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The 13 Best Things to Do in Tehran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Tehran, as the capital of Iran and one of the most modern cities of the country, comes with many places to see and many things to do for domestic and international tourists to decide to pay this city in the heart of Persia a visit.

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Top 13 Sights of Tehran

1) Iran Mall

Iran Mall is one of the newest commercial and entertainment centers built in Tehran, which has become a favorite place for tourists with its special architectural style and many facilities provided.

Iran Mall’s facilities include shopping malls, amusement parks, amphitheaters, sports complexes, and hotels. In terms of geographical location, this complex is located in the northwest of Tehran and near Chitgar Lake in District 22.

Jame Mosque, Didar Garden, Mahan Garden, Traditional Bazaar, Hall of Mirrors, Pantry, and the Book Garden of Iran Mall or Jundishapur Library of Iran are among the architecturally important scenic sights of the Iran Mall project.

If you intend to buy from Iran Mall, you should know that everything you need can be found in this center. Among the commercial sectors of Iran Mall, one can mention Hyperstar, cultural and entertainment products, shoes and leather products, household and electronic appliances, jewelry, watches and ornaments, beauty and health products, clothing and sports equipment, and more.

Best Things to Do in Tehran

2) Eram Park

Eram Park is one of the best sightseeing places in Tehran for families with children. Eram Park, which carries the title of Iran’s largest amusement park, actually includes three amusement parks and the first and largest zoo in Iran.

One of the most prominent attractions of this park is a 9-hectare lake that provides fishing and boating opportunities for visitors. Eram Park has prepared a variety of entertainment for ages three and up by collecting an array of games and rides together. Therefore, all family members can enjoy being in this fun place in Tehran. Besides all these facilities, there is a money museum, restaurant, fast food, green area, swimming pool, bowling alley, a pool, and indoor amusement park.

3) Chitgar Lake

It is impossible to talk about Tehran’s sights and not mention Chitgar Lake. The numerous attractions of this manmade lake and the existence of various recreational facilities such as the restaurant on the water and the Bamland entertainment and business complex guarantee to leave a pleasant memory of sightseeing around the Chitgar lake in the minds of all tourists.

This lake, which is considered the largest manmade lake in Iran, is also known as the Martyrs’ Lake of the Persian Gulf and is located northwest of Tehran in the 22nd district. The facilities provided at Chitgar Lake include cycling, walking, picnicking, and fishing. Also, if you like to visit Tehran at night, the nights of Chitgar Lake can be quite memorable.

Visiting the Bamland complex can also easily turn into a lovely experience of Tehran’s sights for you. In this grand shopping center, a number of the best domestic and international brands operate, and the best restaurants in Tehran also have places in Bamland buildings.

Also, the presence of doughnut and ice cream stalls in Bamland area can make this a lovely trip for the kids too. However, you need to know that the price of services and products available in the Bamland complex is a bit higher than what you can find in other commercial and entertainment complexes such as Kourosh shopping center, which we will get to later.


4) Bam Tehran

Bam Tehran is one of the most popular places for sightseeing in Tehran, especially at night. Bam Tehran, located between the end of Velanjak street and the first station of Tochal cable car, is actually a mountainous area.

This place is considered one of the key tourist attractions of Tehran due to its fantastic view of the city. Among the facilities of this popular tourist place, one can mention various restaurants, zip line, sledging, 5D cinema, and electric minibusses to travel from the lower part of the place to the upper part.

If you are looking for excitement and special entertainment such as bag jumping, bungee jumping, trampoline jumping, rock climbing, sledding, escape room, and tennis, Bam Tehran has excellent facilities to offer. On the way to Bam Land, there is a waterfall, which is also worth seeing.


5) Verdij Village

If you want to spend your day sightseeing and visiting one of Tehran’s tourist attractions, Verdij village can be another great suggestion. This village has many attractions for the residents of Tehran and other tourists and is closer to the west of Tehran in terms of geographical location.

The village of Verdij is located in a mountainous area and for this reason, unlike many other parts of Tehran, it can offer you clean and fresh air to breathe. Among the tourist attractions of Verdij village, one can mention the Stone Ghosts, as well as various gardens, springs, and rivers.

Late spring to early autumn is the best time to visit Verdij village. If you plan to visit Verdij village, you must also pay a visit to Warish village, which is located along the same route.

6) Tabi’at Bridge

Another entertainment place in Tehran that is very popular among the residents of this city is the Tabi’at bridge. Tabi’at Bridge is a two-story pedestrian bridge located in Abbas Abad neighborhood of Tehran.

This beautiful bridge has now become one of the most iconic sights of Tehran. The bridge is very important architecturally speaking and was built in such a way that passes across the Modares highway and connects Taleghani Park in the east with Ab-o Atash Park in the west.

Tabi’at bridge is a sight in Tehran that tourists may want to slide into their plans. This is because, in addition to its many recreational facilities, this bridge provides visitors with a very beautiful view of the city of Tehran. Visiting the bridge at night will be a great idea.

Tabi’at bridge, which is the largest non-motorized bridge in the Middle East and the first non-motorized bridge in Iran, provides spaces for walking and sitting on benches and enjoying the scenery. The presence of various coffee shops and restaurants on the first floor of the bridge also contributes to the high popularity of this place as well.

7) Jamshidiyeh Park

Tehran’s Jamshidiyeh Park is one of the most well-known parks and recreational places in Tehran, which is located at the northernmost point of Tehran and near the foothills of the Alborz mountain range. Therefore, you can enjoy the clean and mountainous weather in Jamshidiyeh Park. Many residents of Tehran choose this park for mountain climbing on holidays because after entering Jamshidiyeh Park, you can enter the mountain path with a short walk.

This park has many places to see and you can enjoy the vegetation and beautiful structures walking through the park. This Park is considered as a favorite place for picnics and friendly outdoor gatherings. Also, there are various restaurants and coffee shops available for people who do not like carrying food.

8) Sa’ad Abad Palace

Visiting historical places is always on the list of tourists to Tehran.  The historical and cultural complex of Sa’ad Abad Palace is one of the most prominent places in the contemporary history of Iran. The last kings of Iran lived in this palace during the Qajar and Pahlavi periods. Therefore, in addition to enjoying the eye-catching architecture of this palace and exploring the natural scenery, you can learn more about the contemporary history of Iran in Sa’ad Abad.

Sa’ad Abad Palace was actually a summer residence in Tehran, surrounded by beautiful gardens. This complex is geographically located in the Shemiranat area of Tehran and on the foothills of Tochal and includes various palaces and buildings that were built by Reza Shah for the members of the royal family. White Palace, Green Palace or Marble Palace, Shams Palace, Ashraf Pahlavi Palace, Ahmed Shahi Palace, Shahvand Palace, Arash Kamangir statue, and Black Palace where the Museum of Fine Arts is located are among the spectacular structures of the collection.

You can also visit the museums of this palace, such as the Fine Arts Museum, Anthropology Museum, Royal Clothing Museum, Royal Dishes Museum, Ostad Farshchian Museum, Ostad Behzad Miniature Museum, Mir Emad Calligraphy Museum, Negarestan Museum, The miniature museum of Ostad Abkar, the Museum of Omidvar Brothers, the Water Museum, the Military Museum and more.

9) Kourosh Mall

Kourosh mall is one of the most popular shopping centers in Tehran, especially among young people, which includes a complete variety of different products for women, men, and children. Kourosh shopping center is located in the west of Tehran.

As one of the best entertainment places in Tehran, Kourosh shopping complex is ready to serve tourists and enthusiasts from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. If you are interested in shopping and are looking for a shopping center that comes with facilities such as an amusement park and cinema plex, Kourosh mall can undoubtedly be a great choice for you.

Among the main sections of Kourosh shopping center, one can mention the cinemas, Jupiter amusement park, mobile phones and gold arcades, Hypermarket, food courts, and various restaurants.

10) Milad tower

Milad Tower of Tehran is one of the main symbols of this city, next to Azadi Tower, offering unique tourism facilities. With a height of 435 meters, this tower is the tallest one in Iran, the third tallest tower in the Middle East, and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. In terms of its geographical area, Milad Tower is located in the northwest of Tehran and Gisha area.

In Milad Tower complex, there are many commercial and entertainment sections available, some of which are located inside the tower itself. On the third floor of the building, there is a viewing platform on the top of the tower, from where you can have a unique view of the city of Tehran.

Milad Tower’s open viewing platform, which is located on the seventh floor of this tower and is 280 meters above the ground, is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Tehran. The sky dome of Milad Tower is located on the last floor of the building and at the top of the tower, which is one of the most popular parts of the complex, there is a revolving restaurant.

If you are interested in visiting museums, the Museum of Gifts and Manuscripts of Tehran Municipality, the Museum of Coins, and the Museum of Celebrities in Milad Tower will probably surprise you. Numerous restaurants and cafes located in the area and inside the building at the top of Milad Tower can also be considered a good place to spend some time and relax while visiting.

milad tehran

11) Valiasr Street

Valiasr Street is one of the famous places in Tehran. Valiasr is known as the longest street in Tehran and its spans about 18 kilometers from the north to the south of the city. It is interesting to know that this street has always been a key area in all Iranian governments. On this street, there are tall and old plane trees on each side that make driving or walking through this street even more amazing. There are also various parks and entertainment centers along the way that you can visit.

12) Saei Park

If you haven’t been to Saei Park yet, we recommend that you definitely do it. There are many cypress trees in Sai Park, which has turned this place into a pleasant retreat. In fact, one of the oldest, most attractive, and spectacular parks in Tehran, which many people go to, is Saei Park. Birds are kept in a section of Saei Park, which is known as the Japanese Garden. There are many facilities in this park, the most important of which are: playground, skating rink, table tennis court, green space, and gazebos.

13) Museum of Contemporary Arts

Another one of the most famous sights in Tehran that can attract the attention of many visitors is the Museum of Contemporary Arts. This museum houses the largest collection of modern art outside of Europe and North America. It is interesting to know that this place has nine different galleries where there are thousands of works of art valuable to see. So, if you are interested in art and history and want to see thousands of works of art at the same time and the same place, visiting this museum can be a great option.

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