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Different types of airplanes

Types of Airplanes for travel

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Types of airplanes

Air travel and all types of airplanes have a special role in people’s lives these days, and many people prefer this method of travel to other methods due to its various advantages. There are different types of airplanes and if you are interested in this industry, getting to know them will be interesting for you. Although most of us know the types of airplanes by the name of their manufacturer, such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Antonov, and many others, the classification of aircraft has a more specialized form, which we will introduce in the following article:

  • Narrow-body planes: As the name of these airplanes suggests, their appearance is characterized by a narrow body. The inside of these planes includes a narrow corridor and there are 100 to 240 seats on both sides of it.
  • Wide-body planes: Another type of airplane is the wide-body plane. Most of the wide-body planes have 300 seats and are for long flights.
  • Small planes: these airplanes have a capacity of 100 passengers and their features include being used for domestic and short-distance flights.
  • Light planes: Among other types of airplanes, there are light planes that have a capacity of 30 passengers and are mostly in the form of jets and private planes.


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Types of airplanes: Airbus planes

Airbus is one of the European aircraft manufacturing companies and one of the largest aircraft manufacturing companies in the world. This company started its work as an airplane manufacturer in 1970, and today half of the passenger and military airplanes in the world belong to it. Most of us have heard the name of this company in the planes we have traveled, and some of us have boarded many different types of these planes.


Some types of Airbus aircraft that are more used in the aviation industry are:

  • Airbus A300: One of the most famous types of planes is the Airbus A300. This famous plane is the first made by Airbus and it started working in 1972. This model of Airbus is a twin-engine and wide-body plane, and it usually has 250-270 seats. It is interesting to know that this model was discontinued in 2007.
  • Airbus 300-310: Another type of plane is Airbus 310. This model came to the market after the A300 and was shorter than the previous model, and the difference between them was in the wing and the engine. This type of Airbus started working in 1982 and, like the previous model, was withdrawn from the Airbus production line in 2007. This model was able to carry 220 passengers.
  • Airbus A320: This model started working in 1978 and its capacity was less than the previous models. The capacity of Airbus 320 was 180 people. From this airplane model, Airbus made another type named Airbus Leo in 2010 and flew, which had the advantage of less fuel consumption than the previous type.
  • Airbus A321: Airbus 321 is another variant of the 320 types, with differences such as a longer body and more passenger capacity. This type of model experienced its first flight in 1993.
  • Airbus A340: The special type of Airbus for transporting the largest number of passengers is the 340 model, which is one of the wide-body planes and has a capacity of 440 passengers.
  • Airbus planes used in Iran: airplanes of this company flew in Iran since 1356. Currently, some types of Airbus aircraft are used in Iran Air, Mahan, Aseman, Taban, airlines.


Types of airplanes: Boeing planes

Boeing is an American airline company and the largest aircraft manufacturing company in the world, which, in addition to all types of aircraft, is also active in the field of commercial aircraft production. Boeing aircraft started working in 1916 and since the beginning, it has launched the following models on the market.

  • Boeing 707: is The first model that flew in 1957. Boeing 707 is narrow and suitable for domestic flights, but it also has military use.
  • Boeing 727: Boeing 727, was built in 1963 and has a carrying capacity of 163 to 189 people. This large passenger jet has a thin and medium-sized body and is one of the most successful aviation structures in the world. Of course, this model is no longer produced since 1984.
  • Boeing 737: Boeing 737 is another product of this company and is a single-aisle passenger plane. This model is also called Boeing’s baby because of its special size. This Boeing has a capacity of 130 passengers and has been renovated in 4 different generations, and in each generation, some features of the plane were changed.
  • Boeing 747: The last type of Boeing plane is the Boeing 747, which is one of the wide-body and long-range planes. This model is also called Jambojet and it is the second largest and most used passenger plane in the world. This plane has a capacity of 550 passengers and because of the use of 450,000 parts in its construction, it is one of the most complex planes made ever.
  • Boeing aircraft in Iran: This airline also operates in Iran and various airlines use its aircraft. For example, Sepehran Airlines uses Boeing 737 and Meraj uses 707 and 737 models. Saha, Ata, Zagros, Mahan, and many other airlines use the airplanes of this company.

Boeing planes

Types of airplanes: Fokker planes

The most well-known types of aircraft are Airbus and Boeing, but airlines are not limited to these two companies. Fokker is another airline that started its business in 1988 in the Netherlands. This airline first created a revolution in the aviation industry by building small passenger planes, but soon it was left behind by the arrival of other models of main competitors such as the Boeing 737. Fokker Airlines was active for about 9 years, and then in 1997, the production of its planes was stopped. The advantage of the planes built by this airline was their lightness and suitable size.

This advantage made most airlines prefer this company’s planes for their domestic flights, especially daily flights where the number of passengers is few. This made Fokker become one of the prominent companies after Airbus and Boeing, and if it had not gone bankrupt, it would have been the main competitor to these two companies.

The first production of this airline was the Fokker 100, which was made from the previous Fokker Fellowship model and was an upgraded version of the Fellowship model. The Fokker 100 was larger and more elongated than the Fokker Fellowship and had more passenger capacity. This company was one of the successful companies and competitors of Airbus and Boeing until it was active in the field of producing passenger planes, but in 1995-1997, it faced problems with the design of the idea of ​​building a personal jet, and finally, it led to bankruptcy.

Of course, the design of the jet idea was not a bad idea, but the lack of management to implement this idea and the lack of funds caused financial losses and eventually Fokker’s bankruptcy. Fokker was one of the most popular airlines among Iranian airlines. Of course, models of this company’s products are still used in airlines such as Taftan, Naft, Qeshm Air, and many others.


Types of airplanes: McDonnell Douglas planes

Another important aircraft design and manufacturing company are the American McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company, which, in addition to producing all kinds of passenger planes, has also been active in the field of military equipment production and has been one of the most important American companies in the field of aerospace. This company is the amalgamation of two other large companies, McDonnell and Douglas, which finally started working as a single company in 1967 by merging and starting their cooperation.

Of course, this was not the only case of the Douglas company merger. McDonnell Douglas was able to operate independently for only 30 years, and after that, it was bought by Boeing, and in addition to adding to Boeing’s reputation, it also found fundamental changes in the type of activities. Of course, this company was one of the largest aircraft design and manufacturing companies before it was bought by Boeing, which launched unique models on the aviation market, including:

DC-9 and DC-8, these two models of Douglas were designed, manufactured, and launched from 1958 to 1972. American Airlines was the first consumer of this model and after that, it was noticed by other airlines. Among other models designed and built by this airline company, we can mention the DC-10, which was the last series of Douglas passenger planes and was built to cover medium to long distances. MD-11 and MD-80 were other products of this big airline company. The capacity of the planes produced by this company varied from 150 to 200 people. MD Douglas models are also popular in Iran and many airlines such as Zagros, Kish Air, Iran Air, ATA, and Caspian use them.

McDonnell Douglas planes

The safest passenger plane

Security is one of the important issues for choosing a vehicle, which is also very important for airliners. Every year, a lot of news is published from all over the world about aircraft accidents that can be caused by engine explosions or aircraft crashes. Naturally, such issues cause fear and apprehension in the consumers of this device and cause a lot of damage to airlines. Of course, for the production of planes, the safety factor is highly considered an important factor, but some airline companies are more careful about this issue and their history is in building the safest passenger airplanes, which in Iran are:

  • Airbus: Among the types of airplanes from different companies that are used in Iran, Airbus is one of the safest models. planes of this brand have always been among the best-selling airplanes in the world and are very popular in Iran. The Airbus brand and its various products have been used in Iran for more than 32 years. A320, A330, and A340 models are among the most popular models of the Airbus brand in terms of safety and aircraft quality. These models are more resistant than other Airbus models and perform better in long-term use. Also, the statistics of air accidents recorded from these models are much less than other models of Airbus and other companies.
  • Boeing: Boeing, as the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, pays great attention to its products and always tries to launch the highest quality types of planes. Boeing 737 and 757 are among the famous Boeing models that are used in Iran and are among the safest planes. These two models have been used in different airlines in Iran for about 15-20 years, and with the low number of air accidents, they known as the safest type of aircraft after Airbus.

The safest passenger plane

Major airplane manufacturing companies

Like other widely used products, the market competition for their production is very competitive, all types of aircraft and their production also have a big competitive market, and most airline companies try to outdo their competitors by upgrading their products. In the meantime, some airline companies performed better and are more popular and famous both among passengers and among the airlines that use their types of aircraft.

Among the types of important and popular aircraft manufacturing companies, which are also called major aircraft manufacturing companies, we can refer to things such as Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Embraer, Bombardier, Antonov, and many others, which belong to England, USA, France, Italy, Brazil, Canada, and Ukraine. Of course, in the meantime, Airbus and Boeing companies are known as the world’s aircraft giants and have the highest number of flights in the world, while in Iran, the products of Russian and Ukrainian airlines are also abundantly seen.

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