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What does resort mean? How is it different from a hotel?

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Resort or hotel resort is one of those new words we see more in tourism blogs nowadays. Resorts are well-equipped accommodations that provide guests with almost all the necessary facilities for a perfect vacation.

In this article from Eligasht, we intend to provide you with everything you need to know about resort hotels. To answer the question of what a resort is, read this article carefully.

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What is a resort?

The resort is a place for recreation and relaxation during holidays and weekends. Those who live in cities and are busy with daily tasks all week are always looking for a way to change the weather and refresh their spirits; For these people, going to resorts is the best solution. These resorts are miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city and in a calm and pleasant place. In the resort, you can even have a ceremony like a birthday party and spend hours with your family and friends that you will never forget.

The general design of resorts

The resorts are different from the big and small concrete hotels that are green in the corners of the cities, and the pleasant, colorful, and relaxing nature has made them like paradise. In big cities, many hotels are small and maybe don’t even have a yard, but the resorts are big and small, and in them, you can enjoy an open area with beautiful nature as much as you want, as if you were in your own home, because no one can Disrupt your privacy. Everything has been thought of in the design of these resorts; Each accommodation unit has bedrooms, a dining room and an equipped kitchen, and sufficient heating and cooling facilities are used depending on whether the resort is in a hot or cold area. In these resorts, you can cook differently in a new place and a kitchen full of facilities. This resort has all the facilities you can think of, From recreational and sports facilities to places to shop. You may think that resorts are just a place for fun and happiness, but some of them go further and even have facilities for holding official meetings. Parks, swimming pools, gardens, and playgrounds are some of the sights and facilities of the resorts that make you never get bored during your trip.

The geographical location of resort hotels

What we expect from most of these first-class luxury accommodations is that they are just a short distance from the city center, where people can easily visit for a weekend. Therefore, if you look at the list of resorts in different countries, these entertainment complexes are often at most 3 hours away from the city center.

In this way, people and families who intend to stay in these centers for one or more days can easily take a short trip with their personal car and use their excellent equipment and facilities. Of course, the resorts still have travelers from other cities, and their customers are always the people of the nearby city.Statistics show that families often travel to a tourist and entertainment complex in remote places to spend a weekend, holidays, etc.


All kinds of resorts

According to where a resort is located, they are divided into 4 categories; For example, those resorts that are next to the beach and the sea and have more fans are coastal resorts, and the resorts that are somewhere far from the beach and on the hills and plains are called hill resorts:

Beach resorts

These resorts are next to the beach and are usually built in parts of the beach where the sea is shallower, and the waves are calmer so that everything is ready for beach sports and recreation. Usually, beach resorts are full of private beaches and facilities such as chairs and beach restaurants, and in them, everything goes hand in hand with having a good time. These resorts are so popular that they have tourists in all months of the year, although they become much more crowded in the hot months of the year.

Hill resorts

A resort should only sometimes be next to the beach! If the resorts are in mountainous and touristic places, they are called hill resorts. Most of these resorts have facilities for adventure sports such as paragliding and skydiving, and since they are far from cities, they have tourists who go here for fun, breathe clean air, and enjoy nature.

 Ski resorts

As the weather gets colder, the ski slopes are ready for skiing, and the resorts are full of skiers. In North America and Europe, resorts are for towns and villages that are near ski slopes. In these resorts, you can rent any equipment and equipment you need for skiing, and even if you have just started skiing and are considered a beginner, training classes will be held for you.

 Resorts for the weekend!

Those who live in big cities are always looking for an opportunity to escape from everyday life and change the weather; what better opportunity than the weekends? These resorts are for spending weekends, so they are close from big cities, and you can usually get there by driving for one or two hours. In these resorts, you have all kinds of facilities for water sports, horse riding, and games like tennis, football, chess, etc., even for children, there is a separate playground for them to be happy and have fun. Many companies book these resorts to send their employees there for the weekend. During the holidays, these resorts offer attractive packages to attract more customers to their resorts.

The difference between resort hotels and ordinary hotels

The main difference between these first-class entertainment complexes and ordinary hotels (except for a few stars) is the level of comfort and entertainment facilities. For example, when you go to such a tourist and entertainment center, you will no longer need to leave the hotel for any purpose, and all the necessary entertainment and facilities from the swimming pool, water park, sports and fitness club, shopping center, etc. have taken.

This is despite the fact that even 5-star hotels have a level of amenities and equipment, and you usually have to leave the hotel to experience more. In addition, let’s go to the attractive part of the restaurants; In these tourism and entertainment complexes; They are in a very different class.

Think of a 5-star restaurant; It may have two or at most, three restaurants. This is while there are several restaurants, cafes, etc., in such a hotel. You can find any food in these restaurants if you like seafood or Chinese food, Fast food or rare and unforgettable drinks. You will have the best restaurant food experience in these entertainment complexes.

Characteristics of a good hotel resort

Leaving aside the discussion of the advantages, disadvantages, facilities and services of resort hotels, it will be with pleasure to examine an issue!

What are the characteristics of a good hotel resort? The features of a good hotel resort are not separate from its advantages; Rather, it is its complement. In fact, just as hotels have differences from each other, resort hotels may also have differences from each other that distinguish them from each other.

Based on this, some of the features of a good and ideal hotel resort are meeting rooms, walking paths compatible with nature, cycling paths, massage and spa salons, women’s beauty salons and dozens of other facilities. It is natural that according to different facilities, resort hotels are ranked differently.

Advantages and disadvantages of resort hotels

The advantages of staying in resort hotels. However, the long distance of resort hotels from city centers, shopping centers and airports is a big disadvantage.

Undoubtedly, the resorts easily compensate for any defects they have with the services and facilities they provide to their guests. Some of the most important advantages of resorts are:

  • Attractive and even unique amenities and services
  • Being in pristine natural places, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities
  • The presence of various commercial complexes and stores around the hotel resort
  • The size of the premises and the space of the accommodation units of the resorts
  • The presence of various and special accommodation units compared to other hotels
  • A perfect place to spend a vacation with complete comfort

Final words

One of the challenges and concerns that people may face during their travels is choosing the right place to rest and relax while experiencing fun and entertainment. Maybe people don’t want just to rest and live in a residence; In fact, sometimes people are looking for a place where, in addition to resting and living, they can also enjoy recreational facilities. “Resort Hotel” is one of the accommodations that fulfill such a request. In this article from Eligasht, we introduced you to the hotel resort and everything you need to know about it.

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