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Complete Travel Guide to Iran 2023

by Parastoo Sahebi
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A complete travel guide to Iran has the points that every traveler who plans to travel to Iran must know. Traveling to any foreign country has its customs. The beautiful country of Iran is no exception to this. Iran is a Middle Eastern country with an area of 1,648,195 square kilometers. it is the 17th largest country in the world and with a population of 81,672,000 people.

In this article from Eligasht, we will explain to you all the requirements and points of a memorable trip to Iran.

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The best time to travel to Iran

Iran is known as a country with four seasons due to its vastness and geographical conditions. This means that sometimes in the north of Iran, it is freezing and the ski slopes are crowded in the city of Tehran, in the south and on the southern islands of Iran, you can enjoy the pleasant sun, or you can camp in the deserts of Iran in the center of Iran and enjoy the silence of the night. So don’t limit your trip to Iran to a few tourist cities in Iran. Therefore, the best season to visit Iran depends on the destination and purpose of your visit to Iran.

However, in our Complete travel Guide to Iran, we might say that the best time to travel to Iran is in the spring, from March to the end of May, and in the fall, from the end of September to the end of October. In these months, Iran’s weather is neither too hot nor too cold. You will have the opportunity to enjoy both cultural activities and adventurous programs such as mountain climbing, swimming in Iran’s waterfalls, and Iran nature.

Complete travel Guide to Iran: Travel requirements in Iran

  • To travel to Iran, you must get a tourist visa. Fortunately, getting a visa to travel to Iran has become easier.
  • Do not worry about the passport stamp to travel to Iran. Special measures are taken for foreign tourists. They will give you an entry and exit card from Iran.

Cities of Iran

Each of the cities of Iran with its different culture, ancient history, and native artists is considered a valuable destination for tourism. In this part of our Complete travel Guide to Iran, we will introduce you to the beautiful cities of Iran.


According to the Culture Trip website, Isfahan is at the top of the list of tourist cities in Iran and annually hosts many tourists from all over the world. Among the countless sights of Isfahan, you can find Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Bird Garden of Isfahan, Si O Se Pol, Janban Minar, Qaisarieh Bazaar, Safa Mountain Park, Khajo Bridge, Naqsh Jahan Square, Imam Mosque of Isfahan, Vank Church, Chaharbagh Abbasi, Chehl Palace. Isfahan Column, Isfahan Aquarium, Sheikh Bahai Bath, Bethlehem Church, and Najvan Park.


Shiraz, the city of poetry and literature, is one of the other recommended cities on the list of the prestigious Culture Trip website. Eram Garden of Shiraz, Narenjestan Garden of Qavam, Jahan Nama Garden of Shiraz, Vakil Hammam of Shiraz, Saadi Tomb, Shahcheragh Tomb, Karim Khan Citadel of Shiraz, Koran Gate of Shiraz, Zaint al-Mulk House, Vakil Bazaar, Hafiziya, Vakil Mosque of Shiraz and Margun Waterfall are just a corner of are the sights of Shiraz. Pasargad and Persepolis in Fars province are among the most prominent historical attractions in the country, and their magnificence alone draws many tourists to Iran.

12 of the best hotels in Shiraz for a unique stay in Iran



In modern Iran, Tabriz has earned the title of first in many fields.in the Complete travel Guide to Iran, we include Tabriz Bazaar, Constitutional Museum, Ostad Shahryar House, Tabriz Azerbaijan Museum, Tomb of Tabriz Poets, Tabriz Blue Mosque, Mount Aun Bin Ali, Tabriz Municipal Building, Eel Goli, Tabriz Bilurchian House, Thiqa Al Islam House, Complex Laleh Park, Tabriz Nobar Bath, and Talche Road Bridge (Aji Chai as the most important sights in Tabriz


As the capital of the country, Tehran is also full of various cultural, historical, and recreational attractions. Tehran’s Golestan Palace, Tehran’s Milad Tower, Tochal Cable Car, Tehran’s Moghadam Museum, Tehran’s Brothers of Hope Museum, Tehran’s Saad Abad Palace, Iran’s Money Museum, Charsu Cinema Campus, National Jewelry Museum, Darband, Ostad Farshchian Museum, Sabz Museum Palace, Tehran Bazaar, Azadi Square, Dizin Ski Resort, Hall of Mirrors, Tehran Tajrish Bazaar and Tehran’s Nature Bridge are only a limited number of Tehran’s attractions.



We surely must introduce Kish in the Complete travel Guide to Iran. Kish is the pearl of the Persian Gulf and a beautiful Iranian island located in the south of the country. It has a beautiful and unique nature and calm beaches covered with coral sands and clear and transparent sea water that makes it possible to observe all kinds of aquatic life in the depths. Many travelers travel to this island every year to enjoy its nature and peaceful atmosphere along with its recreational and tourist attractions.

The sights of Iran do not end here and from Yazd and Kashan to Rasht and Masal, from Abadan and Qeshm to Mashhad and Qom, the vast country of Iran is full of natural, historical, religious, cultural, and artistic attractions.

Complete travel Guide to Iran:  Money on a trip to Iran

Because the credit cards of other countries are not active in Iran. And you shouldn’t have a lot of cash with you while sightseeing, you can use gift cards, or consult your tour leader…

It is important to know the rules and regulations of the airport. so you don’t get into trouble. Use reputable exchanges to convert your money.

The dollar is the best type of currency for the whole country of Iran, but Euro and the British pound are also accepted in big cities. Dollars and Euros are currencies that can easily be exchanged in exchanges.

The currency of Iran

The official currency in Iran is Rial. But locally, one zero has been reduced from Rial and it is called Toman. This issue is not too confusing, it is enough to multiply the desired number by 10 when Toman is mentioned in the payments.

As the Complete travel Guide to Iran, we should say that only when buying, be sure to ask the price of goods or services in riyals and tomans. almost all services and prices of goods are mentioned in Tomans, so it is enough to add a zero to the desired number. For example, 5000 Tomans is 50000 Rials. Therefore, before ordering or buying something, be sure to check whether it is Riyal or Toman, because you may pay 10 times more or 10 times less.

The currency of Iran

Complete travel Guide to Iran: Transportation in Iran

Public transportation in Iran is cheap and convenient. Trains, buses, and taxis are options that you can travel around the country. In the big cities of Iran, you can use the metro transportation system to move around the city.

In most taxis in Iran, you should know the price of the route before getting into the taxi. Of course, you can download the Snapp app. Snapp is like Uber in Iran, the prices of the route are determined there, so there is no need to discuss the price of the route.

Internet and social media operating systems in Iran

In Iran, almost all hotels and guesthouses have free wifi for travelers and tourists. in hotels and hospitality establishments and others There are no restrictions for using wifi in places in Iran.

Security in Iran for foreign tourists

Contrary to the negative propaganda about Iran, Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East region for tourists. In Iran, there are very rare reports of theft from tourists. Many travelers and tourists have declared that traveling to Iran is much safer than traveling to Europe. As the Complete travel Guide to Iran, we suggest you be careful of your money and things in crowded places.

It is also safe to travel to Iran alone and even women travel alone to Iran. However, women should avoid faraway places and walk alone at night when traveling alone to Iran.

Travel to Iran with children

If you want to travel to Iran with your children, you don’t need to worry. Nature, food, architecture, people, and other things will be surprising for children on a trip to Iran. In addition, there is no special clothing coverage for children. There are also public changing rooms for children. You won’t have to stress about finding a place to change your baby’s diaper. However, if your child needs a stroller, some hotels or guesthouses may not have such facilities.

Flying with Children

The characteristics of Iranian People

In this part of our Complete travel Guide to Iran, we want to talk about Iranian culture and Iranian characteristics. Iranians are emotional and very warm-hearted people, they approach you and shake hands with you. They take pictures with you. They will ask for your Instagram and email addresses so they can catch up with you.

Also, there is a behavior for politeness among Iranians, which is called Taarof. It means that when you want to pay for services or purchases, Iranians will not accept your money immediately. But This does not mean that you will not pay any money. After your insistence, they will accept.

Iranian cuisine

We are in the delicious part of the Complete travel Guide to Iran. kebab is one of the most famous Iranian dishes, but Iranians have many diverse and delicious dishes. We might add that The traditional and local foods of each region of Iran, especially in ecotourism houses and ecotourism residences in the villages of Iran, are different from the foods of hotels and restaurants.

In some Iranian restaurants called traditional restaurants, there are special places covered with carpets. on which you should take off your shoes and eat. In these restaurants, be ready to eat authentic Iranian food, i.e. Abgousht or Dizi.

Inside Iran, tea is the most important drink among Iranians. Except for the big cities of Iran where there are lots of coffee shops.

You don’t need to buy a water bottle in Iran to drink water. You can drink safe tap water almost anywhere in Iran.

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages are not sold in any restaurant or store in Iran. Foreign tourists are also prohibited from importing alcoholic beverages into Iran. Instead of alcohol in Iran.

Iranian meat dishes are prepared in halal form according to Islamic orders. Eating cattle like pigs and some aquatic creatures is prohibited in Iran.

Although some of Iran’s sweets are famous, such as Qatab of Yazd and Sohan of Isfahan, every city in Iran has its sweets and food. Do not neglect the pleasure of trying them.

The Most Delicious Dishes of Iran According to Tourists


Complete travel Guide to Iran: important rules in Iran

  • Women in Iran must have the Islamic hijab. It is mandatory to wear a scarf. It is also recommended for women wear loose clothing.
  • In Iran, drinking alcohol is a crime, so if you enter Iran, you should not drink alcohol or have it with you.
  • Photography of military and government areas is prohibited in Iran and is subject to legal action.

Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Iran

Final words

Every traveler needs information and helps to know his destination to ensure his future trip. Traveling to Iran is not exempt from this rule. This Complete travel Guide to Iran can prepare tourists to experience a memorable trip to Iran. On the one hand, it provides a general view of Iran to tourists that know little about this beautiful and unique country.

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