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The most spectacular attractions of Tehran for tourists

by Parastoo Sahebi
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The attractions of Tehran as the capital of Iran are not few, and besides its big buildings, you can visit some scenic or natural areas of the city. Tehran is usually known as a busy city among many people. But Many luxury and recreational facilities have been created in Tehran, which has made it one of the best places for tourists to experience a memorable stay in quality hotels. In this article from Eligasht, we will introduce you to the most spectacular attractions of Tehran for tourists. So stay with us if you want to know about this city.

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Museum of Ancient Iran (National Museum of Iran)

The National Museum of Iran is the largest and most important museum in the country, which houses artifacts from ancient Iran and post-Islamic Iran in two buildings.

The building was built by French Andre Godard, inspired by Sassanid architecture and Ivan of Tisphon, and at eighty years old, the building itself has become one of Tehran’s landmarks.

In this museum, treasures from the Paleolithic era from a million years ago to manuscripts from the Islamic era are displayed. With all these features, the national museum of Iran is considered one of the most spectacular attractions of Tehran.

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Museum- Ancient Iran - eli gasht

Chitgar Lake

It is impossible to talk about the attractions of Tehran and not mention Chitgar Lake. The numerous attractions of this artificial lake and the existence of various recreational facilities such as the restaurant on the water and the Bamland entertainment business complex have left a pleasant memory of sightseeing around the Chitgar lake in the minds of all tourists.

This lake, which is considered the largest artificial lake in Iran, is also known as the Martyrs’ Lake of the Persian Gulf and is located northwest of Tehran (22nd district).

The facilities of Chitgar Lake include cycling, walking, picnicking, and fishing. Also, if you like to visit Tehran at night, the nights of Chitgar Lake can be very memorable and attractive. On the other hand, visiting the Bamland complex can also become a lovely experience of Tehran’s sights for you. In this shopping center, a complete set of the best domestic and foreign brands operate, and the best restaurants in Tehran also have branches in Bamland buildings.

Chitgar Lake - eli gasht

Tehran bazaar -Tehran attractions

Tehran bazaar has been the main pulse of life in the capital since the Qajar era until today and it is one of the most unique attractions of Tehran. It is the best place to discover the spirit of urban life in Tehran with its shops, cells, timchehs and different palaces.

No matter how much you love arcades and big malls, you can’t help but enjoy walking in the long and narrow corridors of the market, hearing the noise of sellers and customers, mixing old and new scents and buying several colorful items.

We suggest that if you are looking to buy a specific product, you should definitely look for its special order and go directly there, otherwise, allow yourself to get lost in the market for hours and enjoy discovering the unknown under the skin of the city.

Mellat Park

Mellat Park is one of the largest parks in Tehran, which was put into operation during the Pahlavi era. It is good to know that this park was designed in 1345 by the famous Posen architect in the style of English parks and has various scenic parts. By referring to this park, you can visit its different parts such as animal species, birds, various plant species, an artificial lake and a cinema campus and also benefit from the sports and entertainment facilities of Mellat Tehran Park.

Mellat Park Tehran - eli gasht

Jamshidieh Park

Jamshidiyeh Park is another example among the attractions of Tehran, which is a pleasant stone garden located in District 1 of Tehran. This park also has a historical date and belongs to the Qajar period. We suggest that you consider a time in a week to visit this park to enjoy the river, waterfall, clean weather and old trees located there and get away from the noise and pollution of the city.

Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower is without a doubt the main and oldest symbol of Tehran, which greets travelers and newcomers by being located in one of the most important entrance routes to the capital.

Azadi Tower or Shahyad, which was designed by Hossein Amanat, one of the most famous figures of Iranian architecture and built during the Pahlavi II era, is not just a building to watch from afar. Maybe many people don’t know that you can visit and use the four floors of the tower, which are dedicated to spaces such as a gallery, library and museum.

Azadi Tower, by combining features of Iranian architecture such as tiles, arches and Iranian gardens with modern architecture, can be a definition of Tehran today and a good example of attractions of Tehran. A city where traces of history and modernism are woven into its identity.


Bam Tehran – Tehran attractions

Bam Tehran is one of the most popular attractions of Tehran at night, which even many residents of Tehran know as the best option for sightseeing in Tehran. Bam Tehran, between the end of Velanjak street and the first station of the Tochal cable car, is said to have a mountain atmosphere.

This place is considered one of the most important tourist attractions of Tehran due to its complete view of the city. Among the facilities of this popular tourist place, we can mention various restaurants, zip line, sledge on the roof of Tehran, 5D cinema and electric midibuses to travel from the lower part of the roof of Tehran to the upper part. If you are looking for excitement and special entertainment such as bag jumping, bungee jumping, trampoline jumping, rock climbing, sledding, escape room, and tennis, Bam Tehran has excellent facilities for these activities. puts you

Also, on the way to the Bam, there is a waterfall, which is also worth seeing for tourists.


Fasham can be considered one of the most pleasant parts of Tehran, which is a part of the Shemiranat neighborhood. Fashm is a green summer resort and one of the most beautiful attractions of Tehran that takes you out of the hustle and bustle of Tehran and immerses you in pristine peace. This neighborhood is a short distance from the city and is considered one of the most popular areas to spend a pleasant weekend. If you are interested in visiting this area, we suggest you visit areas such as Lalon waterfall, Lar Mahaleh waterfall and Abnik ice waterfall in this area and also don’t miss the fun at Darbandsar ski resort.

Milad Tower

Milad Tower is one of the main attractions of Tehran, which is known in the world and many foreign tourists come to Tehran to visit it. Milad Tower is known as the sixth telecommunication tower in the world and is located in the 2nd district of Tehran, where there are luxurious restaurants, shopping malls, concert halls and cinemas, dolphinariums and convention centers. It is good to know that Tehran’s Milad Tower is 435 meters high and consists of 1693 steps.

milad tower tehran - eli gasht

  Saad Abad Palace – Tehran attractions

Visiting historical places is always on the list of tourists to any city. Now that we are talking about Tehran’s entertainment places, we can’t skip the introduction of Saad Abad Palace as one of the best attractions of Tehran.

The historical and cultural complex of Saad Abad Palace is one of the most prominent places in contemporary history. It is considered that the last kings of Iran lived in this palace during the Qajar and Pahlavi periods. Therefore, in addition to enjoying the original and eye-catching architecture of this palace and exploring the natural spaces, you can learn more about the contemporary history of Iran in Saad Abad.

Saad Abad Palace was a summer residence in Tehran, surrounded by beautiful gardens. The complex is geographically located in the Shemiranat area of Tehran and on the Tochal hill and has various palaces and buildings that were built by Reza Shah for the members of the royal family.

White Palace, Green Palace or Marble Palace, Shams Palace, Ashraf Pahlavi Palace, Ahmed Shahi Palace, Shahvand Palace, White Palace or Mellat Palace, Special Palace, Arash Kamangir statue and Black Palace where the Museum of Fine Arts is located are among the spectacular structures of the collection.

Also, if you are interested in visiting museums, visit the museums of this palace, such as the Fine Arts Museum, Anthropology Museum, Royal Clothing Museum, Royal Dishes Museum, Ostad Farshchian Museum, Ostad Behzad Miniature Museum, Mir Emad Calligraphy Museum, Nagaristan Museum, Museum of Immortal Faces. The miniature museum of Ostad Abkar, the Museum of the Omidvar Brothers, the water museum and the military museum can be attractive to you.

Saad Abad Palace- eli gasht

Golestan palace

One of the best historical places and attractions of Tehran or even in Iran where you can get a lot of information about authentic Iranian culture and architecture is Golestan Palace. Golestan Palace is one of the oldest and most beautiful works left in Tehran, which is located in Arg Square and near the Grand Bazaar. This structure dates back to the Safavid era, which is made up of different parts. If you are interested in visiting Golestan Palace, be sure to visit its various parts such as the main hall, Shams-ul-Amara, Marble Throne, Diamond Hall, Marble Throne Balcony, Salam Hall, Dining Hall, Karimkhani Retreat, Berlian Hall, Badgir Mansion and Abyez Palace.

Tehran Museums Garden – Tehran attractions

One of the attractions of Tehran that you can hit with two arrows by going to them is the garden museums that exist in this attractive metropolis. In the museum gardens, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of these gardens in addition to cultural tourism. garden museums have a different feeling in the autumn season, because most of this museum garden is located in the old gardens of Tehran, which have old trees, and in this season, their grounds are full of autumn leaves.

Garden museums in Tehran

  • Water Museum

Address: No. 55, Si Tir St., Jomohri Eslami St

  • Museum of Time – Tehran attractions

Address: Valiasr St., at the beginning of Sarlashgar Falahi St. (Zafraniyeh), corner of Parzin Baghdadi Crossroad, No. 12

  • Cinema Museum

Address: Valiasr St., not far from Tajrish, Ferdous Bagh

  • music Museum – Tehran attractions

Address: Tajrish Square, Shahid Darbandi St. (Maksoud Beyk), Muzeh St

  • Peace Museum

Address: Imam Khomeini Square, Khayyam St., Fayaz Bakhsh St., North Gate of Shahr Park

  • National Bank Museum

Address: Ferdowsi St., next to the central offices of the National Bank of Iran

National Bank Museum - eli gasht

  • Moghaddam Museum

Address: Emma Khomeini Street, after Shakhi Hadi Street, next to Mellat Bank, No. 251

  • Iran Art Garden

Address: Tajrish Square, Darbandi St., Dr. Hasabi St., No. 30

  • Iranian Garden – Tehran attractions

Address: North Sheikh Bahai St., 20 meters from Pirozan, Shahid Saberi Alley

  • Masoudiya mansion – Tehran attractions

Address: Ekbatan Street, above Mellat Metro Station

  • Nagaristan Museum Garden

Address: Baharestan St., Koi Daneshsara

Darband and Darakeh – Tehran attractions

The northern and pleasant neighborhoods of Darband and Darakeh are considered one of the best attractions of Tehran, and you can choose Darband and Darakeh as your weekend excursion destination to enjoy the fresh air and the shops. And the stalls located in this neighborhood prepare delicious and special foods. Darband and Derkeh are the best areas for mountain climbing in Tehran and both of them are located on the river.

iran darband tehran - eli gasht

Final words

In this article, we tried to introduce The attractions of Tehran with a suitable variety so that you have a suitable option in front of you in any area of the city. we should add that some of these places do not require a budget to visit and you can enjoy the beauty and tourist attractions of Tehran for free. Finally, we hope that you have enjoyed the introduction to the sightseeing places of Tehran in this article. If you know the tourist places of Tehran, you can share your opinion with us.

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