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Best Parks in Tehran: 10 most attractive Tehran parks worth a visit

Tehran Parks

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Tehran Parks

The best parks in Tehran are not limited to one or two locations. Tehran is one of the largest cities and the capital of Iran, which has made urban life in Tehran predominantly apartment-based. Unlike other cities where there is more opportunity for building villas and houses with yards, in Tehran, due to the high population and the high cost of living, most people live in small, dimly lit apartments. Therefore, Tehranis people need to allocate some time during the week to spend in nature. In this article by Eligasht, we intend to introduce the best parks in Tehran to you so that you can bring more light and greenery into your life. If you are a residents of other cities, when traveling to the capital, pay a visit to these beautiful parks and enjoy the tranquility they offer.

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Which parks are the best in Tehran?

Tehran has always been known for its gardens and orchards since ancient times. The large and lush gardens of this city have now transformed into modern and delightful parks where the general public can enjoy and spend time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. They can take a stroll in the green parks of the capital, witnessing children playing and listening to the songs of birds, and find joy in it. Stay with us in this article as we introduce the best parks in Tehran to you.


1. Mellat Park, a city within a park!

Mellat Park is among the best parks in Tehran for various reasons, which we will discuss further. This old park was established in 1966, and notable Iranian poets’ statues can be seen in various parts of it. While strolling through Mellat Park, you will likely come across familiar figures such as Nima Youshij, Shahriar, Ferdowsi, and Saadi!


Different sections and facilities of Mellat Park

Mellat Park is a spacious and beautiful park located in two different parts of Tehran. It includes various sections where people can have picnics, go for walks, engage in group activities, and enjoy running. One of the attractions of Mellat Park is the Cinema Gallery, which is an entertainment complex featuring not only cinemas but also different sections like a food court, gallery, and café.

 Tehran Parks

Access routes to Mellat Park

The best and most straightforward way to reach Mellat Park using public transportation is by using the BRT buses of Tajrish and Rah Ahan. Additionally, the Park buses will drop you right in front of Mellat Park along the same route. You can also take a taxi from anywhere on Valiasr Street and get off in front of Mellat Park.

Address: Tehran, Valiasr Street, above Niayesh Highway


2. Sa’ei Park, one of Tehran’s charming parks

Sa’ei Park (Saei Park) is one of the famous and best parks in Tehran located in the city center, with easy access to it. The construction of this park began in 1963, and after ten years, its gates were opened to the public. Sa’ei Park covers an area of 12 hectares and was designed by Hossein Mahjubi.

 Tehran Parks

Different sections and facilities of Sa’ei Park

Several dedicated enclosures for animals, including birds, are located in this park. Apart from various trees and plants, 17 different rare plant species are cultivated and maintained in the park. Other facilities include a children’s playground, a skate park, a mosque, restrooms, several large water features, pergolas, an amphitheater, animal sculptures and conceptual statues, a cultural center, a library, a lake, a ski track, a café and buffet.


Access routes to Sa’ei Park

Similar to Mellat Park, Sa’ei Park enjoys the best access through BRT buses of Tajrish to Rah Ahan. You can disembark at the Abshar Station and be right in front of one of the entrances of Sa’ei Park. You can also take a taxi and directly get off in front of Sa’ei Park from any point on Valiasr Street. Moreover, you can reach this park from Khalid Eslamboli Street (Vazirabad) across from 23rd Street.

Address: Tehran, Valiasr Street, above the Beheshti Intersection


3. Laleh Park, a vast and prominent

Laleh Park is not only one of the best parks in Tehran, but it is among the largest parks in the capital. Laleh Park is located in the center of Tehran and the past, it belonged to the Tehran Army and was used to train soldiers for military drills. The park spans over 33 hectares and was established in 1966, initially named Jalaliyeh Equestrian Field.

 Tehran Parks

Different sections and facilities of Laleh Park

In this park, there is a magnificent statue of the Iranian poet and philosopher, Omar Khayyam, which was designed and constructed in Italy and then sent to Iran. Right next to Laleh Park, there is the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, which is very interesting and entertaining to visit. A little higher than the park, there is Laleh Bazaar, a local self-sustaining market where you can find handicrafts, artworks, and delicious street foods.

There are various sections in this park. Several large fountains have been placed in this park, all of which are very beautiful and famous. There is a prayer room, volleyball and basketball courts, a children’s playground, a library, a sports area, a walking path, chess tables, sanitary facilities, Laleh Entrepreneurship Bazaar, and many other points, including various sections of this park.


Access routes to Laleh Park

To go to Laleh Park, you can use the metro or walk from the Jihad Station and come to this park from Fatemi Square, or you can walk from Enghelab Square and reach the park by taxi or even on foot.

Address: Tehran, North Kargar Street, at the intersection of Keshavarz Boulevard


4.  Honarmandan Artists Park, the most artistic park in Iran

If you are interested in music, poetry, and handicrafts, and you are an artist or an art enthusiast, we recommend including a visit to Tehran Artists Park in your tourist itinerary. This park is one of the oldest and best parks in Tehran, where besides walking and enjoying nature, you can watch various street performances by artists and musicians and support the handmade structures and jewelry of artists who come to the park. Don’t overlook the statues in Artists Park, as these structures represent different styles of visual arts. It’s interesting to know that the House of Artists ( Khaneh Honarmandan) is also located in this park, and in its basement, there is a vegetarian restaurant with an attractive menu and delicious food.

 Tehran Parks

Different sections and facilities of Honarmandan (Artists) Park

In this park, you can make use of various facilities such as artificial playgrounds, various artworks, a children’s playground, a House of Artists, a coffee shop and restaurant, an art gallery, a pond and water fountain, a basketball court, sports club, and many other points.


Access routes to Artists Park

To go to this park, you can take various routes, but the best ones are from Valiasr Square or Haft-e Tir Square. You can reach one of these streets by using the metro and then take a taxi to Iranshahr Street and reach Artists Park in the middle of this street.

Address: Tehran, Taleghani Street, Iranshahr Street.


5. Ab-o-Atash Park, Modern and Well-Designed

In the first case of the best parks in Tehran, we will introduce Ab-o-Atash Park to you. This park is among the young parks of Tehran and was opened in 2009. The design of Ab-o-Atash Park was done by Avan Caspian Pardis Company and it is one of the most beautiful parks in Tehran. Despite its young age, it has made a good name for itself and nowadays it is rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of Ab-o-Atash Park. The name Ab-o-Atash Park is derived from the presence of four fire towers among the water fountains, which are somehow the symbol of this park and have created a spectacular view.

Another reason for the popularity of this park, especially among tourists and travelers, is the existence of the Nature Bridge, which connects Ab-o-Atash Park and Taleghani Park. The Nature Bridge is one of the architectural masterpieces of the world, designed by the Iranian genius architect Leila Araghian and her colleagues, and has become one of the most famous bridges in the world. We recommend that if you haven’t been to Ab-o-Atash Park before, be sure to visit this park during your trip to Tehran and enjoy the combination of natural beauty and architecture.

 Tehran Parks

Different Sections and Facilities of Ab-o-Atash Park

This park has various recreational sections. It includes different amphitheaters, various water fountains, the Nature Bridge, different restaurants and food courts, a skate park, fire towers, steel curtains, a marine lantern, a flower market, the Heroes Square, a dedicated cycling path, a playground, a sky observatory, and an artificial Lake Caspian, among many other sections.


Access to Ab-o-Atash Park

If you want to go by metro, you should get off at Haghani Station and walk. If you prefer to take a bus, you should get off at Vanak Square and walk. And if you choose to take a taxi, you can go directly to the park.

Address: Tehran, the beginning of Haghani Highway, after the Jahan Koodak Intersection


6. Jamshidieh Park, Authenticity and Beauty

Jamshidieh Park is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in Tehran, with a long history. This park used to be a very large garden owned by a person named Jamshid ol-Dowleh. After transforming this garden into Jamshidieh Park, many residents of District 1 in the Jamshidieh neighborhood and many other people from various neighborhoods come to this park and enjoy spending time there. Jamshidieh Park is a suitable place for picnics and walking. People who engage in sports professionally or enjoy daily walks can use the hiking route that starts at Jamshidieh Park and go hiking.

 Tehran Parks

Different Sections and Facilities of Jamshidieh Park

Jamshidieh Park has various sections, including different water features, a lake, a stone waterfall, a stone pathway, stone sculptures, Ferdowsi Garden, seasonal exhibitions, pavilions, restrooms, various restaurants, and cafes.


Access to Jamshidieh Park

The best way is to reach Tajrish Square and take a taxi to the park, or you can take the metro to Niavaran Station and walk or take a taxi to Jamshidieh Park.

Address: Tehran, Shahid Bahonar Street, Shahid Omidvar Street.


7. Iranian Garden Park: Traditional yet Romantic

If you long for the old atmosphere of Tehran or if you were born in recent decades and have no idea about old Tehran, the environment of the Iranian garden and its surrounding alleys is the best place to wander and immerse yourself in the ancient Tehran of yesteryears.

The Iranian Garden Park is a delightful and well-designed park located in the heart of one of the oldest and most authentic neighborhoods of Tehran. It is accessible to the public day and night, and its gates are always open to people. An interesting aspect of the Iranian Garden is the blend of modern and traditional architecture in its construction. As you enter the park, you will encounter centuries-old trees that are placed in a modern and contemporary setting. Another attractive feature of this garden is the presence of symmetrically designed streams, fountains, and ponds, which give a special charm to the appearance of the garden.

 Tehran Parks

Getting to the Iranian Garden Park:

You can reach this fascinating and attractive place by any means of transportation, but first, you need to get yourself to Vanak Square. The nearest metro stations to Vanak Square are Mosala Metro Station and Haghani Station.

Address of Iranian Garden Park: Deh Vanak – Sheikh Bahai Street, North – 20-meter Pilgrims Street – Saberi Alley


8. Parvaz Park: Soaring above the rooftops of Tehran

Parvaz Park is one of the most popular and best parks in Tehran, offering a unique view of the city and showcasing the breathtaking scenery of Tehran at night.


Different Sections and Facilities of Parvaz Park:

This park is a two-story park, with people engaged in group activities and sports on the lower level. The upper level of the park is dedicated to walking and enjoying the city view. Right next to the pedestrian path on the upper level of the park, you’ll find the food court, “Flyland,” which is one of the most attractive food courts in Tehran and a must-visit during your trip to the capital.

 Tehran Parks

Getting to Parvaz Park:

Parvaz Park Saadat Abad is located in Behrood Square, in front of Espinas Palace Hotel. It is approximately five kilometers away from San’at Square.

To access the park, you can take Line 7 of the Tehran Metro and walk from the terminal station to San`at Square. You can also take the city buses in Shahrak-e Bame Tehran (Telecommunication Town), located right next to San`at Square (north side of the square).

Address of Parvaz Park: Saadat Abad – Payam Boulevard – Behrood Square


9. Gheytariyeh Park, Old Tehran at a Glance

Gheytariyeh Park is one of the oldest and most iconic parks in Tehran, located in District 1. In the past, it was a large and beautiful garden owned by a person named Sarem ol-Dowlah. Later, the municipality acquired the garden and transformed it into a tranquil park that is now frequented by many people who spend enjoyable moments with their friends and loved ones there. Tall trees and various beautiful flowers can be seen throughout the park, creating a captivating atmosphere. Other attractions of Gheytariyeh Park include the International Cultural Center and the National Gallery, which are important cultural complexes in Tehran.

 Tehran Parks

Different Sections and Facilities of Gheytariyeh Park:

Tall trees and various beautiful flowers can be seen throughout the park, creating a captivating atmosphere. Other attractions of Gheytariyeh Park include the International Cultural Center and the National Gallery, which are important cultural complexes in Tehran. In this park, you can enjoy 6D and 7D cinemas, sports fields, dedicated walking and cycling paths, children’s playgrounds, skateboarding areas, restaurants, various cafes and fast food outlets, the International Cultural Center market, gazebos, and even street performances.


Getting to Gheytariyeh Park:

To reach this park, you can use the metro and get off at Gheytariyeh Station, then take a taxi to the park.

Address: Gheytariyeh Street, near Pirooz Square, next to Roshangar Street, Tehran.


10. Shohadaye Khalij-e Fars park, Chitgar Lake

Chitgar Lake, also known as Khalij-e Fars Lake, is a well-known lake in Iran. It is located near Chitgar Park in Tehran, and many people refer to it as Chitgar Lake. If you are visiting Tehran or living in the city, visiting Shohadaye Khalij-e Fars Park will be a delightful experience. Watching the sunset by the lake and observing migratory birds that reside around the lake are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful scenes that you can enjoy in Tehran.


Different Sections and Facilities of the Park:

It’s worth noting that this is an artificial lake with an area of 130 hectares. The water for Chitgar Lake is supplied by the Kan River, located near Tehran. If you have the flexibility to visit during weekdays and outside of holidays, it is recommended to avoid weekends, as it can get crowded.

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Access Routes to the Park:

It is more convenient to use private cars or taxis to reach the park. However, you can also use a combination of the Chitgar Metro Station and local taxis.

Address of Shohadaye Khalij-e Fars Park: Hemmat Expressway, after Azadegan Highway.

 Tehran Parks


As the capital city of the country, Tehran has incorporated numerous parks and green spaces within its heart. Almost every area of the city features open and beautifully designed parks, which contribute to the city’s beauty and play a significant role in its cleanliness and oxygen production. In this article, Eligasht has endeavored to introduce the most famous and best parks in Tehran, so that you can visit them and enjoy a delightful nature excursion during your trip to the city. We hope that the information provided in this article has been useful to you, and Eligasht wishes you pleasant times.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Which park in Tehran offers a view of the city?

Parvaz Park, located on the rooftop of Tehran, provides a complete view of the city from within the park.


2- Which park in Tehran has a hiking trail?

Jamshidieh Park concludes with a hiking trail at its end.


3- What are the operating hours of Bagh-e Irani (Iranian Garden)?

The Iranian Garden is accessible to the public 24/7.

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