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13 of the best Iranian souvenirs

by Parastoo Sahebi
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13 of The most popular Iranian souvenirs include cultural products, various foods, and handicrafts specific to different Iranian cities. Iran is a tourist-friendly country and more than 4 million tourists visited it in 2015 alone. For those who travel to Iran, Iranian history, culture, and art are very interesting. History and culture that is manifested not only in historical works but also in handicrafts. This is why many foreign tourists do not return from Iran empty-handed and take Iranian souvenirs with them.

The products of each region of Iran are prepared according to its climatic characteristics, cultural capacities, and natural resources, and each city of Iran has its own unique and popular souvenirs. If you want to know what handicrafts or even foods in Iran catch the eye of tourists, follow this article from Eli Gasht.

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1.Iranian carpet

Buying an Iranian carpet means that you have bought one of the best Iranian souvenirs. Even if you’re not ready to pay for a pure silk carpet or a wool/silk blend carpet, you can buy something cheaper and lighter like a rug, or a throw pillow with a tribal pattern that you can easily fit in your suitcase. There are many tips on buying your favorite Iranian carpet on the Internet, which you can research or ask the seller to guide you.


2. Saffron

one of the most popular Iranian souvenirs is saffron, which at the same time is known as the most expensive spice in the world; Because it has a very high nutritional value. Many domestic and foreign tourists consider Iranian saffron as one of the most important agricultural products of this country and when they return to their country and city, they make their loved ones happy by preparing this unique spice.

Even though saffron is grown in countries like America, Spain, Italy, and India, Iranian saffron has a special quality, and this is the reason why Iranian saffron has attracted a lot of people’s attention. Because the production of this product in Iran is completely organic, and this has preserved the properties and quality of this Iranian red gold. with the popularity of Iranian saffron among Iranian souvenirs, many companies have been able to present this product in stylish packaging. Satisfy the needs of saffron customers well and provide the best quality of this product to people.

3.Handmade fabrics

Handmade fabrics in Iran are different depending on which city they are woven in. For example, Isfahan’s traditional textile printing, in which wooden stamps are used to print geometric designs, flowers, and Arabic motifs on linen fabrics. Pateh is also one of the souvenir fabrics of Kerman; Hand-embroidered wool fabric in which natural colors are used.


Giweh is a traditional shoe in the mountainous areas of Kermanshah province. These handmade shoes, which resemble sandals, are made of a leather sole and a white cotton upper. These shoes are especially suitable for farmers and ranchers because they are light, comfortable, durable, and inexpensive. It is better to use it on hot summer days.

Many foreign tourists are very interested in buying these shoes. Giweh is one of the most popular Iranian souvenirs.

5. Traditional Iranian sweets


Qatab is one of the most delicious famous Iranian sweets. The unique taste of Qatab has made it famous worldwide. The ingredients of Qatab include almond powder, sugar powder, and cardamom.


Baklava is famous in Yazd, Gilan, and Qazvin. The baklava of these three cities is slightly different from each other, But the taste of all three is memorable. It is so delicious that can be on the list of the best Iranian souvenirs.


This famous sweet is one of the most delicious famous Iranian sweets. Cooking and using Sohan has become popular since the Qajar period. There are still workshops in Qom that prepare the file by hand and with traditional methods. In addition to various sohans, the city of Qom also has other traditional sweets such as Arde Shireh, Halva Shadoune, and Nan Kasmeh.



Gaz is One of the most famous Iranian souvenirs, in the past centuries, many Iranian kings took Gaz as a gift and offering to the court of other kings of the world. It seems that Gaz was first produced during the Safavi dynasty, about 450 years ago, and since then it has become so popular that it is known as a symbol of the city of Isfahan.

Gazangbin is the most widely used type of Gaz shrub that grows in the desert areas around Isfahan and Khansar. The sap of this shrub is a white and sweet substance called Angbean, which is used to prepare Gaz.

6. Nuts (pistachios and almonds)

Iran is also known for pistachios and is the largest producer of them in the world. Pistachios can be roasted and eaten salted or raw. In Iran, pistachios are also used in various sweets, including Gaz and Sohan (mentioned above). pistachios are not the only thing you can buy in Iran. Almonds, walnuts, and peanuts are also widely produced and sold in Iran. So we can add these delicious and healthy snacks to the list of the best Iranian souvenirs.

7. Turquoise stone (Firuzeh)

The city of Neishabor in the northwest of Iran is not only famous for the poet Omar Khayyam, but also its turquoise dishes and crafts. Just outside of the city are mines where this precious stone is mined, then cut into pendants, rings, and other jewelry. Turquoise is also used in art forms such as turquoise hammering, the art of hammering small pieces of turquoise into copper. In Iranian culture, it is said that turquoise has healing properties. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose turquoise gems as Iranian souvenirs to bring to your home country.

Firuzeh koobi copper dishes

As we said above, Turquoise is one of the most beautiful stones in Iran, which is used to decorate necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and handicrafts. in the past years, turquoise is also used to decorate copper dishes, which are called Firuzeh koobi copper dishes. small and broken turquoises are attached to copper dishes using glue and create a beautiful and eye-catching design. These copper dishes are among the most beautiful Iranian souvenirs.

8.Ceramics and pottery

pottery is an ancient Iranian tradition. Several places in Iran, including Yazd, Natanz, and Laljin (in Hamadan province), are known as the pottery capital of Iran. However, in almost all cities of Iran, you can find their traces in shops selling dishes, glasses, and ceramics. These artworks are designed in different colors and patterns, from traditional to modern. Decorative colored ceramic and pottery products such as mugs or bowls can be good choices for buying Iranian souvenirs. Just buy one of these clay products and relive all the memories of your trip to Iran!

9. Khatamkari

Another object in the list of the best Iranian souvenirs is Khatamkari. This Iranian art is a type of decoration in which small pieces of wood, bone (usually camel bone), or metal is inlaid on the surface of various articles. The smaller the inlaid pieces, the more valuable the work. In this traditional craft, beautiful patterns are intricately created, often geometric in shape, and then glued together on the surface of the object. Khatamkari products include jewelry, candy containers, chess boards, tissue bags, watches, photo frames, etc. There is no better souvenir than Khatam Kari that you get for yourself or give to your loved ones.

10. Termeh

termeh is a handmade silk fabric in which golden threads are woven. This product is made in Yazd and is available in various products such as tablecloths, wallets, shoes, etc., which may be a little overpriced due to the thread and special design, but be sure that they are worth buying. It is one of the most beautiful Iranian souvenirs that can shine in your house.


11. Tea set

the tea set is another one of the Iranian souvenirs. Iranians are one of the biggest fans and consumers of tea. It is not difficult to see various teapots and sets of cups and tea glasses for different occasions. Sets that include a saucer, a tea glass, and a teapot, and the image of Shah Abbas is engraved on them, and of course, they have mostly decorative uses. It may be interesting to know that foreigners usually prefer red color sets and some even add samovar to their purchases.

12. Minakari

Minakari crafts are another suggestion for a gift to a foreign guest as Iranian souvenirs. We suggest that in this particular case, for ease of carrying, you should look for enameled wall hangings rather than, for example, a set of bowls and plates. There are many different wall hangings available in the market, both in terms of dimensions and designs. However, remember that very cheap models, although more economical, usually have less elegance and cleaning.

13. Qalamkar fabric

Qalamkar fabric is one of the most practical handicrafts of Isfahani people, which is used for many purposes, including tablecloths, tablecloths, and even bedspreads. Qalamkar fabrics are available in many different shapes and sizes in the market, from round and oval to square and rectangular. This fabric is very popular among Iranian souvenirs.

The dominant color that can be seen in the majority of Qalamkar fabrics is red and blue, but there are also a few models in the market that are painted with different colors such as pink, and have unique coloring.


Iranian souvenirs are unique in each city and made with lots of love. While walking through Iran’s markets is a feast for the eyes, if you don’t know what to do, it can become your weak point in shopping. In this article, we introduced you to a list of the best souvenirs that you can buy from Iran. By buying unique Iranian souvenirs, you will take a part of this unforgettable country and its unique culture and art with you.

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