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Burj Al Arab | Dubai’s 7 Star Hotel

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in the world. This tower is a true symbol of luxury in the UAE. This 7-star masterpiece offers its guests a different experience of staying in the city of Dubai. The design of the facade of this tower is similar to a big sail of a ship, and its variety of amenities can be considered one of the reasons for the immense popularity of Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Luxury at Burj Al Arab Dubai

The 7-star Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai can be considered one of the symbols of the glory and beauty of the UAE. The luxurious amenities and stunning architecture of this tower can be considered as one of the main reasons for its global fame. The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is 321 meters high. This luxurious tower is designed to resemble the sail of a ship, making it a real architectural wonder.

The excellent location of this hotel in the middle of an artificial island can be seen as one of the reasons for the attractiveness of Burj Al Arab for the guests. The luxury reception at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai starts from the moment you enter this place and continues until your departure. As you go to your room in the glass elevator, the view is unique and dreamlike.

Burj Al Arab is located a few steps away from Jumeirah Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the UAE. The unique architecture of this hotel is truly admirable. The variety of services and the beauty of this hotel has made Burj Al Arab Dubai a 7-star hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab is actually a turning point in the development and growth of Dubai as a modern metropolis and has made this city famous as a global symbol of luxury in the world.

Burj Al Arab & Modern Emirates

Burj Al Arab Hotel is a symbol of the modern UAE. This hotel is one of the most iconic luxury towers in the world, which is recognized by all people in the world as a symbol of the United Arab Emirates. Burj Al Arab is not just a hotel, it is a real symbol for the UAE and is considered a shining point in the development of this country.

In the early 90s, the UAE was in the midst of its economic development and was slowly becoming a paradise for the rich in Europe and Asia; However, no one could have imagined the magnificent beauty of present-day UAE. Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai was the launching point for the development of this country and made it reach its current position. With the construction of Burj Al Arab in the UAE, the missing piece of this small country in the Persian Gulf was formed and the UAE became one of the world’s most popular tourism hubs.

Since the early 1990s, the government of the UAE has been making conscious efforts to push the country’s economy towards tourism and make Dubai a destination for the rich and powerful people of the world. In 1993, the UAE government contacted the British architecture company “Atkins” to design a building as a symbol of the UAE for this Arab country in the Persian Gulf, so that people in the world would recognize this country with this building. Burj Al Arab became a reality with the design of the British architect named “Tom Wright” and its construction was completed in 1999.


Burj Al Arab & Jumeirah Beach

Burj Al Arab in Dubai is actually built on an artificial island of 280 square meters and is located next to Jumeirah Beach. Only guests of Burj Al Arab Dubai and those who have reserved a table in one of the restaurants of this tower are allowed to enter this building.

The entrance to this hotel is separated from the city by a checkpoint controlled by private security guards, which you must pass through in order to enter the Burj Al Arab Dubai hotel. The area around Burj Al Arab is an Arabic-style neighborhood occupied by luxury houses and luxury villas, and nearby there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai, Jumeirah Beach. Guests arrive at Burj Al Arab by helicopter or Rolls Royce and there are 8 staff for each guest.

The Unique Design of Burj Al Arab

The unique design of Burj Al Arab is evident in all parts of this luxurious hotel. This hotel has a large lobby to welcome guests, in the middle of which there is a very large fountain. On top of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, there is a special space for helicopter landing, so that the passengers of this hotel can land on the roof of this hotel with their helicopter.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai has a total of 202 luxury suites to welcome the special guests of Dubai. The suites are designed with a mix of Arabic and modern styles and feature marble floors and stylish furniture. The variety of suites in this hotel is stunning, and travelers can book the two-story suites of this complex, which come with a dedicated cinema.

This hotel has a wide range of amenities such as various restaurants, a private beach, a swimming pool and spa, and well-equipped gyms. The spa center of this hotel offers a variety of services to the guests, including traditional Arab bath experiences, as well as a sauna, jacuzzi, and indoor pool.

Burj Al Arab Dubai hotel guests can also experience a wide range of water sports and beach activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, and water park. The smallest and cheapest suite of this hotel has an area of about 170 square meters, and a private study room and jacuzzi can be included among the amenities too. Most of the suites in Burj AL Arab are two-story and have a private terrace with a panoramic view.

Golden Cocktails at Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai has two magnificent private swimming pools overlooking the ocean. In this hotel, a total of 10 restaurants and bars have been designed to serve travelers, and each restaurant in this hotel is managed by the most famous chefs in the world.

In the cafes of this restaurant, the best cocktails in the world are served in a completely luxurious way. Serving golden cocktails in Burj Al Arab has made the wealthy travelers of this hotel visit the cafe many times during their stay. The reason for the name is the pure 24 karat gold that is included in its ingredients.

Restaurants in Burj al arab

Al Mahara

The seafood of Al Mahara restaurant in Burj Al Arab Dubai is world famous. The special ambiance of this restaurant is another reason for its fame. You are right in the middle of a large aquarium while eating in this restaurant.

Al-Mahara is undoubtedly the most prestigious restaurant in Burj Al-Arab. In this restaurant, a variety of seafood dishes are served by the signature of the best international chefs that take the travelers to the depths of the ocean. The center of this restaurant is a large aquarium with sea water that houses rare species of sharks and is full of exotic fish and amazing sea creatures.


Al Muntaha

Al Muntaha restaurant in Burj Al Arab is another attractive place to eat in Dubai. This restaurant is located on the 27th floor and its stunning view overlooks the Persian Gulf. The menu of this restaurant offers a combination of European and Middle Eastern cuisine with a focus on local ingredients and a high-end Asian buffet.

Al Iwan

The Al Iwan restaurant of Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai has a stylish decor, with unique furniture and patterned mosaics, that provide a luxurious and authentic atmosphere for serving food. The international buffet at this Burj Al Arab restaurant in Dubai has a wide range of international dishes with an emphasis on seafood. The restaurant has a modern and stylish yet Middle Eastern decor, and its floor-to-ceiling windows offer a spectacular view of the Persian Gulf.

Luxury Boutiques in Burj Al Arab

The lobby of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is very large and houses a unique aquarium and an incredible waterfall. The entire Burj Al Arab is designed using colors and patterns that remind you of Arab traditions. But what makes the Burj Al Arab hotel lobby truly unique is the presence of high-end clothing and accessories boutiques, as well as numerous jewelers selling precious gems and diamonds to the hotel’s wealthy customers.

The luxury boutiques of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai are actually an attractive place for the rich guests of this hotel to visit; gold is clearly visible everywhere in the Burj Al Arab including the walls, elevators, furniture decorations, and rooms.

Burj Al Arab Price

What is the price of a room in Burj Al Arab? Due to its excellent location and various services, this hotel can be a unique experience for staying in Dubai. Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai has been able to be a good host for the travelers of this dream city on the edge of the Persian Gulf with all kinds of amenities and services.

A unique stay, rest and relaxation, fun, and entertainment are provided for travelers all at once in this magnificent hotel. The cost of staying in the luxury suites of this hotel starts from $1,300 per night for the smallest suites. Due to the quality of services and amenities available in this luxury hotel, the cost of staying is also high. The variety of suites in Burj Al Arab hotel is very high, and travelers can choose the desired suite based on their budget and taste. To stay in the Royal Suite of this hotel, depending on the travel time, you need to spend between $14,000 and $20,000 per night.

27th Floor of Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Visiting the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai can be considered a unique experience for the guests of this luxury hotel. The 27th floor of Burj Al Arab is perfect for those who are looking to experience luxury places with a unique view.

Most people prefer to book a place on the 27th floor and watch the stunning view of the Dubai skyline from inside the Burj Al Arab. The only way to visit Burj Al Arab if you are not staying in one of its suites is to reserve a table in one of the restaurants or cafes of this high-class hotel. Burj Al Arab attracts thousands of visitors every day, but most of them are content to see this hotel from a distance and do not enter the place.

Final Word

The iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is undoubtedly the symbol of the city of Dubai and the UAE. This high-rise building with its extremely attractive view has become one of the most unique hotels in the world. The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is the third highest hotel in the world. Many of the world’s richest people prefer to stay in the luxury suites of this hotel when they travel to the UAE and enjoy its large and luxurious space.

The special architecture of this hotel is one of the main reasons for its attractiveness. The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is designed exactly like the sail of a ship, and its interior design clearly shows the influences of traditional Arabic architecture. The variety of recreational facilities and services is also very high. This ultra-luxury hotel was opened in 1999 and its design was done by a famous English architect on the order of the UAE government. You can book your flight to Dubai 24 hours a day online with Eligasht.

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