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Habitas AlUla hotel, a unique area in Saudi Arabia

Habitas AlUla hotel

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Habitas AlUla hotel

Habitas AlUla hotel is one of the luxurious resorts in Alula, with 5 hotels, chalets, suites, and campsites, built with modern design. The Alula Valley is rich in culture as it is home to one of the most fascinating tourist sites in the Kingdom. It is the Hegra Rock, which is full of rock drawings made thousands of years ago that are registered on the list of world cultural heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The Habitas Alula hotel attracts a lot of tourists, who are looking for peaceful, beautiful, and distinguished accommodation. In this article from Eligasht, we will fully introduce you to this exciting place.


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List of the features of the hotel

  • Five types of accommodation units: suites, chalets, hotels, campsites, and glamping.
  • Alula Spa is a Turkish bath and swimming pool.
  • The Alula hotel has 200 rooms for accommodation, an infinity pool and five different restaurants and cafes, including Al-Maha, which serves local and international cuisine.
  • The hotel is located inside the Alula area, a rich archaeological site in Saudi Arabia. It allows visitors to roam the Alula Valley, the first ancient human settlement in Saudi Arabia.


Hegra region

There are over 100 rock-carved tombs in the Hegra region, which makes it one of the largest ancient burial grounds in the world. The tombs were built for the kingdom of the Lihyan tribe, which ruled the area from the first to the fifth century BC. The burial grounds are considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most famous rock-carved tomb in the Hegra region is the Qasr el-Farid tomb, which contains over 100 rock-carved tombs. The tomb is an important historic landmark that provides insight into the rich history of Hegra.

The Hegra region has a rich history and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia. The rock-carved tombs of the Hegra region are a testament to the rich and ancient history of the area. The Hegra rock drawings are ancient rock art that was created by the Lihyan tribe in the first century BC. They are an important part of the culture and history of the Hegra region. The Hegra rock carvings are a beautiful and fascinating example of ancient art and culture. They tell the story of a people who once lived in this part of the world and show the rich heritage and history of this region.

Habitas AlUla hotel

Habitas AlUla Hotel in the middle of the desert

The Habitas AlUla Hotel is located in the heart of the desert, where there is no city or settlement for miles. The groves and paths that lead to this five-star hotel are located in the heart of one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia. Staying at this five-star hotel will be very attractive and dreamy for tourists who are interested in adventure and are looking to discover amazing places. In addition to the luxurious and modern comforts, Habitas AlUla Hotel is an attractive place to view works of art.

This five-star hotel is actually a tourist area and the purpose of its establishment is to develop the tourist industry in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government has established such a hotel to introduce the life of the Arab Bedouin people and the history of this country to attract tourists from all over the world.

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The special architecture of Habitas AlUla Hotel

In recent years, this luxurious hotel has become one of the unique tourist attractions of Saudi Arabia, the special architecture of Habitas AlUla Hotel is completely unique. The accommodation units of this hotel are designed in the traditional style of Saudi Arabia and are very similar to the architecture of traditional houses in the Middle East.

In the construction of different parts of this hotel, especially the rooms, natural materials such as mineral stones and natural wood have been used, which has made this luxury hotel fit perfectly in the heart of nature. The color of the mold in most parts of this hotel is red, white and brown. During the construction of this hotel, the construction team tried their best to ensure that no natural resources were damaged during the construction process.

During the construction of this hotel, a lot of attention was paid to the environment and the nature of the region, and everyone tried their best to keep the surrounding environment completely pristine.

In the design of the rooms of the Habitas AlUla hotel, two sections have been installed for travelers to rest, one section is a wooden room with full-length windows equipped with beds for travelers to rest, and the other section is in front of each room with tents made of black Bedouin tents with Soft and comfortable backrests are equipped and hotel guests can lean on them to watch the nature of the area and enjoy the silence of the night in the heart of the desert.

The rooms of this hotel are designed in the form of beach beaches with a distance of a few meters from each other and are scattered in the wide area of this five-star hotel.

Habitas AlUla hotel

Habitas AlUla Hotel next to the sandstone cliffs

Habitas AlUla Hotel is located next to the sandstone cliffs, the view of most of the rooms of this five-star hotel overlooks these cliffs, and travelers can start their day every morning by watching the sunrise from behind these cliffs. Only the guests of Habitas AlUla Hotel and those who have come to visit this tourist town are allowed to enter the area and take pictures of the surrounding scenery. Upon arrival at this hotel, the local ceremonies of the Bedouin people are performed for the travelers, and the honored guests of this hotel go to their rooms with a very warm and friendly welcome and prepare for a tour in the heart of the Arabian desert.


Recreational facilities of Habitas AlUla Hotel

From mountain biking to stargazing and camel riding, these are some of the activities that you can experience while staying at the Habitas AlUla Hotel. For travelers who continue their sports program during the trip, a well-equipped gym is provided in this hotel so that the guests can take care of their fitness during the trip. At Habitas AlUla Hotel, various recreational facilities are provided for different tastes, including table tennis, bicycle rental, massage services, tennis court, and high-speed internet, which are among the recreational and sports facilities of this five-star hotel. In this luxurious hotel designed with first-class facilities, everything is ready for a dream stay in the heart of the desert.

It may be difficult for many tourists to believe this, but in a part of this hotel, a large and well-equipped swimming pool has been designed right next to the sand rocks so that the guests of this hotel can use the facilities of this pool for bathing during their stay in this complex. Most of the travelers of Saudi Arabia tend to benefit from the facilities and water activities when traveling to this region due to the hot and humid climate of this country. The outdoor swimming pool of this luxury hotel is another recreational facility of Habitas AlUla Hotel, which is surrounded by special chairs for sunbathing, and after swimming in this wide and long pool, passengers can lie down under the desert sun and spend attractive moments.

Habitas AlUla hotel

Tama restaurant in Habitas AlUla Hotel

Tama restaurant in Habitas AlUla Hotel has gained a lot of fame in its limited period of operation, the special atmosphere of this restaurant is another reason for its popularity. While eating in this restaurant, you can enjoy watching the surrounding nature and taste the delicious Arabic food in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. In this restaurant, a variety of Arabic dishes, traditional Middle Eastern dishes and international dishes are served by one of the best international chefs. The arrangement of the tables and the interior of this restaurant, like other parts of the hotel, is completely traditional and everything is designed in the style of the Bedouin people of Arabia.

The menu of this restaurant in Habitas AlUla Hotel offers a combination of European and Middle Eastern cuisine with a focus on local ingredients. This restaurant hosts hotel guests with all kinds of food and drinks for all three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The cost of staying in the rooms of Habitas AlUla Hotel

Due to its unique location and various services, staying at Habitas AlUla Hotel can be an attractive experience for travelers who have traveled to this tourist area in Saudi Arabia for recreation and relaxation. This five-star hotel with all kinds of facilities and services has been able to be a good host for the travelers of this region.

Due to the quality of services and facilities available in this luxurious five-star hotel, the cost of staying there is also high. The hotel has a total of 30 units for travelers, and guests must book in advance to stay in these units. do, because the rooms of this unique hotel are full most days of the year. The price base of this hotel’s rooms depends on various factors, including the date of reservation, special programs of the hotel in each season, and various other factors. To know the price of booking accommodation units at this hotel, you can visit the website of Habitas AlUla Hotel or ask international travel agencies to reserve the rooms of this hotel for your travel date.

Habitas AlUla hotel


Habitas AlUla Hotel is undoubtedly the symbol of tourism in Saudi Arabia. The government of this country has designed and established this five-star hotel in the heart of the desert in order to promote tourism and develop the tourism industry in order to introduce the guests to the culture and traditions of the people of Saudi Arabia.

In the design of the accommodation units of this hotel, special attention has been paid to the environment, and all parts of this five-star hotel have been designed and executed with completely natural materials.



1- How much does it cost to stay at Habitas AlUla Hotel?

The prices of Habitas AlUla Hotel are determined according to various factors, the travel time of tourists, special travel packages designed by the hotel management, and other such things directly affecting the cost of staying at Habitas AlUla Hotel. To see the prices, you can visit the website of this hotel and enter your travel date so that the prices will be displayed to you.


2-What kind of room can I book at Habitas AlUla Hotel?

The room options at the Habitas AlUla Hotel are limited, this hotel has only 30 villa-like accommodation units for guests to stay.


3- Who is the owner of Habitas AlUla Hotel?

Oliver Ripley, one of the biggest and most famous entrepreneurs in the world, who manages many collections, opened the Habitas AlUla Hotel in 2017. Oliver Ripley is the founder and CEO of this five-star hotel.


4- How many stars is Habitas AlUla Hotel?

Habitas AlUla Hotel is a 5-star complex that provides various facilities for its guests, one of the most attractive facilities of this hotel is its large outdoor pool.

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