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Everything about Urmia railway station and its access ways

Urmia railway station

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Urmia railway station

Urmia Railway Station is one of the most important railway stations in northwest Iran. Located in Urmia City, West Azerbaijan province, it is a central hub for transporting passengers and goods throughout the northwest region of the country.

Urmia is the capital of West Azarbaijan province and is the tenth most populated city in Iran. This city has gone through various events and over time, it has progressed a lot in terms of education, medicine, and business. This city has a great location and is located near Urmia Lake and Urmia Plain. In this article from Eligasht, we will fully introduce you to the Urmia railway station and its access ways. So if you want to visit this city, stay with us until the end of the article.


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Urmia railway station- main information

Urmia railway station is located on the Urmia-Oshnavieh road, which is about 10 kilometers southeast of the city center. This railway station is one of the newly built stations and has a stylish and modern appearance. To reach this station, you need to take a taxi and bus. Also, if you have a personal vehicle, you can park it in the parking lot.

Furthermore, Urmia Railway Station is known as one of the most important transit stations on the Baku-Tehran and Tehran-Urmia railway lines. These railway lines are connected to the southern Caucasian and eastern European countries and have made Urmia Station one of the most important transit centers in the region.

Finally, due to its favorable geographical location and proximity to the border with southern Caucasian and eastern European countries, Urmia Railway Station is recognized as one of the most important transportation hubs in the northwest region of Iran. It is also known as one of the research and educational centers for railways in Iran, and some training courses and workshops for railway employees are held at the station.

Urmia railway station

Urmia railway station has a railway line and two passenger platforms and is managed by Iran Railways. The station has a building with a new design and a very large area so that passengers do not have problems with the increase in population.

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Station amenities

Urmia railway station was opened only some years ago, and for this reason, the most up-to-date facilities were used in its construction. Upon entering the railway, passengers will notice the new and luxurious facilities of the station and will spend the waiting moments in complete peace.

The amenities of Urmia railway station include a prayer room, central warehouse, station doctor, digital boards announcing the status of trains, audio and video system, snack and souvenir buffet, signboards, waiting room, police station, ATM, elevator, water cooler, escalator, parking lot, public telephone, ticket counter, passenger information, and mobile charging counter.


Urmia railway routes

The construction of railways in Iran dates back to the Qajar era, at that time a route was built between Rasht and Pirbazar Port and Anzali Port, of which there are still remnants. Today, with the expansion of rail routes throughout the country, passengers can easily travel to the farthest parts of Iran and enjoy traveling by train.

Urmia railway station, like other stations, has many entrances and exits, and many passengers go to and from Urmia every year.

The rail routes of Urmia railway station include Urmia-Tehran, Urmia-Mashhad, Urmia-Maragheh, Urmia-Zanjan, Urmia-Ahvaz, Urmia-Tabriz, Urmia-Isfahan, Urmia-Shiraz, Urmia-Karaj, and Urmia-Kermanshah.

Urmia to Tehran route is one of the busiest routes of Urmia railway station and is very popular. This route lasts for 12 hours and 30 minutes and passes through Urmia, Mahabad, Maragheh, Mianeh, Zanjan, and Qazvin stations to reach Tehran. The route from Urmia to Mashhad is very long and it takes 24 hours and 45 minutes for the train to reach Mashhad. On this route, Raja Rail Passenger Company uses modern four-star four-seater trains to serve passengers. Other stations on this route include Urmia, Mahabad, Maragheh, Miyaneh, Zanjan, Qazvin, Tehran, Semnan, Damghan, Shahroud, and Neishabour.

The route from Urmia to Maragheh is 4 hours and 20 minutes and passes through Urmia and Mahabad stations. Persian Gulf three-star four-bed trains are used on this route.

Urmia railway station

Access ways of Urmia railway station

Urmia railway station is located in a convenient place in the city and is easily accessible by all kinds of public vehicles. There are taxis outside the station for passengers.

Address: West Azarbaijan province, Urmia city, Urmia road, Oshnavieh, railway boulevard, railway station.


Benefits of traveling by train in Urmia

If you have never traveled by train, you should know that traveling by train is one of the best ways to travel. The price of the Urmia train ticket, for example, is much cheaper than the plane ticket. Therefore, it can be considered among the cheap methods of travel and transportation. The types of trains in Urmia are in the form of compartments or saloons. Urmia’s compartment trains can be considered a mobile hotels. In these coupes, the cooling and heating system has a good performance. You can also relax on the bed and enjoy the peace of the trip. It is also possible to freely use the library, toilet, buffet, and train restaurant at any moment. You should also know that traveling by train is safer than other methods of travel. Trains usually leave on time and arrive at their destination on time. Therefore, it can be said that they provide the best travel plan for you. For all these reasons, buying Urmia train tickets is the best way to travel to Urmia.

In conclusion, traveling to Urmia by train offers several benefits, including scenic routes, convenience, affordability, eco-friendliness, comfort, and the opportunity to socialize. So, if you’re planning a trip to Urmia, consider traveling by train for a unique and enjoyable experience.

Urmia railway station

Guide to choosing the best train to travel to Urmia

When buying Urmia train tickets, you will be faced with various options. This may make it difficult for you to book Urmia train tickets. The length of the Urmia route varies from different cities. For example, you will be traveling from Tehran to Urmia for about 14 hours. Therefore, there is no Urmia bus train on this route. In short routes, you can get a ticket for the indoor train to Urmia. The cheapest Urmia train tickets are always indoor trains. After that, there are compartment trains. Compartment trains are divided into two types, four-passenger, and six-passenger. To buy a 4-seater Urmia train ticket, you have to pay more compared to buying a 6-seater Urmia train ticket. In addition, next to the name of each train, the number of stars is included. Urmia train tickets are mostly 2 and 3 stars. 3-star trains provide you with more facilities. Of course, 2-star trains are among the cheapest train tickets in Urmia.


How to buy and reserve train tickets

The easiest way to buy a train ticket from Urmia railway station is online ticket reservation. But you can go to the station to buy tickets in person.


Final words

Urmia Railway Station, located in the northwest region of Iran, is one of the most important railway stations in the country. With four platforms and seven rail tracks, it serves as a central hub for transporting passengers and goods throughout the region. The station is recognized as one of the most important centers for transporting cargo and passengers in northwest Iran, and more than 20 international transportation companies operate near the station. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Urmia Railway Station is an essential transportation hub to know when traveling to or from the northwest region of Iran.

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