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Introducing Tabriz Airport and its access ways

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Tabriz Airport is one of the most well-equipped and famous airports in Iran. This airport, which is also known as Shahid Madani International Airport of Tabriz, is also known as the largest airport in the northwestern region of the country. this airport is used for both military and passenger purposes.

In this article from Eligasht, we would like to introduce you to the history and background of This airport, information, terminals, facilities, and access ways to this airport.

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About Tabriz Shahid Madani International Airport

Tabriz International Airport leads from the north and east to the second Shekari base, from the south to Babai Boulevard, and from the west to the Tabriz-Sufian road. This airport is located at an altitude of 1,492 meters above sea level. Its area is equal to 420 hectares.

Tabriz Airport was established to provide services such as airport, navigation, and aviation services to accept incoming and outgoing domestic and foreign flights. This airport offers 24-hour air services.

This airport is one of the most important airports in the country. The reason for this importance is the proximity to the northwest border as well as Iran’s air corridor to Europe and Central Asia. This airport has a quality management standard (ISO 9001:2008).

This airport offers all services for domestic and international flights and transit flights. This airport currently has 44 domestic flights and 6 foreign flights arriving and departing daily. which is one of the busiest airports.

Airlines that operate at this airport include Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines (Homa), Ata Airlines, Aseman Airlines, Kish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Mahan Airlines, Qeshm Air Airlines, Caspian, Saudi Airlines, Tailwind Airlines, Pegasus, Turkish Airlines, Zagros Airlines, Meraj Airline, Arman Handling Services Company. These airlines are all the most reliable airlines in Iran which offer various domestic and international flights.


This airport follows all the rules and regulations of the ICAO aviation organization. Various development projects are underway in this airport. The construction of the international terminal of Tabriz Airport, the construction of the cargo terminal, the construction of multi-floor parking, the construction of the aircraft maintenance center, and the development of the apron are among these projects.

The History of Tabriz Airport

Tabriz International Airport was established in 1326. It had goals such as; The provision of air services, holding training, and military flights, all of which were under the supervision of the ICAO organization. For a long time, this airport was under the supervision of this organization, but later, in 1329, it was renamed from Air Wireless to Tabriz Air Station, and it operated as a full-fledged airport by using the runway located at the current location of the airport.

With the installation of special navigation devices in 1335 and in the area of the air station, this airport officially changed its name to Tabriz Airport and started a new process. At the beginning of its operation, this airport operated only 2 flights a week, which were operated by Iran Air or Homa.

After this airport became international in 1378, it was recognized as a first-class airport. Since this airport became international, as one of the 4 so-called open sky airports in Iran’s airspace, it has been providing services to foreign and domestic flights, as well as military flights. Due to its strategic and important location, which is due to its geographical location on the border, as well as Iran’s airways to the routes leading to Europe, and Central Asia, as well as the proximity of this airport to the second hunting base of Tabriz, it has been able to It is considered one of the most important airports in the country.

This airport currently has 200 domestic flights and 20 foreign flights during the weekdays and in a planned manner in terms of the number of aircraft carriers and navigation equipment. Another point that you should know about Tabriz airport information is that Sahand Tabriz airport is under satellite surveillance of this airport. Tabriz International Airport is also an important flight hub of Ata Air and Iran Air Tour.

Domestic and international flights

Tabriz Airport has various domestic and international flights. Most destinations and origins of foreign flights at this airport are neighboring countries such as Turkey, especially the city of Istanbul. Other foreign cities include Hamburg, Medina, and Baghdad.

Various flights visit this airport for refueling. Also, many military, educational, and transit flights, most of which originate from the European Union countries and have destinations in Central and Southeast Asian countries, travel to and from this airport.

Like other Iranian cities, the airport of this city has the most domestic flights to and from Tehran. Other cities that are the destination of the planes of this airport are Asaluyeh, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kerman, Ahvaz, Kish, Bandar Abbas, Rasht, and Qeshm. There are different flights from these cities at different times to this airport.

Tabriz Airport facilities

Tabriz Airport has a variety of amenities. These facilities are designed and installed for the comfort and well-being of passengers and based on their needs. These facilities include various items such as brands located at the airport and commercial stands, bank branches, ATMs, mother and child rooms, restaurants, special services for disabled people, smoking rooms, hotels, etc.

The presence of various booths of reputable brands and well-known names of Tabriz province allows you to buy souvenirs at the airport. Also, ATMs and branches of various existing banks make passengers comfortable. The mother and child room is equipped for the comfort of mothers.

Among the special services that have been created for the disabled, we can mention the passageway for the deaf, the passageway for the wheelchair, the parking place for the disabled near the entrance of the terminal, wheelchair, and transport services for the disabled, a public phone for the disabled, and a toilet for the disabled.

The smoking room is designed with modern and up-to-date equipment for smokers so that the smoke does not disturb other people. There are well-equipped and different restaurants in this airport that offer both fast food and traditional food. You can choose your favorite food from among them. There is also a coffee shop for passengers in the transit hall.

You can use the parking lot of this airport to park your car. This parking lot with its high capacity means that you don’t have a problem leaving your car for a long time.

Tabriz airport information

Name of Tabriz International Airport: Tabriz International Airport

IATA code: TBZ


Type of airport: civilian and military

Height above sea level: 1,359 meters

The official website of Tabriz International Airport: Tabriz.airport.ir

Address: Tabriz, Tabriz Shahid Madani International Airport

Tabriz flight information: (+98)4135234701

Tabriz flight information: (+98)4135234701

Postal code: 5189613131

Terminals of Tabriz Shahid Madani Airport

Tabriz Airport has 3 different terminals for domestic, foreign, and pilgrim flights. In these terminals, various types of welfare services are provided for passengers who step into this airport.

Access ways and address of Tabriz airport

For the well-being of those who want to go from this airport to the city center and vice versa, various ways of transportation have been considered. The easiest and best way is to use the buses of Tabriz Bus Organization. To use this device, you have to go towards Tabriz Bazar Alley.

You are also comfortable using a taxi because wherever you are, whether from the airport or any part of the city, you can take a taxi by spending more money. In addition, you can also refer to the taxi rental companies located in the airport area.

Final words

In this article from Eligasht, we explained everything about Tabriz International Airport. We have explained the history of this airport, specifications, facilities, flight poles, access ways, terminals, and everything you need to know. If you have ever been to Tabriz airport, share your experience. To buy plane tickets to Tabriz, you can easily go to Eligasht’s online website.

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