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Everything about the red island “Hormuz” in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Hormuz Island is one of the beautiful southern islands of Iran that has attracted countless tourists in recent years. travelers can see pristine nature tourism attractions, and get to know the culture and customs of the residents of Hormuz Island. In this article from Eligasht, we will discuss everything you need to know about Hormuz island such as the geographical location of Hormuz, the means of transportation to travel to Hormuz, public transportation on the island, and the attractions of this place. In this regard, you can get to know this beautiful and pristine area completely.

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Where is Hormuz Island?

Hormuz Island is located eight kilometers from Bandar Abbas and 42 kilometers from the Persian Gulf. This island is considered one of the most beautiful southern islands of Iran, which is also known as the paradise of geologists. Hormuz map based on topographical maps looks like an unfinished cone and this island has rocky heights, mountains, beaches and plains, and the presence of different heights on the surface of the island has created pristine and spectacular landscapes. Today, it is considered one of the popular tourist areas of Iran due to its beautiful scenery.

The tourist attractions of Hormuz island

When you arrive in Hormuz, your first question is, what attractions should we visit in Hormuz? In response, we must tell you that the attractions of Hormuz are divided into two categories: natural and cultural. Today, Hormuz Island is famous for countless tourists because of its nature tourism attractions. In Hormuz, if you want to see all the nature tourism attractions, you should spend at least one week on it. There are dozens of special nature tourism works on this island, and we will explain some of them below.


Valley of statues

The Valley of Statues is one of the attractions of Hormuz in a range of more than one kilometer. As a result of the wind and rain, the carved rocks have created different shapes that resemble statues of humans, animals and mythical creatures. Each tourist, with his imagination, makes a statue and a special sculpture in his mind from this art made by nature. One of the best attractions in Hormuz that must be visited is the mysterious valley of statues.

Rainbow Valley

Without a doubt, Rainbow Valley is one of the most beautiful attractions on Hormuz Island and one of the most valuable natural sights in Iran. This colorful and astonishing valley is one of the geological destinations in Iran that attracts the attention of many scientists around the world. Accordingly, many tourists from different parts of Iran go to Rainbow Valley to enjoy watching the magical coloring of nature. Due to the accumulation of different layers of sedimentary rocks and volcanic rocks in the land of Hormuz, the soil of this region has a significant variety of different materials and compositions. All kinds of salts, along with minerals, each of which has its chemical composition, have caused the colorful and spectacular soil of Hormuz Island to form.

the goddess of the salt mountain

The turquoise salt goddess mountain is another attraction of Hormuz island, which attracts many tourists to this area due to its beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. The Goddess of Salt Mountain is a huge and magnificent salt crystal in the heart of Hormuz Island. This big salt mountain was formed by wind erosion during different geological periods. The Goddess of Salt Mountain has a special and useful salt that makes the presence of this area induce pure and pleasant relaxation to the visitors. The orange and strange water that passes through the crystals and under the salt goddess mountain with its melodious and ear-pleasing sound over time has caused the formation of the salt goddess cave.

Sea caves

The high rocky beaches are one of the attractions of Hormuz that have created special and impressive views on this island. The beautiful sea caves of Hormuz are located on the slopes of these magnificent rocky areas. These caves have a special and exceptional environment that will impress every viewer. The sound of sea waves and their reflection in the heart of these caves creates a mysterious and very beautiful atmosphere. Sunshine and sea breeze in a pristine and spectacular atmosphere will bring great relaxation to tourists. Sea caves and coastal rocks are one of the special sights of Hormuz Island that will create a memorable experience for visitors.

Hormuz Red Beach

Red Beach, which is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Hormuz Island, is located in the south of the island. The stunning and beautiful coloring of this beach evokes images sent from the surface of the planet Mars. The combination of colors with iron oxide has created a colorful and red beach that has advanced several meters into the sea. This causes the waves that reach the Red Beach to be red and blood-like. Walking on this wonderful and pristine beach and watching the beautiful sunset of the Persian Gulf in this happy and relaxing atmosphere has made Red Beach one of the best attractions of Hormuz Island.


Portuguese castle

The combination of Iranian architecture with conventional architecture in the construction of European castles at that time has turned the Portuguese castle into one of the most spectacular historical attractions of Hormuz Island. The thick and high walls of this castle offer tourists a wide and beautiful view of the Persian Gulf. Various parts of this castle are available for tourists to visit, the most famous and beautiful of which is the castle reservoir. This reservoir was originally a church with Iranian-European architecture. Gothic arches and columns inspired by palm trees give a special atmosphere to this underground church

Later, due to the infiltration of rainwater into this part of this hall, it was changed from a church to a reservoir. Armory warehouses, prisons, central water reservoirs, banquet halls, and troops accommodation rooms are other parts of Portuguese Castle. Two Portuguese cannons and rare cannons are other interesting pieces of equipment of this castle as one of the famous attractions of Hormuz.

Hormuz entertainment

On Hormuz Island, you can experience various activities such as swimming, cycling, and photography. One of the best pastimes on the island is undoubtedly swimming, which you can easily do on the beaches of Hormuz. The best time to swim in the coastal waters of Hormuz Island is from November to May. Cycling is considered another entertainment in Hormuz that Hormuz travelers. Travelers can take their bikes to Hormuz or rent them on the island. On Hormuz Island, there is a 24 km long sea bike lane where you can ride a bike with the background music of the sea and enjoy seeing the red soil of the island and its colorful rocks.

To watch the sunrise and sunset, you can choose from Mufanaq Beach, Morgan Beach, and Red Beach. Also, the sunset cliff is one of the best attractions of Hormuz, from the top of the rock, residents usually watch the sunset. Photography is one of the other activities that travelers do on Hormuz Island, and the best locations for photography are the Salt Caves, Rainbow Valley, Sunset Precipice Statue Valley, Sea Caves, Red Beach, and Morgan Beach. Every corner of Hormuz can be a frame for taking pictures of the beautiful coastal nature and the sea of the Persian Gulf.

How to go to Hormuz?

Another question from users is how to go to Hormuz. And what kind of transportation is possible to reach the island? In response, we must tell you that you have two ways to go to Hormuz. You can use Qeshm Island and go to Hormuz by speedboat at Bandar Zakeri Wharf, and another is to reach Hormuz Island through Shahid Haqqani Wharf from Bandar Abbas using sea buses.

When is the best season to travel to Hormuz?

we must tell you that the best time to travel to Hormuz is autumn and winter. As you know, Hormuz Island is located below the equator and has a hot and humid climate, therefore the temperature in the summer season reaches about 55 degrees Celsius and the air humidity is very high.  In autumn and winter, the average temperature of Hormuz Island is 20-23 degrees Celsius, which is considered the best time to travel to this island. During the Nowruz holidays and the first month of April, countless travelers choose Hormuz Island, which is considered the busiest day on the island. Usually, all its accommodations are booked one or two months in advance during the Nowruz holidays.

Where to stay in Hormuz?

There are several eco-tourism accommodations on Hormuz Island that you can choose for your stay, but if you are traveling during the high season and intend to stay in Hormuz, you should book your accommodation at least one or two months in advance.

One-day tour in Hormuz

If you want to save time, you can choose the Hormuz one-day tour. These tours are organized by Qeshm or Bandar Abbas travel agencies. Many travelers choose a one-day tour of Hormuz due to the difficulty of transportation on Hormuz Island and saving time, so that you can see the most attractions of Hormuz in the shortest time. Hormuz tours usually start at 8 in the morning and end by 7 in the evening. Transportation to reach the island is by sea buses from Bandar Abbas, and in Qeshm they use high-speed motor boats to reach Hormuz Island.

Usually, you visit 5 or 6 attractions of Hormuz in one-day tours or with an experienced local guide. The places to visit are usually the Cave of the Goddess of Salt, the Rainbow Valley and colorful mountains, the Valley of Statues and Mysterious Rocks, and the Red Beach of Hormuz. Then you can see the attractions inside the island, such as Dr. Nadalian’s museum house and the Portuguese castle. Sometimes, depending on the quality of the tour and time management, there may be one or two more attractions than the mentioned places in the Hormuz one-day tour. Of course, we must state that visiting Hormuz nature tourism areas should be done in groups, because some of them have difficult paths and are far from medical centers, and you should avoid going in small groups.

How is public transportation on Hormuz Island?

for public transportation in Hormuz, you can use tricycles and tuk-tuks and tour the island with an experienced local driver. You can also rent bicycles from centers on Hormuz Island. During the travel seasons, the residents of Hormuz use their cars to transport passengers.

     Tricycle or tuk tuk

The tricycle is an attractive vehicle that you can experience while traveling to Hormuz Island. These types of motorbikes can be seen in abundance in India and Phuket and are used to transport people. The tricycle has a capacity of four passengers and is considered one of the cheapest means of transportation on Hormuz Island. Most residents of Hormuz have tricycles or tuk-tuks.

     Bicycle rental in Hormuz

In Hormuz Island, if you are a skilled cyclist, you can rent a bicycle for a few days and easily visit the island’s sights. If the bike breaks down, you don’t need to worry because it has support and you can ask them for help and support with a phone call. Renting a bicycle in Hormuz is also very cheap and you can benefit from it.


What to buy souvenirs from Hormuz?

You can buy local clothes and needlework fabrics for women on Hormuz Island. Beautiful burqas are also sold in the local market of Hormuz, which is considered a small and suitable souvenir. Shell jewelry is another famous souvenir of Hormuz, where you can buy beautiful bracelets and necklaces. You should also refrain from buying the colored glass of the soil and by buying the colored soil of Hormuz, help preserve the mineral resources of this island. Spices, fish, and shrimp are famous food souvenirs of Hormuz Island that you can easily buy.

Frequently asked questions about Hormuz Island


     Where is Hormuz Island?


Hormuz is located eight kilometers from Bandar Abbas and 42 kilometers from the Persian Gulf. Hormuz is located in the south of Iran in the Strait of Hormuz and is located between the Makran Sea and the Persian Gulf.


     How to go to Hormuz?


You can easily go to Hormuz Island through Qeshm and Bandar Abbas. The distance from Bandar Abbas from Shahid Haqqani port to Hormuz by sea bus is only thirty minutes, and the distance from Zakeri Qeshm wharf to Hormuz takes two hours and fifty minutes.


     When is the best season to travel to Hormuz?


The best time to travel to Hormuz is autumn and winter when the average temperature is 20-23 degrees Celsius, and travelers usually choose this time to travel to this Island.


     Where to stay in Hormuz?


Today, several ecotourism lodges have been established on Hormuz Island, which is the best place to stay in Hormuz. Among the eco-tourism resorts, we can mention Ranginkaman, Majra, and Madar Hasan. Also, there are two hotels on Hormuz Island called Red Beach and Hormuz.


     What are the means of transportation in Hormuz Island?


The best means of public and cheap transportation on the island is the tricycle or the tuk-tuk that you can use to go anywhere. Also, in Hormuz Island, you can rent a two-wheeler, which you can choose for your commute.

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