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Mysterious Places in Iran: The Thin Line Between Imagination and Reality

Mysterious Places in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
12 minutes read
Mysterious Places in Iran

Weird places can be found in various cities across Iran, and due to their strange or eerie nature, they have made it to the list of Iran’s best tourist attractions. If you are interested in exploring beyond the usual historical and natural sites while visiting Iran and want to discover thrilling and peculiar tourist attractions, don’t miss out on the following article from the Eligasht travel magazine. In this article, we intend to take you on a journey to different cities in Iran and introduce you to the most mysterious and bizarre tourist attractions and places.

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1. White Well Cemetery

Let’s begin our journey to mysterious places in Iran with the White Well Cemetery. This cemetery is located in Behshahr, Mazandaran province, and dates back to the Timurid era. The soil in this cemetery has a very high lime content, which slows down the decomposition of buried bodies. The tombstones are vertically placed on the graves and adorned with peculiar patterns and lines. This cemetery is known as one of the most mysterious historical cemeteries because it has seen minimal destruction over the many years since its construction, and the peculiar shapes of the tombstones have earned it a spot on the list of mysterious places in Iran.


2. Jinn Desert – One of the Mysterious places in Iran

Jinn Desert is another one of the most mysterious and bizarre places in Iran, also known as the Iranian Bermuda Triangle. Professional desert explorers with the necessary equipment can now cross this desert. However, in the past, local people and nomads could not do so. Many individuals would set out to cross the Jinn Desert, but most of them never returned. This phenomenon led to the formation of folklore legends and terrifying stories about this desert, and it gained fame as the Iranian Bermuda Triangle.

Mysterious Places in Iran

3. Twin Village

Another place on the list of mysterious places in Iran is the Twin Village. This village, officially known as Shahabad, is located in Yazd province. A very high percentage of newborns in this village are twins. Although the place itself is not incredibly strange and does not have peculiar natural attractions, due to the high rate of twin births, it has made it to the list of mysterious places in Iran. So far, no one has been able to definitively explain the reason behind the high rate of twin births in this village. However, most people believe that it is due to the increased prevalence of consanguineous marriages, which has led to an increase in the genetic tendency for twin births.


4. Makhunik, on the list of Mysterious places in Iran

The village of Makhunik is not only known as one of the most mysterious places in Iran but is also recognized as one of the seven most astonishing villages in the world. This village is located 78 kilometers east of Sarbisheh city and has an ancient name registered in historical documents as Madakhnik. The architecture of this village is a fascinating and unique architecture that has remained from the Neolithic era. The history of this village dates back thousands of years, and according to archaeologists, it was one of the earliest villages with ancient civilization. In the past, the people in this village were all short in stature, but with proper nutrition and avoiding consanguineous marriages, they managed to correct their genes.

Mysterious Places in Iran

5. Eerie Swamp

Another one of the mysterious places in Iran is located in Mazandaran province, in the city of Noshahr. This swamp has acquired a large misty cover, creating a mysterious and creepy atmosphere. The sound of dead plants and wild animals can also be heard from afar. Due to its beauty, creepiness, and mysterious nature, the Eerie Swamp of Noshahr has made it to the list of popular tourist attractions in Iran.


6. Martian Mountains, one of the Mysterious places in Iran

Chabahar is considered one of the most attractive cities in Iran and a valuable treasure for the country. Another one of the mysterious places in Iran is found in this very city, Chabahar, and is known as the Martian Mountains. These mountains consist of limestone sediments and the remains of marine organisms such as corals and other marine species. The extraordinary appearance of these mountains has attracted many travelers from inside and outside the country to visit Chabahar. When you look at the images of these mountains, it feels like you are truly looking at mountains on the planet Mars.

Mysterious Places in Iran

7. Jinn Castle, among the Mysterious places in Iran

Jinn Castle is one of the mysterious places in Iran located on Kish Island, and it has numerous stories and myths associated with it. During the day, you may not notice anything strange about this castle and enjoy visiting its historical architecture. However, after sunset, you can truly understand why it is called Jinn Castle. The castle’s facade becomes extremely eerie, terrifying sounds emanate from a nearby well, and the sound of the wind whistling through the castle adds to its creepiness. There have been many spooky stories about Jinn Castle, which is why the entrance to the castle has been blocked with blocks. Local people believe that terrifying events occur to individuals who visit this castle at night.


8. Scream Forest

Scream Forest, located in the Torghabeh district of Khorasan Razavi province, is another one of the mysterious places in Iran. This forest is about a 40 to 50-minute drive from Mashhad and is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. According to local legends and folklore, Scream Forest is believed to be a place where spirits and demons reside, which is why many people who visit this forest claim to hear the screams of these entities. Contrary to the stories surrounding Scream Forest, it is actually very beautiful and has many sightseeing attractions. According to many experts, the sounds heard are caused by the wind blowing through the plants in the area.

Mysterious Places in Iran

9. Seven Caves Valley

Continuing our journey to the mysterious places in Iran, we come to the Seven Caves Valley in Neyshabur. This valley is also a tourist attraction in Khorasan Razavi province and has made it to the list of weird tourist places in Iran due to its beautiful and mesmerizing scenery. The valley has a reddish landscape, which is a result of the presence of clay in its structure. Overall, there are seven narrow passages in this area, and among them, you can find rivers and numerous waterfalls. Some of the passages are so close to each other that it makes it difficult for visitors to pass through. That’s why travelers are advised not to venture into the challenging and narrow paths of this valley.


10. Spirits Valley

Spirits Valley is another one of the mysterious places in Iran, located near the city of Dezful in Khorasan Razavi province. This valley has a strange and mysterious atmosphere, which is why it is highly popular among travelers seeking an exciting journey. The entrance route to the valley is beautifully adorned with palm and cedar trees. This route can be considered one of the best and most picturesque locations for photography.

As mentioned, the atmosphere of this valley is mysterious and somewhat eerie, which has led to numerous spooky stories about it throughout history. However, it’s not just the presence of spirits’ stories that has reduced the number of visitors to this valley. The path to reach the valley is also challenging and requires about an hour of walking on a rugged trail. For this reason, many travelers are unable to visit the Spirits Valley in Khorasan Razavi province.

Mysterious Places in Iran

11. Tashkouh

Tashkouh, also known as the Fiery Mountain, is another one of the peculiar places in Iran that has been registered as a national heritage site. It is located in the Khuzestan province. Due to the gas emitted from the depths of the earth and the high sulfur content in this area, the mountain is always burning day and night. Many travelers visit this area to witness the perpetual fire that never goes out. Although there is a scientific explanation for the continuous burning of this mountain, local and ancient people know it as the Gate of Hell, and the surrounding area has a mysterious and somewhat eerie atmosphere.


12. Bouin-Yogon

Bouin-Yogon is another one of the peculiar places in Iran and is considered an ancient tourist attraction. The ancient fortress and castle, dating back to the Manaya and Achaemenid periods, are located in the village of Koor Abbasloo in the Ardabil province. The fortress is highly fortified, and it is impossible to penetrate it from any direction. The fortress has very strong architecture and handcrafted stone basins known among the locals as basins with unfathomable depth. There are many strange stories about Bouin-Yogon, and it was even used as a prison for a while. These factors have placed this fortress on the list of mysterious places in Iran.


13. Parou Cave, the Most Dangerous Cave in Iran

At the end of our journey to the peculiar places in Iran, we arrived at Parou Cave, also known as the Killer Cave, which is one of the most dangerous caves in Iran. This cave is one of the well-known natural attractions in Kermanshah and has been registered as a national heritage site number 98. The cave is located on the highest peak in the Kermanshah province, with an elevation of 3,357 meters above sea level.

For a while, it held the title of the world’s highest cave, earning it the nickname “Everest of Caves.” There are numerous deep shafts in this cave, with the deepest one reaching a depth of 42 meters. Although deeper caves have been discovered in other parts of the world, this cave is still known as one of the most terrifying and dangerous caves in Iran, as it has claimed the lives of many explorers and spelunkers.

Mysterious Places in Iran

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Final words

In this article, we became familiar with some of the peculiar places in Iran. It should be noted that the mysterious and notable places in Iran are not limited to these locations alone, there are other terrifying, mysterious, dangerous, and peculiar places in different cities of Iran. If you have just started traveling in Iran and have limited travel experience, our recommendation to you is to start with more ordinary tourist attractions and avoid traveling to dangerous places like the Jinn Desert, the Killer Cave, and the Haunted Marsh. In addition to the stories surrounding these places, their nature can also be perilous, and visiting them can be deadly for individuals without the necessary equipment.

Furthermore, when visiting places that are considered haunted by the local people, it is better to respect the local beliefs and only visit them at specified times and in a manner allowed by the locals. To familiarize yourself with other tourist destinations in Iran and around the world, don’t miss the other articles of Eligasht Travel magazine.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Where is the most dangerous cave in Iran?

The Killer Cave in Kermanshah, which is the tallest cave in Iran, is known as one of the most dangerous caves in Iran and the world.


2- Which are the most peculiar mountains in Iran?

The most peculiar mountains in Iran include the Martian Mountains of Chabahar, which resemble the surface of Mars, and the Fiery Mountain of Tashkouh, which is always burning.


3- Which are the most terrifying places in Iran?

The most terrifying places in Iran, which have numerous local legends surrounding them, include the Jinn Castle, the Jinn Desert, the Valley of Spirits, and the Screaming Forest.


4- Which are the most peculiar villages in Iran?

Two examples of peculiar villages in Iran that are listed as tourist attractions in the country are the village of Makhonik and the village of Twins.

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