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Hijij Village: An Amazing Attraction in the Heart of the Mountains of Kermanshah

Hijij Village

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Hijij Village

Kermanshah is one of the oldest lands in Iran and has preserved many ancient artifacts within its borders. Throughout history, this province has faced various challenges, but its people have always remained faithful to their cultural identity. Kermanshah is home to diverse historical and natural attractions that attract both domestic and foreign travelers. However, in this article from Eligasht, we aim to introduce you to Hijij Village in Kermanshah. This village is located in the county of Paveh in Kermanshah province, nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by forests. Join us to learn more about Hijij Village in Kermanshah.

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Introducing Hijij Village in Kermanshah

Hijij Village in Kermanshah is one of the tourist attractions in Kermanshah province and the Oramanat region. This village is located 25 kilometers away from the city of Paveh and is popular among tourists due to its stepped houses. The village is also loved by nature enthusiasts for its rocky mountains, green landscapes, clear springs, and winding roads that captivate everyone’s attention. Due to limited land, the rooftop of each house is considered a backyard, where children play and parents enjoy the view.

The reason for naming the village Hajiij is because it is located in a place called Hajiij. Hajiij means green and deep valley, and because the village is situated in this valley, it is named Hajiij.


The best season to travel to Hajiij Village in Kermanshah

This village has a moderate and mountainous climate and enjoys cool weather during the warm seasons. In spring, beautiful and colorful flowers bloom in the foothills of the mountains, creating a delightful scenery. However, in winter, the village experiences very cold weather, so if you are not fond of outdoor activities and mountaineering in harsh conditions, winter is not the ideal time to travel to this area. Therefore, it can be said that the best season to travel to Hajiij Village in Kermanshah is spring and summer.


Introduction to the attractions of Hajiij Village in Kermanshah

Hajiij Village in Kermanshah has many attractions, and in the following, we intend to introduce some of them to you.

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Nature tourism in Hajiij Village

This terraced village has a beautiful and stunning nature that attracts everyone. Not only the houses built in this area are terraced, but by going a little further away from the village houses and walking along the road, you will see extraordinary views of this village. On the left side of the road, your eyes will catch a glimpse of a cave located in the foothills of the mountain, with a diameter of 6 meters. This cave has a strong spring water that emerges from the depths of the earth and joins the Sirvan River. The people of Hajiij call this spring “Bal Spring.”

The same path on the road leads you to another pit where, by taking 10 to 15 steps into this area, you encounter some steps, and by climbing the steps, you will see a well of clear water that gives you a sense of tranquility. The water of this well is the source of Bal Spring and has healing properties due to its mineral content.

Hijij Village

Visit to Shahou Heights

By following the path of Hajiij Village in Kermanshah, you will reach the Shahou Heights, which are part of the Zagros Mountain range. Beautiful and pristine natural meadows are located in this area, and the green meadows of Piazmisha and Gawol provide a pleasant landscape for you. Make sure to bring a camera with you to capture and preserve the memories of this lush area.


The central mosque of Hajiij Village in Kermanshah

The central mosque of Hajiij Village in Kermanshah showcases ancient Iranian architecture with wooden columns beautiful ornamental woodwork and artistic windows and doors made by carpenters who consider themselves descendants of the same artist who came to this place with a whale. Likewise, they believe that the people of the village consider their own song as the descendant of that man, and they also make the necessary tools for the livelihood of the people of Uraman.


Sirvan River

Sirvan River is one of the most important and famous rivers near Horaman and close to Hajiij Village in Kermanshah. It divides the Uraman region into two parts with a long and winding path. Along this river, there are places to listen to the sounds of nature and admire its beauty. The Darian Dam built on this river has given a special view to the area.


Imamzadeh Seyyed Abidullah

There is an Imamzadeh named Imamzadeh Seyyed Abidullah in this village, who is one of the descendants of Imam Musa Kazem. This Imamzadeh is considered honorable by the people of Hajiij. The people of this village mainly perform their vows and pilgrimages at this Imamzadeh.


Possible activities in Hajiij Village:

  1. Take a picnic and explore nature by walking through the village. Enjoy the architectural beauty of the terraced houses and create wonderful memories.
  2. Discover the historical aspects of the village hidden in the mosque and other religious centers, and learn from them.
  3. Experience boating in the Sirvan River and enjoy the pleasant weather.
  4. Engage in mountain climbing in the Shahou Heights. However, make sure to have the necessary equipment for a mountainous area.
  5. Don’t forget to bring your camera along. Taking photos of this area can contribute to the tourism industry.
  6. Another important activity in this village is attending the traditional performance called “Samā” and experiencing the musical instrument called “Shamshamal,” which is similar to a flute. It has a melancholic and captivating sound and is used in many ceremonies and mourning rituals in the village.

Hijij Village

Final words

Hajiij Village in Kermanshah is one of the tourist attractions in the Kermanshah province and the Uramanat region. It offers beautiful and stunning nature, unique terraced architecture, historical and cultural aspects, refreshing and healing springs, the Sirvan River, and the Shahou Mountains. The village is an ideal place for picnicking, boating, mountain climbing, visiting the Imamzadeh Seyyed Abidullah, and experiencing the traditional music and instrument of Shamshamal.



1- Where is Hajiij Village located?

Hajiij Village is located in the Kermanshah province of Iran, specifically in the Uramanat region.

2- What is the best time to visit Hajiij Village?

The best time to visit Hajiij Village is during the spring and summer seasons when the weather is pleasant, and the natural surroundings are in full bloom.

3- What are the main attractions in Hajiij Village?

Some of the main attractions in Hajiij Village include the terraced architecture, the historical mosque, the healing springs, the picturesque Sirvan River, and the Shahou Mountains for mountain climbing.

4- Are there any accommodations available in Hajiij Village?

Hajiij Village is a small village, and while it may not have large hotel chains, there are local guesthouses and homestays available for visitors to stay and experience the local hospitality.

5- Is it possible to engage in outdoor activities in Hajiij Village?

Yes, Hajiij Village offers various outdoor activities such as walking and hiking in scenic surroundings, boating in the Sirvan River, and mountain climbing in the Shahou Mountains. These activities allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area.

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