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London airports

by Parastoo Sahebi
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London airports

Usually, all those who plan to travel to England, start visiting this country from the city of London. When you enter the UK, you take your first step at the London airport. You may not know the importance of choosing your airport, but today you will learn about it by reading this article. Choosing a suitable airport in London can save you both money and time. It may even bring you closer to your destination. Read more about London airports below:

1. Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is one of the most famous London airports located in the west of London. Usually, all British travelers book their flight tickets to London Heathrow Airport, which makes Heathrow one of the busiest airports in London. This large population of passengers has brought many titles and nicknames to Heathrow; such as the busiest airport in the UK, the busiest airport in Europe, and the sixth busiest airport in the world are the titles attributed to this airport due to a large number of passengers.

How many people would you guess arrive from Heathrow each year or are they going to Heathrow? unbelievable! Every year more than 67 million people travel by Heathrow Airport.

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Terminals – London airports

Terminal No. 1: is used for domestic flights in England or European cities.

Terminals No. 3 and 4: For long-distance flights such as Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Terminal No. 5: This terminal is for British Airways

Access and location

There is no place in London that does not have access to the tunnels! London has the oldest subway lines in the world and provides access to the entire city. You can also use the subway to get to London airports. You can reach Heathrow Airport via Piccadilly Line or Heathrow Express Train.

With the express train, as the name suggests, you will reach your destination very quickly, but you will pay more than the subway. The area around the airport is full of buses and taxis. If you want to go to hotels around the airport or anywhere else in the city, you can get help from these devices.


The map of Heathrow Airport is installed in different parts of the airport so that passengers do not get confused between the terminals. ATMs and currency exchange offices are also available in all terminals to provide financial services to passengers. Restaurants, coffee shops, and snack and fast food stores can be seen on the corners of this airport. There are several clothing and souvenir shops in Heathrow that also offer branded goods.

The positive point here is that people traveling outside the EU can shop at Duty-Free shops to buy goods without paying taxes.

Parking for defective people, text phones for deaf people, and restrooms for defective people can be seen in this airport. If you need a wheelchair, you can coordinate with the airline before your trip so that they can provide you with a wheelchair.

2. Gatwick Airport – London airports

Like Heathrow, Gatwick is another busiest airport in London. Do you remember that Heathrow Airport had 67 million passengers a year? Now Gatwick has surpassed Heathrow in this competition with more passengers. But do you think how many million people use this airport? In 2017, 400 million passengers moved through London Gatwick Airport; This is nearly a record breaker!

London Gatwick Airport is not only one of the oldest airports in London, but it is also one of the oldest in the world. This airport was built in 1920 on the east side of London. Until 13 years later, in 1933, Gatwick Airport was used for commercial purposes. After that, it was gradually opened to passengers, and until now it has become one of the busiest airports in London.

Gatwick is the largest single-lane airport in the world after Mumbai Airport in India, which has two separate terminals. The cities with the most flights to Gatwick Airport are Dublin, Barcelona, and Malaga. Aviation training courses are also held at this airport.


Gatwick has two terminals: North and South.

North Terminal: This terminal has two floors where passengers are accommodated on the second floor. There are many stores and shops in this area that passengers visit while waiting. The gate for domestic and international passengers is also different.

South Terminal: In this terminal, the waiting halls are connected. The flight waiting room is located on the top floor, and passengers are sent to this floor for identity and security checks.

Access and location

Bus, taxi, and train are the ways you can use to get to Gatwick. The train can connect your air and land travel. When you leave the airport, you can access London Bridge, Brighton, St. Pancras, etc. through the Gatwick Airport Train station. You can use British Airways taxis and Roadrunner cars. British National Transport and Megabus buses also have many cars for Gatwick Airport and the city center.


Facilities were considered for defective people to have easier traffic in this airport. Other facilities at Gatwick Airport include computer games for teenagers and a special room for mothers and children for the comfort of this group of passengers. Many hotels have been built around this airport that you can use for your residence.

3. Stansted Airport

Stansted is one of London’s international airports, which has been named the third largest airport in the city. Every year, about 24 million people are moving and travel between different cities and countries of the world through this airport.

As we said before, London Heathrow Airport is considered one of the most important and famous airports in London, and most of the passengers go straight to it to travel by plane. But Stansted has become famous among travelers for its cheap flights and has managed to find a good place. In 2015, Stansted Airport was announced as the fourth busiest airport in the UK after Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester.


Restaurants, souvenir shops, car rental companies, and currency exchange offices are examples of the facilities of this airport. If you don’t have cash with you, you can get help from the ATMs installed in the corners of the airport. Free internet is also available to passengers in all areas of the terminal

Several hotels have been built near Stansted Airport. These hotels are a good place to stay for those travelers who have a very early morning flight, or just traveled to London for a business meeting. The conference rooms of these hotels are suitable for business meetings and conferences with facilities such as projectors, printing services, telephones, et

Terminals – London airports

This airport has one terminal and its planes have taken passengers to more than 190 different destinations in the world. Stansted Airport Terminal was built in 1991 and renovated in 2008 and continues to operate with more facilities than before.

The Stansted airport terminal is divided into 3 parts: check-in, arrival hall, and departure hall. It is better to be at the airport 2 hours earlier for check-in

Access and location

There are several ways to get to Stansted Airport: taxi, bus, train, airport transfer, and car rental.

Using a taxi is the first and easiest way. But it may cost you a lot. Of course, taking a taxi is the best option for those who have a lot of luggage or heavy luggage.

To use the bus, it is better to have an oyster card in advance. This smart card can go from the airport to the city with a discount. The train is the fastest way to reach the city center and will take you to your destination in half an hour. A train enters the station every quarter. The cost of each one-way train ticket is 16.6 pounds.

Airport transfer is one of the services that London tour travelers use. If you have traveled to London on a tour, you will reach your hotel from the airport with the help of an airport transfer. If you want to drive yourself, the car rental service at the airport will help you to rent a car.

4. London City Airport

This airport has a terminal that is built on two floors and offers various services to passengers. The entrance reception desks are located on the first floor and you can see the exit gates on the second floor. There are several shops, restaurants, and cafes in the terminal of this airport.

Access and location

To access London City airport, you need to go to the Newham area, 11 km east of London. One of the ways to access London City Airport is to use the Docklands Railway which runs from South East London to the Olympic Park. You can also go to this airport on the A1030 and A112 roads. These roads have good access to the streets of central London.

Facilities – London airports

We mentioned shops, cafes, and restaurants. You can also use SIM card services provided by different companies. There are also some hotels near this airport.


Hotels near London City Airport include Creatfield Hotel, Kimpton Fitzroy London, Carlton Hotel, Grange Blooms Hotel, Wardonia Hotel, and several other hotels. The distance between these hotels is less than 8 miles and they are about half an hour away from the airport by car. Of course, several residences are located at a much shorter distance. For example, Queensland House, which is only 6 minutes away from the airport

5. Luton Airport

This airport is located 47 km northeast of London and is one of the busiest airports in England. By booking a ticket to this airport, you can save a little money. You can get busy at this airport. From shoes and books to cosmetics, you can find shops at Luton Airport. It doesn’t matter what time of day you arrive at this airport; you will be served well. A variety of breakfast donuts and fast foods are available at Luton Airport.

Access and location – London airports

The cheapest way to get to this airport is by bus. Buses of this airport operate around the clock and have made it easy to go to and from the city center. But you can use the train to travel faster. You can easily use shuttle buses to reach the train station. There are also famous London taxis outside the airport, but they are a bit expensive

The largest airport in London

London’s largest airport is Heathrow. This airport handles more than 80 million international passengers every year and is the largest airport in England. London is one of the hubs of air transportation in the world and all its airports together saw more than 166 million passengers in 2016 at the exits of their gates

The characteristics of each of London’s airports

If we want to make a brief judgment about London airports, we can refer to some opinions that have described these airports in one line:

  • Gatwick is the best airport in London
  • London City is nearly small but efficient and perfectly accessible
  • Stansted is London’s air hub in terms of budget
  • Luton has cheap flights but has the worst reputation among London airports

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