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List of Halal restaurants in London

by Parastoo Sahebi
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As Muslims, perhaps one of our concerns when traveling abroad is finding a halal restaurant. But with the list of halal restaurants in London that we have provided you, these worries will disappear during your trip to London. Dine in peace in this beautiful English city.

England has been one of the most attractive Muslim immigration destinations in recent years. The high rate of the Muslim population in England has made it possible to provide access to halal restaurants and supermarkets in England for all of this community. Meanwhile, London is a good and welcoming destination for those who want to eat halal meat. From chain restaurants to independent restaurants, fast food to fine dining, there is a suitable option for every Muslim who wants to eat out and choose a halal restaurant in London. Among these restaurants, you will not only find Indian and Middle Eastern options. Asian restaurants also have appeared in this list along with other restaurants with mixed cuisines as halal restaurants in London.

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The Muslim population of England

The Muslim population in England has increased relatively in recent years, and due to the high rate of migration of Syrian and Afghan citizens to this country, the number of foreign and Muslim citizens living in this country has always increased. It is obvious that these people also need to meet the basic needs of their lives according to their living conditions and food is an inseparable part of this issue.

The Muslim population in the UK was about 1.5 million people in 2001 and was nearly 4 million people in 2021. So it is obvious that meeting the needs of Muslims in England is very important and it is solved by various halal restaurants in London and other cities.

The Muslim population of England - eligasht

halal restaurants in London

  • House of Ho

The Vietnamese and Thai restaurant “House of Ho” offers customers Halal chicken along with a menu including sushi and sashimi. Get ready to eat delicious Grilled Chicken Wings. Of course, bento boxes are also a delicious and exciting option.

  • Stocks Diner

Muslims should not ignore Londoners’ love for burgers because they eat halal food. Stax Diner on Carnaby Street uses halal meat and offers tempting burgers to its Muslim customers. There are also fried chicken and waffles for those who are not interested in trying a burger. This restaurant is one of the most popular halal restaurants in London.

  • Arabica

Arabica was born from a “passion for dinner food – the sun-drenched lands of the Eastern Mediterranean”. All the meat served here is grass-fed and halal, and their fish is all sustainably sourced. Plus, all ingredients are local and seasonal, and some of their more exotic ingredients are sourced from a handful of expert artisans across the Levant region.

Now on to the food, there’s a delicious meze with meatballs and kebabs, and the “Bahar Freeke” – smoked green wheat risotto with beans, asparagus, lemon, dill, and toasted almonds – is worth a try. Finish off with vegetarian baklava and you’ve got a real winner of a meal in this restaurant.

Arabica restaurant - eligasht

  • Hoppers

As you stand in the restaurant’s long line (which usually stretches around the block), Hoppers assures you of the healthiness of its chicken, lamb, and mutton. The curries and other dishes here are definitely worth the long queues and waits, and you’re sure to be left wanting more after the meal is over. Hoppers always satisfy its Muslim customers as one of the halal restaurants in London.

  • Guanabana

This restaurant among halal restaurants in London presents South American and Caribbean culture. “Guanabana” restaurant with a Caribbean theme offers you good times, great food, and halal ingredients. It may look like a small restaurant, but a row of the best South American and Caribbean dishes, such as goat curry and spicy chicken stew, awaits you. For those who don’t like spicy spices, there is also a burger option.

  • Chor Bizarre

In the list of halal restaurants in London, this restaurant represents Indian food. You can travel from London to North India by eating at Chor Bizarre. This luxury Indian restaurant with different furniture and sophisticated and detailed decoration will make your every meal a unique and unrepeatable experience. All lambs and chickens are halal and we recommend lamb tandoori or spicy chicken Chettinad.

Chor Bizarre -halal restaurants in London

  • Wing Wing

Homemade spicy Korean chicken wings are served at Wing Wing, one of the best halal restaurants in London.

Inspired by chicken chimak joints and Korean beer, Wing Wing is what they call “Asian soul food.” It’s a bright and colorful spot with a strong Korean karaoke theme, and they’re halal-certified, so all the meat here adheres to Islamic law.

Speaking of food, all fried chicken lovers are in for a real treat here. They double-fry their high-quality fried chicken wings, drumsticks, and boneless strips, meaning they’re as crispy on the outside as they are juicy on the inside. Add seaweed fries, kimchi coleslaw, and mashed green beans and you’ve got a winner here.

  •  Chai Roti

Another worthy addition to this list of the best halal restaurants in London is Roti Chai – a great little spot in Marylebone that specializes in both Indian street food and more traditional dishes.

The restaurant is split into two sections – upstairs is the street kitchen, which specializes in dishes like Keralan spiced lollipops and steamed rice cakes – and the restaurant, which serves savory dishes like butter chicken, Malabar mooli prawns, and Koliwadi fish curry. Makes. The street kitchen is open all day Monday through Sunday, and the dining room is open Thursday through Saturday.

  • Chotto Matte

If you’re looking for top-notch sushi, halal dining, and beautifully designed plates, this Japanese-Peruvian fusion joint is perfect. Offering a variety of menus and an extensive menu designed to choose from several shared dishes, Chotto Matte is ideal for a well-deserved meal after a long day at the shops of nearby Oxford Street.

The sashimi and king oyster mushroom tostadas are both worth a try, as are the black cod aji miso and the melt-in-your-mouth wagyu beef gyoza. The owner of this great little place has certified that all the meat served here is halal. So it is one of your choices among Halal restaurants in London.

Chotto Matte london

  •  Inito

Inito near Liverpool Street offers Indian street food and a wide range of classic small dishes and light and delicious dishes such as Pani puri and masala guacamole. Of course, as expected from an Indian restaurant, curries are also on the menu, and “du roti” bites and kebabs also have their permanent place. You can be sure that all meats are halal.

  • Roti King

This little Malaysian cult spot is just opposite Euston station and specializes in the unforgettable roti canai – a flatbread of Indian origin that’s a favorite in Malaysia and Singapore. All the food prepared here is generally halal.

Needless to say, Roti canai goes well with the variety of curries produced here, but there is more to Roti King. “Nasi Lemak” – steamed coconut rice served with peanuts, fried anchovies, cucumber, egg, sambal, and spicy fried chicken – is pretty much all you can eat, and there are great noodle dishes too. Tip – It gets very busy here, so be prepared to queue in this restaurant in the list of Halal restaurants in London.

  • Chai Wu

The luxury Chinese restaurant “Chai Wu” uses all halal meats in its dishes and you can order food there without any worries. This restaurant is among halal restaurants in London and is very suitable for relaxing after a long shopping or museum tour. also, the beautiful decor and tempting dishes of this restaurant will make you feel blessed. On the menu, Beef with hot and sour sauce or sweet and sour chicken served in dragon fruit are among our special offers.

Chai Wu london

  • Halal guys

Halal guys first started in New York in 1990 when they sold halal food to Muslim taxi drivers who had little to eat in the city at the time. The three Egyptian brothers then expanded their business into what it is today – a business with 400 restaurants that strive to be “the leading and best American halal restaurant in the world.”

As one of the Halal restaurants in London, They’re known for their halal plates – which include beef, chicken, and falafel – and they have some thin sandwiches here too.

  • Taza kebab house

This is one of the best halal restaurants in London. Exceptionally good value, family-run Taza kebab house is one of London’s oldest grills and has been serving excellent food since opening its doors in 1985. The shawarma kebabs here are very good – and a steal at just £3.50 – and other items on the menu include chicken and lamb kebabs, meatball kebabs, and vegetarian rice.

You’re just a stone’s throw from Bayswater and Queensway tube stations here, and Hyde Park is just across the road – a great place for a post-BBQ walk.

halal restaurants in London - eligasht

  • Boondocks

At the “Boondocks” restaurant, an American menu with completely halal meats is waiting for you to polish your soul with its dishes. The tempting menu features mouth-watering burgers, and chicken in every way you can think of, along with PO-boy sandwiches and other hearty treats. So if you like American food, don’t hesitate to choose here!

  • Bintang

Pan-Asian restaurant “Bintang” with all halal meats, offers you the best Asian food with a few changes. For example, you can start with Malay lamb, crispy chicken with garlic and vinegar, and Thai dishes. For this reason, you can have an interesting day in Bin Tang as one of the halal restaurants in London.

  • Tarshish

Tarshish Mediterranean Grill Restaurant in Wood Green serves only halal meat and you can try delicious Turkish dishes along with other fusion dishes on its two floors. At the core of the restaurant, a family’s love for cooking is completely palpable. To get to know the real Turkish flavors, order the biti lamb or shish chicken.

halal restaurants in London - eligasht

Other halal restaurants in London

a chain of Lebanese restaurants that opened in 2017, Chicken Base fast food restaurant, Fernando’s Peri Peri, Soju Korean restaurant, Miah Indian restaurant, Chennai Dosa and Sri Lankan halal food, Las Iguanas restaurant chain serving Brazilian, Mexican, and South American halal food, Bina Tandoori, Kings Grill, Benis Benny’s Gourmet, are other halal restaurants in London.


Finding halal food is one of the concerns of Muslims living in non-Muslim countries. Of course, many people may prefer preparing healthy homemade food to buy ready-made food. But many of us, when faced with those advertised giant hamburgers, seafood, various types of Italian pizza, etc., cannot resist the temptation to try these foods, and the next step is to find a halal restaurant. Therefore, the list of halal restaurants in London will be formed in our minds. We hope the list above helps you to choose your restaurant easily.

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