid drinking alcohol in public gatherings and especially on the streets of Dubai.
  • Photographing the people of Dubai without permission is considered a crime in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Avoid carrying fashion and beauty magazines with nude pictures, immoral books and products, pills and sedatives and codeine drugs, and pork products.
  • Note that although there is freedom of dress for men and women in Dubai, you should not wear unconventional clothes when visiting mosques and religious places.
  • Using disrespectful words, obscenities and rude gestures in public places will get you in trouble during your Dubai tour.
  • eating, drinking, and smoking in public is against the law during Ramadan month, and only some restaurants or food centers are open during the day.

Final words

every trip, especially foreign trips, requires planning, obtaining information, estimating costs, etc. these are the issues that tourists should pay special attention to when traveling to Dubai. The purpose of preparing a travel guide to Dubai was to introduce this tourist destination more and to help you manage travel expenses as best as possible.

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