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Direct Flights from London to Tehran

Is There Any Non-stop Flight On This Route?

by Parastoo Sahebi
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London to Iran: Nonstop

Good news for travelers who are seeking direct flight London to Iran! Eligasht – the sole agency for Iran Air in London – provides this chance for you to have a nonstop flight from London to Tehran. The good news doesn’t end here! Iran Air lets you bring up to 50kg of luggage if you are a Golden Cardholder. For other passengers, luggage allowance is 40kg + 7kg for carry-on. You can purchase your ticket at the lowest possible price from Eligasht.

Book Iran Air direct flights from London to Tehran with Eligasht


Is There a Direct Flight from London to Iran?

When traveling from London to Tehran, passengers often leave from Heathrow, Gatwick, London Stansted, Luton, or London City airport. London Stansted airport is another option. Turkish Airlines, Ryanair, Wizz Air, and Pegasus Airlines, along with Austrian Airlines, are the airlines that fly this route the most often. There are 401 weekly flights that connect London and Tehran. But if you are looking for a direct flight London to Iran, Iran Air is your only option with an extra baggage allowance perk! There are three flights every week that depart from London Heathrow and arrive at Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport on Iran Air. Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays are the days on which these flights take place.

Why You Should Choose Iran Air for a Direct Flight London to Iran

Iran Air is dedicated to taking care of you from the minute you first entertain the idea of taking a holiday and will consistently deliver the most bang for your buck. You may check through special discounts and promotions that are only available online, and you should also keep an eye out for monthly 48-hour specials that are only accessible directly via the Eligasht website. The following are a few reasons why you should use Iran Air for your direct flight London to Iran.

Request Customized Services

In addition to being able to check in online up to 24 hours before your departure, the booking management website gives you the ability to take complete control of your reservation and do so entirely online. When you inform Iran Air of your unique requirements via the website, the airline is able to accommodate a wide variety of needs, including the opportunity to seek help with mobility issues, ask for a vegan meal, or inform cabin personnel of an allergy to nuts.


Discounts for having more luggage than allowed

Iran Air is aware of how expensive it may be to carry extra luggage on a trip overseas or on the journey to return to your home country. When you book directly with us at Eligasht, we will discount the cost of your extra luggage by up to fifty percent. Plus, you can carry up to 40kg of luggage (each piece must be less than 23kg) on a direct flight London to Iran.

Take advantage of a free reservation hold for a period of twenty-four hours

We are aware that purchasing a plane ticket is more complex than buying a bus ticket. It is a tough choice about which you need to be assured before committing to the final purchase. You are able to retain your reservation for free for twenty-four hours with Iran Air, and for a modest cost, you may hold it for even longer.

Iran Air’s fleet technologies will help you relax

You will never again have to worry about whether or not your luggage was transported on the airline that you were taking. You are able to monitor the status of your luggage using your mobile device using the online self-service tool provided by Iran Air. This service allows you to monitor the status of your luggage from the time it is checked in until it is collected at the ultimate destination.

Receive professional travel advice

Not only does Iran Air provide direct flight London to Iran and competitive internet rates for its world-class goods, but the airline also recommends high-caliber hotels, car rental services, and other travel-related businesses at the Imam Khomeini Airport. Browse through the inspiration hub provided by Iran Air and Eligasht combined if you find yourself in need of some trip ideas to Iran. Or, if you’re searching for a fantastic bargain but aren’t sure where to go just yet, check out our categorized deals hub for some inspiration in Eligasht.

Your reservation may be modified easily

After you have booked your tickets, most travel agencies will want you to pay additional service costs in order to make any changes to them. If you make your reservation directly on the Eligasht website, you will have the ability to change some aspects of the reservation on your own, such as the dates of your trips, provided that the fare conditions permit it. This is only feasible in not peak dates. Direct flight London to Iran by Iran Air is so famous, and we recommend you book in advance (at least two months before your trip).

Select your preferred seat on a direct flight London to Iran by Iran Air

Maybe you like to sit by the window so you can watch the plane take off and land, or perhaps you prefer to sit by the aisle so you can often get up and stretch your legs. You are able to pick your seat on Eligasht’s website both during the booking process and after it has been completed. This option is only available for Iran Air flights.

Modern Fleet of Iran Air for Foreign Destinations

The fleet of aircraft flown by Iran Air is among the newest and most cutting-edge available in the airline industry today. They have a total of 41 aircraft, with 4 of them being Airbus A300-600R. These are the planes that they fly on their routes outside Iran. When you stop and consider it, the accomplishments that Iran Air has made since its modernization in 2017 are pretty remarkable. They now travel to over 30 different locations across the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, and Eurasia countries.

Young flight crew

The flight attendants are young women and men who are gorgeous and fluent in English. They come from different areas in Iran and represent the whole country. In addition to that, they are dedicated to their work since Iran Air is the only airline that provides passengers with direct flight London to Iran. During takeoff and landing, they wear fashionable milk-white uniforms with matching caps. During mealtime, they don dark jackets designed for service.

Excellent Service with Persian Cuisine!

While you are in one of the Iran Air aircraft, you are free to order snacks as much as your stomach can hold. From the moment you check in until you are greeted upon your arrival, the service will be, for the most part, impeccable. As a result of the aircraft’s relative youth, they are immaculately tidy and have neat touches, such as tray tables that give the impression that they are made of marble, despite the fact that this is not the case.

Direct flight London to Iran takes approximately 6 hours. During your flight, you will be served with delicious meal and non-alcohol beverages. You have to really like an airline in order to appreciate the fact that they serve meals on demand, even buttered popcorn to watch movies with!

Direct Flight London To Iran

Heathrow Airport in London

Great West Aerodrome, the original name of what is now known as Heathrow Airport, started operating in 1929 on property located to the southeast of the hamlet of Heathrow, from which the airport gets its name. At that time, the area was made up of farms, market gardens, and orchards. There was a “Heathrow Farm” located in the general vicinity of where the contemporary Terminal 2 is located, as well as a “Heathrow Hall” and a “Heathrow House.” This hamlet was situated for the most part along a rural road known as Heathrow Road, which approximately followed the east and south boundaries of the region that is now occupied by the central terminals.

It was said that Heathrow was for long-distance military aircraft that were headed for the Far East. But, by the time the airfield was approaching completion, World War II had already finished, and the UK Government proceeded to build the airport as a civil airport. After having its doors first opened in 1946 under the name London Airport, the facility was rechristened as Heathrow Airport in 1966. Sir Frederick Gibberd was the architect who planned the layout for the airport. He was also the architect who constructed the initial terminals and central area structures, such as the original control tower and the multi-faith Chapel of St. George’s. Iran Air’s direct flight London to Iran takes place from Heathrow airport only.

Heathrow Airport

Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran

One of the two airports that serve Tehran, the Iranian capital, is Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IATA: IKA, ICAO: OIIE), usually referred to as Tehran Airport, Tehran IKIA, or just IKIA. Mehrabad International Airport is the other airport. The main airport for domestic flights into and out of Tehran is Mehrabad International Airport. Tehran, Iran’s capital city, is served by Imam Khomeini International Airport, which is the country’s main international airport.

The airport is located adjacent to the towns of Robat Karim and Eslamshahr, 30 kilometers (19 miles) to the southwest of Tehran. Its total land area is 33 000 acres or 13,500 hectares. One of two international airports, the other being Mehrabad Airport, that service the greater Tehran region is this one. The Mehrabad Airport in Tehran now handles all domestic flights, whereas this airport handles all flights inside the city. IKA is Iran’s third busiest airport in terms of total passengers dealt with, after Mashhad Airport and Tehran Mehrabad Airport. The airport’s daily operations are overseen by the Iran Airports Company, and it acts as the central hub for Iran Air and Mahan Air.

All the Iran Air flights from all over the world take off and land at Imam Khomeini Airport. If you have a direct flight London to Iran ticket, you will land at this airport. Then you should take a taxi to reach your destination.


Aircraft for Iran Air’s Direct Flight London to Iran

There is a possibility that reserving a seat on a direct flight London to Iran will not be as simple as it seems. Purchasing an airline ticket has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the proliferation of online booking platforms. Surprisingly, though, a consumer trying to book a direct trip to Tehran won’t discover anything that meets their needs while searching online. Iran Air is the country’s primary airline and provides nonstop service on three weekly direct flights between London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 and Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport, as well as vice versa.

Iran Air is the country’s flag carrier. The days of the week for flights are always Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Flights from London typically take off around 16:55, and they arrive in Tehran at 02:30 in the morning of the following day. The Iran Air aircraft departs Tehran at 11:05 and arrives at Heathrow at 14:10 local time in London. The flight lasts for around six hours, and all timings that are provided here are in local time. Depending on the time of year, there is a possibility that flight timings may shift somewhat. Iran Air utilizes a modern Airbus A330 in the London-Tehran-London route.

Iran Air A330: London-Tehran-London

EP-IJA, an Airbus A330-200, is the second Airbus to become part of the Iran Air fleet as a result of the new agreement. As was the case with the A321, this particular aircraft was first ordered by Avianca but was ultimately not picked up by the airline. As a result, Airbus was able to give it to Iran Air reasonably shortly after the A321 was handed over to them. Therefore, Iran Air’s A330-200 also includes an interior that was initially installed for use by Avianca.

Eligasht: Buy Your Direct Flight From London to Tehran

This interior has a two-class format with 32 seats designated for business class and 238 seats set for economy class. Iran Air A330 makes the direct flight London to Iran possible since it meets all the required standards. The shortest possible flight time for an A330 is 30 minutes, while the longest possible flight time for this aircraft is 15 hours. Every 20 seconds, somewhere in the globe, an Airbus A330 is either taking off or landing.

Do you wish to sit on the newest Iran Air A330 and experience a direct flight London to Iran? Click here to book your ticket directly via Eligasht Travel Agency.






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