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Introduction of 20 Best Tourist Attractions in Kashan

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Tourist Attractions in Kashan

 Exploring Iran’s History by Visiting Kashan’s Tourist Attractions

Have you ever traveled to Kashan? Do you know some of the Best Tourist Attractions in Kashan? This beautiful and historical city in Iran has numerous tourist attractions, some of which are historical sites left from the dynasties that ruled Iran, while others are recreational areas and natural attractions in this city. If you plan to travel to Kashan, you need to be familiar with these attractions to have the best itinerary for your trip. In this article, Eligasht intends to introduce 20 of the best tourist attractions in Kashan. If you are a traveler to this beautiful city, stay with us.

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Introduction to Some of Kashan’s Tourist Attractions

When we talk about Iran’s history and a place to visit historical and tourist attractions, we mostly think of the city of Isfahan. Isfahan reminds us of various historical sites and places to visit. However, other cities in Iran have different historical and tourist attractions and are the best choice for a memorable trip. One of these cities is Kashan. With a history of 7,500 years, Kashan is one of the oldest human civilizations in Iran, and a significant part of Iranian ancestors’ traditions and culture has been preserved in this city. The tourist attractions in Kashan are so numerous that you may not be able to visit all of them in one trip. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with the most notable attractions of this city before your journey, so that you can capture the best memories in this city. In the following, we will introduce a few of Kashan’s tourist attractions.


1. Bagh-e Fin, Kashan

The first and most famous attraction in Kashan is the Fin Garden complex. This complex includes a large and lush garden, which is also one of the most beautiful attractions in this city. The Fin Garden has a long history, and according to historical documents, it was ordered to be built by Jamshid, one of the ancient kings of Iran. Bagh-e Fin Kashan is one of the most important attractions in this city and a UNESCO World Heritage site, with various sections. The most notable section of this garden is the famous Fin Bath, which attracts many visitors to Kashan every year. This tourist attraction is the place where Amir Kabir, the great prime minister of the Qajar period, was assassinated. Although the Fin Bath is mostly known for the death of Amir Kabir, one should not overlook its beauty and unique architecture. This bath has two sections, one built by the order of Fath Ali Shah for the Qajar nobility and the other for the staff. One interesting fact about this garden is the existence of seven 500-year-old tiles in the staff section.

Tourist Attractions in Kashan

 2. Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is one of the most magnificent Tourist Attractions in Kashan. The architectural charm of this bathhouse is no less than the famous baths in Turkey and the city of Istanbul. This bathhouse with its blue and golden tiles, special plasterwork, Iranian skillful artists’ paintings, vaulted ceilings, and various interior decorations captivates visitors. This bathhouse is a good choice for professional photography. If you plan to visit this bathhouse, don’t miss the rooftop. The rooftop of this bathhouse is also decorated with benevolent designs and colors.


3. Agha Bozorg Mosque and School

The Agha Bozorg complex, including the Agha Bozorg Mosque and School, is one of the tourist attractions in Kashan that every Iranian should see at least once if possible. This building was constructed during the Qajar period, and according to documents, it was funded by an individual named Haj Mohammad Taqi Khanban. The complex includes various sections such as Shabestan (the main prayer hall), Sardar (entrance), Hashti (vestibule), Mogharnas (stucco work), and the most important ones, the mosque and school. An interesting point about the Agha Bozorg Mosque and School is its precise architecture. The architecture of this building is designed in a way that in the summer, cool air circulates in the domed sections, eliminating the need for cooling devices in the structure.

Tourist Attractions in Kashan

 4. Famous Houses of Kashan

Among the Tourist Attractions in Kashan, the famous houses of Kashan should be mentioned. Kashan is known as the city of important and historical houses, and most of the famous Iranian houses belong to this city. One of these notable houses is the historical Ehsan House, which is the first house built in Kashan. It was constructed by Mirza Agha Ehsan and is now used as an accommodation for foreign travelers. The 200-year-old Tabatabaei House, Borujerdi House, Abbasiyan House, Morshedi House, and Ameri House are among the other famous houses in Kashan, among which Borujerdi House is famous not only for its interesting architecture but also for its romantic story. This house is built very similarly to the Tabatabaei House, and the reason for that is the deep affection of Mr. Borujerdi’s son for the daughter of Mr. Tabatabaei. Mr. Tabatabaei’s condition for their union was the construction of a house exactly like the Tabatabaei House for his beloved daughter, which led to the construction of a similar building with slight differences from the Tabatabaei House.


5. Kashan Traditional Bazaar

Kashan Traditional Bazaar is another historical and fascinating place to visit in this city, dating back to the Safavid era according to historians. It was registered as one of Iran’s national heritage sites in 1976 and holds great historical significance in addition to its economic value for Kashan. By visiting this bazaar, you can also explore other attractions in Kashan such as Masjid-e-Mir Emad Square, Amin ol-Dowleh Timcheh, Bakhshi Timcheh, Sabagh Timcheh, Upper Bazaar Water Reservoir, Hosseiniyeh Surakh Rissman, KafashhaMosque, and Timcheh Mosque, which are all part of the bazaar’s route, allowing you to visit them as well.

Tourist Attractions in Kashan

6. Doll and Toy Museum

The Doll and Toy Museum is another captivating attraction in the city of Kashan, which is enjoyable not only for children but also for adults, despite its name. In this museum, you can observe various traditional Iranian dolls and toys. It provides a suitable place for nostalgic memories with items that entertained people in the past. The museum offers various facilities such as eco-lodges, educational workshops for children, and an exhibition section that will keep you engaged for hours.


 7. Amin o-Dowleh Timcheh

Amin o-Dowleh Timcheh is one of the best tourist attractions in Kashan, combining architecture, history, and the artistry of skilled Iranian craftsmen to create an astonishing structure. This Timcheh embodies the authenticity, grandeur, and culture of ancient Iran. Amin o-Dowleh Timcheh is, in fact, a caravanserai with the same name located in Kashan’s historical bazaar, named after its builder, Timcheh Farrokh Khan Amin al-Dawla. The construction of this Timcheh took place after the devastation of Kashan’s bazaar due to an earthquake in the late 12th century. Although the earthquake caused significant damage to the bazaar, with the efforts of the people at the time, many sections were restored. One of the sections that Amin o-Dowleh repaired is the current Timcheh and caravanserai. According to experts, Amin o-Dowleh Timcheh is considered one of the architectural masterpieces of Iran.


8. Sialk Tepe

It is rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of Sialk Tepe, one of the tourist attractions in Kashan, but only a few are familiar with the nature of these ancient mounds. Sialk Tepe is also known as a ziggurat. The ziggurat was an ancient Iranian sanctuary and a structure made of mud and clay that is one of the most famous ones in Iran, namely the Sialk Tepe. Sialk Tepe was discovered in 1951, and an interesting fact about it is that people in Kashan believed it to be cursed until its discovery. This tourist attraction consists of two mounds, each containing cemeteries dating back 3,000 and 3,500 years. This indicates the ancient civilization of this region in Kashan to the extent that historians believe these mounds were among the first places where Iranian tribes settled.

9. Ghamsar

It would be impossible to create a list of Kashan’s attractions without including Ghamsar. Ghamsar, known for its rosewater and the fragrance of its rose blossoms, holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors. If you travel to Kashan, plan your visit to Ghamsar during mid-spring. The spring season turns this city into a paradise on Earth. The plains of this city become filled with pink Persian roses in spring, and their fragrance fills the entire city. The picturesque scenery and the atmosphere created by the blooming flowers are so dreamy that no words can truly describe it.


10. Jomeh Bazaar

Jomeh Bazaar in Kashan is one of those remarkable places that offers a unique experience. In this bazaar, you can enjoy shopping and be in close contact with the people of Kashan. Everything can be found in this bazaar, from clothing to decorative items and delicious snacks, most of which are made by Kashani women artists. Additionally, in some sections of the bazaar, you can try various Kashani homemade foods. One of the challenges of this bazaar is the lack of parking space around it, so it’s better to go there using public transportation like taxis.


 11. Shah Abbas Alavi Mausoleum

Another attraction in Kashan that you should visit during your trip to this city is the Shah Abbas Alavi Mausoleum. This place is the mausoleum of the fifth Shah of the Safavid dynasty and dates back to the 12th century AD. With its beautiful and traditional architecture, it is also listed as a registered national heritage site in Iran.

Tourist Attractions in Kashan

 12. Jameh Mosque of Kashan

If you’re interested in religious sites, the Jameh Mosque of Kashan is a place you must visit. This ancient mosque has a history of around 800 years, and this fact has made it one of the prominent historical landmarks of Kashan. Originally, this building was a fire temple for Zoroastrian worship, but with the conversion of Iranians to Islam and the spread of Islam in our country, this fire temple was transformed into a mosque. An interesting point about this mosque is the age of its minarets. According to experts, Jameh Mosque of Kashan has the oldest minarets in Iran, after the minarets of Zavareh Mosque and Saveh Mosque.


13. Niasar Waterfall

Niasar Waterfall, with its 25-meter height and flowing water throughout the year, is another sight to see in Kashan that nature enthusiasts can visit. This extraordinary beautiful waterfall has layers of sedimentary and limestone deposits due to the presence of some lime in its water, which hangs like stalactites in various parts of it. Although Kashan is a warm and desert city, the weather in the areas around Niasar Waterfall is often cold and mountainous due to its presence.

Tourist Attractions in Kashan

14. Niasar Fire Temple

Niasar Fire Temple is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Kashan. In the past, it was the place of worship for Zoroastrians living in the Niasar region of Kashan, and today it is one of the tourist attractions of the city that attracts the attention of tourists and travelers visiting this city. Despite its old age, this fire temple has not suffered much damage, and many parts of it are still intact and standing.


 15. Abouzeid Abad Desert

Those interested in desert exploration and adventure can visit the Abouzeid Abad Desert when they travel to Kashan. This desert is part of the Band-e Rig Desert, and there are several ancient structures in it. Abouzeid Desert, with its uniform and beautiful dunes, is also one of the best places for desert activities such as off-roading. If you are interested in excitement and adventure, don’t miss the trip to this beautiful area in Kashan.

Tourist Attractions in Kashan

16. Karkas Mountain

The dry and desert climate of Kashan often creates hot weather for this city, but within this city, some parts are not only warm but also covered in snow for most months of the year. One of these areas is Karkas Mountain, which is among the tourist attractions in Kashan. This mountain is mostly snowy for more than half of the year and is a suitable place for winter activities. Karkas Mountain is also the habitat of some animals such as goats, sheep, deer, foxes, and wolves.


17. Historical houses

Historical houses in Kashan are temporary places to visit, but in this city, some houses are used as traditional accommodations through restoration and preservation. One of these accommodations is Manouchehri Hotel, which was a house in Kashan about 400 years ago and has been transformed into a traditional and spectacular hotel over time. The historical and traditional Negin Hotel with a history of 250 years, Sadeghi Guesthouse, Mahinestan Traditional Guesthouse from the Qajar period, Iranian House Guesthouse, and many other old houses are among the attractions of Kashan, where you can not only enjoy the beautiful space and architecture but also stay in them.

Tourist Attractions in Kashan

18. Sohrab Sepehri Mausoleum

A trip to the city of Kashan and visiting its attractions is incomplete without visiting the mausoleum of Sohrab Sepehri. The mausoleum of this great poet is located in Meshed Ardehal, which is part of Kashan, but most travelers who visit Kashan pass through this village to recite a prayer at the grave of this contemporary poet.


 19. Harpak Fire Temple

Among the ancient buildings of Kashan, the Harpak Fire Temple is one of the oldest, dating back to the Achaemenid period. This fire temple, known locally as Herpak, is one of the most spectacular historical buildings in Kashan for history enthusiasts and those interested in discovering the secrets of the past.

Tourist Attractions in Kashan

20. Jushaqan Ghali

We conclude the introduction of Kashan’s attractions with the introduction of a beautiful but lesser-known attraction in this city. This tourist attraction is called Jushaqan Ghali and is a recreational area near Qamsar in Kashan. Jushaqan Ghali is a suitable place for nature lovers, especially in spring when the tulips and poppies in this area create such a fascinating sight that it’s hard to resist. If you travel to Kashan, don’t forget to visit this area.

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Final words

Kashan is a city full of mysteries and fascinating attractions, and a trip to it will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Kashan’s attractions are so numerous that you have to travel to this historic city several times to visit them all. In this article, Eligasht has introduced 20 of the best tourist attractions in Kashan to help you plan your trip with more information. Follow our other articles to learn more about Kashan and other cities in Iran.


 Frequently Asked Questions about tourist Attractions in Kashan

1- What sections are included in the Fin Garden complex in Kashan?

The Fin Garden complex is a garden that contains mansions and buildings, the most famous of which is the Fin Bathhouse in Kashan.

2- Which historical house in Kashan has a romantic story?

The historical house of Borujerdiha has a romantic story. After the son of Mr. Borujerdi fell in love with the daughter of Mr. Tabatabaei, this house was built as a condition for their marriage.

3- Which attractions can be visited in the traditional bazaar of Kashan?

By visiting the traditional bazaar of Kashan, you can visit various attractions such as Mir Panj Caravanserai, Mir Emad Square, Amin al-Dawla Timcheh, Mianchal Bazaar, and many other attractions.

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