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The best areas of Antalya for hotel reservations

The best areas of Antalya

by Parastoo Sahebi
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The best areas of Antalya

One of the most touristic cities in Turkey is Antalya, which attracts many tourists annually. This coastal city attracts tourists from all over the world to visit because of the various attractions it has; As a result, knowing the best areas of Antalya for travel is very important. Various markets, hotels, historical and natural attractions, and some of the best tourist beaches all indicate that Antalya is one of the best options for travel.

Due to the abundance of attractions, it is very important in which area or neighborhood you will stay and which part of Antalya you will travel to, based on which you can be close to more attractions and make the most of your valuable time. In this article from Eligasht, we will introduce the best areas of Antalya. With this list, you can learn about the attractions and potential of each region and neighborhood and better understand Turkey’s regions and neighborhoods.

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Where are the best areas of Antalya?

Antalya is a colorful and pleasant city and one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey, which is known as one of the most prominent tourist and entertainment centers of this country and has many attractions. At the beginning of your arrival in Antalya, you will be greeted by tall palm trees and beautiful anchorages. Like Istanbul and other Turkish cities, this beautiful city has an old texture in the Qalachi neighborhood. In the ancient context of the city, you can closely observe narrow and winding streets and old houses surrounded by medieval walls.

Antalya also includes wide and blue beaches, which has made it one of the top regions of Turkey in attracting tourists, and its coastline is ready to welcome travelers with unique facilities. One of the positive features of Antalya beaches is that in this city, no hotel is allowed to be built near the beach, and all hotels are built at a distance from the beach, which preserves the beauty and nature of the beach.

The best areas of Antalya

Kemer area

If you expect a calm and no-fuss environment for your trip, the best option is to book a hotel in Kemer because Kemer is one of the best areas of Antalya to relax and enjoy peace. Kemer is a coastal area located 40 kilometers west of Antalya and is very popular among nature lovers.

The Kemer region has several beaches, each of which has a different size. The beaches of Kemer continue from Beldibi to Tekirova; most are sandy. Every year, many visitors from European countries such as Germany, Holland and Russia come to this region and have fun and relax in Kemer. In addition to the calm and beautiful beaches, Kemer is located next to the Taurus Mountains and is very rich in vegetation compared to other areas, and this has made many mountaineers and environmentalists choose Kemer as a place to stay according to their interests.

In terms of stores and shopping centers, there are several diverse stores and local open-air markets in Kemer, which most locals and natives of the region buy from. It is not very suitable for those looking for luxury and branded goods.

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Lara area

If access to the city center is important for you, the Lara area is the best option for choosing a hotel.

Lara neighborhood, which some people know as Murad Pasha, is one of the best areas of Antalya in terms of location and accessibility, which has made many travelers choose hotels in this area as their place of residence. One of the great features of this area is its distance of 12 kilometers to the international airport and 16 kilometers to the city center.

In terms of tourism and nature tourism, Lara has attractions such as a golden sandy beach, soft waves and clear waters, beach restaurants and cafes, numerous and diverse hotels and water sports that can effectively attract tourists.

Lara beach, with a length of about 12 kilometers, is the longest sandy beach in Antalya. One of the famous events of this beach, which is held every year and is very interesting, is the festival of sand structures, which many people participate in. This festival is usually held in spring and summer, which is recommended to visit during your trip to Antalya.

The best areas of Antalya

BELEK area

Belek is one of the most beautiful, popular and best areas of Antalya, known for its luxury hotels. The distance from this neighborhood to Antalya International Airport is about 33 kilometers. It is interesting to know that many Europeans come to Antalya every year to sunbathe. The Belek area is a famous beach for Europeans because of its clean coastline.

Green forests with unique and special vegetation, sandy beach, proximity to historical context, sightseeing attractions, parks and exciting water activities of Antalya city are among the reasons tourists choose Beleck region to stay.

Suppose you are one of the supporters of nature and want to have green accommodation. In that case, it is recommended to choose the Belek area because it is only 20 kilometers from the Koperolo Canyon National Park. Visiting this park gives you the opportunity to see and touch an earthly paradise with green mountains and raging rivers.



Konyaalti, one of the most famous and best areas of Antalya for hotel reservations, is 25 minutes from Antalya International Airport. One of the special events held every year in Konyaalti neighborhood is the Antalya Folk Music Festival. Suppose you are into music and are familiar with the culture and customs of different people. In that case, choosing your hotel in this area is recommended so you can attend this exciting ceremony. If you want to experience the pleasure of eating while listening to local music, visit the alleys of Konyaalti.

The area is also very close to Antalya Beach Park and Antalya Aquarium (famous for having the longest underwater tunnel in the world); In addition, while traveling with your friends in Konyaalti, in addition to going to the beach park, visit Dolphin Land and Antalya Grand Stadium. Konyaalti area is very close to the beach, And the distance to the sea is only 350 meters and you will reach the beach with a short walk. Konyaalti Beach, known as “Konyaalti Beach” among local people, plays a vital role in the tourism industry of Antalya.

This neighborhood is very popular, like the Lara neighborhood. Still, an important difference between Lara and Konyaalti is that the Konyaalti neighborhood is newer than the Lara neighborhood and has good facilities, including public and private hospitals. Watching the brown and Belek mountains from one side of the city and its calm and beautiful beach from the other is another attraction of this region. It is one of the things that distinguish Konyaalti from the other areas.

The best areas of Antalya

SIDE area

Another region we intend to introduce in this article is the Side region, one of Antalya’s most famous areas. While modern, this area is also considered a historical and ancient area and literally means a pomegranate tree. Today, this area is a tourist center due to its ancient ruins, sandy beach, countless shops and the facilities it offers for the well-being of tourists.

On the Side, you can find countless shops, cafes and restaurants, all of which have a beautiful view of the sea, and the beauty of this area has doubled. The shops around the park’s streets offer good services to customers by selling beautiful jewelry and various leather goods. This area also has a luxurious and magnificent theater hall, considered one of the most beautiful and largest halls. The temple of Apollo market and the cemetery located near the sea are other historical areas of this region.

KumKōy tourist center is located west of the Side region, and Bucakşihlar is 15 kilometers north of it. If you book a hotel in this area, do not miss visiting the Roman baths, churches, tombs and historical markets of the area. Among the good hotels in this area, we can mention Royal Alhambra Palace, VONRESORT Golden Coast, and Roma Beach Resort & Spa.


Alanya area

Alanya is located in northeastern Antalya and has grown well over time. This area has an airport, Alanya tours are also organized separately, and you can find various recreational attractions for tourists in Alanya. Alanya is a very suitable option for tourists in terms of comfort. Considering the geographical direction of this area, Alanya is considered one of the best areas of Antalya.

The best areas of Antalya

Final words

As mentioned above, Antalya is one of the most attractive cities in Turkey that has many tourists every year. In this article, we introduce you to the best areas of Antalya so that you can use the mentioned information on your trip to this city and choose and book the best hotel according to your conditions. We hope that the presented content has been useful for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- The local music festival is held in which region of Antalya?

One of the special events held every year in the Konyaalti neighborhood is the Antalya Folk Music Festival.


2- What is the closest neighborhood to Antalya Aquarium?

Konyaalti district is very close to Antalya Beach Park and Antalya Aquarium (famous for the longest underwater tunnel in the world).


3- What is the famous European beach in Antalya?

Belek is a popular beach for Europeans due to its clean coastline.

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