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Ammameh Village: An Ideal Destination for an Exciting Weekend

Ammameh Village

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Ammameh Village

Ammameh Village, located near Tehran, is a tourist attraction known for its beautiful nature and suitable tourism facilities. This village, situated in Tehran Province just a short distance from the capital, offers a peaceful and pleasant environment for tourists and nature enthusiasts with its moderate and stable climate. Despite its relatively close proximity to Tehran, Ammameh serves as a suitable getaway from city life and a popular destination for leisure and relaxation. Additionally, the local culture, traditions, and customs in this village add further charm, attracting more tourists seeking to experience local life and get acquainted with it. Join us at Eligasht to get familiar with one of Tehran’s weekend recreational destinations for leisure and accommodation.

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Nature in Ammameh Village:

The nature of Ammameh Village is adorned with gushing springs, and orchards filled with delicious fruits, rivers, and waterfalls that transport us to another world with their beautiful melodies. To better experience the surrounding nature, you can engage in mountaineering, take a lightweight backpack, and embark on an adventure. The village’s climate, accompanied by cool mountain breezes, the sweet songs of birds, and occasional sightings of rabbits and foxes living in the area, further enhance the beauty of this region. In this untouched and pristine nature, there is no trace of the hustle and pollution of the city, allowing you to seek refuge in this natural world and experience an enjoyable and different weekend with the tranquility it offers.


Best Time to Visit Ammameh:

Ammameh Village is nestled in mountainous foothills, showcasing its pristine beauty and nature. The village displays its unique and special features in every season. In winter, the weather becomes intensely cold and snowy. If you are interested in snow activities and don’t have the opportunity in Tehran, you can travel to this village. In autumn, nights in Ammameh become very cold, and the cold in this region differs from other areas. However, the beauty of the orchards, which transform into thousands of colors in autumn, makes it worth enduring this severe cold.

The best time to visit Ammameh is summer and spring. In summer, the weather is not hot, and even the nights are accompanied by a gentle breeze. In spring, the rivers become full of water, and the plains are adorned with wild tulips. Due to the severe cold weather, many people leave their houses in this village during winter and return to Ammameh in spring. For this reason, the population of Ammameh increases in spring and summer, and finding a rental villa may be challenging, requiring a higher cost.

Ammameh Village

Sights to See around Ammameh:

Tangeh Garden (Bagh-e Tangeh):

Tangeh Garden is not just a garden; it is a vast and beautiful area located in the north of Ammameh. This area is known as one of the most beautiful attractions in Ammameh, characterized by abundant trees and pleasant weather. The beautiful Ammameh River passes through this area, making it the main source of greenery in the region.


Pirhamzeh Holy Spring (Cheshmeh Moghaddas Pirhamzeh):

Pirhamzeh Holy Spring is one of the historical and tourist attractions of Ammameh, located in the heights of Mehrchal. Next to the spring, there is a historical inscription. As the name suggests, Pirhamzeh Spring is known as one of the holy springs of Ammameh, and the locals believe that its water can heal the sick.

This spring is located near a small village with the same name, where the water used by the village is supplied from this spring. To reach Pirhamzeh Spring, you need to go up from Ammameh Road and continue west after crossing Bagh-e Tangeh Bridge. After about three hours of walking, you will reach your destination.


Shah Hussein Mausoleum (Imamzadeh Shah Hussein):

Shah Hussein Mausoleum is located in the village of Kelugan, a short distance from Ammameh. For this reason, it can be seen on the list of attractions in Ammameh. This mausoleum is located within the traditional texture of the village and, according to historical accounts, is believed to be from the descendants of Imam Musa Kazem. The shrine of Shah Hussein has a very simple wooden sarcophagus, and many people believe that the original mausoleum is over a thousand years old.


Noor Mausoleum (Imamzadeh Noor):

Noor Mausoleum is one of the tourist attractions in the Ammameh region, located at the bottom of Ammameh Road. According to historical documents, this mausoleum is also from the lineage of Imam Musa Kazem, but unfortunately, there is no precise information about this claim. In the vicinity of this mausoleum, there used to be a historical inscription that provided information about its historical antiquity. Next to the mausoleum, there is an ancient cypress tree that holds a 400-year history within its wooden trunk.


Maziar Castle (Qaleh Maziar):

Maziar Castle, also known as Ammameh Castle, is located in the northeastern part of the village of Ammameh and dates back to about 1,200 years ago, in the 3rd century AH. According to historical accounts, Maziar, the founder of the Ziyarid dynasty, built this castle. The castle is made of adobe, stone, and gypsum mortar and is located at an altitude of about 2,500 meters above sea level. Access to this castle is very difficult, and it was known as a place of exile for Mazandarani fighters.

Ammameh Village

Recreation in Ammameh Village

Hiking Route from Ammameh to Kalugan

Nature exploration is one of the best recreational activities you can experience in Ammameh. One of the most beautiful hiking routes around Tehran is the Ammameh to Kalugan hiking route. This route starts from Ammameh Square and leads to the Kalugan Valley. Along this route, you pass through beautiful Ammameh gardens, green valleys, rivers, and scenic plains, and finally reach the 30-meter-high Kalugan Waterfall. It is recommended to use a local guide on this route as it challenges your skills and physical readiness.


Strolling in Ammameh Gardens

Ammameh Gardens are among the most beautiful gardens on the outskirts of Tehran. By strolling through the Ammameh Gardens, you will come across a collection of streets with different old structures. The beauty of these gardens is particularly apparent in the autumn season, and they can be considered as a place for leisure and photography.



Ammameh is a popular destination for mountaineering due to its beautiful and unique mountain ranges. Many mountaineers are drawn to this area to conquer peaks such as Mehrchal, Kalun, Pirzan Kolum, and Hamhon. However, it is important to remember that some of these routes are very challenging and you need a local guide. Additionally, summer is the best season for climbing, as winter ascents can be difficult due to icy conditions.



If you are looking for one of the most beautiful attractions near Tehran, you can pack your necessary supplies and visit this village to camp by the river. The weather in Ammameh is very pleasant, and you can enjoy hours of tranquility. This area is undoubtedly one of the best places for camping and picnicking.



If you love nature photography, you must visit Ammameh Village. Here, every angle you look at presents a beautiful scene for photography. From sunset to autumn gardens, from mountain heights to the Bagh Tang and Maziar Castle, all these locations will provide suitable subjects for photography.

Ammameh Village

Staying in Ammameh Village

Staying in Ammameh Village offers a unique experience. In this village, there are private villas ranging from luxurious and magnificent to simple and rustic, available for tourists. If you are looking for an ordinary experience and interaction with the local people, and getting familiar with the culture of Ammameh, it is better to rent old and traditional houses. Travelers from all over the capital descend upon this beautiful village to spend enjoyable moments in the heart of nature, alongside friends and family. During holidays, prices skyrocket, but the autumn season is an ideal opportunity for a more affordable and peaceful experience. Additionally, for adventurers, summer camps like Ammameh are an extraordinary option to have an unparalleled experience of the beauties of this region.


Access Route to Ammameh

Ammameh Village is a natural attraction nestled in the heart of nature, which can be reached by the Telo or Lashgarak roads towards Fasham. At a distance of 10 kilometers from Fasham, upon seeing the entrance sign of Ammameh Village, you will enter the path to this village. To access this natural area, you need to pass through a secondary road on the right and, after entering it, within just 15 minutes, you will arrive at the pristine and tranquil nature of Ammameh Village.

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Final Words

Entering Ammameh Village prepares you for an unforgettable experience in serene nature, and ancient history, and the beginning of an exciting journey towards beauty and absolute peace. This village offers various recommendations, including hiking in nature, ecotourism, and getting acquainted with local culture and traditions, allowing you to enjoy unique and special moments. Therefore, by wandering through green gardens, visiting historical sites, and experiencing a sense of tranquility in every corner, this village will become a new point in your memories.

Ammameh Village


1- What are the main attractions in Ammameh Village?

Ammameh Village is known for its beautiful gardens, scenic valleys, rivers, and the mesmerizing Kalugan Waterfall. Additionally, the village offers opportunities for hiking, mountaineering, picnicking, and photography.


2- Is it necessary to hire a local guide for hiking in Ammameh Village?

It is highly recommended to hire a local guide for hiking in Ammameh Village, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. The routes can be challenging, and a guide will ensure your safety and help you navigate through the trails.


3- Can I camp in Ammameh Village? Are there any designated camping areas?

Yes, you can camp in Ammameh Village. The village offers a serene and picturesque environment for camping. While there might not be designated camping areas, you can find suitable spots near the river or in nature. Just make sure to follow any local regulations and leave no trace.


4- What is the best time to visit Ammameh Village?

The best time to visit Ammameh Village is during the autumn season when the gardens are in full bloom, and the weather is pleasant. Summers are also a good time for mountaineering and summer camps. It is advisable to avoid winter ascents due to potentially challenging conditions.


5- Are there accommodation options available in Ammameh Village?

Yes, there are accommodation options available in Ammameh Village. You can find private villas ranging from luxurious to traditional and rustic. Renting old and traditional houses can provide a more authentic experience. However, during peak holiday seasons, prices may be higher. It is recommended to book in advance or consider visiting during the autumn season for a more affordable and peaceful stay.


6- Are there any local delicacies to try in Ammameh Village?

Yes, there are several local delicacies to try in Ammameh Village. One of the must-try dishes is “Dizi,” a traditional Iranian stew made with lamb, chickpeas, and a variety of herbs and spices. Another popular dish is “Ghormeh Sabzi,” a flavorful herb stew cooked with meat and kidney beans. Don’t forget to indulge in some fresh pomegranates and apricots, which are abundant in the village’s orchards.

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