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the best eco camps in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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eco camps in Iran are growing day by day because Iran is a country that has a good location for creating ecotourism camps. Now more than 50 eco-camps are operating in Iran. Some of these residences are located in the heart of the desert and some in the mountainous areas and have gained many fans among nature lovers and people who are looking for new experiences. For this reason, we will introduce you to the best eco camps in Iran. Stay with Eligasht.

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What is Eco Camp?

To explain what eco camp is, it is better to first understand the concept of ecotourism. Ecotourism refers to a responsible trip to natural areas, which leaves no trace of the visitor in the area’s environment and creates suitable conditions for the local people’s economy. Some of the responsibilities of an ecotourist include producing the minimum amount of garbage and environmental waste, disturbing wildlife, and respecting the beliefs of the local people. Now, after getting to know the concept of ecotourism, we can explain what eco-camp is.

In order to create tourist destinations in natural areas, it was necessary to develop services and infrastructure for tourists so that an area could be referred to as a tourist destination; Therefore, the idea of building eco-camps came up. Eco Camp is a temporary residence and a tourist destination in pristine natural areas; all of its services are in harmony with the environment of the region and international standards. In other words, Eco Camp is considered a native and traditional accommodation, which does not harm nature in its construction. The guests benefit from the wonderful natural landscapes and get to know the traditional life of the local people using local foods.

Eco camps are made in different shapes and with different materials; For example, some of them create a unique atmosphere by renovating old houses, or they are made by using tent structures.

The compatibility of these eco-camps with nature is manifested in many dimensions, for example, the production of the lowest amount of carbon dioxide, the use of renewable energies such as solar and wind energy, the least damage to vegetation and animals and not leaving human waste in nature, some It is one of the actions of eco camps in the direction of protecting the environment.

Let’s remember that one of the goals of eco-camps is to help the local economy cycle; Therefore, eco-camps emphasize the use of young people in the region as the labor force. Now that we understand what eco-camp is, we will talk about the eco camps in Iran.


Shahdad Eco Camp

Setareh Lot or Shahdad is one of the most spectacular desert eco camps in Iran, located in Kerman province and near the city of Shahdad. This camp is located a short distance from Shahdad sand dunes and tourists can visit this amazing natural phenomenon in the heart of the Lut desert.

Shahdad Eco Camp is located in the heart of Zayab Grove and next to it is the residence of the remaining people of Ahmadabad Shahdad village. In this camp, there are 35 units in the form of prefabricated tents with sloping roofs and wooden columns, which allows two people to stay in each tent. Each tent has wooden beds, a well-equipped kitchen, and a toilet in the form of luxury decoration designed to meet the needs of tourists.

address of Setareh Lot Eco Camp in Shahdad

Shahdad city, km 20 Shahdad to Nehbandaden road, Malik Abad village, Setareh Lot Eco Camp

Dorna Eco Camp

Meshginshahr is one of the green and scenic areas of the Sabalan range, which is located in Ardabil province. A summer residence can be seen right somewhere among the clouds at a distance of 90 km from this city and with a little passage towards nature. Dorna Eco Camp is a combination of the pristine nature of the indescribable range of Sabalan and the stunning historical attractions in Meshgin Shahr, which is located in the cold region of Iran.

This complex includes an old caravanserai, where the main camp rooms and the king’s room, which has the most facilities, are located. In other parts of the camp, there are separate rooms in the form of a mountain hut made of nomadic stone pavilions made of felt and wooden poles and two hobbit huts. As one of the eco camps in Iran, you will experience life in the way of Shahsavann nomads and you can also enjoy the local dishes of this tribe in the camp restaurant.

address of Dorna Eco Camp:

Ardabil, Meshginshahr, Moeil tourism road, 20 km south of Meshginshahr, not reaching the intersection of Qainarja hot spring, on the left side, 1 km after Nasserabad village.

Dorna Eco Camp-eligasht

Chah Jam Eco Camp

Chah Jam Eco Camp is located in Semnan province (at a distance of 248 km from the center of Semnan province) and Chah Jam village and is ready to welcome tourists from the beginning of October to the end of May. This tourist complex is close to many tourist attractions such as Chah Jam Desert, Ali Qoli Salt Lake, Yaghmai House, Haft Rang Majen Village and Waterfall, Khartoran National Park, Nekarman Waterfall, and Avesta Ice Waterfall.

The traditional architecture of the desert and the occasional appearance of Chah Jam Eco Camp will make it a pleasant experience to travel to this area as one of the best eco camps in Iran. Cooking and serving a variety of local and traditional foods of the region (such as broth, eggplant curd, local ghee, and qorma), parking, football field, and beach volleyball, heating system (oil heater and chair) and cooling (water cooler) and local guide, among other services and the amenities of this complex.

Address: Semnan province, 78 km south of Shahrood city, west of the Shahrood-Taroud road, Chah Jam village

Matin Abad desert eco-camp

At a distance closer to Tehran and in the heart of the desert, there is a different accommodation. Matin Abad Desert Eco Camp one of the best camps in Iran is located in the north of Natanz and looks like a new caravanserai.

With the design of the rooms and royal residence based on authentic Iranian architecture, rooms have been considered for the residence of guests, which have all the necessary facilities for comfort and well-being. Also, next to these cells, straw huts are intended for accommodation.

Matin Abad eco camp address

55 km of Kashan-Isfahan road, Natanz, Badroud city, Khalid Abad village, Deh Abad, Matin Abad village, Matin Abad desert eco-camp

Matin Abad desert eco camp-eligasht

Eco Camp Yara Tonekabon

Another example of the best eco camps in Iran is the Yara eco camp. Yara Eco Camp is located in the village of Aghuzkoti and is 20 km from Tonekabon. Yara’s residence has wooden huts with a forest view in a complex with an area of 1000 square meters, and the access road to the complex is paved. According to the comfort facilities of the huts, including a private toilet and bathroom inside each cabin, beds, furniture and TV, towels, sheets and a terrace facing the forest, a safe and easy stay is provided for travelers.


Mazandaran, Tonekabon, Sehazar Road, Klach Village

North Damavand Eco camp

This eco-camp is the first professional climbing camp in Iran that provides suitable services for Damavand climbers. This eco-camp hosts Iranian and foreign mountaineers temporarily and only in the summer season on the northeastern front of Damavand and includes two camping complexes or base camps. The first camp is in Nandel village; the height is 2300 meters and the second camp is at a height of 50 meters northeast of Damavand; It is located near the Takht Fereydoun area. Undoubtedly, staying in such a place will offer you a beautiful and unique view, but this is not the whole story, everything including a comfortable stay, food, snacks, and a mountain guide for a successful and safe ascent are provided at the North Damavand Eco camp.

Damavand Eco Camp is actually two camping complexes (base camp and advanced camp) on the northeast side of Damavand Mountain and it is considered one of the best eco camps in Iran.

North Damavand Eco camp-eligasht

Subatan Eco Camp

Subatan is another example of the best eco camps in Iran. It is located at the heights of Talesh and has very cool summers and a misty landscape which attracts lots of tourists.

In Subatan Eco Camp, a total of 6 residences are to be built using local materials and following the principles of traditional Subatan architecture. 2 wooden lodges, 2 thatched lodges, and 2 lodges using local rock, all of which will be covered with a special forest board called Chalak, will form Subatan Eco Camp. In the interior decoration of these rooms, carpets, and rugs are used, and the amenities of each of them include a wooden fireplace as a heating system, a bathroom, and a toilet.

As we said at the beginning of the article, another important factor that must be observed in every eco-camp is the use of renewable energy to supply energy to the eco-camp; Here, by using solar energy instead of electric motors, an appropriate answer will be given to this need.

The construction of Jajim weaving workshops, shawl weaving, socks weaving, dyeing of woolen yarns, as well as holding traditional music and singing ceremonies, cow and sheep milking training, sheep shearing, horse riding, local bread baking ovens and providing local foods are among the other services of this eco camp.

Among the sights of Subatan, we can mention Neor Lake, which is the highest ancient lake, Varzan waterfall, the ancient area of Ghar Ganjkhane, the field of daffodils and Alchalaq forest park, or the land of bush plums.

Address: 22 kilometers from the city of Lisar Talesh, Subatan resort area

Is staying at Eco Camp suitable for me?

Travelers and nature tourers who stay in eco camps enjoy their trip the most. The experience of staying in a pristine place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the pleasure of getting to know the life of the ancients, tasting the food and the experience of baking local bread, the experience of listening to music and seeing local dances and getting to know the culture and customs of the natives and other things. MaybeThese are the least reasons to attend be in eco camps. So if you are into nature tourism and enjoy history, staying in eco camps can be a wonderful experience for you.


Final words

In this article from Eligasht, we brought you the best eco camps in Iran. These places are the best options to experience the special nature of Iran without any pollution from the cities. In addition, you can observe the local culture and art during your trip and help the economy of the region.


What are Iran’s famous desert eco camps?

Matin Abad Eco Camp, Setareh Lot Shahdad Eco Camp, Chah Jam Eco Camp

In which eco camp can you stay in nomadic tents?

Dorna nomadic eco camp

What is the difference between eco-camp and ecotourism accommodation?

Eco-camps are usually small permanent and seasonal residences in the heart of nature and offer simpler services; On the other hand, ecotourism residences are usually built in cities or villages and focus on promoting the culture and customs of the region.

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