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Introducing Iran railway routes

Iran railway routes

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Iran railway routes

Iran is one of the countries that has beautiful and vast railway routes. in other words, Iran railway routes connect all the corners of the country and tourists can use these routes to travel around the country. The train is one of the attractive means of intercity transportation, which is very popular because of its safety, but one of the interesting parts of traveling by train is the feeling that you can experience on the beautiful and pristine railway tracks. In the following, we will introduce you to Iran railway routes, select the most beautiful routes and provide explanations about each one, so stay with us.


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The route of Iranian trains

Which of the cities in Iran has a train station that can be visited during a rail trip? As mentioned earlier, the train is considered one of the safest and at the same time the cheapest means of travel in the world, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of using the train.

Iran’s national north-south railway passes through different areas and there are 89 selected stations on this route. The railway route in the north of Iran starts from the port of Gas located in the south of the Caspian Sea and extends to the port of Imam on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Along this railway route, there are stations such as Qaemshahr, Garmsar, Tehran, Arak, Durood, Shahbazan, and Andimeshk. On the other hand, the national railway route continues from the cities of Dezful and Ahvaz and finally reaches the railway line crossing the Karun bridge in Jahan Khorramshahr, Bandar Imam and the shores of the Persian Gulf.

Iran railway routes

Railway stations in Iranian cities

there are more than 13,000 kilometers of railway tracks in Iran, which have provided train traffic between different cities and provinces of the country. most Iran railway routes are from Tehran to other cities. the most important Iran railway routes that pass through Tehran are:

Tehran – Gorgan, Tehran – Shiraz , Tehran – Arak,  Tehran – Mashhad

Tehran – Firouzkooh , Tehran – Tabriz , Tehran – Ahvaz, Tehran – Shahroud

Tehran – Jamkaran, Tehran – Yazd, Tehran – Khorramshahr, Tehran – Semnan

Tehran – Qom, Tehran – Zahedan, Tehran – Maragheh, Tehran – Neishabour

Tehran – Pishwa, Tehran – Bandar Abbas , Tehran – Zanjan, Tehran – Khaf

Tehran – Parand , Tehran – Sari, Tehran – Markazi, Tehran – Tabas

The second city after Tehran which has the most railway routes in the country is Mashhad, which has many routes like Tehran.

The railway lines that go to Mashhad are the cities of Shahroud, Semnan, Tabas, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mahabad, Ahvaz, Shabestar, Malayer, Qom, Zanjan, Qazvin, Karaj, Kashan, Yazd, Kerman, Bandar Abbas, Sari, Shiraz, and Sarkhes. All the mentioned cities have trains for return routes from Mashhad to all the mentioned destinations.

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What are the other Iran railway routes?

Among the other cities of the country that have active trains and railway routes, we can also mention the following, in these railway lines, all kinds of modern and well-equipped trains are transporting passengers.

Khorramshahr – Ahvaz, Yazd – Bandar Abbas

Andimeshk – Ahvaz, Isfahan – Bandar Abbas, Andishmak – Durood

Karaj – Tabriz, Gorgan – Pol Sefid

Shiraz – Isfahan, Tabriz – Van, Durood – Sefid Dasht

Yazd – Kerman, Tabriz – Jolfa, Karun – Bandar Mahshahr

Iran railway routes

The most beautiful Iran railway routes

Tehran-Sari train route

One of the most beautiful Iran railway routes is the train route from Tehran to Sari. This route is so beautiful and eye-catching that tourists prefer to travel by train from Tehran to Sari and see this beautiful and amazing route.

There are 24 different stations on the Tehran-Sari route, and after passing Garmsar station, you can see the beautiful parts of this railway route.

Along the way, after crossing the white bridge, you will enter the northern forests from the mountains, and you can also see Lafur Dam and Javaram Forest Park on this way.

Among the other tourist attractions that can be seen on the Tehran-Sari train route, we can also mention Veresk Bridge. This bridge, whose construction process started in 1312 and was completed in 1315, is an engineering masterpiece and a symbol of the railway in Iran. Veresk Bridge is 86 meters long and its height is 110 meters.

Gadok tunnel is another part where you can see the Tehran-Sari route. This route is 2887 meters long and is known as the longest tunnel in the country.


Mashhad-Sari train route

The train route from Mashhad to Sari also passes through the forests of northern Iran, and for this reason, it is one of the most beautiful Iran railway routes. The stations of Kashmar, Shahroud, Damghan, Semnan, Firozkooh, Ghaemshahr and… are on the Mashhad-Sari train route.

You can see amazing rocks and mountains along the way. The travel time to Sari through this route is 14 hours and after passing through the mountains, you can enter the northern region of the country and see the forest and the unique nature of the northern country along the way.

There are also very beautiful villages on the Mashhad-Sari train route, and seeing the village houses is one of the most attractive and enjoyable parts of the trip north from Mashhad.

Iran railway routes

Qazvin Rasht train route

Qazvin to Rasht train route is one of the newest Iran railway routes. This route is 164 km long and has 52 tunnels and 17 bridges. Without any doubt, the Qazvin-Rasht train route can be compared with the Tehran-Sari route, because on both of these routes, we see incredibly beautiful and pristine landscapes and nature. To create this route, the country’s largest railway bridge, the Manjil Grand Bridge, which is 1,430 meters long, has also been used. Forests, paddy fields and different rivers can be mentioned among the other sights along this railway route.

Lorestan tourist train route

You can ride the tourist train in Lorestan province and see the tourist attractions of this beautiful province.

The route of this train is 74 kilometers and it starts from Durood City and continues to the country station. Along the way, there are various tourist stops that you can visit.

Among the most important tourist attractions of Lorestan province, which is located along the route, we can mention Bisheh waterfall, etc.


Train route from Tehran to Garmsar

Just as watching the forests, paddy fields, rivers, etc. are spectacular in the north, if you go to the east of Iran, you can see the view of the desert.

Watching the stars of the sky in the heart of the desert is a wonderful feeling that few people can experience in their lifetime, and if you are interested in seeing such a view, we suggest you go from Tehran to Garmsar by train.

The Tehran-Garmsar train is located on a railway track that stretches into the heart of the desert, and you can see the amazing view of the desert and attractive mirages along the way.

To enjoy the beauty of the desert, our suggestion is to choose a train that travels this route at night because the beauty of the desert is many times greater during the night and you can enjoy the starry nights of the desert. Because of all these attractions of the Tehran to Garmsar route, we can mention it as one of the most beautiful Iran railway routes.

Iran railway routes

Train route from Tehran to Ahvaz

The route from Tehran to Ahvaz is one of the most beautiful Iran railway routes, and you can see the amazing and beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and plains in Lorestan and Zagros provinces. Valleys, rivers, plains and waterfalls are only a part of the beautiful and pristine landscapes on this route.


Final words

Rail travel always has its own fans. The comfort of the train makes many travelers choose rail travel every year. The clattering sound of the train is relaxing. Now imagine that hearing this sound is accompanied by seeing very beautiful and exciting images. In this article, we intended to introduce you to Iran railway routes and select the best of them. These Routes don’t let you take your eyes off the train window even for a moment.



1- Which Iran’s railway routes have been chosen as tourist railway stations?

The Lorestan train route is one of the most beautiful Iran railway routes, which has been introduced as a tourist railway station with a route full of natural and historical beauty.


2- How many hours is the train route from Tehran to Sari?

The rail route between Tehran and Sari is about 400 km, and you will be on the train for about 7 hours.


3- What are the longest Iran railway routes?

Among the longest Iran railway routes, the Tehran-Mashhad train route and the Tehran-Bandar Abbas route can be mentioned.

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