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Shopping Centers in Urmia: A Shopper’s Paradise in Iran

Shopping Centers in Urmia

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Shopping Centers in Urmia

shopping centers in Urmia have a high variety and are known as one of Urmia’s tourist attractions. Urmia, also known as Urumia, is the largest city in the West Azerbaijan province of Iran. It is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture, and it is also known for its vibrant shopping scene. Urmia has several shopping centers that offer a wide range of products and services, making it a shopper’s paradise in Iran. In this article from Eligasht, we will review the best shopping centers in Urmia. Stay with us if you want to visit this beautiful city.

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Urmia Grand Bazaar

The old markets are one of the most important and famous markets of every city and usually, all the cities of Iran have an old and main market. Traditional markets are considered the first option for sightseeing and shopping, and fortunately, the metropolis of Urmia is not an exception to this rule, and the Grand Bazaar of Urmia is considered one of the best shopping centers in Urmia. Visiting the old and traditional markets has a very different feeling and emptiness than shopping in luxury shopping centers. This old and traditional market has been remembered from the Safavid era in the middle of Urmia, and when you go to it for shopping and sightseeing, in addition to looking at the goods and products of the shops, its architectural style and design will also attract your attention.

The area of this market reaches 60,000 square meters, and there are several rows and houses in it, and the corridors connect all the parts. In the beginning, Urmia’s big market did not have the size it has today, and during the Zandiya and Qajar eras, it was expanded to its current size with the construction of various other sections. The number of shops in this market reaches more than 1000 units and when you want to go there for shopping and sightseeing, keep in mind that you should consider at least half of your day for shopping and sightseeing in the Urmia Grand Bazaar. One of the busiest and most popular parts of this market is coppersmiths, where all kinds of copper containers are sold in different shapes and sizes.

Also, if you come across this market, don’t forget Attaran Row; Because all the shops have put all kinds of aromatic and colorful spices and teas for sale. This market is located in one of the most important neighborhoods of Urmia city and in the main square of the city, where you can reach it both by private car and by public transportation.

Shopping Centers in Urmia

Milad-e Noor commercial complex

Milad-e Noor commercial complex is located on Ostadan Street. This complex is more famous because of the large number of clothing, bag, and shoe stores in Urmia. Although Milad-e Noor complex is not one of the largest shopping centers in Urmia, it is usually crowded due to the large number of stores. A clean environment, the presence of various Turkish brands with reasonable prices, as well as easy access, are the positive features of Milad-e Noor complex. Also, with the large cafe located on the second floor, there are suitable facilities to relieve fatigue after a hearty shopping experience in Milad-e Noor complex. This complex has a total of 6 commercial floors.

Address: Urmia, Ostadan Street, next to Azami Commercial Complex, Milad-e Noor Commercial Complex, Urmia

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Turk Mall Urmia complex

In terms of modern design and facilities, Turk Mall is one of the largest and most luxurious shopping centers in Urmia. Almost all the facilities required for a shopping complex at the international level are seen in this place. Multi-floor parking, an amusement park, children’s entertainment, a hypermarket, a restaurant, a food court, a coffee shop, etc. are just a few of the facilities of this stylish and luxurious commercial complex on Beheshti Street. Since this complex is considered a kind of city center of Urmia, daily shopping stores such as Refah and Superstar chain stores have occupied an important part of the shopping center. In other sections, shoe, clothing, and jewelry stores stand out. In addition to chain and brand stores that are located in this complex, there are many cafes and restaurants with very high quality and suitable facilities in Turk Mall Urmia commercial complex. Although many business units have not yet been activated in this complex due to its new establishment, in general, we should include this complex in the list of the best shopping centers in Urmia, which is a good option for shopping in Urmia.

Address: Urmia, Shahid Beheshti St., Turk Mall.

Shopping Centers in Urmia

Sarv border market

Border bazaars are shopping centers that operate in areas close to the border and provide buyers with imported goods at a more reasonable price. Sarv border market is one of the shopping centers in Urmia, which is located on Sarv City road in Urmia.

bazaar is a place to sell Turkish women’s and men’s clothing, cosmetics and packaged food items with reputable brands. Sarv Bazaar has open space as an open parking lot and has many fans among the people of Urmia and tourists with its high-quality products and reasonable prices.

Address of Sarv border bazaar: West Azerbaijan, Sarv, 55 km to Sarv Customs


Amirkabir commercial complex

Among the shopping centers in Urmia, many shopping centers are very popular among people due to their reasonable price of goods and products, and if you visit them at any time, you will see many people who go to them for shopping. Another cheap shopping center in Urmia is the Amir Kabir commercial complex, which is located in the center of the city and therefore has easy access. This shopping center is located in a 3-floor building and there are many stores in it. All kinds of clothes, bags and shoes, shawls and scarves, perfumes and colognes, cosmetics, ornaments, etc. are sold at reasonable prices in the commercial units and stores of Amirkabir shopping center in Urmia.

To access this shopping center, you can use public vehicles in addition to private cars. But using public vehicles to access this area can be a better option; Because this passage is located in a busy and high-traffic area of Urmia city, and you may face a problem finding a suitable parking place.

Address of Amir Kabir Commercial Complex Urmia: South Khayyam Street, Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province

Shopping Centers in Urmia

Ahandoost Street market

Ahandoost Street in Urmia is one of the busiest and oldest streets in Urmia, which has various shops and is considered one of the most important markets and shopping centers in Urmia. You can get all kinds of products, including clothes, household appliances, and other items needed for every home, from the shops and stores on this street easily and at a reasonable price.

Also, on this street, there are different types of restaurants with traditional and delicious food, where you can invite yourself to a delicious meal after shopping and double the shopping pleasure.

Address: Urmia, Ahandoost Street, Ahandoost Bazaar, Urmia


Tuba complex

When it comes to the luxury centers of Urmia, the name of the Tuba Urmia complex shines. Tuba shopping center is one of the new shopping centers in Urmia and in this short time, it has become famous among the people. All kinds of women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, all kinds of bags and shoes, cosmetics, perfumes and colognes, digital devices, accessories, jewelry, etc. Due to the variety of goods and products that are sold in this shopping center, in addition to the residents of Urmia, tourists who have traveled to this city go to the Tuba shopping complex for shopping and sightseeing.

One of the amenities of this shopping center is its dedicated parking lot, which tourists can use to park their cars. Among the other popular amenities of the Tuba shopping center are the restaurants and coffee shops of this complex, where tourists can go to relax and have a snack or meal.

Address of Tuba Commercial Complex Urmia: West Azarbaijan Province, Urmia, Imam St., after Kooye 8th

Shopping Centers in Urmia

Berelian shopping center

Berelian market is considered one of the oldest shopping centers in Urmia. This market with a relatively old building is located in one of the busiest streets of Urmia city, Imam Street, where there are shops on the basement, ground floor, and first floor.

Most of the shops in the Berelian market are selling glasses, specialized silver jewelry, sports equipment, nursing, and medical gowns, etc., but because of the large number of eyeglasses shops, the Berelian market is also known as the Eyeglasses market among the people of Urmia.

Address of Berelian market: West Azarbaijan, Urmia, Imam St


Azerbaijan Bazaar

Azerbaijan Shopping Center is one of the shopping centers in Urmia, Iran. It has commercial units that sell clothing, jewelry, mobile phone accessories, and more. The prices of the goods sold in Azerbaijan Shopping Center are reasonable, and its location near Khayam Street and surrounding shops have created a suitable position for this bazaar. Azarbaijan Bazaar does not have a parking lot, but you can park your car on the surrounding streets during the appropriate times.

Address: Azerbaijan Gharbi, Urmia, Khayam Street


Pardis shopping center

The Pardis Urmia Shopping Center is one of the largest and most important shopping centers in Urmia, located on Ostadan Street near the Milad Noor Shopping Center. Pardis Urmia Shopping Center has beautiful architecture and design. This beautiful design, along with the presence of many brand stores, has made Pardis Urmia Shopping Center a luxurious and crowded shopping center. It has six floors, with the first three floors being commercial and the upper three floors being offices. Most of the active commercial units in this shopping center, which is one of the shopping centers in Urmia, are in the field of luxury clothing and accessories such as glasses and watches. One should not forget stores selling perfumes, jewelry, and more. Shopping from this center is suitable for young people who are looking to buy luxury clothing or accessories.

Address: Urmia, ostadan Street, Pardis Urmia Shopping Center.

Shopping Centers in Urmia

Berlan shopping center

Berlan Complex is one of the oldest shopping centers in Urmia. This complex often has women’s and men’s clothing stores and all kinds of bags and shoes. The stores of this passage do not have branded and foreign products, so most of the products have reasonable prices and acceptable quality.

The appearance of the Berlan commercial complex may not be like the new and modern luxury complexes, but the reasonable prices of the stores and the good quality of the products have made this arcade a suitable place for shopping in Urmia. Two floors of the Berlan Passage are dedicated to clothing stores, one floor is a children’s playhouse, and the other floors are for commercial and residential use. Even though the complex is not very big, you can find most of what you need with a little wandering between the arcade shops.

Address of Berlan Commercial Complex: West Azarbaijan, Urmia, Farhangian Town, First North Street, First Alley


Final words

Urmia is one of the big cities of Iran that has many tourist attractions. One of the sights of this city can be considered the markets and shopping centers of Urmia; From traditional markets to the most luxurious shopping centers that, in addition to having commercial services, have facilities such as restaurants, amusement parks, food courts and other services for citizens and tourists.

In this article, we have introduced you to the best markets and shopping centers in Urmia, so that in addition to visiting its sights, you can also visit the markets and shopping centers and experience a pleasant shopping experience. Traveling to Urmia and seeing the tourist attractions of this city and buying souvenirs for Urmia is an indescribable pleasure. If you want to go to your accommodation and rest after shopping and sightseeing, you can start your journey by booking a hotel with Eligasht.

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