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A Journey Through Tourist Attractions in Chabahar

History, Nature, and Culture!

by Parastoo Sahebi
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The tourist attractions in Chabahar can be divided into two categories: natural and historical attractions. The port city of Chabahar has fascinating historical sites due to its ancient history, and visitors to Chabahar should not miss these attractions. Its pristine nature and unique geography make it one of the most exceptional tourist destinations in Iran. Chabahar is located on one side of the Makran Sea and the Indian Ocean, and it is bordered by Iranshahr and Nikshahr to the north, Pakistan to the east, and Kerman and Hormozgan provinces to the west.

Chabahar is the only oceanic port in Iran with two equipped loading docks capable of carrying 5.8 million tons of cargo. That is why visiting these two docks has become one of the tourist attractions of the city. You can observe the loading and unloading of imported and exported goods. This article from the tourism magazine Eligasht introduces the tourist attractions in Chabahar to you so that you can include a list of its sights in your travel itinerary and visit its unique attractions.

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The city of Chabahar has close cultural ties with western India and Pakistan, and they use spicy and hot foods, for example. Imported Indian spices are abundant in Chabahar’s cuisine. In terms of clothing, women and girls use bright colors like orange, red, green, and pink, and the Balochi women’s clothing is similar to a traditional Indian outfit called shalwar kameez and churidar. However, in Balochistan, all women’s clothing is handmade with needlework.

In terms of natural attractions, the glittering beaches of Chabahar are similar to the beaches of Vaadhoo, Maldives, and India. The glittering beaches of Chabahar are one of its most important tourist attractions. Keep in mind that a few of the tourist attractions in Chabahar have significant similarities with natural attractions in India and Chile; therefore, it is a good idea to visit this city at least once to see these incredible attractions in Iran. Below is a list of tourist attractions and entertainment in Chabahr.

Natural attractions of Chabahar:

The city of Chabahar, due to its access to the Makran Sea and mountainous phenomena in the east, has unique natural attractions that have gained the attention of countless tourists. It is good to know that natural phenomena such as mud volcanoes or miniature mountains exist only in one or two other points in the world. That is why tourist attractions in Chabahar have a high reputation among tourists, and if you are a nature lover, you should not miss the opportunity to see these attractions.


1- Martian Mountains or Miniature Mountains

Martian Mountains or Miniature Mountains of Chabahar are considered morphological phenomena, similar to those in Chile. These mountains are mainly red and pink and have taken this shape due to wind and rain erosion. These mountains are of sedimentary type, and the colorful grooves on them are of great importance in terms of geology and are one of the most important attractions of Chabahar. The Martian Mountains festival starts from the Chabahar beach in February, March, and November, and athletes and nature enthusiasts walk the entire path to reach the Martian Mountains.

Martian Mountains and Miniature Mountains are considered tourist attractions in Chabahar, and you must visit this phenomenon during your trip to this city. Keep in mind that you must travel in groups to see such an attraction so that in case of any possible danger, your fellow travelers can help you. Martian Mountains are located outside the city and have a considerable distance from the city’s medical centers.

Martian Mountains or Miniature Mountains

2- Lipar Lagoon

Another attraction of Chabahar is Lipar Lagoon. Lipar Lagoon is the only pink lagoon in Iran, and you may find it interesting to know that only four large lagoons in the world are pink. The reason for the pink color of this lagoon is the existence of plankton. Planktons are microscopic marine organisms that cause bioluminescence and also change the color of the lagoons. Generally, planktons live in the ocean, and due to Chabahar’s access to oceanic waters, these organisms reach the city’s beaches seasonally and create such a beautiful phenomenon.

Lipar Lagoon is also one of the best areas for birdwatching, and you can see birds such as flamingos, herons, eagles, hawks, and dozens of other species. Birdwatching is one of the specialized branches of tourism that is now carried out by specific groups in Iran, and birdwatchers usually travel to Lipar Lagoon, which is one of the best tourist attractions in Chabahar.


3-Gel Feshan

One of the other attractions of Chabahar is the phenomenon of Gel Feshan. In Chabahar, on top of narrow mountains, clays bubble out of the ground, and today, countless tourists travel to Chabahar to see this unique phenomenon. This type of phenomenon usually occurs in April and May and is visible in the mountainous area of Bandar-e Tangeh Chabahar. Many travelers compare Gel Feshan with volcanic activity in the mountains, while this phenomenon has no relation to volcanic activity and usually occurs due to geological pressures on the ground. Gel Feshan is pink, yellow, and gray. The phenomenon of Gel Feshan is considered one of the most interesting geological tourist attractions in Chabahar, and every year, geology students visit Gel Feshan in the mountainous area of Bandar-e Tangeh Chabahar.

4-Gando protected area

Another attraction of Chabahar is the Gando protected area. If you are interested in seeing the environment and wildlife, you can go to this area and see Iranian crocodiles from a distance of three to four meters. These crocodiles live in the Bahoukalat area of Chabahar, and the Bahoukalat River has several large crocodiles. The ecosystem cycle of Bahoukalat is one of the sights of Chabahar, where you can see other animals such as squirrels, foxes, eagles, hawks, vultures, and dozens of other species. To visit this area, you must travel with a local nature guide. Your trip should be in groups, and you may spend hours seeing each of the named species with a distance and hunting camera.


5-Makrezan Tree

Another attraction of Chabahar is the Makrezan tree. To see this special tree, you have to travel to the village of Ramin. Locals call this tree the Temple Fig Tree and believe that if someone sits under this tree and makes a wish, their wish will come true soon. This tree is a species of Indian tree that was brought as a seedling from India to Iran about five hundred years ago and planted in this area. The temple fig tree, or Makrezan tree, only grows in an area with a tropical climate, i.e., warm and humid. Today, the Makrezan tree is considered one of the tourist attractions in Chabahar because of its age and unique species.

6-Hara Forest in the Gulf of Guader

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Chabahar is the Hara Forest in the Gulf of Guader. When people hear the name, Hara Forest, they usually think of the Hara Forest on Qeshm Island, but it’s worth knowing that the Hara Forest in Bandar-e Guader is also considered a unique attraction of Chabahar. The Hara Forest is a forest where trees grow in water, and you can see the roots of these trees up close. To visit the Hara Forest, you have to travel by local boat. Apart from the special vegetation, you also have the opportunity to see the wildlife and birds in the area.

7-Dasht-e Darak Desert

As mentioned, Chabahar is very rich in terms of natural attractions. Not only can you see the beach, sea, mountains, and wetlands, but you can also visit the desert in this area. Dasht-e Darak Desert is another natural attraction of Chabahar, which is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran and is very secluded and pristine. In this desert, you can walk on the dunes. The Dasht-e Darak Desert is one of the lesser-known attractions of Chabahar among tourists. Chabahar’s attractions have the most diversity in terms of nature tourism, and the city is also considered one of the most important touristic places in Iran.

8-Sheytan Island in Chabahar

Another attraction of Chabahar is Sheytan Island This island is submerged in the waters of the Makran Sea several times a year due to the tides. In the past, due to not knowing the geographical phenomenon, locals called it Sheytan (devil) Island. This island is the easternmost island in Iran and is located in Pasabandar, which has high cliffs and numerous pits and is one of the most secluded tourist attractions in Iran.

 Historical attractions of Chabahar:

Several historical sites in Chabahar take you on a journey through the past. Unfortunately, the field of archaeology in Chabahar has been neglected, but historical texts mention the area around the Chabahar port since the time of the Arsacids. Undoubtedly, this city has hundreds of historical artifacts buried in its soil. The historical attractions of Chabahar are mainly located in the village of Tis. Chabahar’s historical sights are not numerous and most of them have a history of two to five hundred years. Below, we introduce some of Chabahar’s historical attractions:

1-Ancient village of Tis and Baan Mesiti caves

Another attraction in Chabahar is the ancient village of Tis and the Baan Mesiti caves. This village was once one of the important ports of Chabahar that was active until the Qajar era. The feature that has drawn tourists’ attention to this village is the Baan Mesiti caves. The Baan Mesiti caves are a temple of the male god that has brick architecture inside the mountain. The exact time of the cave has not been studied from an archaeological perspective, but some believe it dates back several hundred years. If you travel to Chabahar, be sure to visit the Baan Mesiti caves. The Baan Mesiti caves are considered one of the tourist attractions in Chabahar that are less known among tourists.

2- Jameh Mosque of Tis

Another attraction in Chabahar is the Jameh Mosque of Tis. This mosque is important because its architectural style is similar to the mosques in India and Pakistan, indicating a cultural similarity between this region and India and Pakistan. The mosque has one minaret and two domes with a red and green outer facade. The Jameh Mosque is another one of the tourist attractions in Chabahr that architecture and archaeology enthusiasts usually visit.

3-Jameh Mosque of Dezak

Another ancient artifact in Chabahar is the Jameh Mosque of Dezak. This mosque is located in the village of Saravan and is considered one of Chabahar’s attractions. Interestingly, its form is similar to the desert mosques in Isfahan province, Iran. It has a columned porch with brick columns and a wooden ceiling made from palm tree trunks. However, Iranian desert mosques are usually built with brick and mud roofs. This place is one of the few ancient and intact structures in Chabahar that most architects and archaeologists visit. The Jameh Mosque is one of the tourist attractions in Chabahr that many tourists overlook.

4-Chabahar Local Museum

Another attraction in Chabahar is the Chabahar Local Museum. The building of this museum dates back to the Qajar era and is nearly 150 years old, built on two floors. On the first floor, you can see the ethnographic objects and tools of the people of Chabahar. It is an important place for enthusiasts of ethnographic museums and is considered one of the lesser-known tourist attractions in Chabahar. If you want to get familiar with the lifestyle of people and past marine tools, visit the Chabahar Local Museum. This place is also considered one of Chabahar’s historical attractions that are less known among travelers.

5-Konarak Jetty

Another attraction in Chabahar is the Konarak Jetty. Here you can see local boats and moon-shaped boats. This jetty is considered one of Iran’s export and import ports where various goods are transported through it. Many foreign goods are imported through this jetty into Iran, and it is considered one of Chabahar’s attractions.

 Final words

In this article from Eligasht, tourist attractions in Chabahar have been introduced to you, the reader, in two categories of historical and nature tourism. If you want to see all these attractions carefully on a trip to Chabahar, you need to spend about a week. Some attractions, such as the phenomenon of Gel-Feshan, are only visible in April and May and are not visible in other seasons.

If you intend to travel to Chabahar, you can buy a Chabahar tour package that includes hotel, flight, and airport transfer and visit this unique city in Iran. The cheapest Chabahar tickets are updated every day by the sales team at Eligasht, and you can book your flight to Chabahar as soon as possible through the large Eli Gasht reservation system.



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