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The Most Beautiful Bridges in Iran

Bridges in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Bridges in Iran

Bridges are structures that connect two points. You may have crossed wooden or stone bridges many times, but perhaps you haven’t paid much attention to their importance. These structures are highly significant in terms of construction and beauty, requiring precision and attention during their construction.

Iran has various bridges with different designs. Some bridges have a special appeal due to their construction, making them popular tourist destinations. Many tourists from different parts of the world travel to Iran and its different cities to see these bridges.

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Some of the bridges in Iran are exceptionally beautiful in terms of architectural style, while others attract attention due to their historical significance or the locations where they are built. Let’s embark on a new journey together and explore the most attractive bridges in Iran. Eligasht intends to introduce you to them.

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Si-o-se Pol Bridge in Isfahan

Isfahan is a beautiful city, often referred to as a shining gem in the heart of Iran. This magnificent city, located near the Zayandehrud River, is home to numerous bridges. Among the beautiful bridges of Isfahan, Si-o-se Pol is the most famous.

Si-o-se Pol is the longest bridge over the Zayandehrud River, dating back to the reign of Shah Abbas. Historical records mention special ceremonies and events held on this bridge, especially during the Safavid era. One of the ceremonies held on this beautiful bridge was the Khajushuyan ceremony, commemorating the baptism of Jesus Christ. This ceremony was performed by the Armenian community of Isfahan in January. Another ceremony held near Si-o-se Pol was the Abpashan ceremony, which took place during the Tirgan festival in July. People would celebrate by splashing water on each other, creating a joyful atmosphere. Si-o-se Pol has been one of the main locations for grand Nowruz celebrations.

If you plan to visit Si-o-se Pol, make sure to inquire about its history and features before your trip.


Khaju Bridge with Beautiful Tilework

Now that you have traveled to Isfahan and witnessed the Si-o-se Pol Bridge, let’s move on to the Khaju Bridge. No matter how much we talk about its beauty, it seems we haven’t done it justice. The exquisite and ancient tilework on this bridge adds a special and unique charm. In the middle of the bridge, there is a pavilion known as Shah Neshin, which was built as a temporary residence for Shah Safi and his family and still exists today. The arches of the bridge are adorned with beautiful paintings. Khaju Bridge, due to its exceptional beauty, attracts more attention from tourists compared to other bridges in Isfahan.

Bridges in Iran

Tabiat Bridge

In the heart of Tehran, the capital city of Iran, stands the Tabiat Bridge, a symbol of modern architectural brilliance. Designed by Iranian architect Leila Araghian, this pedestrian bridge connects two parks, Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash Park. With its unique design, the Tabiat Bridge has become an iconic landmark, attracting both locals and tourists alike. The bridge’s multiple levels, green spaces, and seating areas offer a serene escape from the bustling city below.

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Sasanian Bridge of Dezful

Let’s go to Dezful and enjoy seeing its beautiful attractions. Dez River, a roaring river, flows through Dezful. On the banks of this river, there is a bridge with a history of over 17 centuries called the Sasanian Bridge. As the name suggests, this bridge dates back to the Sasanian era. You can stand on this bridge and enjoy the sight of its surrounding attractions.


Pir Taghi Bridge

Let’s travel to the beautiful and authentic city of Ardabil, a city full of natural and historical attractions. After exploring the city, we’ll visit an exciting bridge called the Pir Taghi Bridge. This bridge is one of the suspension bridges in Iran. The beautiful suspension bridge, located over the Hashtjin Valley, is famous among the people as Hashtjin Bridge.

Initially, the Hashtjin Suspension Bridge in Ardabil was built for the use of residents and connected the two banks of the Givi Chay and Ghezel Uzun rivers. However, over time, the beauty of this area attracted tourists to visit this suspension bridge and experience the thrill of crossing it, turning it into one of Iran’s suspension bridges. If you travel to Ardabil, don’t miss the experience of crossing this suspension bridge, although crossing it requires observing many safety precautions.

Bridges in Iran

Nahj ol-Balagheh Suspension Bridge

In Nahj ol-Balagheh Park in Tehran, you can experience good and joyful moments. If you are tired of daily fatigue, visit Nahj ol-Balagheh Park and enjoy the view of your surroundings from Nahj ol-Balagheh Bridge. This Bridge connects Nahj ol-Balagheh Park to Pardisan Park.

Cycling on this bridge is one of the popular activities among tourists. A very important point about the Sky Suspension Bridge is that you can experience the thrilling crossing of a large suspension bridge with utmost safety and security. This bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in Iran.


Abidar Suspension Bridge

One of the most beautiful and exciting bridges in Iran is the Abidar Suspension Bridge. This bridge was opened as a tourist attraction in Sanandaj in 2020. Due to its high altitude and its location in the Abidar Forest Park, this suspension bridge offers a beautiful natural landscape. If you want to experience an adventurous trip, Abidar can be a tempting suggestion for you.

Bridges in Iran

White Bridge in the Heart of Karun

Khuzestan is known as the city of bridges among people because of its numerous bridges. A white bridge is located over the roaring Karun River. The beautiful lighting of this bridge adds a special beauty to Karun, especially at night. Next to this bridge, you can witness the nightlife of young people. This bridge connects both sides of Karun.


Namakabrud Suspension Bridge

Let’s go to Mazandaran and witness its pristine nature up close to the Namakabrud Suspension Bridge. This bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in Iran. Its untouched and unique nature is highly desirable for tourists.

If you enjoy adventure along with traveling, Namakabrud can be the best and most special option for you. The narrow bridge made of ropes and wood will surely excite you. To reach Namakabrud, you need to ride a cable car and enjoy the pristine and untouched nature from above.


Shekasteh Bridge in Khorramabad

In the beautiful city of Khorramabad, there is an ancient bridge called Shekasteh or Shapouri Bridge. This historical bridge is a lasting legacy from the Sasanian era. By walking on this bridge, you can go back in time and imagine yourself among the people of that era. Today, this bridge has been neglected, and little is spoken about it.

Bridges in Iran

The Glass Suspension Bridge of Ardabil

One of the most beautiful bridges in Iran is the Glass Suspension Bridge of Ardabil. This beautiful bridge is the result of Iranian engineers’ efforts. The glass suspension bridge is made of five layers of glass and laminated, with a length of 200 meters and a height of 70 meters from the ground.

If you are a nature lover and enjoy creating moments of excitement and adventure, you must visit the Ardabil Glass Bridge. Close your eyes and don’t look down, because a moment of looking down will cause an excessive secretion of adrenaline and you will hear the sound of your heartbeat. Before stepping on this glass bridge, take a deep breath and don’t worry, as this bridge is one of the safest bridges in Iran. The beautiful nature and fruit gardens of this area, along with the Glass Suspension Bridge of Ardabil, bring many delights for you and your companions.


Final words

Considering the abundance of rivers, lakes, and valleys in Iran, the existence of numerous bridges in this country is natural. The pristine, beautiful, and unique nature of Iran has led many people to travel to this land full of art and beauty in every season and record precious moments in the diary of their lives with the name of our beautiful country.

In this discourse, we tried to introduce some of Iran’s beautiful bridges, each of which has become famous for its unique characteristics. The pristine nature surrounding these bridges attracts many people, and these bridges have doubled the beauty of their respective regions. Eligasht, by introducing various destinations in Iran and the world, provides you with a list of the best destinations so that you can choose the best tourist destinations according to your taste and spend a few days in the heart of nature.



1- What are some famous bridges in Iran?

Iran is home to several famous bridges. Some notable ones include the Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, Tabiat Bridge in Tehran, Si-o-se Pol in Isfahan, and Veresk Bridge in Mazandaran.


2- Are the bridges in Iran safe for pedestrians and vehicles?

Yes, the bridges in Iran are designed and built to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. They undergo rigorous engineering and construction processes to meet safety standards and accommodate the required load capacities.


3- Are there any historical bridges in Iran?

Yes, Iran has a rich history, and several historical bridges have stood the test of time. Examples include the Pol-e Sio Seh Pol in Isfahan, the Shahrestan Bridge in Esfahan, and the Tabriz Historic Bridges in Tabriz.


4- Are the bridges in Iran only functional or do they also have architectural significance?

Many bridges in Iran not only serve as functional structures for transportation but also hold significant architectural value. They often feature unique designs, and intricate decorations, and reflect the artistic and cultural heritage of the regions they are located in. Examples include the Khaju Bridge with its beautiful arches and the Tabiat Bridge known for its modern and innovative design.


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